SWTD Complete Post List

001. Mission Statement & Blog Commenting Guidelines. 2/7/2006.

002. Iraqi General's Book Recycles Old Lies. 2/12/2006.

003. America's Presidential Crisis. 2/18/2006.

004. Happy Mission Accomplished Day. 5/1/2006.

005. e-mail Newsletters. 8/16/2006.

006. Justice for the Kurds in bush's Kangaroo Court? 8/27/2006.

007. Are Liberal Blogs More Popular Than Conservative Blogs? 9/2/2006.

008. Will George W. bush Answer for his Crimes? 9/9/2006.

009. This Blog isn't dead. Or is it? 5/23/2007.

010. Scooter Rewarded for His Silence Re bush Treason 7/5/2007.

011. John Edwards for President. 7/20/2007.

012. The American Health Insurance Scam. 7/21/2007.

013. Congratulations President-elect Barack Obama! 11/23/2008.

014. Will Senator Kennedy's Dream Live On? 8/27/2009.

015. Republicans Warn: We Will Politicize Senator Kennedy's Death. 8/28/2009.

016. Politico Propaganda? 8/29/2009.

017. Who Opposes Healthcare Insurance Reform. 9/2/2009.

018. Reagan Indoctrinated School Children. 9/6/2009.

019. Who Supports Healthcare Insurance Reform. 9/9/2009

020. President Obama Mandates Larger Profits for Health Insurance Companies? 9/10/2009.

021. Universal Coverage A Hardship for Health Insurers? 9/15/2009.

022. Baucus Bill A Shameless Shakedown. 9/16/2009.

023. An Arguing Idiot's Perverted Common Sense. 9/27/2009.

024. The Republican Plan To Boost Health Insurance Profits. 10/19/2009.

025. Faking Fiscal Conservatism. 11/1/2009.

026. Live or Die, The Free Market Will Decide. 11/7/2009.

027. It's Everybody Else's Fault. 11/9/2009.

028. A Day to Honor President Jimmy Carter. 11/10/2009.

029. A Day to Honor Our Veterans. 11/13/2009.

030. Best Friends George and Osama. 11/17/2009.

031. The Racists Who Disagree With Us. 11/29/2009.

032. Petition To Deny Funding For The Afghanistan Escalation. 12/2/2009.

033. Why bush Really Invaded Afghanistan. 12/3/2009.

034. Who's Harboring bin Laden Now? 12/6/2009.

035. Supporters of Socialism Agree That Democrats are Horrible Compromisers. 12/10/2009.

036. The Ideology That Screwed The World, Part 1. 12/13/2009.

037. The Ideology That Screwed The World, Part 2. 12/20/2009.

038. George W. Bush's Activist Supreme Court Rules For Fascism. 1/23/2010.

039. Republican's Anti Middle Class Sentiment on Display During State of the Union. 2/2/2010.

040. Racism is Patriotic And Other Right Wing Delusions. 5/29/2010.

041. Conservatives Pushing For BP Bailout. 6/13/2010.

042. Conservatives Heart Bailouts. 6/18/2010.

043. Obama Administration Thugs Pressure BP To Contribute To ACORN Slush Fund! 6/19/2010.

044. GOP Propaganda Campaign Turns Failed Petraeus Iraq Surge Into Success. 7/3/2010.

045. Abolishing The Fourth of July Holiday. 7/4/2010.

046. The Grassroots Organizing Business. 7/7/2010.

047. Hannity Zero. 7/18/2010.

048. The U.S. Republic Is Dead, Long Live The U.S. Democracy? 8/6/2010.

049. Racist Arizona Law Passed For Political Reasons. 8/22/2010.

050. A Right-wing Perspective Regarding The Invasion Of The Illegals & The Ground Zero Victory Mosque. 8/26/2010.

051. Republican Lies About Fannie, Freddie, And Frank. 8/28/2010.

052. Tea Party Hearts Breitbart Lies. 9/19/2010.

053. Taliban Truthiness. wDel#1 10/2/2010.

054. Ignorant Electorate's Conservative Confusion. 11/1/2010.

055. Hang Karl Rove by the Neck Until Dead. 11/18/2010.

056. The Liberal Cure For An Economy in Crisis. 12/2/2010.

057. How The Wealthy Elites Stole Our Prosperity. 12/7/2010.

058. Growing Uncertainty. 1/1/2011.

059. An Insurance System That Places Profits Over People Isn't The Best In The World. 1/6/2011.

060. Repeal of ObamaCare Likely Because American People Want and Expect It. 1/28/2011.

061. Activist Tea Party Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional. 2/5/2011.

062. Liberal Shill Reveals Why The Left Hates America. PIF#1 3/20/2011.

063. The War on Terror Babies. PIF#2 3/21/2011.

064. Conservatives Are Astonishingly Stupid. 3/27/2011.

065. Liberal Blogger Harassed by GOP Goons. PIF#3 3/28/2011.

066. Rebutting a Blogger Who Doesn't Believe in Taking Prisoners. wDel#2 4/01/2011.

067. Foul Play Suspected in the Disappearance of Liberal Blogger. PIF#4 4/02/2011.

068. Tearing Down FDR. wDel#3 4/03/2011.

069. The Ballad of a Liberal Lead Astray by Moral Depravity and Greed. PIF#5 4/04/2011.

070. Will Expletive R-tarded Liberals Ruin Obama's Chances for Re-election? 4/06/2011.

071. President Obama & The Very Bad Deal. 4/8/2011.

072. Teabag Patsies Help Establishment GOPers Play Teabag Chicken. 4/09/2011.

073. Scientology and Objectivism Are Two Equally Crazy Cults! 4/14/2011.

074. Natural Born Birthers. 5/6/2011.

075. Republican Cons and Carnival Barkers. 5/07/2011.

076. Frenemies with Benefits: 9/11 Villans George W bush & Osama bin Laden. 5/12/2011.

077. The Bald Frog And The Ugly Smelly Wig, Redux. 5/13/2011.

078. The Bald Wig-Wearing Frog Receives a Caller. 05/14/2011.

079. Welcome to My Shrine to Keith Olbermann. wDel#4 5/18/2011.

080. Throwing A Liberal Pundit Under the Bus to Bash The Gipper. 5/22/2011.

081. United States Fails to Nab Top Honors in International Competition. Disappointed Republicans Blame President Obama. PIF#6 5/26/2011.

082. Right-Wingers Don't Understand the First Amendment. 6/15/2011.

083. Countdown to Keith Olbermann. wDel#5 6/20/2011.

084. The Idiocy of Moderation. wDel#6 6/30/2011.

085. Tea Party Stupid A Liability for Republicans. 7/14/2011.

086. A Story That Makes No Sense What-So-Ever. PIF#7 7/21/2011.

087. The Rage of The Plundered Affluents (A Randian Tale). PIF#8 7/23/2011.

088. Toasting Cantor Shorts With Norquist Bubbly. PIF#9 7/24/2011.

089. An Age of Austerity & Plutocracy. 8/1/2011.

090. The Hard Left Progressive Who Lost Faith in President Obama's Vision. 8/2/2011.

091. Figures Don't Lie, But Rick Perry Figures. 8/21/2011.

092. Reading Sleeping with The Devil Leads To Great Bliss & Complete Knowledge. PIF#10 8/28/2011.

093. Means Testing Is An Insidious Plan to Destroy Social Security & Medicare. 9/5/2011.

094. The News Wasn't Always Reported for Profit. 9/8/2011.

095. President Obama's Jobs Bill Failure Would be a Success For Republicans. 9/8/2011.

096. They Made an Exceedingly Bad Decision, As I'm Sure Everyone Who Isn't an Idiot Agrees. wDel#7 9/23/2011.

097. Republican Hacks Responsible for Manufactured Solyndra Scandal. wDel#8 9/26/2011.

098. The (Moderate) Crazies. wDel#9 9/30/2011.

099. The Famous Actress & The Scene Featuring Full Frontal Nudity. PIF#11 10/02/2011.

100. William the Moderate Loses His Manhood (Suri's Revenge). PIF#12 WTM#1 11/25/2011.

101. Willis Hart Bunks Yet Another Conservative Myth. wDel#10 12/16/2011.

102. Musclelaneous 110. WTM#2 12/16/2011.

103. Mitt Romney: A Destroyer of Companies & Jobs, A Vulture Capitalist, An Unethical Thief. 2/2/2012.

104. Conservatives Destroying American Jobs With Falsehoods About Unions & Free Trade. wDel#11 2/5/2012.

105. w-dervish's Top Four Democratic Legislators (And Dishonorable Mentions). 2/12/2012.

106. w-dervish's Liberal Buddies Told Willis Hart on Facebook that w-dervish Is A Frigging Nut. wDel#12 2/15/2012.

107. The Lazy Jealous Liberal Beggar Learns A Lesson. WTM#3 2/16/2012.

108. Rush Limbaugh's Disgusting Comments Regarding Sandra Fluke Versus Bill Maher Calling Sarah Palin The C-Word. 3/10/2012.

109. Reason Magazine Advocation Of Means Testing Entitlements Politically Naive. 3/13/2012.

110. Tickling the Conservative Id. 3/13/2012.

111. Current TV Shoots Self in Foot By Dismissing Olbermann (Corporate Democrats Silence Keith Again!) 3/31/2012.

112. Did George Zimmerman Shoot Trayvon Martin In Self Defense? 4/3/2012.

113. Banksters Threaten Politicians With SuperPAC; Tea Party Useful Idiots for Banksters. 4/6/2012.

114. The Global Climate Change Hoax Hoax. 4/13/2012.

115. Melee at May Day's. WTM#4 5/19/2012.

116. War Criminal Hypocrite. 5/24/2012.

117. A Decidedly Non Auspicious Adventure (Part 1). WTM#5 7/04/2012.

118. Romney's Tax Plan Would Complete Reagan's Dream of an American Oligarchy. 8/03/2012.

119. Republican Rigging Benefits Wealthy, Hurts Everyone Else. 9/02/2012.

120. The Left Does Not Need to Lie to Make Romney Look Bad. 9/25/2012.

121. I Agree With Paul Ryan, Says "Moderate" Idiot. wDel#13 5/24/2012

122. The Truth About the Minimum Wage. wDel#14 5/24/2013

123. A Disgusting Attack On Children And Adults Living In Poverty From A Sick Conservative Mind. dDel#1 2/22/2013.

124. Saying Goodbye Because I'm Going to Be Kicked Off Blogger. dDel#2 2/25/2013.

125. Dylan Stableford of Yahoo! News Nauseating Sean Hannity Butt-Kissing. 2/27/2013.

126. Said I Was Frigging Nuts, But Meant in The Good Way. PIF#13 3/22/2013.

127. The Consequences of Bad Ambassadoring. PIF#14 3/25/2013.

128. Virulently Anti-Green Conservative Blogger Advocates For Dangerous & Expensive Nuke Energy. wDel#15 3/28/2013.

129. Yep, That's Right Folks; Global Warming Denier Quotes Scientist Using Flawed Data; Well, I'll Be Damned, Me Buck. wDel#16 3/29/2013.

130. The Deceiving Truth A Sham Ambassador. PIF#15 3/30/2013.

131. Severe Conservative Delusions: Black On Black Racism Edition. dDel#3 4/1/2013.

132. Violently Nuts Liberal Wanted by Fuzz for Assault. PIF#16 4/5/2013.

133. One of the Worst Cases of Global Warming Derangement Syndrome Ever Seen. wDel#17 4/14/2013.

134. Severe Conservative Delusions: Gun Nut Edition. dDel#4 4/20/2013.

135. People In States Where Gun Violence is Lower Don't Give Two Craps About Doing Anything to Curb Gun Violence In States Where it is High. dDel#5 4/21/2013.

136. Severe Conservative Delusions: Democratic Socialism Dissembling Edition. dDel#6 4/23/2013.

137. Easily Refuting the Argument That Global Warming is BS Because Scientists Previously Said There Would be Global Cooling. wDel#18 4/24/2013.

138. On People Who Fantasize About Committing Gruesome Acts of Physical Violence. wDel#19 4/25/2013.

139. The One Percent Beasts of Burden Who Carry Around the Dead Weight. PIF#17 4/28/2013.

140. w-dervish's Liberal Buddies Annoyed by His Nuttiness. 4/29/2013.

141. A Society For Higher Ordered Persons (AKA Stuck Up Know-it-All A-Holes). PIF#18 5/1/2013.

142. I Attend a Sporting Event. TI#1 5/2/2013.

143. Severe Moderate Delusions: Don't Worry Be Happy Edition. wDel#20 5/4/2013.

144. Severe Conservative Delusions: Van Jones Maoist Edition. dDel#7 5/6/2013.

145. Stooge For Plutocrats Slanders Defender of Social Security Senator Sanders. dDel#8 5/7/2013.

146. Severe Moderate Delusions: Miscellaneous 1. wDel#21 5/10/2013.

147. A Moron's Rebuttal To An Outraged Climate Change Denier. wDel#22 5/11/2013.

148. Angry John McCain Shameful Benghazi Lies Due To Republican Sore Loserness. 5/12/2013.

149. Assessing the Climate Change Skeptics. wDel#23 5/13/2013.

150. Benghazi Irrationality. wDel#24 5/14/2013.

151. Skepticism Of Policies That Harm The Wealthy Elites But Acceptance Of Policies That Further Enrich Them. wDel#25 5/16/2013.

152. Don't Tase Me To Death, Officer. TI#2 5/18/2013.

153. Suspension of Disbelief Cubed. TI#3 5/22/2013.

154. Intellectual Honesty Concerning ex-Preznit bush's WMD Lies. wDel#26 5/23/2013.

155. A Decidedly Non Auspicious Adventure (Part 2). WTM#6 5/24/2012.

156. Yahoo Going Nooz Route In Aggregating Glenn Beck The Blaze Right-wing Nuttery. 5/25/2013.

157. The Man in the Hat Kills the Other Man in the Hat. TI#4 5/27/2013.

158. The Inceptrix Revealed. TI#5 5/28/2013.

159. Where is the Adulation I Deserve? 5/30/2013.

160. Brookings' Intellectually Honest Analysis Of Romney's Tax Proposals Got Me Banned. wDel#27 5/31/2013.

161. My Message From The Extraterrestrials. MES#1 6/1/2013.

162. Tea Party Groups Allowed To Hide Donors Real IRS Scandal. 6/5/2012.

163. My Message From The Afterlife. MES#2 6/6/2013.

164. Severe Moderate Delusions: Fracking Stupidity Edition. wDel#28 6/9/2013.

165. Rebuking Chimpanzee Capitalism (Labor Offshoring). wDel#29 6/12/2013.

166. Post 45: A Sleeping With The Devil Meta Commentary. 6/14/2013.

167. Troubling Attacks on Edward Snowden From The Left. 6/15/2013.

168. House Republicans Using Fake IRS Scandal To Defund Affordable Care Act. 6/16/2013.

169. The First Rule Of Murder Club. PIF#19 6/20/2013.

170. Regarding Marijuana-High Drug-Crazed Berserking. dDel#9 wDel#30 6/23/2013.

171. White Power Conservatives Very Happy With SCOTUS Ruling Giving States Go Ahead to Disenfranchise Minorities. dDel#10 6/27/2013.

172. Disenfranchise & Dilute Is Repub Strategy To Win Future Elections. 6/29/2013.

173. Crackers Offended By Liberal Scoundrels Playing The Race Card (Pointing Out Their Racism). wDel#31 6/30/2013.

174. Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks Blogger Rusty Lies About Gun Stats (Among Other Things). 7/3/2013.

175. What Happened When A Deluded Conservative Ventured Outside Of His Usual Echo Chambers & His Buddies Weren't There To Stick Up For Him? dDel#11 7/4/2013.

176. George Zimmerman Guilty of Premeditated First Degree Murder (Theory). 7/5/2013.

177. Richard Nixon & The Mob Responsible for JFK Assassination. 7/6/2013.

178. Banned From 3 Blogs As Of Today. Should I Try To Increase My Tally? lDel#1 7/7/2013.

179. My Message From The Land Of Nightmares (Part 1). MES#3 7/10/2013.

180. Zimmerman Precedent Will Surely Be Used To Justify Future Murders. 7/14/2012.

181. Clueless Conservatives Defend Paula Deen When They Don't Know The Whole Story. 7/16/2013.

182. The World Of Progressive Punditry Marks The End of An Era With Keith Olbermann's Return To Sports Commentary. 7/21/2013.

183. The Persecuted Vigilante Hero (A Truthy Dramatization). 7/23/2013.

184. Severe Moderate Delusions: GZ Tripping Straw Man Edition (Volume 1). wDel#32 7/25/2013.

185. A Decidedly Non Auspicious Adventure (Part 3). WTM#7 7/27/2013.

186. The Persecuted Vigilante Hero's Heroic Rescue (A Second Truthy Dramatization). 8/1/2013.

187. Severe Moderate Delusions: GZ Tripping Straw Man Edition (Volume 2). wDel#33 8/4/2013.

188. Time To Disallow Anonymous Commenting? lDel#2 8/5/2013.

189. Severe Conservative Delusions: MLK Quote-Off Edition. dDel#12 8/10/2013.

190. Blogger Who Laughably Calls Himself Rational Fights Imaginary Progressive Hitlers (What A Piece Of Work This Guy Is). lDel#3 8/14/2013.

191. Who Is Quilty Of Being The Sword Of Truth? lDel#4 8/15/2013.

192. A Display Of Dishonesty And Deception In Regards To A Rejected Truce. dDel#13 8/16/2013.

193. An Apology To Paula Deen. 8/17/2013.

194. A Decidedly Non Auspicious Adventure (Part 4). WTM#8 8/18/2013.

195. The Miseducation Of Whitey On The Subject Of Reverse Racism. 8/21/2013.

196. On Libertarians Scared Out Of Their Minds Regarding Statism But Who Worship The Wealthy Elites. lDel#5 8/25/2013.

197. A Decidedly Non Auspicious Adventure (Part 5). WTM#9 8/27/2013.

198. Republican Dreams Crushed By Big Boob Mistake. PIF#20 8/28/2013.

199. Joe The Liar's Series of Unfortunate Events. PIF#21 9/2/2013.

200. A SWTD Celebration: 200 Posts And Counting. lDel#6 9/5/2013.

201. Exposing The ID Spoofer Rusty. 9/7/2013.

202. Exposing The Real Canardos (An Angry Hate Post). lDel#7 wDel#34 9/8/2013.

203. Exposing The Truth About 101. 9/11/2013.

204. False Charges Of Hypocrisy Against The Left From Hypocrites On the Right Regarding Syria. wDel#35 9/12/2013.

205. On The Possibility That Humanity Could Cause It's Own Extinction. 9/22/2013.

206. Exposing The Game Playing Canardo Hypocrites. lDel#8 wDel#36 9/27/2013.

207. My Thoughts On A Discussion With One Of The Liars Who Sold Us The Iraq War. 9/28/2013.

208. The Unfortunate Tale Of A Mind That Raced To Idiocy. PIF#22 10/9/2013.

209. A Decidedly Non Auspicious Adventure (Part 6). WTM#10 10/10/2013.

210. Laffering At Historically Inaccurate Suggestion That Raising Taxes Caused The Great Depression. wDel#37 10/13/2013.

211. The Jig Is Up For A Global Climate Change Denier On Steroids. wDel#38 10/17/2013.

212. Lies And The Lying Lester Trolls Who Tell Them. lDel#9 10/22/2013.

213. Libertarian Dream Of Plutocrats As The New Feudal Lords & Everyone Else Their Vassals. lDel#10 10/23/2013.

214. Regarding An Ignorant Righty & The Tell That If He Uses It You Know He's Lying. wDel#39 10/25/2013.

215. Finance Pundits Shill For Wall Steet Bankster Plutocrats Re JPM Settlement. 10/27/2013.

216. Billionaires Kill: Volume 1. wDel#40 11/5/2013.

217. Clueless Ayn Rand Worshiping Objectivist Concerned About Wealth Inequality Doesn't Realize His Ideology Fosters It. lDel#11 11/13/2013.

218. Libertarian BS About The Great Society Subsidizing Poverty. wDel#41 11/14/2013.

219. Regarding The Rationale On Why Higher Education Should Be Free. wDel#42 11/16/2013.

220. How Much Will Rachel Jeantel's 15 Minutes Continuing Irk The Haters? (Plus Tea Party Racism & Zimmerman Arrested Again). lDel#12 11/18/2013.

221. Indian Economic Liberalization Winners & Losers (Another Straw Man Courtesy of Mr. LB). wDel#43 1/2/2014.

222. Conservatives Pro-Mooching When Tax Payer Handouts Go To Business Community. lDel#13 1/6/2014.

223. On The Utter Ridiculousness Of A Libertarian Citing A Socialist Country As Proof That His Economic Theories Unequivocally Equal Success. wDel#44 1/8/2014.

224. Demonstrably False Libertarian Assertions Concerning What Keynesians Invariably Say. wDel#45 1/11/2014.

225. True Believer Easily Led By Liars Who Spout Misinformation He Likes About Medicaid & ObamaCare (Which He Hates). wDel#46 1/16/2014.

226. Singapore Health Care System Touted By True Believing Libertarian Who Is Almost Completely Wrong On It Being Market Oriented. wDel#47 1/17/2014.

227. Irrational Goose-Stepping By Libertarian Hypocrite Appreciated By His Masters. lDel#14 1/21/2014.

228. Highly Dubious LBJ Quote & What It Says About Those Who Eagerly Believe It. wDel#48 1/22/2014.

229. On The Idiot's Narrative Concerning Me And Libertarianism. wDel#49 1/29/2014.

230. Narratives of Benghazi Hoax True Believers Debunked (Part 1). wDel#50 2/9/2014.

231. Dennis Butt-Kisses In Gratitude For rAtional Hypocrisy. dDel#14 lDel#15 2/12/2014.

232. The Truth About Dennis Marks. dDel#15 2/19/2014. Note: This commentary was used to launch the TADM blog.

233. The Frances Delusion (Coupled With A High Probability of Spittle Flecking). dDel#16 2/23/2014.

234. Dennis' Problem With Anti-Semitism. dDel#17 2/25/2014.

235. Unbelievable Idiocy From Wing Dinger of A Libertarian Lunatic. wDel#51 2/27/2014.

236. Severe Conservative Delusions: Al Gore & The Invention of the Internet Edition. dDel#18 3/1/2014.

237. Rudy Giuliani Anti-American Praise of Pootie-Poot Brings Shame To Our Country. 3/5/2014.

238. On Juan Williams Defending Condi Rice Re Rutgers U Profs Opposed to Her Being Invited To Speak There. lDel#16 3/9/2014.

239. Bullplop On Blowback. wDel#52 3/11/2014.

240. Regarding Dennis Marks Citing Osama bin Laden As One of His Heroes. dDel#19 3/14/2014.

241. Delusional Free Trader Taken In By Myth That Civil War Was Fought Over Tariffs. wDel#53 3/19/2014.

242. Schmuckery Of Claim That Civil War Began Over States' Rights. 3/20/2014.

243. Evidence Strongly Points to Willis Hart Being "Total Moron". wDel#54 3/22/2014.

244. Belated Praise For Congresswoman Barbara Lee (& Condemnation for Dennis Marks) In Regards to the 2001 AUMF Vote. dDel#20 3/23/2014.

245. A State of Will-ful Ignorance Appreciated by The Plutocrats. wDel#55 3/30/2014.

246. Giving Them What They Want. lDel#17 4/4/2014.

247. Free Cash Giveaway! You Could Win Ten Thousand USD!! 4/27/2014.

248. Have the Climate Models Been "So Inaccurate"? wDel#56 4/30/2014.

249. On the Assertion that Changing the Atmospheric CO2 Content From 3 Molecules Per 10,000 to 4 Molecules Per 10,000 Over a 130 Year Time-Frame Is An Infinitesimal Increase & Therefore No Big Deal. wDel#57 5/3/2014.

250. Causes of The Civil War According to Ken Burns' Documentary Series (Episode 1). wDel#58 5/7/2014.

251. On the Deniers' Claim that Climate Change Isn't Warming The Deep Oceans. wDel#59 5/8/2014.

252. A Disgusting Backdoor Defense of Donald Sterling. wDel#60 5/10/2014.

253. There Will Be Blood. The 2nd American Revolution Begins Today! 5/16/2014.

254. Howard Dean Tells Truth About Republicans & Purveyors of Untruth Slander Him With Old Lies Re So-Called "Dean Scream". lDel#18 5/22/2014.

255. On The Idiot's Hackneyed Assertion That Leftists Claim *All* Segregationist Dixiecrats Ultimately Became Republicans. wDel#61 5/23/2014.

256. History Book Stupidity. wDel#62 5/31/2014.

257. Exciting New Literary Work From Novice Historian Willis Hart! wDel#63 5/31/2014.

258. On "Arming" Oneself with "Facts" Dissembled By Gun Nut John Lott wDel#64 6/3/2014.

259. World Nut Daily (WND) Sez "Impeach Obama For Aiding Terrorists" (Re Bowe Bergdahl Prisoner Swap). 6/7/2014.

260. On The Libertarian Idiocy of Equating Taxation With Armed Robbery. wDel#65 6/8/2014.

261. On "Their" Being Something Missing From An Idiot Blogger's Healthcare Free Market Magic Argument. wDel#66 6/11/2014.

262. On The Lunkheadedness Of A Wealth-Worshiping Koch-Loving Prevaricator. wDel#67 6/19/2014.

263. The Irrational Hypocrite Strikes Again; Breaks Own Rule & Discusses "Old Bones". lDel#19 7/4/2014.

264. On The South, AKA the "Stupid States", Voting Republican. 7/4/2014.

265. On Willis Hart Lying About Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee Asserting that the U.S. Border With Mexico is Secure. wDel#68 7/11/2014.

266. Straight from The Warped, Psychotic, Brain-diseased, & Idiotic Mind of A Lunatic Libertarian Douchebag. wDel#69 7/28/2014.

267. Apology Owed By Spinning Liar Re LBJ/Tonkin Vs GWb/WMD. wDel#70 8/5/2014.

268. That Massive Sucking Sound and Its Echo. PIF#23 8/6/2014.

269. Not Lying About Muslim Bigotry (Stop The Lesterizaton Of America). lDel#20 8/12/2014.

270. Rightwing Race Hustlers On Ferguson Shooting. 8/21/2014.

271. On The Octopus & dmarks Friendship (A Cyberspace Peeve). dDel#21 10/4/2014.

272. Meanwhile, Back At the North Gate Inn. WTM#11 10/19/2014.

273. On LBJ "Quote" Via NewsMax's Ronald Kessler Concerning Tricking Black Folks Into Voting Democratic PLUS A Libertarian Blogger's Factually Inaccurate Commentary Re Thom Hartmann Kessler "Suggestion". wDel#71 10/26/2014.

274. On Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele Guest Hosting Hardball On 12/29/2014. 12/29/2014.

275. On The Michael Brown And Eric Garner Grand Jury Decisions. 1/4/2015.

276. Martin Luther King On The Dignity of Work Versus "The Oinkers". wDel#72 1/19/2015.

277. Magnum PI & Dennis Marks Investigate Human Rights Abuses. PIF#24 4/16/2015.

278. Kicked Off Blog Of Mentally Ill Gun Nut (Re Assault Weapon "Intellectual Dishonesty") dDel#22. 4/25/2015.

279. Libertarian Gun Nut Hazardous Advice Re Home Invasion Shootout & Dishonesty Re Gun Show Loophole. wDel#73 4/28/2015.

280. The Liberty To Wage Slavery & Slavery's Free Trade Connection. 5/8/2015.

281. Race-baiting Libertarian Blogger Joins The Filthy Scum Of White Society. wDel#74 5/18/2015.

282. An Example Of An Individual Taken In By The Lie That The bush Administration Received Faulty Intel & Made A Mistake In Invading Iraq? lDel#21 5/23/2015.

283. The Donald On GOPers "Copying" Him (Including Wanker & The Huckster). 5/24/2015.

284. George Pataki's Bizarre Reference to TR & St. Ronnie In His "I Wanna B POTUS" Announcement. 5/30/2015.

285. More Bill Clinton Impeacher Sex Hypocrisy. 6/1/2015.

286. Mike Huckabee Shameless Huckster Scams Low Information Social Conservative Dimwits With Bogus Diabetes "Cure". 6/3/2015.

287. If You Ever Find Yourself Deep In A Hole It Might Be A Good Idea To Stop Duggaring. 6/5/2015.

288. An Agenda Of Truth Telling Re Global Climate Change "Tiring" And "Distracting" Sez Irrational Fellow lDel#22 wDel#75. 6/9/2015.

289. Lindsey Graham Sez Caitlyn Jenner Welcome To Vote Against Her Own Interests As LGBT Person. 6/10/2015.

290. The Adventuring Companions Depart With Haste. WTM#12 6/11/2015.

291. Trump Announces Preznit Run! Will RN Hold Willis To Eating His Hat, Tie & Trousers? (Also, Trump Right On Trade Albeit Wrong On Everything Else) wDel#76. 6/16/2015.

292. America Great Due To Easy Availability For Purchase Of Firearms By Racist Rightwing Gun Nutty Murderers Sez Dennis Marks dDel#23. 6/19/2015.

293. On Vilifying Americans Unwilling To Assent To The New Orthodoxy (i.e. Calling Out Bigots Who Won't Stop Discriminating). 6/27/2015.

294. George W bush And Dick Cheney Responsible For Today's Surveillance State. 7/2/2015.

295. My Message From The Land Of Nightmares (Part 2). MES#4 7/4/2015.

296. Is Removing The Confederate Battle Flag A "Solution In Search Of A Problem"? 7/9/2015.

297. Is Removing The Confederate Battle Flag A "Solution In Search Of A Problem"? (Addendum). 7/11/2015.

298. Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why Government Investment In New Technologies Is So Important. 7/17/2015.

299. WND's Subtle (Or Not So Subtle) Bigotry Of Placing Quotes Around "Gay". 7/27/2015.

300. ACORN Target Of GOP Lies Because They Registered Voters. 8/2/2015.

301. On Debbie Wasserman Schultz Not Knowing The Difference Between A Socialist & A Democrat. 8/3/2015.

302. Anti-Choice Extremist Scott Walker Would Sentence Women To Death (Sez No To Life Of Mother Abortion Exemption). 8/7/2015.

303. Ayn Rand Took Great Delight In Killing Large Numbers of Fictional Moochers In Atlas Shrugged. 8/10/2015.

304. The Adventuring Companions Formulate An Alternate Escape. WTM#13 8/13/2015.

305. Firing Of Ed Schultz Signals End Of msnbc That Started With Exit Of Keith Olbermann. 8/15/2015.

306. You Can't Appeal To A Republican Using Either A Religious Or Economic Argument (Re States Accepting The Medicaid Expansion) Because These "Christians" Hate The Poors So Much. 8/16/2015.

307. Is There Evidence Supporting The Allegation That Ed Schultz Is A Wife Beater? 8/18/2015.

308. Josh Duggar Christian Hypocrite Subscribed To Ashley Madison, Cheated On Mother Of His 4 Kids (I Presume) While Lecturing On Morality as Executive Director Of The Family Research Council. 8/20/2015.

309. Jared Fogel Pleading Guilty Will Get Him 5 Or More Years. He Will Be Raped In Prison Says Expert. 8/21/2015.

310. Additional Evidence Supporting The Hypothesis That Ayn Rand Hated Poor People. 8/27/2015.

311. Rasmussen Asks Leading Question To Discredit Black Lives Matter Movement. 8/30/2015.

312. Should We Question Hillary Clinton's Judgement For Believing george w bush When He Lied About The Purpose Of The Iraq War Vote? 9/1/2015.

313. HRC email Controversy Way Overblown Compared To bush Admin eMail Scandal (Imaginary Vs Actual Crimes). 9/14/2015.

314. Thom Hartmann on Fox So-Called News (AKA Fox Nooz) In The Context Of HRC's 10/22/2015 Benghazi Questioning. 10/23/2015.

315. On Hillary Clinton Saying (During the Democratic Debate) That She is "A Progressive That Likes To Get Things Done". 10/25/2015.

316. Chris Christie As Preznit Would Be A "Greedy Thief Who Is Good At Plundering" Re The Social Security Trust Fund. 11/1/2015.

317. Is A "Real Black" A "Thug" In Conservative Repub-World? Also, Is Ben Carson A Pathological Liar? 11/6/2015.

318. John Fugelsang On The GOP Ronald Reagan Myths (Via The Stephanie Miller Show's Fridays with Fugelsang). 1/8/2016.

319. Ben Carson Wins Stupidest Comment Re 7th GOP Debate. 1/29/2016.

320. On Planned Parenthood Not Only Being Vindicated, But The Anti-Choice Liars Who Targeted Them Being Indicted. 2/1/2016.

321. On Chris Matthews' Unending Efforts To Smear Bernie Sanders As A Soviet-Style Socialist. 2/4/2016.

322. On Peyton Manning Kissing Papa John After The Superbowl, Then Saying Several Times He Was Going To Drink A Lot of Budweiser. 2/11/2016.

323. If You're Sick Of Unending War You Should Vote For Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton. 2/14/2016.

324. WND Bullshit: Donald Trump Has 40 Percent Support Among African Americans & 45 Percent Among Hispanics. 2/17/2016.

325. On The Inevitability Of Donald Trump Winning The gop potus Nomination (& Then Losing In The General). 2/23/2016.

326. Only Reason Donald Trump Said gwb Lied About WMD In Debate Was BC He Thought It Would Harm Jeb's Candidacy. 2/28/2016.

327. CBS CEO Loves Money More Than His Country. 3/1/2016.

328. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Co-Sponsors Legislation To Protect Payday Loan Sharks. 3/3/2016.

329. On Jeb Bush Dropping Out Of The 2016 potus Race (The Brother Of The War Criminal Who Failed To Keep Us Safe). 3/5/2016.

330. Donald Trump Just Telling The Rubes What They Want To Hear. 3/7/2016.

331. Joe Scarborough Speaks Unspeakable Truth Re Fact That Republican Policies Benefit The Wealthy & Hurt Everyone Else. 3/9/2016.

332. Religious Nutjob Ted Cruz "Called & Anointed" By God To Be The Next President. 3/20/2016.

333. Ronald Kessler Tells Newsmax Hillary Clinton Indictment Likely B4 General Election. 4/17/2016.

334. On Larry Wilmore "Offending" Rush Limbaugh With His #WHCD2016 Speech. 5/2/2016.

335. The Day The World Ended. 5/26/2016.

336. Thoughts On Yesterday's Election & Hillary Clinton Now Being The Presumptive Democratic Nominee. 6/8/2016.

337. Jimmy Fallon & BHO Catapult The Propaganda During Prez 6/9/2016 Tonight Show Appearance. 6/26/2016.

338. Republican FBI Director James Comey On HRC Breaking The Law: "In Connection With Her Use Of The email Server? My Judgement Is That She Did Not". 7/8/2016.

339. Trophy Wife Fail. 7/20/2016.

340. Cruz A Useful Idiot At RNC Convention "Ultimate Reality Show", Poorly Educated Tumpeteers Successfully Duped. 7/22/2016.

341. The American Dream According To Republicans. 7/23/2016.

342. On The Possibility Of The WikiLeaks Release Of DNC Hacked Material Throwing The Election To Donald Trump. 8/2/2016.

343. Libertarian Candidate 4 potus Gary Johnson Is A Despicable Colossal Liar. 8/4/2016.

344. Donald Trump On Corporate Inversions & Titties. 8/10/2016.

345. Donald Trump, Founder Of American ISIS (Theory). 8/12/2016.

346. You've Been Reported! 8/17/2016.

347. GOP The Party Of Racism & Bigotry, Henceforth To Be Referred To As Trumpism 8/20/2016.

348. Julian Assange Wants Donald Trump To Be The Next US President. 9/4/2016.

349. Lying Gary AKA Dishonest Johnson; Ayn Rand Hated Poors #5. 9/7/2016.

350. The Day The Terrorists Won (Tuesday, September 11, 2001). 9/11/2016.

351. Heil, Herr Trump, Our Possible Future F├╝hrer. 9/21/2016.

352. How Frequently Do Con Gun Nuts Dream About Firearms? 9/24/2016.

353. Donald Trump Probably Paid Zero Taxes For 18 Years Because He Lost $916 Million In 1995 (As A Business Genius Does). 10/5/2016.

354. Film Music Composer Danny Elfman Writes Horror Score For Trump's Stalking Of Hillary. 10/14/2016.

355. Donald Trump Is Right: The Election Is Rigged. 10/17/2016.

356. James Comey Is Trying To Influence The Election & Barack Obama Should Fire Him. 10/31/2016.

357. Analyzing The Posts "Liberal Hate" By Luke Spencer & "Liberal Haters" By TOM The Omelet Man. 11/9/2016.

358. Donald Trump Will Be An Illegitimate President. 11/10/2016.

359. A 2012 Tweet From DJT I Agree With (The Orange Buffoon Who "Won" The WH By Way Of The Electoral College). 11/11/2016.

360. Electoral College Instruction From A Hard Working American. 11/15/2016.

361. Party Over Country. 11/24/2016.

362. #CrookedDonald #1. 12/3/2016.

363. tRump's Billionaire Cabinet (#trumpdupes #1). 12/9/2016.

364. On My Birthday Being The Day On Which Death Is One Full Year Closer. 12/27/2016.

365. The Poorly Educated. 1/1/2017.

366. Paul Ryan Worships Satan! (As Do Many In The Incoming Trump Administration, Including Trump Himself). 1/8/2017.

367. The 3rd Way Is The Wrong Way! A Big Reason Why A Reality TV Buffoon Will Be The Next potus. 1/12/2017.

368. Ann Coulter Sez Trump Wasn't Making Fun Of Disabled Reporter, He Was Just Imitating A "Standard Retard"... & That's OK. 1/15/2017.

369. Trump Not Legitimate Prez Says Civil Rights Icon John Lewis (Speaking The Truth). 1/16/2017.

370. The Psychopath potus (It's DJT, Not BHO). 1/21/2017.

371. The tRump Family Of Moochers (#TrumpDupes #2). 2/19/2017.

372. My Message From The Land Of Nightmares (Part 3). MES#5 3/5/2017.

373. My Message From A Damned Ayn Rand, Delivered After She Emerged Burning From The Lake Of Fire. MES#6 3/26/2017.

374. Trump Wags The Dog Re Illegal Syria Missile Strike. 4/11/2017.

375. PS Spicey Apologizes For Forgetting That Hitler Gassed Jews. 4/12/2017.

376. Nobody Gives A Shit About The Chocolate Cake, You Moron! 4/14/2017.

377. Deplorables In The White House. 4/30/2017.

378. Luke's Truths. 5/9/2017.

379. Tuesday Afternoon Massacre (Countdown To Trump Impeachment). 5/10/2017.

380. I Want Donald J. Trump Dead. Either By Natural Causes Or Assassination. Whatever It Takes To Remove Him From The Presidency. 5/27/2017.

381. Thoughts On The Patriot Reality Winner, The Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy Theory, The Asshole Julian Assange & The Inevitable Trump Impeachment. 6/10/2017.

382. The Rube Show, As Presented By The Carnival Barker Predisent. 7/14/2017.

383. Donald Trump Colluded With The Devil To Get Elected Predisent. 7/22/2017.

384. Pervert-In-Chief Regals Young Boys With Tale Of Rich Man Who Had Lots Of Yacht Sex. 7/27/2017.

385. Donald Trump Is An Evil Asshole (Thoughts On The Defeat Of TrumpCare, So Called Skinny Repeal, & The GOP's Bloodthirsty Desire To Murder People By Taking Away Their Insurance). 7/29/2017.

386. Man Who Farts In Deep Doo-Doo. Will He Or Flynn Bring Down Trump? 8/9/2017.

387. Predisent Fart aka MAGA Man. 8/25/2017.

388. Donald Trump Is A Racist. Donald Trump Is Evil. 8/28/2017.

389. Trump Will Be Impeached For Getting A BJ In The White House Oval Office (A Prediction On Which I Will Be Proven Correct, Mark My Words!). 9/4/2017.

390. Bill Clinton Predicted Trump Presidency. Then He & Obama Helped Bring It About. 9/21/2017.

391. The "Amazing Feats" Of The Mentally Deranged Dotard Predisent. 9/23/2017.

392. DJT Ran For The Presidency To Prevent HRC From Starting WWIII, Something He Discovered Would Happen After Traveling To The Near Future In Nikola Tesla's Time Machine. 10/13/2017

393. Thoughts On A Organization That Is Pure Evil. 10/23/2017.

394. Predator-In-Chief Trump Tweets About Leeann Tweeden Groping Ass Of Mark Wills. 11/21/2017.

395. Sherrod Brown Calls Orrin Hatch On His Bullcrap Re Trump Tax Deform (AKA Oligarchy Rocket Fuel). 11/24/2017.

396. Al Franken Latest Man Held Accountable In "This Year's Pervert Purge". 12/7/2017.

397. I Call On The Troll Paul (Previously Known As Luke & Before That Steve) To Resign From Blogger Immediately Due To Proven Sexual Misconduct. 12/9/2017.

398. Trump Is A Useful Idiot Who Can Be Manipulated By Stroking His Ego (How The Institutional Right Manages Trump To Further Their Goals). 12/29/2017.

399. Coffee Boy George Papadopoulos Knew About DNC Hacking Before Any emails Were WikiLeaked (Watergate Redux #2). 12/31/2017.

400. On The Inevitability Of A Trump Presidency (Fire & Fury Excerpts #1). 1/8/2018.

401. GOP Liars Tom Cotton, David Perdue And Kirstjen Nielsen (Re Trump Racist Shithole Vulgarity). 1/19/2018.

402. Is The Trump Nightmare Almost Over? 2/20/2018.

403. Ann Coulter On Trump's "Caligula Lifestyle". 6/4/2018.

404. Trump Admits His Lie About Anthem Kneelers Disrespecting Flag & Troops Is Total Bullplop. 6/8/2018.

405. America's Fundamental Transformation Into An Fascist Oligarchic Theocracy Is At Hand. 6/28/2018.

406. Illegitimate Criminal peetus Selects SCOTUS Justice Who Sez Predisent Is Above The Law. 7/10/2018.

407. Predisent tRump Celebrates 9/11 With A Double Fist Pump. Also, Never Forget That gwb Allowed The Attacks To Occur (Due To His "Incompetence"). 9/12/2018.

408. Dotard Predisent Deeply In Love With New Beau, Plans On Dumping Melania For Kim Jong Un. 10/1/2018.

409. Thoughts On Phil Bredesen, Conserva-Dem Running For The TN Senate Seat (And His Taylor Swift Endorsement). 10/12/2018.

410. More Donald-Trump-Incited Violence Results In 11 Dead At Pittsburgh Synagogue. 10/28/2018.

411. Predisent Dotard tRump's High Energy From Snorting Adderall. 2/16/2019.

412. Biased Judge Gives tRump Russia Colluder Manafort Light Sentence. 3/9/2019.

413. Yes, Dotard tRump And Vladimir Putin Colluded! 3/25/2019.

414. tRump Administration Holding Kids In Concentration Camps Is Child Abuse!. 7/4/2019.

415. Dotard tRump's Position On Trade (In Part) Won Him The Presidency. Why Sanders Or Warren Must Be The Democratic potus Nominee. 7/13/2019.

416. I Realize Glenn Beck Is Right & That Progressivism Is "A Cancer" & So Decide To Become A Libertarian 7/13/2119.

Serial commentaries color coded as follows: Green = Serial Narrative, Yellow = Serial Delusion.

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