The Deplorable Luke Spencer, An Evil Hate-Filled Blog Troll

The purpose of this page is to point to other posts I have authored calling out the blog troll Luke Spencer of the blog (Words and Music (now calling himself "Paul"). A mentally disturbed a-hole who says (on his blog) said (on his blog, in a comment attached to a deleted post) that no, it's actually ME who is HIS blog troll! (#2).

Total and complete bullshit, which I have extensively documented and proven via numerous commentaries. If you want the truth about Luke, please check out any of the links below. BTW, the proof that Luke/Paul is evil is that [1] he pretended that TOM (one of his prior IDs) had brain cancer and died, eliciting comments from his readers on Stay A While such as "we've been praying!" and [2] this comment from the RNUSA blog where Luke says he can't wait for RN to die.

Luke's Hate

Luke claims that I write "hate", but the opposite is true. Luke is the individual who is filled with hate, as these commentaries show.

DSD #49. Luke Spencer Sidebar Lies. 11/24/2016. Luke makes the absurd accusation that many people are stealing his posts and claiming authorship for themselves (with no proof whatsoever). This is claim he presented on his sidebar (listing everyone he claims stole from him). Until he deleted the sidebar material (deleted but not retracted). Note that what the listing (of other Bloggers) on his sidebar really was was a list of everyone he hates.

DSD #51. Catalog Of Luke The Blog Troll's Vile Comments From SWTD (Warning! Offensive & Profane Content) 2016. 12/12/2016. Every comment Luke submitted to SWTD in 2016, totaling 227.

DSD #53. The Blog Troll Luke Spencer Wishes Me Death (Admitted). 12/15/2016. According to Luke I've threatened his life, but the truth is that Luke sent ME death threats. Threats that take the form of him telling me I should kill myself.

DSD #55. Catalog Of Luke The Blog Troll's Vile "Steve" Comments From SWTD (Warning! Offensive, Profane & Explicit Homophobic Content). 1/2/2017. Comments submitted to my blog by Luke back when the name on his account was "Steve" (proven) totaling 124.

DSD #56. Catalog Of Luke The Blog Troll's Vile Comments From SWTD (Warning! Offensive & Profane Content) 2017. 1/12/2017. Every comment Luke submitted to SWTD in 2017, totaling 42 so far.

Luke Spencer's Many IDs

A catalog of IDs that belong to the blog troll; confirmed and suspected.

Luke 11597062711930899788. This ID previously had the name "Steve" attached to it (DSD #33) although Luke denies it.

Luke Spencer 117464045539266787800. Google+ account that Luke used to comment on my Google+ page (DSD #52). Luke denies this is his account. According to him "my Google account has me as Luke Smith".

Luke AKA The Real Luke 12333475856772157308. The "real" Luke spams Luke's WAM posts to other blogs, just as Luke does. Which is one reason I say the same person is most likely behind both accounts (This WAM post spammed by TRL to WYD).

TOM 09538055688006675704 (Gort profile pic). Proprietor of the blog Stay A While. TOM-5704 presented himself as a reasonable blogger. He never trolled me (as far as I know). TOM-5704 supposedly passed away from brain cancer sometime after 1/2/2012 (date of the last post on his blog). At least that's the lie put forward by TOM-3136 (TOM-5704 6/22/2010 quote: "having brain cancer, I question my mental abilities").

TOM 02464117691722213136 (also used Gort as his profile pic, since removed. Profile currently set to "not available"). That TOM-3136 used Gort as his profile pic can be confirmed by navigating to this comment from 8/2/2011 (1st TOM-3136 comment on my blog). Initially TOM-3136 presented himself as a reasonable fellow (and, at this point in time, people assumed there was but one TOM, given the fact that they both used Gort as their profile pic). It wasn't until later that TOM began trolling me. When I pointed out to him that he had commented on the Stay A While blog (and wrote "thanks for reading my blog"), he said "did you ever here of co-author dip shit? No, you are to stupid". Later he went back to lying about Stay A While being his blog, writing "I never had a blog. I never wrote Stay A While but thanks again for proving what a lying faggot you are".

TOM 14210479399761047671. Profile says "on Blogger since December 2016" so this is a new account. My suspicion is that Luke set up this TOM account to bolster his claim that there is no way to link any TOM account to him because there are so many (7/17/2016 quote: "how many TOM's are there? I counted three so far").

TOM 113045154231503733696. A Google+ account on which the account holder posted (on 11/28/2016) "Come In And Stay Awhile", implying that Stay A While and this account are linked. Although I suspect that this is another account created to bolster Luke's claim that there are so many TOMs and therefore none of them can be tied to him. When I asked (re this TOM account) "how many TOM accounts does Luke have?", Luke responded "there's your TOM, Dervish! Go get him!! Send those death threats!"... as if another TOM account would fool me.

TOM, Steve & Luke

Commentaries that present evidence that the blog troll Luke is also behind the TOM and Steve IDs.

DSD #33. 36 Comments Submitted By "Steve" To The SWTD Blog (8/13/2013 to 8/27/2013). 9/17/2016. This is where I prove DEFINITIVELY that the blogger account that currently has the name "Luke" attached to it used to have the name "Steve" attached to it (definitive because the ID #s match). Shaw Kenawe noticed the same thing and wrote about it in a 7/5/2016 Progressive Eruptions post Luke and Steve.

DSD #35. TOM & Steve: An Ass Plus A Hole. 9/282016. Tom and Steve (now going by the name "Luke") both write asshole as "ass hole" MANY times.

DSD #37. Removed Post (Reverted To Draft) From The Blog Of Luke Spencer (An Insane Blog Troll). 9/30/2016. Check out the comments... Luke and TOM have a conversation about Shaw Kenawe writing hate "everyday" and stealing Luke's posts.

DSD #38. Comments By TOM-3136, Steve & Luke In Which All 3 Claim Dervish Sanders Was "Crowned King Shithead" (Despite The Fact This Never Happened). 11/2/2016. It was actually Luke (known as "Steve" at the time) who wrote on 9/1/2013 that Dervish Sanders is "king of the shitheads".

DSD #41. Jew Hater, Jew Hate, Antisemite & Nazi Accusations. 11/6/2016. TOM, Steve and Luke use the same language to voice the same complaint (RN is a "Jew hater").

DSD #42. Jersey McJones Is A Sockpuppet Controlled By Rational Nation According To TOM, Steve & Luke. 11/7/2016. Another coincidence, right?

DSD #43. Use Of "By" When "Bye" Is Correct. 11/8/2016. Another example of TOM, Steve and Luke using the same phraseology.

DSD #44. Both TOM & Luke Said They Would Not Vote But They Will Still Complain. 11/9/2016. Extremely similar sentiments by TOM (from a comment on Pamela Hart's blog) and Luke (in a commentary on his blog, WAM).

SWTD #357. Analyzing The Posts "Liberal Hate" By Luke Spencer & "Liberal Haters" By TOM The Omelet Man. 11/9/2016. Luke writes a 10/23/2016 post for his Words and Music blog that is VERY similar to a 12/12/2011 TOM post from Stay A While.

DSD #46. Both TOM & Luke Claim They Are Not White Males. 11/11/2016. TOM says he is part native American on SAW & Luke says he is not a White male in a comment on WYD.

DSD #48. Luke & TOM Are Offended When bush II And Trump Are Compared To Hitler. 11/21/2016.

Posts From Other Bloggers Re TOM, Steve, Luke & Paul.

8/20/2014. On Internet Trolls and Stalkers by Octopus. A guest post on RNUSA that is (I am sure) about TOM. Octo writes about "the same anonymous commenter who stalks one of our readers across Cyberspace and accuses him of anti-Semitism".

6/26/2016. Trolls and Comment Moderation by Shaw Kenawe, Progressive Eruptions. Shaw & Commenters discuss the vile & lewd comments submitted by the TOM troll to her blog (with examples given).

7/5/2016. Luke and Steve by Shaw Kenawe, Progressive Eruptions. Shaw notes that Steve and Luke have the same ID# and are therefore the same person.

See Also:

A site titled "Luke Spencer's Hate Blog" that I stumbled upon awhile ago. It appears to be a mirror of Luke's Words and Music. Although the proprietor (whoever he or she may be) describes it as a "parody blog".

8/23/2017 Update: Luke now goes by the name "Paul". This is the 3rd name attached to this ID. First he was "Steve", then he was "Luke". Now he is "Paul". Although he has used other IDs (2 seperate "TOM" IDs... TOM and TOM).


  1. So your standard of proof only applies to RN?

    That is YOUR standard of proof. I was throwing it back in your face to show how stupid you are. RN could be Jersey (and perhaps others), but (1) I doubt it (2) you presented no proof. As I recall you previously referred to TAO making an accusation. But otherwise you got nothing. Me, I presented overwhelming evidence that you are TOM, Steve (100% likely) and others.

    Ducky... According to my count he has 4 TOMs and 3 Lukes. (12/31/2016 on WYD)

  2. Right, I am not Jersey, regardless of what another loose cannon(Will Hart) may say. I would likely enjoy having a brew and conversation with Jersey though.

  3. Luke's blog is now called "A Nation" and has zero posts. Luke now also calls himself "Paul". I also noted (a while ago) that Mystere authored a commentary defending Luke titled The Baseless Hate Filled Attack Against Jermac1955 "Luke" From Dervish Sanders.

    Mystere's basis for calling my truth telling about Luke "baseless" and "hate filled"? I'm guessing it's a conclusion based on NOTHING more than his dislike for me. He repeats Luke's lie that I "threatened his life".

    As per Mystere's commentary I CALL myself a Christian, but "support everything vile in God's eyes"... a reference to me not hating gay people or Muslims (as he does). Then he refers to me as a "snake worshipper".


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