SWTD Negatively Numbered Posts

Posts on this blog that are negatively numbered (posts for which I changed the "publish date" so that said date is one that falls before the first day of my blog's existence, which was 2/5/2006). Why? Because I decided I wanted to publish a few commentaries kept separate from my SWTD "official" commentaries. Why? I'll let you know at the beginning of each post. But there won't be a lot of them. Note that the publish date indicated here is the ACTUAL publish date. For every other commentary the publish date is the actual publish date (no other dates have been changed excepting those listed below).

000. Re Commentaries Published B4 2/5/2006 8/9/2016.

001. Regarding What Being "Banned" Means On This Blog 8/9/2016.

002. Re An Action That "Seems Pretty Infantile" (An Observation Made By The Blogger "Ducky's Here") 10/4/2016.

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