My Shrine to Keith Olbermann

Welcome to the special page on my blog dedicated to my hero, the man I blindly worship, Keith Olbermann. Or, this is the page that was formerly my shrine to the awesome progressive pundit... and subject of an intense, albeit strictly platonic, man crush. I say this is a FORMER shrine because I started this page when Keith had a program on msnbc (which later moved to Current). Since Keith no longer has a political punditry program and I am no fan at all of sports commentary or any kind of sports related program, the man-crush has died.

Not that the man crush wouldn't roar back to life if Keith were to return to political punditry in some form (a podcast, perhaps?). But the powers-that-be decided Keith wasn't down with the direction msnbc decided to go, which is in the direction of pandering to the Washington Insider's interests (i.e. the interests of the Corporate Democrats). Which will turn out to be a very bad move. IMO. Instead of firing him Phil Griffin should have gotten down on his knees and kissed Keith's posterior.

In any case, despite the fact that Mr. Olbermann will no longer be fighting on the side of righteous progressive causes, I shall allow this page to stand as a tribute to the 9 years and 28 days Keith spent blazing a trail that others have followed. Granted, during his final days he wasn't trailblazing any longer - because Current fired him before he had a chance to build them up the same way he did MSNBC - but the fact remains that the world of progressive news - nay, the entire Left - has lost its brightest shining star and is much poorer because of it.

SWTD Keith Olbermann Commentaries

001. Welcome to My Shrine to Keith Olbermann #79 5/18/2011.

002. Countdown to Keith Olbermann #83 6/20/2011.

003. Current TV Shoots Self in Foot By Dismissing Olbermann (Corporate Democrats Silence Keith Again!) #111 3/31/2012.

004. The World Of Progressive Punditry Marks The End of An Era With Keith Olbermann's Return To Sports Commentary #182 7/21/2012.

005. Firing Of Ed Schultz Signals End Of msnbc That Started With Exit Of Keith Olbermann #302 8/15/2015.

WTNPH Commentaries Disparaging Keith Olbermann

2/14/2008 Coverage Coverage. MSNBC was wrong to utilize KO in covering the Republican primaries because he didn't "participate in a single interview of any Republican candidate, handler, or even a talking head". WTNPH concludes that "Olbermann didn't necessarily skew the coverage", but that he found his presence "at least a little awkward".

2/15/2008 Better Than O'Reilly (Much) but, Still. WTNPH sez "I find the man both brilliant and refreshing (and, yes, I do in fact agree with the fellow, more often than not). The writing on his show is first-rate and, yes, while he, too, does from time to time bloviate, I've never once caught the man in a blatant misstatement". WTF? NOT CRITICAL.

6/23/2008 Meet the Kos. Re KO replacing Tim Russert, WTNPH sez "seriously, folks, how preposterous is that? You're going to entrust to the public air-waves (not cable, mind you, but network news) a man who's biases of late have almost become cartoon-like".

7/16/2008 According to WTNPH, "Countdown with Keith Olbermann is the most biased news program in television history". He claims that "It's starting to make me queasy".

11/29/2008 Dialogue/Soliloquy. WTNPH makes what will become a FREQUENT criticism of KO, which is that he only has on guests that agree with his POV.

1/16/2009 Frothier by the Dozens. WTNPH claims KO has "Bush derangement syndrome", which is term that "indicates a belief that some extreme criticisms of President Bush are of emotional origins rather than based on facts or logic". As if it is unthinkable that someone could be upset with GWB because he's a war criminal.

3/06/2009 Ready, Aim, Fire/Piss. KO is a "stooge" because he made "such a big deal over Governor Palin's interview at the slaughter-house". Watch the Youtube video and see a clueless Palin "pardon" a turkey, and then continue the interview as turkeys are slaughtered behind her.

3/29/2009 War Children (Apologies to Jethro Tull). Bill O'Reilly is upset with KO's snipes. Regarding the O'Reilly/Olbermann feud WTNPH says, "It's all getting kind of nauseating".

4/17/2009 The Exception That Proves Diddly. WTNPH criticizes KO because he "gingerly and respectfully criticizes President Obama once or twice and this, THIS, is somehow proof that the numb-nuts ISN'T a partisan hack?"

4/19/2009 Tea With a Venom Chaser. KO and Janeane Garofalo are partisan hacks because they believe "every single person who participated in [the Tea Party] protests is nothing but a dangerous moron and a racist".

5/31/2009 Diluted Sins. WTNPH says KO lied when he suggested that David Zurawik "was either a blind ideologue or that he was somehow on the take from somebody". I am unclear as to whether or not this actually happened.

6/13/2009 At Least Ted Baxter was Lovable. WTNPH is positive KO literally believes himself to be Edward R. Murrow, and not only would Edward R. Murrow not approve, but he is "looking down and cringing, as we speak"... this despite the fact that I think KO would be the first to admit that he is a commentator and not a journalist.

6/15/2009 Paper-Thin Skin/Comparison. WTNPH says "Edward R. Murrow never took to slandering media writers who criticized him, unlike Keith Olbermann". No specific incident where KO committed the crime WTHPH is convicting him of is cited.

7/4/2009 Haunts of Vintage Wrestling. KO doesn't speak for 40% of "us".

7/10/2009 Not All Parachutes Open, Apparently. "It appears that Mr. Olbermann only covers the President's approval ratings when they're of a more robust nature".

7/13/2009 Reflections. KO interviewed Chris Hayes (who knows when), and in regards to that, WTNPH sez "to me, it's just basically one guy rubber-stamping what the other one is saying".

8/7/2009 Mobs, Slobs, and Partisan Fools. WTNPH says "I totally agree with Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow that the protesters at these town hall meetings need to be more respectful/act dignified". NOT CRITICAL.

9/23/2009 Book/Dog Ends. WTNPH compares Keith Olbermann and Sean Hannity. Olbermann is starting to irritate him more because he uses "crude ad hominems".

9/27/2009 A La Egypt and Israel. KO "still on occasion puts Mr. O'Reilly on his worst person list".

10/02/2009 Strange Weed-Fellows. WTNPH is fatigued by all of KO's special comments.

10/22/2009 The Thinner the Skin, The Bigger the Lap-Dog. WTHPH criticizes KO for defending himself (and Rachel Maddow) against charges from George HW Bush that they are "sick puppies".

11/05/2009 Mirror, Mirror on the Stall. KO displays hypocrisy AND the partisanship when he berates Chris Wallace for interviewing Rush Limbaugh and asking "powder puff" questions. Because KO is guilty of the same thing.

11/8/2009 Just the Right Balance. Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly are "two of the biggest partisan spinmeisters on the planet" because they both criticized David Zurawik, who WTNPH says is his hero.

12/4/2009 Miscellaneous. KO is guilty of "incessant hand-wringing" and of having "his Cornell degree always close at hand". Also "Ann Coulter... pretty much sized him up nicely, He constantly presents himself like Bertrand Russell.

1/9/2010 Far, Far, FAR, Beyond Good and Evil. Lawrence O'Donnell who subbed for Keith Olbermann is "another piece of work".

2/24/2010 Worsted. WTNPH says "I've grown to despise Keith Olbermann" because the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is controlled by Democrats.

5/18/2010 ALMOST LAUGHABLE. WTNPH almost laughs at KO, the "hyper-partisan news analyst [who has] engaged in his own fair share of bullshitting [because] he claims... that the premise for the guests that he has is often misunderstood. They are not on as a form of political reinforcement".

8/13/2010 From the Bottom of the Deck, Book Two. WTNPH accuses KO of "indiscriminate and hastily assembled charges of racism" because he discusses a Politico article titled "Ethics cases raise racial questions".

8/17/2010 A Response to W-Dervish's Impassioned Defense of Olbermann. "Mr. Olbermann ONLY gives one side to literally every story/doesn't EVER allow conflicting viewpoints on his show/doesn't allow people EVER to defend themselves/constantly refuses to debate people".

9/4/2010 Miscellaneous 22. Re the Ground Zero Mosque, WTNPH spins a strawman that has KO using "anecdotal evidence" to show "the country was now entering a new era of anti-Islamic feelings".

9/13/2010 Miscellaneous 24. KO points out that there were two mosques in the World Trade Center. For this reason KO "isn't always full of shit".

4/28/2010 Grading the Hyper-Partisan Opinion-Makers (Again, An Independent's Perspective). KO gets an "F" grade, although Hannity gets an "F" minus.

6/14/2010 Olbermann's Conservative/Lesbian Counterpart. WTNPH disses conservative radio host Tammy Bruce by comparing her to KO. Both are flat-out cowards because they allow for no dissent.

8/17/2010 A Response to W-Dervish's Impassioned Defense of Mr. Olbermann. WTNPH attacks me for defending KO.

9/26/2010 Denying the Sky. Partisan radio and cable-news stooges (of which Keith Olbermann is one) never, EVER, admit that they're wrong.

10/13/2010 The Worst, Indeed. Keith Olbermann is the worst person in the world because Keith did an inadequate job covering the 2010 CopiapĆ³ mining accident.

10/18/2010 Miscellaneous 32. Keith Olbermann is a guttersnipe for not going after Democrat Jack Conway for his Rand Paul/Aqua Buddha negative political ad.

11/15/2010 There's More Than One Way to Skin a Critic. Ted Koppel criticizes KO, and WTNPH criticizes KO for his criticism of TK. WTNPH sarcastically says TK "had the unmitigated audacity to criticize Olbermann's shameless advocacy/preaching to the choir form of journalism".

11/23/2010 Miscellaneous 42 (Murkowski, Olbermann, Hannity). WTNPH criticizes KO for not reporting from the field.

12/6/2010 How 'Bout a Hall of Fame For Hyperbole? WTNPH criticizes the "Worst Person in the World" segment because KO's choice of worst person is "bizarre". WTNPH's conclusion is that KO doesn't have "even one ounce of consistency in his bones".

12/10/2010 Miscellaneous 45. There is "a rift of some sorts over at MSNBC [because] Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell [are] seemingly supporting President Obama's tax-cut compromise [while] Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and Ed Schultz [are] opposing it". NOT CRITICAL.

12/11/2010 Note to Mr. Olbermann 2. WTNPH criticizes KO for placing Brit Hume and Chris Wallace on his "Worst Person in the World" list. Chris Wallace, claims WTNPH, was an innocent bystander.

12/27/2010 Note to Mr. Olbermann 3. WTNPH criticizes KO because he was against BHO's "compromise" with the Republicans that extended the bush tax cuts.

12/28/2010 Revisionism Hannity-Style. Post is a criticism of Sean Hannity, but he ends it by saying, "[Hannity] is far worse than Olbermann... and Olbermann is over the top partisan".

1/14/2011 Let's NOT Play the Feud!!!!!. "Mr. Olbermann was vicious, childish, and disgustingly over the top when he referred to Senator Brown as an, irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea-bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees".

1/20/2011 Hm, If He's the Worst. WTNPH suggests KO's "Worst Person in the World" segment (which he calls "idiotic shtick") might inspire a lunatic to kill said "worst person".

1/23/2011 Ready, Aim, What?. Re Gabrielle Giffords being in Sarah Palin's crosshairs because she voted for the ACA, people were not aware of it until KO "came along and started fanning it [and] making a big fat bothersome deal over it".

3/11/2011 A Little Less From Moore, Please 2. WTNPH's complaint is that Michael Moore and KO have a "rather close relationship". He also makes the ridiculous suggestion that because General Electric received some of bush's bailout money, some of that bailout cash somehow made it into KO's hands (and that MM is a hypocrite for not bringing it up).

5/15/2011 Devolving From the North. WTNPH actually praises Lawrence O'Donnell, saying a story he did was one "Olbermann would have NEVER done". The story suggested that Sarah Palin was a decent governor that only went off the rails after being selected as McCain's VP.

7/2/2011 The Dickness Scale 0-10. On the "dickness scale" KO is a 9. Numerous others are rated. I give WTNPH's online persona a 7. I don't know him personally and he professes to be a nice person in real life. I say it's possible.

11/4/2011 Pundits on the Far-Left that I Loathe. WTNPH loathes KO... among others, including all of MSNBC's primetime pundits as well as Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!. WTF?

4/9/2012 On Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann. "They're both dweebs and shits. One of them just happens to be successful". Also "they're both paranoid dweebs and asses".

6/18/2011 Miscellaneous 82. WTNPH likes Lawrence O'Donnell but not Keith Olbermann. WTNPH dislikes that KO is "always dropping the bomb that he went to Cornell, [his] comical B-caliber movie rants (i.e. special comments), [his] thin-skin that rivals that of O'Reilly, [and] the fact that he more closely resembles Howard Beale than Edward R. Murrow".

9/24/2011 Miscellaneous 100. "Keith Olbermann has been demoted into obscurity".

1/7/2012 No Maturity. WTNPH slams KO because Keith named the fake unity group No Labels as a "worst person".

1/17/2012 The All Douche-Bag Team - The Nonpoliticians Edition. A list of pundits (including KO) and others who are peripherally involved in politics who are "douche-bags".

1/28/2012. WTNPH sez KO and "the reverend Jeremiah Wright [were] basically running Mr. Obama's campaign from MSNBC". Huh?

3/31/2012 On Keith Olbermann. "Fired - YET AGAIN!!!". Post (if 3 words constitute a post) about KO being fired from Current.

4/14/2012 Gee, Keithy, That's a Dirty Rotten Friend You Got There in GE (With a Nod, Quite Obviously, to the Beave). WTNPH argues that since GE is a bad company, Olbermann is a bad man. Even though Olbermann works for MSNBC and not it's parent company (GE).

2/1/2013 People Who I Currently Have Zero (As Opposed to Even a Little) Use For. KO "makes Bill O'Reilly seem thoughtful".

9/26/2014 On Douche-Bag Olbermann. WTNPH complains about KO mentioning he attended Cornell, AGAIN. WTNPH is also mad about how KO "slammed Jeter".

6/9/2016 On the Fact that When Like-Minded People Only Talk to Each Other They Tend to Get More Extreme. No, he isn't referring to himself, but something he calls "the Keith Olbermann/Columbia University/New York Times Syndrome".

6/25/2017 On the Fact that Keith Olbermann Apparently Believes that He Can Save the Republic by Churning Out a Series of Incoherent, Unhinged, Paranoiac, and Conspiracy-Alloyed Diatribes (Lyndon Laroucheesque at Times) from His Parents' Basement. KO needs psychiatric help.

Are there even more?

Keith Olbermann Articles

11/15/2010 MSNBC Pres. Phil Griffin Told Keith Olbermann's Manager "We Are At War" by Steve Krakauer, Mediaite.

1/21/2011 Keith Olbermann Axed Due to Comcast Merger by TMZ Staff, TMZ.

6/7/2011 Keith Olbermann Breaks Silence On MSNBC Exit; Could Earn $100M at Current TV by Marisa Guthrie, The Hollywood Reporter.

6/21/2011 Keith Olbermann's Current TV Debut: What the Critics Say by THR Staff, The Hollywood Reporter.

Keith Olberman Videos

Keith Olbermann announces he is leaving msnbc, 1/21/2011 (6:08).

Rachel Maddow comments on Keith Olbermann leaving msnbc on Real Time with Bill Maher 1/21/2011 S9E2 (0:53).

Keith Olbermann Makes An Announcement Regarding His Move to Current TV, 4/26/2011 (2:29)

Keith Olbermann Interviews Occupy Patriot Dorli Rainey, 11/16/2011 (10:27)

Keith Olbermann's new program... a Netflix cartoon called BoJack Horseman. Keith voices "Tom Jumbo-Grumbo", A blue whale who is a newsman and pundit on MSNBSea. Tom often reports on BoJack's misdeeds and other happenings in Hollywoo. BoJack is voiced by Will Arnett. 7/20/2015 (1:19).

See here for more Keith Olbermann videos via YouTube.

Keith Olbermann Quotes

->Those fighting health-care reform, not those debating its shape nor its nuance, people who demand the status quo, they are killing 45,000 Americans a year ~ KO criticzes opponents of health-care reform, 1/5/2010

->The goal here is to get this blindly irresponsible man and his ilk off the air ~ KO comments on Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly, whom he accused of contributing to the climate surrounding the death of abortion doctor George Tiller, 6/2/2009.

->Reagan's dead, and he was a lousy president ~ KO criticizes a county commissioner who refused federal stimulus dollars over concerns of big government, 4/22/2009

->[John Gibson] is one of those people who think all religions but his are mistaken. You know, the way a lot of these religious nut bag terrorists think ~ Olbermann criticizing remarks by Fox News host John Gibson in which he suggested Christians would tolerate those "following the wrong religion" as long as they "behave", 12/2/2005.

->This is the law-and-order-and-terror government. ... It has just proved that it cannot save its citizens from a biological weapon called standing water ~ KO criticizes the Bush administration's response to Hurricane Katrina, 9/5/2005.

->I guess the painkillers wipe out your memory along with your ethics ~ KO criticizes commentator Rush Limbaugh for questioning the credibility of war protester Cindy Sheehan, 8/17/2005.

->Most of us have learned to simply accept the fact that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. exists in the world, just as we've come to accept that there are terrorists among us, as well as people who scam grandmothers out of their savings ~ KO criticizes News Corp. in a Salon column, 2/22/2003.

Quotes Source: The Washington Post.

Keith Olbermann Pictures

Corporate Democrats at MSNBC Throw Keith Olbermann Under The Bus.

Keith Olbermann: A modern day Edward R. Murrow.


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  2. Comment from Sue's blog Hello Mr President from 5/18/2011.

    Willis V. Hart: Olbermann, Maddow [are] dishonest as hell. Let me give you an example of what I consider dishonesty coming from Maddow. [Rachel Maddow left out some information in a story she reported].

    Olbermann and Maddow aren't "dishonest as hell"... I believe Jerry has it absolutely correct when he said, [Olbermann and Maddow] "strive to present the truth". I'm going to continue to go through my life listening to both of them. In fact, as a result of your near-daily bashing of Keith Olbermann, I've decided to proclaim my love for Keith by erecting a shrine to him on my blog. I encourage everyone to visit and share your thoughts regarding how awesome Keith is.


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