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Welcome to my video and image archive. These are videos and images I thought were interesting and/or funny that I found while browsing the interwebs. I've collected the videos and images here so that you may comment on them. Please feel free to share your thoughts, but be aware that these videos and images are located elsewhere on the internet and I am only linking to them here... so they may be deleted without notice.

5/5/2017: Photoshopped Trump meme I found on the Progressive Eruptions sidebar.

12/19/2016: Photoshopped image created by Facebooker Rex Rose. Facebook comments attached to the image... "One schmuck to rule them all, one schmuck to find them... one ring to bind them all, and in the darkness grab their pussies".

8/27/2016: Images of HRC in which (IMO) she looks hot. The 1st is her 1965 high school yearbook photo, the 2nd is from her 2nd year as 1st Lady, which was 1995. (OST #174).


8/4/2016: Cartoon from The Far Side (1980-1995) by Gary Larson that reminded me of the gwb pic below (where he attempts to leave a press conference via a locked door).

8/4/2016: Still image of gwb (aka president doofus) attempting to leave a 11/20/2005 news conference in Beijing via a locked door (Source). Door thwarts quick exit for Bush (article excerpt) After answering just six questions from a group of US reporters, the president strode away heading towards the door. President Bush tugged at both handles on the double doors before admitting: "I was trying to escape. Obviously, it didn't work". [bush later blamed jet-lag]. Mr Bush was in China in the latest stop of his East Asia tour. (DSB #49).

8/4/2016: Video of gwb attempting to leave a 11/20/2005 news conference in Beijing via a locked door.

12/22/2013: Song from Jonathan Mann about the famous economist, Nobel prize winner and all around cool guy. Featuring Madelyn from the awesome band "The Muffin Brigade" (1:55).

6/23/2013: Free trade: Enriching the plutocrats using wage slaves at the expense of American jobs.

5/7/2013: The NRA's solution to stopping the next Boston bombing. (Source).


5/7/2013, replaced 8/4/2016: The bush presidenting lieberry's one book? My Pet Goat.


4/29/2013: Lying at the Lieberry. A Video from The Onion, American's finest news source. Various news stories are covered, including the opening of former George W bush's lieberry, which was attended by all the nation's living presidents, all of whom had good things to say about the unprosecuted war criminal.

Middle-Aged Funeral Director Buys Flashy Red Hearse

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