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Analyzing The Posts "Liberal Hate" By Luke Spencer & "Liberal Haters" By TOM The Omelet Man

If trolls are spreading rumors, tweeting wrong information or posting inaccuracies, nip it in the bud. The best way to disprove tales told by trolls is with facts ~ quote from the 2/3/2015 article How to Deal With Social Media Trolls by Rachel Wisuri.

The purpose of the analyzation is to prove that Luke (AKA Luke Spencer) and TOM are the same blog troll. By the way, TOM is an acronym that stands for "The Omelet Man". So called because his brain was scrambled after undergoing surgery for his "brain cancer" (TOM: "having brain cancer, I question my mental abilities"). Which, while blogging on Stay A While TOM says he had (both brain cancer and brain surgery).

Now, I would NEVER make fun of someone who was genuinely seriously ill (as Octopus says nobody should). But I am convinced that TOM lied. He never had brain cancer, he was never in hospice, he never had surgery, and he did not die as TOM claims.

Note that there are two TOMs. TOM-3136 (profile Not Available) and TOM 5704 (Gort avatar pic). It was TOM-3136 that told me TOM-5704 died.

TOM-3136: Hey stupid fag boy, did you figure out who I am yet idiot? I'll give you a clue. The TOM you keep talking about is dead, and I never was him, but thanks for the laughs. Now back to getting butt fucked by your fag boy buddy RN. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (2/05/2016 AT 12:13pm).

I need to point out, however, that both of these TOMs commented on Stay A While, and both indicated that Stay A While was their blog - nobody ever noticed that there were two different TOM accounts commenting on Stay A While, nor did either TOM ever say they weren't the other TOM.

Comments from the blog "Stay A While"...

Tom-5704: Hi Shaw, Thanks for stopping by. I put you on my link list. I like to have different things for different people, not as many political posts as you have, but I will write about politics. I am liberal. This is the 9th day since I started this blog, and I change it everyday. Stop by again. I will stop by your blog again. Thanks. (August 5, 2009 at 12:58 pm).

TOM-3136: Thanks for reading my blog! [Quoted sentence is the last one at the end of a long comment] (4/17/2011 AT 8:01 pm).

These two comments show that both TOMs claim that Stay A While is their blog (note that Tom-5704 initially spelled his name with only the first letter capped, but later switched to all caps, same as TOM-3136). Also note that, while 2 TOMs claim the blog is theirs, the readers of Stay A While never say anything about it, nor does either TOM (all commenters THOUGHT they were dealing with one TOM).

I point this out because TOM-3136, when I linked to the comment where he said Stay A While was his blog, admitted it (although he later went back to his initial lie).

Comments from this blog...

TOM-3136: Did you ever here of co-author dip shit? No, you are to stupid. Thanks for the laughs and thanks for reading my comments... (2/13/2016 AT 10:34am).

TOM-3136: ...I never had a blog. I never wrote "Stay A While" but thanks again for proving what a lying faggot you are. (5/31/2016 7:32pm).

So, TOM-3136 was either a "co-author" and TOM-5704 did die, or the same person created, and was the individual behind both "TOM" accounts. Given the fact that TOM-3136 is a liar (lied about posting/commenting on Stay A While, after ADMITTING he did), I'm leaning (strongly) toward both TOMs being the same person and there never being a co-author that died.

Remember that neither TOM ever mentioned a "co-author" and (in their comments) presented themselves as the one and only TOM of Stay A While. That said, in addition to my belief that TOM-5704 and TOM-3136 are the same person, I also contend that the person behind both TOM accounts created another account. An account he attached the name "Luke" to (Blogger ID #11597062711930899788).

Although the "Luke" account originally had the name "Steve" associated with it. A FACT that is easily proven by looking at the ID numbers. They are the same, meaning the account is the same, and the name was just changed. Steve is an individual who trolled my blog for many years (as did TOM. See DSD #33 for more info/definitive proof).

Luke (formerly Steve) has a blog titled Words And Music (titled "Speak Your Mind" when he initially set it up) where he writes about (in addition to other things) how everyone is plagerizing his posts (SWTD #346). Also about how he is a Liberal... who is being attacked by other Liberals.

A subject he wrote about recently in a 10/23/2016 post titled "Liberal Hate". This was a post that I IMMEDIATELY recognized as being VERY similar to posts and comments made by TOM on Stay A While. Specifically, TOM's post from 11/12/2011 titled "Liberal Haters".

I'd like to note at this point that Luke has copied over posts from Stay A While. I sent Rational Nation an email about this, and his response was to write that "the probability that they are one in the same is very likely 95% or greater" (Luke and TOM).

In total I found 3 commentaries that were originally published on Stay A While (SAW) that made their way over to Words And Music (WAM).

The DATES are links. The 1st date is when Luke re-published the commentary on WAM. The 2nd date is when it was originally published on SAW by TOM.

#1 Americans are Wrong Sometimes (7/2/2016 & 8/19/2010).

#2 If We Can Keep It (7/4/2016 & 7/8/2010).

#3 Any Good Republican Ideas Out There? (8/19/2016 & 3/1/2010).

But maybe Luke just plagiarized TOM of SAW? Or, maybe Luke asked TOM-3136 if he could republish his posts and TOM said OK? Luke did tell me that he'd been conversing with TOM... about the "assholes who attack blogs" (See DSD #36, comment #8). Although my interpretation of this remark is that TOM was talking with TOM about TOM. Or, Luke was talking with Luke about Luke.

By which I mean Luke and TOM are the same person. More telling than posts being duplicated on both Luke and TOM's blogs, is the similarities between the 10/23/2016 post "Liberal Hate" and the 12/12/2011 post "Liberal Haters". Because this shows, IMO, that Luke and TOM think alike (because they are the same person). These are posts written almost 5 years apart in which the respective authors use a lot of the same language and phrases (because they are the same person).

What follows are similarities I noticed between the two posts (aside from the nearly identical titles). Note that all phrases are direct quotes from these two posts, which you can confirm by comparing the two commentaries. Use the SEARCH function of your browser and you will see that the selected phrases appear in BOTH commentaries.

I've also included a few similarities between other TOM (SAW) and Luke (WAM) posts (links given when I'm not comparing "Liberal Hate" 10/23/2016 to "Liberal Haters" 12/12/2011).

#1 WOW! Wow!

Luke: They claim their candidate Hillary is without any faults and use Trump as their comparison. WOW!

TOM: I mean this idiot writes a supposed liberal political blog, but bans people for using Obamamaniac? Wow!

#2 Liberals Love To Hate

Luke: The liberals are so happy in their hate.

TOM: They revel in their hate.

#3 Liberals Are Haters

Luke: And what will the liberal haters say? Nothing.

Luke: ...the dishonest, hate filled tactics of these morally bankrupt liberals...

TOM: These lefty nut jobs are nuttier than righty nut jobs by far, and filled with much more hate.

TOM: They can't see through their cloud of hate.

#4 Attacked By Liberals Via "Hate Mail"

Luke: The scumbag Dervish Sanders who has attacked my blog with 600 vile emails... (Interest in the Election? 10/17/2016).

Luke: I've already received my daily vulgar hate mail and death threats from Dervish Sanders and his hate buddies this morning. (Comey. 10/31/2016).

TOM: I have posted many times about their attacks on me, and have posted their hate mail. They are having to much fun with their negativity and hate. They have kept their attacks on me going for months.

[Both Luke and TOM are clearly confused about comments they have/are receiving because they entered their email address in the box under the Blogger dashboard. Blogger is sending/sent them emails. For example, Luke says I've emailed him, but I do not have his email address. So what he claims is impossible].

#5 Attacked With Hate

Luke: Dervish has the exact same character as Trump and how Trump attacks with lies and hate. (Interest in the Election? 10/17/2016).

TOM: Funny, they attack my blog with hate, but claim I'm the hater.

#6 Attacked for Criticizing Clinton/Obama

Luke: I have received over 600 vile emails and multiple death threats from liberal bloggers like Dervish Sanders and many more, because I dare to voice negative comments about Clinton.

TOM: I have been banned from Leslie's blog and Sue's blog, for writing on my blog, that Obama should get off his fat ass. (HATE. 9/12/2011).

#7 Liberals Write Hate About Republicans Every Day

Luke: Shaw writes her dripping hate about Trump, everyday. She lives to write hate about one person, everyday. (Spreading The Word. 9/29/2016).

TOM: TomCat... His blog, like Sue's, is nothing but hate filled writings about Republicans.

TOM: Try writing about how Obama could be better instead of writing hate everyday. ... Read Sue's blog. It is nothing but hate, hate, hate everyday, every post. She sends the hate mail I've been getting for months, yet I'm the hater she claims. ... They write nothing but hate, negativity, swear words, and their own lies everyday.

#8 Liberals Call Republicans Hitler

Luke: They call Trump Hitler, just as they called Bush Hitler.

Luke: So when president Clinton lies and Americans die, I will be there to say I told you so, but I won't call her a Hitler, or other ridiculous superlatives.

TOM: The rest of the Republicans are not brown shirts. or Hitler like politicians.

#9 Called A Traitor For Not Supporting Iraq Invasion

Luke: I was called a traitor for not supporting the Iraq invasion. I complained about liberals when they called Bush II, Hitler. (Did You Vote Today?. 11/8/2016).

TOM WordPress Acct: It reminds me of the old days when I was called a traitor for being against the invasion of Iraq and some of those were liberals also, or being banned from a liberal blog for saying they were nuts for comparing Bush to Hitler. (HATE ATTACK HATE ATTACK, 12/20/2011).

There may be more similarities, but I thought 9 was enough to make my point. Which is that this isn't just a case of 2 different people having the same idea, as Luke claimed when I pointed out that "Liberal Hate" was VERY similar to "Liberal Haters".

As I have just shown, Luke and TOM not only had the "same idea", they use many of the same words and phrases. According to the definition, the word "phraseology" is defined as "the way that a particular person or group uses words".

This is the method I have used to deduce that TOM and Steve are the same person. And, as I have already proven, Steve is Luke. Because the ID #s for both is 11597062711930899788. See DSD #35 for my comparrison of comments from each where they make the same compound word error, which would be to type "asshole" as "ass hole" (and also point out that Steve and Luke's ID #s are the same).

It appears as though TOM and Luke make many compound word errors. For example, both Luke and TOM write "everyday" when the correct form is "every day" (#7). TOM writes "brown shirts" as two words, when it should be one (#8). In his post Liberal Hate, Luke writes "group think" when groupthink is also one word. In Interest In The Election? Luke types whatsoever as "what so ever".

By the way, Luke himself (commenting as Steve) said that using phraseology to identify bloggers using other IDs (or posting anonymously) was easy (although he was talking about identifying Rational Nation posting as The Sword of Truth, which is something that happened back when I allowed anonymous commenting on this blog).

Steve: Misspellings and grammar errors are RN's MO, and you are right, those kind of personal habits are hard to hide. Ask Shaw, she might know. This is all part of RN's tactics, also the unmistakeable MO of RN. (8/15/2013 AT 1:05pm).

He says "ask Shaw", because "The Sword Of Truth" commented for awhile on her blog[1]. Anyway, note that Luke (posting as Steve) says these "kind of personal habits are hard to hide" and that they are "unmistakable". An observation I agree with. The "unmistakable personal habits" being misspellings and phraseology. Although, in this case, these "personal habits" point VERY strongly to Luke being TOM.

Either TOM-5707 returned from the dead, or TOM-3136 (co-author of Stay A While). If we are to believe that 2 TOMs co-blogged, which I do not. They (Luke, TOM-5704 and TOM-3136) are the the SAME idiot/blog troll. Identified by the "personal habits" (same language, misspelling, grammar errors, phraseology) that are HARD TO HIDE and UNMISTAKABLE. Impossible to hide, I'd say (at least for TOM/Steve/Luke). Given the similarities between Luke's "Liberal Hate" and TOM's "Liberal Haters".

In closing, I'm going to ask you (the reader), that, if you chose to comment, PLEASE let me know if you agree. Have I proven that Luke and both TOMs are the same person? Also, does my proof convince you of this 100%... or close to it? IMO it should. I know I'm 100% convinced that these 3 IDs are controlled by the same asshole. Or that ONE of the TOMs (TOM-3136) is now posting as "Luke", at least (100% on that, and 99.9% sure that both TOMs and Luke are the same person).

Image: "From the first day the first troll king pooped out his first troll-sac full of butt-eggs... the conventional wisdom has been to ignore them. Ignore them and they'll go away. ... Except... has that worked? That's been the policy since day one, and has trolling gotten better or worse? I'd wager that the people who are drawn to trolling, for the most part, are people who are used to being ignored. Ignoring them is playing to one of their strengths". (Don't Ignore The Trolls. Feed Them Until They Explode by Lindy West. 7/31/2013).


[1] Regarding the "Sword of Truth", an anonymous commenter on Progressive Eruptions said "The Sword of Truth is RN, that was exposed on another blog last week. I don't know why you put up with that scum bag". Note the compound word error (he writes "scumbag" as two words). Also, the Anon later (in the same thread) writes "You know JMJ is RN's alter ego" (This is an accusation TOM/Steve/Luke has made before).

For even more proof that Luke & TOM are the same person see here (link to a page on this blog where I have catalogued all the evidence I have accumulated thus far that TOM and Luke are the same blog troll.

Postscript: Wish I had seen that Shaw Kenawe post. I might not have written so detailed a commentary. Now it looks like all the time put in really wasn't necessary. Everyone already is on to Luke. Or onto the fact that he used to troll as Steve, at least. With the proof I've revealed here I think everyone can CONFIDENTLY conclude that Luke is also TOM. BTW, Luke recently authored a commentary in which he wrote "his delusions are deep and famous [and] he is known as a liar"... but he WASN'T talking about himself! Despite this being the PERFECT description of Luke the Puke.

SWTD #357

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