Wednesday, August 17, 2016

You've Been Reported!

Attention! If your Blogger ID & site are on the list below, you've been reported to Blogger for violating their Terms of Service (TOS). Specifically, your ID and blog are potentially about to be found guilty of being in violation of Blogger's content policy, which prohibits copying content from someone else's blog ("someone is copying my content" AKA plagarism) as well as harassment ("harassment or bullying" or "blog attacking" according to the complainant).

In alphabetical order, the offending blogs are as follows.

Dog Report (D) Flying Junior.

FreeThinke (CC) FreeThinke.

The Oracular Opinion & Blogger Sleuth (C) Pamela D. Hart.

Progressive Eruptions (D) Shaw Kenawe

Rational Nation USA (C) Rational Nation USA.

Sleeping With The Devil (D) Dervish Sanders.

Who's Your Daddy (CC) Lisa.

(C: Conservative, CC: Crazy Conservative, D: Democratic).

If you find your Blog/Blogger ID on this list? You might want to take the situation seriously. Very seriously. Because Blogger takes violations of it's Terms of Service and Blogger Content Policy seriously.

Blogs/Bloggers on the list above may be subjected to the following penalties.

Delete the offending content, blog post or blog.
Disable the author's access to his/her Blogger account.
Disable the author's access to his/her Google account.
Report the user to law enforcement. (Source).

On the other hand, you may decide to not take this "reporting" seriously, given who the complainant is. It's a crazy, paranoid, deluded troll who thinks everyone is attacking him & plagiarizing his blog posts.

Luke: Since you insist on stealing my posts, I'll post them on your thread and make it easy for you. [Full text of post from Luke's blog Speak Your Mind titled The Clinton Machine]. (7/27/2016 AT 5:43pm).

Luke: I proved Shaw stole my post 3 times. You did miss it lying asshole and I'm not reproving it for a lying asshole like you. Again, check my blog for that Nader post lying asshole. Say what you want my blog proves alll of you lying assholes. By asshole. (8/07/2016 AT 3:23pm).

According to Luke Spencer's (his Google Plus ID) blog sidebar "their goal seems to be to force bloggers to close down their blogs". And he added "If they attack you, report it to Blogger, I did". "Their" being the bloggers on the list above. Apparently all these bloggers (myself included) are "buddies".

Although I know for a fact that nobody I mentioned initially is a buddy to either Lisa or Free Thinke. Also, Luke attributes "Dog Report" to -FJ, who, as far as I know is not Flying Junior. They're 2 different bloggers.

The following is the comment moderation note from Luke's Speak Your Mind blog.

Due to continuous attacks on my blog by Rational Nation and multiple other aliases (RN), The Oracular Opinion and Blogger Sleuth (Pam), Progressive Eruptions (Shaw), Sleeping With The Devil and 5 other blogs (Dervish Sanders) and their continuous plagiarism of my posts, I have set moderation. If you have trouble with these nasty trolls report them to Blogger, I did.

Anyway, as "buddies" all these bloggers are apparently harassing poor Luke by plagiarizing his posts and attacking his blog. Now, I don't know if anyone else is plagiarizing his posts, but I can speak for myself. And I can say I'd never heard of this Luke character until he showed up on my blog and submitted one of his posts as a comment (the first one I quoted above).

And it looks like Luke is super pissed at Shaw Kenawe because she stole his posts 3 times! I asked him for proof in the form of some links to where this "stealing" occurred, but he refused. So I concluded it never happened. I think you've got to prove something ONCE before you can "reprove" it.

As for the "Nader post" Luke talks about, he submitted a commentary titled "Hillary's Convention Con" from Ralph Nader's website to the RNUSA blog (as a comment) without saying where it came from (making it look like he was submitting it as something he had written).

Shaw Kenawe: For a troll who runs around the internet accusing people of plagiarizing his work, it is hilarious to read "Luke's" two comments which were taken word-for-word from Ralph Nader's site. At the end of his post on the DNC convention and Hillary, it does say "share and enjoy." But "Luke", who accuses people of stealing his work (false, BTW), should have either linked to the original text or at the very least, put Nader's name to it. So it goes. (7/31/2016 AT 09:25:00 AM EDT).

Luke didn't see the problem with him posting this on the RNUSA blog without attributing it to Ralph Nader. Apparently it says (somewhere) on Ralph Nader's site that people should copy and paste his articles onto as many blogs as possible. And, when you do that, you should never tell anyone where you got it or who wrote it. I don't know if this is true or not. I looked around Nader's site but all I found is the "share and enjoy" notation after each Nader commentary.

Maybe Luke thinks it says "share and annoy"? Which I think people were. Although I think they were more annoyed by Luke's accusations of theft. He tried it on Pamela's blog, and she promptly deleted everything he had written and banned him.

Pamela Hart: Luke, you aren't welcome here anymore. I will not tolerate you accusing me of plagiarizing your posts. (8/8/2016 AT 12:59pm).

As for the plagiarism accusations, nobody stole any posts from Luke's blog. Or maybe they did. He comments on Lisa's blog (Who's Your Daddy, AKA "the stench trench") and a lot of spoofing goes on there, apparently. I look every once and awhile, and see people saying that some comments are from sock puppets. I think someone there spoofs Shaw's ID. And maybe the Shaw spoof stole from Luke's blog? But that's a guess. Only problem with that theory is that Luke says Shaw stole from his blog and posted it on her blog (as if she had written it). (Luke told me to check Shaw's blog for his content).

The same accusation he made against me and against Pamela. I know I never stole his stuff, and I very seriously doubt Shaw or Pamela stole his posts (there is no proof). So I'm going to go with Luke being crazy. That, or he thinks it's funny to pretend to be crazy. Although he does apparently write his own stuff (excepting the Nader post, which is on his blog). I ran a few of his commentaries through a plagiarism checker and the checker said it didn't find anything.

I did this because he made a huge stink when Jerry Critter called him "Cut and paste Luke", which caused him to call me an a-hole and swear at me a lot. Because (in response to Jerry), I asked "you know who he's cutting and pasting from this time"? (the other time being copying from Ralph Nader).

Perhaps I'd say, "sorry I implied you stole everything on your blog. That doesn't appear to be the case". But stealing was the accusation he made against me with his very first comment on my blog! And the dipshit KNOWS I never stole his stuff. So f*ck him. Perhaps I should report him! Although I'm quite sure absolutely NOTHING will come of this "reporting".

Because this has happened to me before. I did something that another blogger was convinced was going to get my Blogger account blocked.

dmarks: I forwarded all [of Dervish Sanders'] comments to Google as spam, which often results in them classifying an account as spam and blocking it. (2/24/2013 AT 11:55am) See also SWTD #124.

This was back in February of 2013, and my account was never classified as spam and blocked. Mainly because dmarks never actually forwarded my comments to Blogger. I determined later (via reading his comments regarding what he did) that he just checked the box next to each of my comments and then clicked the spam button (while in the Blogger dashboard). Doing this does NOT forward comments to Blogger. And it NEVER (let alone "often") results in an account being classified as spam and blocked.

Blogger is only interested in spam blogs put up by professional spammers. Or "posting comments on other people's blogs just to promote your site or product" (source). They aren't interested in comments that someone (dmarks) might consider spam but are actually only annoying. Which is what my comments were. I annoyed him for a little while after he banned me because I called BS in regards to post he wrote concerning guns and Chicago (a post in which he put forward the gun nut argument, which is that Chicago is proof that gun regulation doesn't work).

Which isn't to say that Luke did something similar (only thinks he "reported" the blogs in question). Maybe he really did Report inappropriate content (on the linked to page). None-the-less I predict nothing will come of it. Especially considering the fact that Luke's accusations are all completely bogus.

Nobody is "harassing" him, nor is anyone stealing his content. Although, even if anyone was, it looks to me like Blogger is only concerned with copyrighted material (as they cite their copyright policy under this section). Has Luke copyrighted his blog posts? I doubt it. Not that anyone stole his posts anyway, so obviously this policy wouldn't apply either way.

Also, "harassment" has a legal definition, and, according to FindLaw "not all petty annoyances constitute harassment. Instead, most state laws require that the behavior cause a credible threat to the person's safety or their family's safety". It doesn't mean "someone is annoying me by submitting comments to my blog when I don't want them to".

This also has happened to me (someone claimed I was "harassing" them and said they were going to report me). The person told me to not comment on their blog anymore but I didn't listen (submitted more comments). And, while I don't know if he followed through and "reported" me, I do know nothing happened (OST #15).

The point being that nobody should be worried about being reported by Luke. Not that I think anyone is. If they've visited his blog and seen the notice (via his sidebar or comment moderation note) that says Luke reported them. Or that he's encouraging others to report "these nasty trolls" (IDs listed above). Nobody else will report anything. Because what Luke alleges never happened. And I seriously doubt Blogger cares about imaginary harassment or imaginary plagiarism.

BTW, if you want to report Luke, you can do so here (report inappropriate content). Then select either to report Luke for "harassment or bullying" or "Spam" (re him spamming his content to other blogs). Not that either of these actually apply. Since, as I pointed out, Blogger is really only concerned with copyrighted material and actual bullying (NOT someone being annoying). But if Luke can report other Bloggers for imaginary offenses, certainly those he is reporting can do the same.

Updates: 8/30/2016: Luke Spencer changed the title of his blog to "Words & Music". 11/24/2016: Luke Spencer removed the lies concerning people plagarizing him as well as the comment moderation note from his blog (DSD #49).

SWTD #346


  1. Frankly, and quite seriously, the proprietor of Rational Nation USA could not give a sh~t less what Luke the deranges and lying a**hat does.

  2. Dervish, Man,

    You reported yourself? I got tired of Luke and deleted just about every post from him in recent memory. This is after talking to him nicely. I really don't think I am in violation of any covenant defined or implied. I deleted my "Hillary is With Us" post just to send him a message that I wouldn't tolerate him using my blog as a message board. I posted a nice Linda Ronstadt video to quiet him down. He left his droppings on it and I promptly deleted it.

    Calm down, bro. I'm not in violation. That would be Luke.

    Tom's comments, while a little bit to the right of my thing, were at least original and fairly reasoned, not to mention on topic.

    What are you thinking man? You're my friend.

  3. Luke reported you, not me. This is what he says about you on his blog...

    Dog Report- FJ: This dishonest blogger plagiarizes every post I write knowing full well they are my words and posts.

    Tom (who I haven't heard from in a while) is a homophobic idiot. In almost every comment he submitted to my blog he referred to me using a nasty slur for a gay man. MANY (if not most) of his comments concern his belief that RN is an antisemite. And that Shaw and I are antisemites for "protecting" RN.

  4. I agree that Tom has said some really bad and stupid things on various blogs. He just happened to take my point-of-view seriously and responded in kind. Not a big deal.

    Luke reported me? Well, I hope the blogging police don't show up at my door. What a laugh. Happy summer Dervish. I'm leaving the glory of the Southern California beaches just long enough to catch a cooling trend in the local mountains and long enough to catch some music and good vibes with my wife of twenty years and my eleven year-old Goldens. Good country music in a dog-friendly venue.


  5. Dervish, it is abundantly clear to any rational person that LUKE/STEVE/TOM are all either mentally deranged or engaged in the worst sort of harassment of liberal bloggers.

    I've never plagiarized anything from the sicko and neither have you or FJ or Pam or any other of the people LUKE?STEVE/TOM has accused.

    He/they are crazy. Don't bring attention to them by talking about them anymore. We all know now from your documentation that LUKE/STEVE/TOM is/are loons.

    Good post.

  6. Luke Spencer has reported me again, this time to the police (so he says).

    Luke Spencer: This Dervish is a real nut job. He sent another 50 emails, all at 3am. He must be drunk, or stoned, or both. Such a lonely asshole, sitting up all night writing hate and sending it out to a stranger. Scary, In fact so scary, I decided to report it to the police. He shows the behavior of someone truly dangerous. If he comes to your site, try to ignore him, or call the police. No doubt he is a future mass killer. (8/22/2016 AT 9:09am).

    For the record, I sent zero emails to Luke. I don't have his email address. I did, however, submit some comments to his blog. Because he continues to submit (via the comment box) his posts here, so (he says) "I don't have to steal them". If he's going to annoy me with his lies about me plagiarizing him (as well as his profanity laced comments, visible on this blog for everyone to see)... Well, I'm up for returning the favor.

    And, while he says that the comments I submitted were "each more filthy than the last", what I actually sent him were excerpts I cut and pasted from the Wikipedia page on the General Hospital character Luke Spencer. The comments contained no "hate", as he claims.

    We shall see what happens next, but I seriously doubt the police will be contacting me. As far as I know the police don't get involved when Bloggers receive unwanted comments.

    1. Doesn't make sense killer. My na,e is not Luke Spencer and I already told you that. You have sent 100 comments all talking about murder. You will be reported to the police for that< I would be irresponsible not to report you. You definitely sound like the next mass killer. You explain it to the police.

    2. I do not know where you live. I do not care. Stop sending me your blog posts. I have zero interest in stealing them. As for the "murder" you speak of, it was a fictional murder. Luke Spencer (the General Hospital character) beat his father to death with a baseball bat. Check Wikipedia if you don't believe me. In any case, you submitted a post of yours as a "comment" on my Google plus page, and you did it using a Google Plus account with the name Luke Spencer. Luke Spencer is your name. Or it's the name you chose. Either way it's valid for me to use it.

    3. Another Luke Spencer comment via his blog...

      Luke Spencer: I kept all your comments sicko Dervish. Since you always send them at 3am and have talked about nothing but murder for a week now, it becomes a police matter, not a blogger matter. Here something, say something. You and your murder talk must be reported to the p[olice. Keep sending comments, I'm sure the police want to read everything you have to say. (8/22/2016 AT 3:07pm).

      Thank you for the LOLs, Luke. It was worth it just for your last two comments! The police (*IF* you contacted them) don't investigate people for cutting and pasting from Wikipedia.

  7. It's the FBI I contacted and they don't know you copied it from anywhere and neither did I. You explain it to them. It was fun watching you go ballistic, but now you will have to deal with the FBI. Good luck.

    1. More LOLs. Thank you, Luke Spencer. Now it's the FBI I've been reported to!

  8. More Luke the Puke gushing BS to keep everyone amused.

    Possibly his mama kept him locked in his cellar bedroom for far too long.

    LOL indeed Dervish.

  9. First Luke Spencer says my comments to his blog made him scared for his life, so he contacted the police (no, wait, it was the FBI). Next he says he was having fun reading my comments. Because I was "going ballistic", he says. Which is it, Luke Spencer? If both, WHY should the FBI investigate me submitting comments to your blog that YOU LIKED? Clearly Luke Spencer lies. But we already knew he was a delusional confabulator, given his ludicrous plagiarism charges.


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