Sunday, March 26, 2017

My Message From A Damned Ayn Rand, Delivered After She Emerged Burning From The Lake Of Fire

Don't you understand that when this life is finished, you're not there to say "Oh how terrible that I'm a corpse". What I've always thought is a sentence from a Greek philosopher, I don't remember, unfortunately, who it was, that I read at 16, and it's affected me all my life. "I will not die. It's the world that will end" ~ Ayn Rand, appearing on the 7/2/1979 broadcast of Tomorrow with Tom Snyder.

You would be shocked by the identity of the individual from whom the next message I received came. If I had not revealed who it was in the title of this post, that is. Yes, it was (the deceased) Ayn Rand. The woman who founded the evil ideology known as Objectivism. So evil that it inspired the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LeVay, who modeled his religion on it.

This message was delivered after Mrs. Rand emerged, burning, from the Lake of Fire. As per Wikipedia "in both ancient Egyptian and Christian religion, the Lake of Fire is as a place of after-death destruction of the wicked". Given that she was a truly evil woman, it was not a surprise, upon reflection, that Ayn Rand ended up there.

I was still seated at the far end of a 60 foot table, set with a rotting banquet. My host, a "Mr. Charles" (AKA the Lord of the Land of Nightmares) waved his hand, and, as if beckoned, a figure emerged from the Lake of Fire several yards behind us (a tributary of it, actually, given the fact that I was not in hell, but in the Land of Nightmares, but I digress).

The figure approached, aflame and screaming in agony. With another wave of his hand, the flames were suddenly extinguished. An ancient (but surprisingly unburnt, although completely nude) Ayn Rand pulled out a chair opposite me and took a seat.

"I desperately need a cigarette Frederick" the woman said in a Russian accent. Frederick produced a pack from inside his cloak, lit one, and placed it in the quivering hand of the jonesing nicotine addict. "This tastes so good" Rand remarked after taking a long drag. "To bad smoking is what killed you" Charles replied. "That's a load of horse manure" Rand protested. "There is zero conclusive, nonstatistical proof that smoking causes cancer".

"Yes, of course" Charles remarked sarcastically. "I think you might know who this is" Charles said, turning his head to look at me. Rand's eyes met mine, then she said "I have heard that you write nasty things about me. Things that are untrue. I do not hate poor people at all. If I were still alive I would sue you for libel, you cretinous scumbag".

The elderly Mrs Rand shook with rage as she continued. "Poor people hate themselves. They would not choose poverty is they had any respect for themselves. The poor are the lowest forms of life in existence and should be exterminated".

A few moments of silence passed. "Isn't there one other thing you wanted to tell Mr. Sanders" Charles finally said. "A reprieve from Hell for a damned soul is not something that is easily obtained". Rand, who had been silently smoking, drawing long, deep inhalations from her cigarette glanced at Charles, snuffed out her smoke in the carcass of a rotting turkey, then spoke.

"I would leap across the table and strangle this pissant to death right now if I possessed the strength" Rand hissed as she stared at me with a look of pure hate plastered on her face. "Calm yourself, Ayn", Mr. Charles remarked, looking slightly annoyed. "I am calm" Rand objected. "I'm just saying that it would bring me great pleasure to see the light go from his eyes as I choked the life out of him".

"I would be more than happy to let you do it" Charles replied. "But Dervish has protectors in high places, unfortunately". At first I was a little shaken by the fury of the angry Rand, but now I laughed. Although, remembering where I was, I stifled it and all that emerged was a single "ha". "What's that!" the Objectivist founder roared. "How dare you!". This time she did leap to her feet, but Charles blocked her with his hand.

His hand on her chest, Charles gave one of Rand's old sagging titties a squeeze, then he reached down and grabbed her by the privates. "I call this move the Trump" Charles said.

"This Trump obviously knows what women like" Rand purred, grinding her decrepit nether region against Charles' hand. If I had eaten anything recently the display would certainly have caused me to lose my lunch. It surely was a nightmare to behold.

Seeking to interrupt the two, I blurted "I guess the world didn't end on 3/6/1982, despite your belief that it would". "Very funny" Rand replied, taking a seat.

"I admit the world did not end as I thought it would. No matter. From what I hear this Trump will soon be your president. Although I hear he is elected over a woman. Obviously a dyke, as a woman should not want to be president".

"I also hear that the Trump has promised to do away with subsidies for poor maggots to obtain health care [1]. The perverse morality of altruism is the LAST thing America needs. Although Charles says a socialist dystopia is only to be averted thanks to the intervention of the Dark One".

"The Dark One? I thought you were an atheist" I replied. "There is no better cure for atheism than death" Charles chuckled softly. "Now I am done with you Dervish. Begone. And YOU", Charles said, turning to Rand. "It is time for you to live up to your claim of being an expert sword swallower". Charles rose and began tugging at a length of rope around his waist. Once removed his pants fell to the ground, revealing a burned and shriveled member.

Gagging, I looked away. "Jealous?" Charles inquired. "Now get the hell out of here. My imp will show you to the exit". I looked around and saw the devilkin motioning me to follow him. Eager to leave, I walked quickly in the direction indicated, the intense heat causing my legs to feel rubbery. I heard some sucking noises and moans of pleasure as I quickened my pace, not looking back.

Another message from another individual was delivered before I finally made it back home, but that is another tale for another time. One that will be related on this blog in due course. Also (as previously mentioned) it was quite some time before the memory of what happened during my travels in the Land of Nightmares came back to me. When I finally returned home I fell into a deep sleep and, upon awaking, retained no memory at all of the messages Charles and Rand relayed to me. Not until recently, that is.

Image: Ayn Rand burns in Hell.

[1] "The House Republican bill [the American Health Care Act] would roll back the expansion of Medicaid that has provided coverage to more than 10 million people in 31 states... [also eliminated would be the] income-based tax credits that help millions of Americans buy insurance"... (Republicans Introduce Obamacare Replacement That Leaves Much To Be Desired).

SWTD #373, MES #6.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

My Message From The Land Of Nightmares (Part 3)

For many, the American dream has become a nightmare ~ Senator Bernie Sanders. From his 7/22/2010 article No To Oligarchy.

I slipped my smartphone out of my pocket and glanced at the screen. The date according to the display was Monday, July 15, 2013. "You're not going to get any bars here" the cowled figure at the far end of the long dining table remarked, obviously annoyed. "You certainly took long enough getting him here, imp" Mr. Charles sighed, chastising his minion. "Five days I have been waiting. As you can see, the feast I prepared for you did not last".

"I apologize, sir" the imp squeaked, several maggots dropping from it's greasy jaw. "The human got lost". Charles stood and angrily shouted "that is why I sent you to guide him, you worthless devilkin!". The imp, a terrified look on it's face, jumped down from and scurried under the table.

"Please, have a seat Mr. Sanders" Charles purred, a smile replacing his snarl. He pulled out a chair and motioned me to approach. Not seeing any other choice, I sat and Mr. Charles pushed the chair forward. "There you go" he said, sitting as well. "Please have some wine" he implored, pouring a deep red liquid into a goblet in front of me. "No thank you" I said, even though my throat was parched.

"Please, I insist" Charles demanded, pushing the goblet into my hands. I looked directly into his eyes. Two black pits set deep in a horribly 3rd degree burned face. "Do not be alarmed by my appearance" Charles implored. A response to my obvious revulsion. "As you can see I am a burn victim". Charles emphasized the word "victim" and flashed his pearly whites. "It's how I died. Burned to death in a housefire".

"Now, please drink" Charles demanded, pushing the goblet up to my lips and tipping it forward. I felt as if my front teeth would snap off. Pushing harder Charles forced my jaw open and the red liquid entered my mouth. Lest I choke, I was forced to swallow. "That's more like it" Charles said satisfied. The pressure relented and he lowered the goblet to the table.

"Tastes good, right?" Charles inquired. I had to agree that it did. "Anyway, now that I have your attention, onto the reason I summoned you here". Yes, I thought. I was quite interested in why I was here. Ever since I encountered the Morpheus-kin and utilized the black orb which turned out to be some kind of transport device (which I how I ended up in this nightmare realm) I had wondered what the purpose of my trip might be.

"I have a message from my master" Charles revealed, grinning from ear to ear. Then he began to laugh. A deep guttural noise that sounded like Harvey Fierstein coughing up a furball. A feeling of dread overcame me. "What's so funny" I cautiously inquired. "You" Charles laughed. "You think your blog is making a difference. Yes, that bitch Monica told you that your destiny is to play a small but not insignificant role in the salvation of humanity".

"The Greys told me something quite similar" I reminded my host, interrupting him. "The Greys you spoke with are full of shit" Mr. Charles bellowed. "Your blog will make no difference whatsoever. The supposed dark days aren't the fake Obama scandals! The dark days will actually be much much darker".

"Much darker? What does that mean?" I whispered. "Bernie Sanders will announce a run for the presidency in 2015" Charles told me. "But he will not be the nominee. Instead the nominee will be Hillary Clinton". Charles paused, then continued. "...and she will be defeated by Donald Trump!". Charles laughed again. "No, really" he said in response to the look of disbelief on my face.

"The American people aren't that dumb" I countered. "I mean, a LOT of them are, but not enough to elect Trump". "Sorry, but you're wrong" Charles retorted. "The American people absolutely ARE that dumb. Also, the Republicans have an improved voter disenfranchisement scheme known as Interstate Crosscheck. The ballots of over 200 hundred thousand legitimate voters will not be counted".

I sat there dumbfounded, unable to process what I had just been told. "I'm not making a prediction, by the way" Charles said after a few moments of silence. The reality TV buffoon Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States". "No" was all I could say. "A Trump presidency would be a joke".

"Indeed" Charles agreed. "But still, it IS what will happen. Regardless of what you write on your inconsequential and pathetic blog, evil will triumph". At that moment a high shrill laugh emanated from under the table. It was the imp. Emerging from his hiding place the small horned creature, flapping it wings, flew up and alighted on his master's shoulder. Pointing at me he laughed. "He he he he he" the imp squealed. "Get off me, imp" Charles yelled, batting the creature away.

"Anyway, don't think for one second you can do something to stop this. The wine you drank will wipe your memory. After a nights sleep you will remember nothing of this encounter. Not until much later. But then it will be too late. Remember then what I'm telling you now. The Dark One is with Trump and Trump will be your next American president".

And, as it turned out, Charles was correct. After I left the realm of nightmares I returned to my bedchamber and fell into a deep sleep. Awakening many hours later I had no memory of what had transpired. Not of the imp or of what Mr. Charles told me about Donald Trump stealing the presidency. Not until recently. The wine Charles forced me to consume was a memory suppressant, as it turns out. It wore off eventually, but not in time for me to act on the information the Lord of the Nightmare realm had imparted.

Anyway, despite what that Freddy Krueger-esque asshole told me, I am sure the Grey aliens and the angel Monica had not misled me. And I surely am not going to believe good over evil. Which Charles had confirmed to me Donald Trump is. The Dark One had worked to insure he was installed as potus. And by the Dark One I (correctly) assume that Charles meant the Father of Lies (AKA Old Scratch) and not Vladimir Putin.

If only the suppressed memory had come back to me sooner (as opposed to 3+ years later) I might have been able to do something. Of that I am convinced. If not, then why would the Lord of the land of Nightmares have taken an interest? At the direction of Satan himself (no less)? My takeaway being that I must continue blogging and fighting against the evil forces that helped Trump to steal the White House and become another illegitimate president.

Though a much more evil one. Possibly the antichrist?? [1-2]. The extent to which his followers have been duped by this immoral man (who thinks sexual assault is something he is entitled to) convinces me more and more each day that this could be a very real possibility (check out this insane rant by one of his more deluded supporters and you'll see what I mean).


[1] According to the evil blog troll Luke Spencer (AKA Steve), because I wrote #TrumpAntichrist? as a Swash Zone comment, and "I'm thinking that Trump might be the AntiChrist" on the RNUSA blog, I am 100 percent convinced that Trump is the antiChrist. Apparently he does not understand the difference between someone asking a question and someone making a declarative statement. That, or he's a huge liar. Regarding THIS post (which most people would take as a work of fiction) Luke wrote that he believes I am a "delusional lying idiot whose last post said Trump is the ant-Christ". I assume he meant antiChrist. Unless he was referring to an insect savior.
[2] Also according to Luke (per his commentary "Dervish's Truths") I know with absolutely certainty that Donald Trump is the antiChrist. And that, when I write #trumpantichrist? (with a question mark), I am making (what I believe to be) a statement of fact. Just like I asserted it was a fact that Paul Ryan worships Satan. Even though the post is labeled as satire.

#TrumpAntichrist, #TrumpIllegitimate.

SWTD #372, MES #5.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

#TrumpDupes #2 (The Cult Of Trump)

That kind of pronouncement is typical of many cult leaders, who say that "my way is the only way, I am the only one". That was a very defining moment ~ Rick Alan Ross, America's leading cult expert, speaking about Trump's proclamation that "I alone can fix it".

Remember when Obama was president and the Right-wing complained endlessly about how much the Obama family vacations cost? They even came up with a nickname for our former FLOTUS. "Moochie" is what they called her. Also "Mooch-elle" or "Moochelle".

My suspicion is that it had something to do with Michelle Obama being Black. Remember Reagan's (imaginary) "welfare queen"? Wikipedia notes that "since then, the phrase has remained a stigmatizing label and is most often directed toward black, single mothers".

Michelle Obama wasn't a single mother, of course. But she is Black. Which is why (I'm convinced) she was labeled a "moocher". My proof? The Right doesn't seen outraged at all now that taxpayer money is being used to fund the non-work related activities of the new "first family". And, as it turns out, the amount is substantially more.

Donald Trump's family's trips have cost taxpayers nearly as much in a month as Barack Obama's cost in an entire year. The US President's three visits to his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida since his presidential inauguration, combined with his sons' business trips, reportedly cost $11.3m (2/18/2017 article by Peter Walker).

12 times the mooching should equal 12 times the outrage, right? While he might not be representative of a majority on the Right, a WYD commenter who wandered on over to my blog did recently express some outrage at taxpayer money being spent on First Family expenses. Although his anger concerned money spent in 2015 for a trip that Michelle took to Koyoto.

Minnesota Fats: Rental Cars for Michelle O's Kyoto Visit Cost $78,741. GET THIS ONE! Our Former First Lady Michelle Obama's visit to a Buddhist Temple in Kyoto is costing taxpayers nearly $80,000 for rental cars ALONE! According to a government contract, that was made by our FORMER President. (2/18/2017 at 11:17am).

OK, so the story appears to be accurate. And that amount does seem very high to rent some vehicles. But, like I said, the story is from 2015. A fact MN Fats is obviously aware of. Explaining why he inserts the word "former". Which he CAPS for some reason (Obama hate, I'm guessing).

Anyway, I be willing to bet that the hypocrisy of this MN Fats fellow (someone who created his ID this month) is typical of the Right. And that racism is a factor. And I predict that the Orange grifter will likely continue to spend 12 times the money for his vacays. Not to mention the astronomical sum being spent to protect Trump Tower while his trophy wife and son live there (2 million large a day).

But (I predict), the #trumpdupes won't complain. Because Donald and fam are White. Even if his wife is a foreigner. She isn't a brown-skinned one.

And there is also the fact that their duped minds will not allow them to believe anything negative about their savior, Donald Trump.

FreeThinke: The Left is now loudly proclaiming that President Trump's trips back forth from Washington, DC to New to New York and Mar-a-Lago have so far cost us taxpayers over ELEVEN MILLION dollars [but] I'd rather bed down with a COBRA, or a starving TIGRESS than I would trust ANYTHING disseminated by the ENEMEDIA or ANY Government Agency. The truth is just not IN these people. In fact I doubt they'd be capable of recognizing the truth if it bit them on the cheek. (2/18/2017 at 3:44pm).

The "ememedia" being a portmanteau of enemy and media. Which is the narrative Trump spoonfed them.

It is clear that the belief of the #trumpdupe can NOT be shaken. Their alternate reality bubble can't be punctured. They are the the truest of true believers. Trump told them it was OK to hate the Black president, the criminal illegal immigrants and the foreigners who are stealing their jobs. In return he earned their undying loyalty and devotion.

Cult leaders are usually sociopaths, BTW. As Trump is (SWTD #370). According to criminal psychologist Robert Hare, Donald Trump displays the characteristics of a sociopathic cult leaders.

Cult leaders are considered to be authoritarian personalities who have intense feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and hostility and to compensate for this they form a group of people around them with whom they can use thought reform techniques to dominate them and to use them for financial gain.

Note that the webpage I cite above does not mention Donald Trump. Robert Hare does not identify Trump as a sociopathic cult leader. That's my connecting of the dots. Based on the fact that the characteristics of a sociopathic cult leader (as Hare lays them out) match the characteristics of Donald Trump exactly.

He is a grifter who has taken the taxpayer for 11 million SO FAR. But the theft is "fake news" according to the Tump-supporting cult member (AKA #trumpdupe). Pathetic.

The webpage "Characteristics Of A Sociopath Shown By Cult Leaders" also states that such people are also deceiving and conning, have a grandiose sense of self, display a complete lack of guilt or remorse, and are pathological liars. Among other traits. The only one that doesn't apply would be an agility with words. That's ONE ability he clearly does not possess. Big league.

SWTD #371

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Psychopath potus (It's DJT, Not BHO)

This post concerns another internet meme found at the top of the Right-wing, Trump-supporting blog Who's Your Daddy.


(The image is from remarks Obama made in East Room of the White House on 1/5/2016 while discussing proposed gun control measures following the Sandy Hook shootings).

So, as people who've visited this blog know, the proprietor likes to change up the memes at the top of her blog regularly. This one is gone now, but it was there for a few days prior to the publication of this post. In any case... is Obama a psychopath because of the way he wiped away tears? And is this according to The Body Language of Liars by behavioral analyst Glass?

As it turns out... no. Lillian Glass says "a popular meme misconstrued one of her quotes and made assertions that aren't credible or ethical".

According to Dr. Glass, the thrust of the meme is unequivocally false. Whether folks believe President Obama's tears at the 1/5/2016 appearance were legitimate or not, the meme based on that moment in no way represents the analytical work of the body language expert to whom it is attributed. (Crocodile Jeers by Kim LaCapria. 1/7/2016 Snopes).

Also, I think it's pretty sick to suggest that President Obama's tears (in reaction to 20 small children being blown away) were fake. Anyway, as far as psychoanalysis of presidents go, my go-to guy is Dr. Justin Frank (author of Bush on the Couch & Obama on the Couch).

Regarding Obama, Dr. Frank says Obama is "an admirable and down-to-earth individual who is generally in excellent mental health". NOT a psychopath, in other words.

As for incoming pee-otus Trump? Dr. Frank confirms that the orange buffoon is 100% certified nuts (my paraphrase). "I think that he and his thin skin allows him to tune into narcissistic loss and pain. And so he can feed his audience and be fed by them" Frank said on the 12/6/2016 airing of The Thom Hartmann Program.

Justin Frank: And so one of the senses that I have psychologically of Trump's power is that he really understands how to have power, how to execute power, and how to scare people. ... His father was a very successful businessman who also scared people and bullied people. And he said the most important thing is to win. Trump competed with his older brother ... Fred Trump Jr. was just too nice a guy and easy going to be a killer. And Trump's father wanted somebody who was going to be really tough and Donald... turned out to be that kind of kid who was a fighter in school, got into fights, who was very much of a bully and didn't really believe in rules and had to be sent to military academy in order to calm down.

I think that it was also that [Fred Trump Jr's] alcoholism, part of the destruction has to do with turning their back on him because he was just a nice guy and that's what narcissistic and sadistic parents do. And the competitiveness with the brother, Donald, is what is called, and Anna Freud talks about identification with the aggressor [1+2]. If the father kicks the son, the son kicks the dog. And this is what we've got.

So, Frank is saying that Fred Trump Sr was "narcissistic and sadistic" to his brother, Fred Jr, because he was a nice guy (unlike Donald) and that Donald helped his father destroy his brother. Regarding Trump's tweeting, Frank said it shows that, unlike past presidents who acted as "father figures", Trump is "very similar to a ten-year-old child". Frank further remarks on "the danger that Trump invites because of his bombastic behavior and his incitement to hate".

Justin Frank: ...if you're a father, you have a super-ego function. You have to help your children learn about the Ten Commandments, learn about right and wrong, learn about not killing, learn about respecting other people, learning about paying attention, not coveting this and that. Trump is not that kind of person. He is not going to be a super-ego leader in this nation. He's going to be a super-ego permission giver.

So just this morning the New York One television station said that there's about a hundred and twenty percent increase in violent crimes since the election. ... Hate crimes, rather, not violent, hate crimes. I mean that's really, that has to do with a permission to hate and a permission to be destructive.

"He shouldn't be President [because] this is a person who hates reality". Compare that to Obama, who Frank described as "an admirable and down-to-earth individual". In response Thom said "now we have a child king, basically. It's like the boy king in the French court in the 17th century". Although Thom said maybe Trump is malleable. That if you flatter him perhaps he'll listen to, and be influenced by what you have to say (meaning there may be some hope).

Frank's response was that Trump is "not malleable. ...look, for 8 years Obama thought Mitch McConnell would be malleable. He's not. Trump is even less malleable".

As to whether the Orange One is a psychopath, neither Frank nor Hartmann asserts that Trump is. Because Dr. Frank, an author who practices and teaches psychoanalysis, and Hartmann, a former psychotherapist, wouldn't offer an diaginosis of psychopathy because "there is no actual diagnosis of psychopathy in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (How is psychopathy diagnosed?).

Although I would say that DJT checks off all the boxes. Among the characteristics of a psychopath we find: superficial charm, grandiose sense of self worth ("I'm really smart"), need for stimulation/prone to boredom, pathological lying, conning/manipulative, parasitic lifestyle (paid no taxes for 20 years), poor behavioral controls (tweeting), promiscuous sexual behavior (hits on women even when married), many short term relationships (3 wives), juvenile delinquency (From The Art of the Deal: "As an adolescent, I was mostly interested in creating mischief"), etc.

Yep, Donald Trump is a psychopath. My opinion, as I am not in any way qualified to make a diagnosis of anyone's mental health. But I think all the evidence says the Orange One has the "personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits". We know for sure that he is a thin skinned narcissist who is COMPELLED to lash out at every slight (often via tweet). That's proof enough to conclude that this man has some serious mental problems, I think.

Video: Thom speaks with Dr. Justin Frank on his radio program (12/6/2016) about Donald Trump (20:02).

[1] "Identification with the aggressor was first described by Anna Freud in her book The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence, first published in German in 1936" (International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis. Copyright 2005 Thomson Gale).
[2] Austrian-British psychoanalyst Anna Freud (12/3/1895 to 10/9/1982) "was the 6th child of Sigmund Freud and Martha Bernays".

SWTD #370

Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump Not Legitimate Prez Says Civil Rights Icon John Lewis (Speaking The Truth)

NBC News Video Description: In an exclusive interview for Meet the Press, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) said he believes Donald Trump's election is illegitimate because of Russian interference in last year's election.

I agree 100% that Trump is illegitimate (SWTD #358). However, according to Lewis, it's because of Russian interference. Sure, the Putin-ordered "influence campaign" did have an effect. But I have to ask, what about the Kasich-ordered election fraud campaign known as Interstate Crosscheck? (DSD #54).

I mean, there are numerous reasons why Trump will be an illegitimate president, and while the Russian interference is definitely up there, that an African American member of congress says it's the Russian interference but doesn't mention the election fraud? Maybe it's just me, but I find it perplexing that Democrats are essentially (continuing to) ignore massive election fraud on the Right.

Don't get me wrong, I still commend John Lewis for speaking the truth, I just think he should have spoke the FULL truth. Because, while the Russian interference was (hopefully) a one time thing, the Republican election fraud will continue. Whenever Democrats win they have to do so by turning out enough extra people to make up for all the cheating the other side is allowed to get away with?

And, YES, the Democrats walked right into Trump's trap on that one. I refer to his proclamation beforehand that there would be rigging. People assumed that he meant rigging that would help Hillary Clinton, when he was actually referring to rigging that was going to benefit him!

I mean, Kris Kobach did act as Trump's "immigration advisor". "Election rigging advisor" is more like it.

Image: An orange reality-TV buffoon running for president points at the guy who headed up (successful) efforts to rig the election in favor of said orange reality-TV buffoon. "In the photograph, taken on 11/20/2016 at Trump's golf course in New Jersey by Associated Press photographer Carolyn Kaster, Kobach is seen clutching a stack of papers and a leather folder" (Snopes: Trump's potential cabinet picks unwittingly revealed his harsh immigration proposals).



SWTD #369

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ann Coulter Sez Trump Wasn't Making Fun Of Disabled Reporter, He Was Just Imitating A "Standard Retard"... & That's OK

It is invoked as a justification for some of the coarsest expressions of hatred and intolerance ~ Daniel Letwin, an associate professor of history at Pennsylvania State University re "political correctness".

According to Ann Coulter it is a "despicable media lie" that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. He wasn't mocking his specific disability, he was just imitating a "standard retard". Something he has done before. When mocking Ted Cruz, for example (and Ted Cruz isn't disabled or a "retard").

The video (above) was put up by the proprietor of the blog Who's Your Daddy in response to Meryl Streep calling out Trump at the Golden Globes. In this video Coulter supposedly (according to Lisa) "debunks the phony allegations".

So there you have it. The media lies, Trump wasn't mocking the reporter for his disability. He was only implying the reporter is a "standard retard". And, so what if that offends "retards"? What are you, PC?

Trump did nothing wrong/the media lies. There is nothing wrong with insulting mentally challenged persons by doing a "retard" imitation. And totally NOT something undignified for the leader of the free world to have as a part of his repertoire and bust out as an "argument" in response to someone saying something he disagrees with.

Maybe Trump should have said, "sorry, I forgot about Serge F. Kovaleski's disability. I wasn't mocking his disability specifically, I was only imitating a mentally challenged person. Which was wrong of me to do. I apologize both to Mr. Kovaleski and mentally challenged people. It won't happen again".

But, of course that is something the narcissistic buffoon could not do. Instead he doubles down and lies and said he doesn't remember Kovaleski or what he looks like, even though (according to Kovaleski) "while reporting on Trump for the New York Daily News, the two had been on a first-name basis and had met face-to-face on a dozen occasions, including interviews and press conferences".

Remember that Barack Obama apologized when he said his bowling was "like Special Olympics, or something". As opposed to denying he was making fun of "retards", because hey, it was HIMSELF who he was criticizing. Stop being so PC and just shut up, lying media.

Instead he apologized. Because what he said was insensitive, even if it was intended to be self-deprecating and was unintentional. Trump calls everyone who is offended a liar and says it didn't happen. Despite the video evidence. And this putz is going to be president?

BTW, Meryl Streep is one of the few actors who absolutely can NOT be referred to as "overrated". What a bunch of bullplop. Oh, and fuck Ann Coulter. What a horrible person she is. Just like Trump.

The Quote at the top of this post is from "Civilities: The current rage about political correctness is both wrong and rude" by Steven Petrow. The Washington Post, 9/14/2015.

SWTD #368

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The 3rd Way Is The Wrong Way! A Big Reason Why A Reality TV Buffoon Will Be The Next potus

The rise of Trumpism makes perfect sense. Both parties have sacrificed the working class at the altar of globalism ~ Thom Hartmann (dob 5/7/1951) tagline from his 3/23/2016 article They abandoned the 90 percent: How the Reagan Revolution and Third Way politics led America to ruin.

The following excerpt is from the 1998 book Achieving Our Country: Leftist Thought in Twentieth-Century America by American philosopher Richard Rorty.

Members of labor unions and unorganized skilled workers will sooner or later realize that their government is not even trying to prevent wages from sinking or to prevent jobs from being exported. Around the same time those workers will realize that suburban white collar workers themselves, desperately afraid of being downsized, are not going to let themselves be taxed to provide social benefits for anyone else.

At that point something will crack. The non-suburban electorate will decide that they system has failed, and start looking around for a strongman to vote for. Someone willing to assure them that, once he's elected, the smug bureaucrats, the tricky lawyers, the overpaid bond salesmen and the postmodernist professors will no longer be calling the shots.

One thing that is very likely to happen is the gains made in the past 40 years by Black and Brown Americans and by homosexuals will be wiped out. Jocular contempt for women will come back into fashion. All the resentment which badly educated Americans feel about having their manners dictated to them by college graduates will find an outlet. (As read by progressive Talker Thom Hartmann on the 1/10/2016 airing of his program).

As per Wikipedia "several writers have cited a passage of the book, in which Rorty predicts the rise of an authoritarian strongman who gains popularity among blue-collar workers, as prophetic of Donald Trump's rise to political power".

Yeah, I think so. Even though I still believe (KNOW, I'd say) that Trump was aided greatly by the Republican election fraud scheme known as Interstate Crosscheck (see DSD #54 & SWTD #358).

I do acknowledge, however, that Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate. Also (and I think this is an important point) Barack Obama (IMO) shares a lot of the blame. Because of his support for the TPP. The blue collar workers who voted for Trump did so because "their government is not even trying to prevent wages from sinking or to prevent jobs from being exported".

If Bernie Sanders had been the candidate? I think the Democrats could have won. Because he has always been against these kinds of job-killing free trade deals. Unlike Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (WJC signing NAFTA and BHO's support for the TPP). And don't forget that HRC initially (at least) supported the TPP (calling it the "Gold Standard") and ran as a 3rd term for Obama.

So, while she said she wouldn't sign it as president, people didn't believe her. Ironically, they believed she was just saying what she needed to in order to get elected. I say ironically because (as most/all voters who opposed Trump know), the thin-skinned reality TV buffoon lied his ass off during the campaign.

For the record, I view presidential campaigns as aspirational. In that the candidate states what he'd LIKE to do, not what he (or she) thinks they can do. Realistically they know they will only be able to accomplish a portion of what they're running on. Bernie Sanders what criticized for his proposals supposedly being unrealistic. He'd never be able to get his proposals through Congress, his detractors said. Perhaps, but I believe he would have tried. Trump, on the other hand? I believe was outright lying.

His VP choice (Pence, who is pro-TPP) and the Republican Congress (also in favor of the TPP) told me that Trump was not serious about bringing jobs back. He simply told Blue collar workers what they wanted to hear. Just like he told his dupes that he wouldn't cut Social Security or Medicare, yet cutting these programs are on Speaker Ryan's agenda to be brought up quickly. Bernie Sanders challenged Trump to issue a veto-threat so Congress doesn't waste a lot of time on debating and passing legislation that might not go anywhere (if Trump vetoes). So far no response from Trump.

Anyway, what's clear to me is that the Democrats need to return to their FDR roots. The Democratic Party went astray with the election of 3rd way Democrat Bill Clinton. That is when, according to William Greider of The Nation, the Democratic Party lost it's soul and "abandoned its working-class base".

The shift away from the people was embraced most dramatically when Bill Clinton's New Democrats came to power in the 1990s. Clinton double-crossed labor with NAFTA and subsequent trade agreements, which encouraged the great migration of manufacturing jobs to low-wage economies. Clinton's bank deregulation shifted the economic rewards to finance and set the stage for the calamity that struck in 2008. Wall Street won; working people lost. Clinton presided over the financialization of the Democratic Party. Obama merely inherited his playbook and has governed accordingly, often with the same policy-makers. (How the Democratic Party Lost Its Soul. Dec 1-8, 2014).

The Democratic Party needs to get a hell of a lot more Progressive. It's looking like they realize this (fortunately), but it took a horrific defeat (by a thin-skinned liar who has no idea what he's doing as far as the potus job goes) and a (very likely) disastrous Trump administration for them to get the message.

I am dreading the next four years, during which I anticipate rights to be rolled back for African Americans and gay people, our social safety net to be greatly weakened, the wealthy to get even wealthier, the middle class to shrink, the ranks of the working poor to swell, and a recession (possible depression). As well as more war (Trump knows how to defeat ISIS... yeah, right). Possibly a world war.

Video: SNL video making light of the fact that HRC began adopting more and more of the positions of Bernie Sanders as the campaign progressed. Because the voters wanted a more progressive candidate (1:55).

SWTD #367

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Paul Ryan Worships Satan! (As Do Many In The Incoming Trump Administration, Including Trump Himself)

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness ~ The Christian Bible, 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 (excerpted).

Paul Ryan is a fan of Ayn Rand. You might not know it, but the founder of the Church of Satan (COS), Anton LaVey, cited Rand's ideology as an inspiration. According to the official Church website "Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand, is an acknowledged source for some of the Satanic philosophy as outlined in The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey".

Now, supposedly the COS does not believe that Satan actually exists. I say this is bullpucky. Or, it surely does not matter when it comes to Paul Ryan, in any case. Paul Ryan SAYS he is a Christian. Wikipedia notes that Ryan "is a member of St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Janesville". As a (Christian) Church-goer Ryan surely believes in God and he who was cast out of Heaven, Lucifer, the fallen angel.

Remember that Paul Ryan was quite vocal about how much he LOVES Ayn Rand. That is until someone pointed out to him that Ayn Rand was an atheist. Before knowing this he said "I grew up reading Ayn Rand and it taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are". After discovering (to his great shock) that Ayn Rand did not believe in the Heavenly Father, Ryan changed his tune.

"I, like millions of young people in America, read Rand's novels when I was young. I enjoyed them [but] I reject her philosophy". Sure. That explains why Rand was/is required reading for anyone working for him. And that's why he is still trying to write Rand's philosophies into law. Rand hated all social welfare programs and thought they should be abolished. Ryan hates all social welfare programs and has worked his entire career trying to diminish them. As a first step to abolishing them.

Or, rather he has worked toward profitizing them. Ryan's On The issues page says the government should "allow charities, community groups and even for-profit firms to compete with government for federal money to fight poverty". Take taxpayer money and hand it off to his cronies, in other words.

The Republican desire to block grant money to the states and have a (large) portion of the money go to for-profit entities would result in less help getting to those who need it. According to a 1/6/2017 Huffington Post article, "Paul Ryan's Plan to Merge Safety Net Programs Could Increase Poverty, Not Reduce It".

Which, IMO, is the whole point - screw over poor people while further enriching your cronies and/or the already wealthy. It is the Republican way. Under the Republican icon, St. Ronald Reagan, homelessness increased dramatically (How Reaganonomics drastically increased homelessness).

Although Ayn Rand just wanted poor people to die. Because she hated them so much. Republicans don't care if poor people die. As long as the already wealthy can benefit from their deaths.

This is why I've long suspected/hypothesized that Satan is exerting his influence over our nation via the Republican Party. It "is nearly perfect in its immorality... to justify and extol human greed and egotism is to my mind not only immoral, but evil" Gore Vidal says in regards to Rand's Objectivism.

BTW, the year the GOP nominated George W. bush as its nominee, the stars on the GOP logo were flipped upside down (Bush Era Began Satanic Stars on GOP emblem?). The 5-pointed star, or pentagram, "with a single point upwards depicts spirit presiding over the four elements of matter represents GOOD, while the inverted pentagram is considered EVIL" (paraphrased fromThe History of the Pentagram from Detoxorcist).

The inverted (point-down) pentagram is also the symbol of Satanism... as per the article "The Pentagram and Ram's Head" from the website "Jesus is".

The GOP presents itself as the "pro-life" and "pro-family" party... which is really code for controlling women and homophobia. But the Bible supposedly teaches homosexuality and abortion are wrong. At least that is what Christians who vote Republican believe. But would that not be JUST LIKE SATAN to use Bible misinterpretations to fool people into voting for his agenda?

That agenda being Objectivism, or the vilification of the poor and the cutting of programs that help them. And the cutting of taxes of wealthy people. Don't forget what Jesus said regarding a rich man's chance of getting into heaven. Despite the GOP presenting itself as the Christian/family/pro-life party, their primary purpose is representing the interests of the wealthy.

As for Paul Ryan, I (given my suspicions) did a Google search on "Paul Ryan worships Satan" and one of the results was a 2012 AlterNet article (written after Obama defeated the Mittens/Ryan ticket to win re-election) that confirmed that the Speaker of the House genuflects to the Father of Lies.

Back in 2011 a series of attacks from leading conservative evangelicals darkly warned that Ayn Rand devotees, Paul Ryan included, might be worshiping at the altar of crypto-satanism ... a flurry of mainstream media articles cover a controversy erupting after evangelism superstar Billy Graham prayed with (and in effect endorsed) candidate Mitt Romney and observers noticed that an article on the website of Graham's flagship Billy Graham Evangelistic Association identified Mormonism as a "cult". (Paul Ryan Is an Ayn-Rand Loving "Satanist" and Romney Is in a "Cult?" The GOP's Religion Woes by Bruce Wilson. 10/18/2012).

The COS website says crypto-Satanists are "people who are not Church members, but like what we're doing". First Things, a hard-right Catholic journal (as per the AlterNet article quoted above), describes Objectivism as "The Fountainhead of Satanism".

Over the past few years, Anton LaVey and his book The Satanic Bible has grown increasingly popular, selling thousands of new copies. His impact has been especially pronounced in our nation's capital. One U.S. senator has publicly confessed to being a fan of the The Satanic Bible while another calls it his "foundation book". On the other side of Congress, a representative speaks highly of LaVey and recommends that his staffers read the book. ...

Surprisingly little concern, much less outrage, has erupted over this phenomenon. Shouldn't we be appalled by the ascendancy of this evangelist of anti-Christian philosophy? Shouldn't we all - especially we Christians - be mobilizing to counter the malevolent force of this man on our culture and politics?

As you've probably guessed by this point, I'm not really talking about LaVey but about his mentor, Ayn Rand. (The Fountainhead of Satanism by Joe Carter. First Things 6/8/2011).

Regarding Objectivism and Satanism, Joe Carter says "at their core, they are the same philosophy". Joe Carter (editor of First Things, a Catholic journal whose "purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society") furthermore writes that "you can replace the pentagrams of LeVayian Satanism with the dollar sign of the Objectivists without changing much of the substance separating the two".

So, there you have it. Paul Ryan is a Satan worshipper. Or a "crypto-Satanist". Do I believe Ryan actually takes knee and supplicates to Beelzebub? How should I know? As per Joe Carter's article, my inference is that he believes Paul Ryan has fallen "completely under Rand's diabolic sway". "Diabolic", as in "pertaining to or actuated by a devil".

The "devil" (A devil, not THE devil), in Joe Carter's view being Ayn Rand, who he describes as a "self-professed anti-Christ who hated Christianity". "To be a follower of both Rand and Christ is not possible", but Ryan IS a follower of Rand. Despite his lies about rejecting her philosophy. So, if he isn't a follower of Christ, he must be a follower of Satan.

The evidence supports that conclusion, for certain. You don't have to take my word for it. The editor of "America's most influential journal of religion and public life" says Paul Ryan worships The Wicked One for crying out loud! (my inference).

Although, given this fact, you'd think that Ryan would be excommunicated. In regards to the Pope (the infallible leader of Ryan's supposed religion) the Speaker said Francis doesn't understand capitalism. "The guy is from Argentina, they haven't had real capitalism in Argentina... They have crony capitalism... They don't have a true free enterprise system". (Paul Ryan lectures the Pope, 12/27/2013).

Clearly Ryan is a f*cking liar, as crony capitalism is (as I already pointed out) what he wants for the United States. But dissembling is EXACTLY what you'd expect from someone who venerates the Father of Lies!

It does perplex me, however, that some evangelicals (such as this Joe Carter fellow) took exception to Paul Ryan being a fan of Ayn Rand, but (apparently) have nothing to say about the pussy-grabber-elect Donald Trump (I haven't heard any RW religious leaders say anything against Trump, at least). Fact is Franklin Graham suggested evangelicals should vote Trump, a man who told an obvious and laughable whopper when he claimed that the Bible is his favorite book (Trump offers revealingly bad answers about the Good Book, 10/26/2016).

"Few conservatives will fall completely under Rand's diabolic sway" (the actual quote from Joe Carter's article, from which I inferred that one of those few is Paul Ryan). But it isn't a few of them, it is most of them. Does that mean many or most Congressional Republicans are Satan worshippers like Ryan?

I can't say. But I do believe that Satan is exerting his influence over our nation via the Republican Party, and that the election of Donald Trump is part of the Dark Lord's plan to drag as many souls into the pit of hell with him as possible. "Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power" the anti-semitic Trump advisor Steve Bannon said (Trump's top adviser is now literally praising Satan, 11/18/2016).

Donald Trump is also a fan of Rand. A 4/12/2016 NY Intelligencer article reveals that the Orange Buffoon identifies "with Howard Roark, the novel's idealistic protagonist who designs skyscrapers and rages against the establishment" (Donald Trump's Role Model is an Ayn Rand Character).

So it's not just Paul Ryan, but Trump and many within his administration who subscribe to the evil Randian ideology. The Washington Post notes (in a 12/13/2016 article) "Ayn Rand-acolyte Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with fellow objectivists".

Objectivism and Satanism are "at their core... the same philosophy". And (I repeat) that's not me saying that, but the editor of a leading Catholic journal! Yeah, I think DARK days are ahead of us, given the fact that the incoming administration (as well Congress) is apparently lousy with Satan worshippers. Or Ayn Rand worshippers (big diff). But remember that Trump himself referred to 2 Corinthians as "the whole ballgame" (Citing "Two Corinthians", Trump Struggles To Make The Sale To Evangelicals).

THE WHOLE BALLGAME! Trump and his incoming administration (as well as Paul Ryan) are masquerading as servants of righteousness but (in actuality) are servants of Satan! The proof is pretty conclusive, IMO.


SWTD #366

Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Poorly Educated

Found at the top of the Right-wing, Trump-supporting blog Who's Your Daddy.

OK, so I'd say president Obama made America better. Especially given the fact that the last guy crashed the economy and Obama reversed course, put us back on the right track and started growing the economy again (President Obama Is Handing a Strong Economy to His Successor. NYT 12/2/2016). #thankyouobama.

But if I did think that Obama made things WORSE, that's what I'd say. Also, according to one of the TOMs (1 of 4) "inauguration" is spelled "inorgaration". This idiot complains that "Andre Borchli" won't sing for Trump at his sham swearing-in (a sham because Trump cheated and will be an illegitimate president).

Although it was only "under pressure from a backlash by his fans on social media" that Bocelli backed out. Instead "Jackie Evancho, a runner-up on America's Got Talent five years ago" will perform (Andrea Bocelli Backs Out of Trump Inauguration Performance After Backlash).

BTW, that Obama caused hatred, social unrest and racism by being Black, is, I think something the dumb-dumbs that voted for the KKK-endorsed Trump are responsible for. As for not helping minorities, not reducing crime and not reducing poverty, they're thinking of the Republican obstructionist Congress. Also, the foreign policy that lead to chaos, instability and terrorism? That would be the last president, gwb. You know, the guy who let OBL go (SWTD #33) and then invaded a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 after lying about WMD (SWTD #312). Idiots.

The great deceiver? That's hilarious given how suckered by the Orange buffoon the #poorlyeducated #TrumpDupes are going to eventually realize they've been. Or not. They'll probably find someone else to blame, even though the Republicans have complete control.

SWTD #365

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

On My Birthday Being The Day On Which Death Is One Full Year Closer

Everybody is going to be dead one day, just give them time ~ Neil Gaiman (dob 11/10/1960) an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and films.

So this past Sunday (Christmas) was the day on which I was born. On Facebook a sister-in-law wished me a "happy birthday". In response I wrote "I now refer to it as the day I am one full closer to death". This is a view I adopted a few years ago. The SIL replied that she thought this is a "dismal outlook".

Yes, anyone who knows me knows that is my general disposition. I am not an optimistic person. On the other hand, declaring that my outlook is dismal; that struck me as judgmental, and that the judgment was not good. That I SHOULDN'T have that outlook. But, while my reason is that I am a pessimist, there are people who have this view regarding death who aren't.

This I know because just that day I had listened to someone express such a thought. "I think it gives me this more palpable sensation with being alive" Julia Sweeney said, explaining why she LIKES to contemplate death.

Julia Sweeney is an atheist. Atheism makes no sense to me, and (as an atheist) Julia Sweeney's view on death makes no sense to me. If she had expressed similar thoughts AS A CATHOLIC, then I'd say that makes some sense to me. And I'd say I agree with some of what she said. Some of what she said in a conversation with Marc Maron on 11/24/2014.

I just fininshed listening to the audiobook version of Julia Sweeney's It it's not one thing, it's your mother and I decided to seek out other audios of hers. She has a few books, but most of her output takes the form of what's called "autobiographical monologues". I'd heard God Said Ha! years ago. There is another titled Letting Go of God and I thought, well, I don't want to PAY to hear someone tell religion is ridiculous and there is no God, but I'll listen. Maybe if I can buy the 2-CD set cheap. Really cheap. I obtained "God said Ha!" cheap by buying it along with some other items on eBay (and therefore the shipping cost per item was lesser, whereas if you buy a CD on Amazon, the shipping itself is 3.99 per item. More than I was willing to pay in total).

So, after looking around, I found it was not available cheaply enough. But I did find it on YouTube. So I listened. And yes, she points out the ridiculousness of Christianity (much of which I was already aware of). But do I want to be an atheist? No, I do not. I couldn't live as an atheist. The ridiculousness in the Bible exists because it was written by men. I do not believe in Biblical inerrancy.

In fact, listening to "Letting go of God", while it did not convince me to become an atheist, it did convince me (even moreso) that my view that the Bible is NOT inerrant is correct. But that isn't a reason for me to leave the Christian faith. Julia Sweeney would have good reason to leave the Catholic faith, one of the more silly versions of Christianity, IMO. Because Catholics believe there exists an infallible representative of God here on earth.

And that leaders of the Catholic church can rewrite laws governing how Catholics live their lives. And frequently these laws don't have anything to do with what is in the Bible. For example, some years ago I heard that they got together and decided that Limbo no longer exists. Previously Catholics were taught that if a baby dies before being baptized that the baby's soul goes to Limbo. Now? I guess it just never existed. Although it is a totally made up concept to begin with.

My point is that Catholic nonsense gave Sweeney good reason to leave the Catholic faith. That would have been a very sensible thing to do, IMO. But that didn't mean she needed to abandon her faith all together. IMO. Although she does discuss this possibility in her "Letting go of God" monologue (switching religions). But ultimately decides there is no God.

Although some of her views on the matter of the afterlife remain Catholic in nature it seems. Or conforming to a religious view of the afterlife, which is why I found her thoughts on the matter a little perplexing. Thoughts expressed to Marc Maron on 11/24/2014 in a discussion for his WTF podcast.

This was following the release of her book, "If It's Not One Thing..." in 2013, and it's Julia Sweeney's life (in general) that they talk about. Death is a topic that comes up right away, and it's the first 4 minutes (roughly) that I decided to transcribe as follows...

Julia: I just bought a cemetary plot for myself in Spokane.

Marc: That's an uplifting way to start the show. Is it a nice plot?

Julia: It is. It's with our family. It's other people in the family. Actually, just this morning I paid the final check on it.

Marc: So, it's all ready to go.

Julia: Now I feel like, I don't have to visit Spokane that much anymore. I'm going to spend a long time there.

Marc: That's my post retirement plan.

Julia: Exactly.

Marc: Oh, my God. Do I need to get one of those? When do you get one of those?

Julia: I don't know because my husband and I kept going back and forth about it. Because he doesn't care at all about that. And wouldn't even discuss it. And the only reason I did is because I had a couple siblings die and other family members - and they're in this area we have visited in Spokane. You know, the cemetery. We were like a Mexican family. We'd go have a picnic at the cemetery with our [dead] relatives.

Marc: You did?

Julia: Oh, yeah.

Marc: But you're a Catholic Family?

Julia: Irish Catholic. We just had to stop by all the time. If we're on the North side, it like... We'll pop in and say hello to Henrietta...

Marc: Your grandparents?

Julia: Yeah. And so, it suddenly occurred to me that's meaningful. Not everyone has that. That's meaningful. And, I had happened to talk to this woman who sells cemetery plots there, and she goes... you know, the spot right next to your two brothers is available. And I was like... I'm in! I am so in. And then, I have two other siblings and I was trying to get them to buy the spots next to me, and they were like... I don't want to be next to Aunt Barbara.

Marc: Oh, really?

Julia: It was like... will my husband and I be together [said Julia's sister]? And then my other sibling [Julia's brother] was like... I don't want to be next to her husband.

Marc: Do you have to buy more than one [plot]?

Julia: You can have up to four... actually, we could all go in one plot. They just upped it from two people to four people. Can be in one plot.

Marc: Have they changed the distances, or is it...?

Julia: No, it's because people are cremated now. it used to be that you couldn't be cremated if you were Catholic.

Marc: Oh...

Julia: But they changed the rules. So now it's just a heyday at the cemetery. Because you can pack a bunch of people in a plot.

Marc: It's cheaper to cremate, I guess.

Julia: Oh, yeah. Especially if you're not in town when you die.

Marc: (laughs) Transportation is easier.

Julia: Right. You can go on the plane... you're carry-on.

Marc: It's funny. It's not morbid. I think Catholics are pretty good at that. The idea of having lunch at a cemetery, I think there's a comfort with death.

Julia: I find that so true. Actually my daughter just said - because my husband's [family], they're Jewish atheist basically... And proud 3rd generation Jewish atheist... and my daughter said to me recently... you know, Dad's side of the family, they don't talk about - they don't even believe in an afterlife. But they don't talk about people dying that much. But your side of the family, they all believe in this afterlife (even though she knows I don't). And yet, you're totally comfortable talking about being dead... this person is doing to be dead, and soon we'll all be dead. And soon we'll all be in the ground.

And I think that's healthy. I like it.

Marc: However you can accept death, I think it's a good way to go. That's the one thing we don't want to confront. Or we want to deny. But I think you get to a certain age. I always knew that I would die. But when you get older you're like... it might be soon.

Julia: OK, here's my new thing... I'm actually trying to think about death a lot. Like, just think about it.

Marc: Why?

Julia: I think it gives me this more palpable sensation with being alive.

Marc: Accept it and realize it.

Julia: Kind of contemplate death. Just to have it. But, anyway, my new thing is that when I see babies anywhere, I think that when that baby is my age, I won't be alive. It gives you a little tingle. It's coming up. Soon I will not be around.

Marc: I don't like that.

Julia: I don't know why that makes me... it's that time of life.

[End excerpt from the 11/24/2014 Marc Maron WTF Podcast]

Personally, I'm inclined to believe that when you die, you're dead. Although when God returns there will be a resurrection of the dead and God will establish his kingdom here on earth. Meaning, I don't believe in heaven being a place in the sky where people go when they die (a place where they sit around on clouds playing harps, etc).

But I do believe there is an afterlife, which Julia Sweeney, as an atheist, does not. And I don't understand why contemplating death would produce a "palpable sensation with being alive". If I believed that this life was all there was, the sensation it would produce in me is hopelessness. Because life is ALL SO POINTLESS. I mean, any one individual person's life is (in the big picture sense) incredibly short. And then you die. And if you're GONE FOREVER, what is the point? Your loved ones will remember you, and you will "live on" in that sense (in their memories), but they too will die one day. And then you will be wiped from existence.

Historically significant (and famous people) will "live" on. In the history books and in pictures and on film. But, for the rest of us, it will be as if we never existed. And that day will come quickly (given the short amount of time any individual person has on earth). The point is that I just couldn't go on if I thought there was NO POINT to this life. Which, IMO, if you die and that is it? Then there is no point. Given how short life is, meaning that the time you will be here will be insignificant compared to the time you (weren't) and won't be here.

So I can't fathom why thinking of death would be something an atheist would do. I would fear it greatly if I thought that was the end. Or, actually, I'd think let's get to it. Since life is completely meaningless and therefore why live it?

But if Sweeney were still religious? Then her view on death would make more sense to me. Even though, she ISN'T going to be spending a lot of time in the Spokane cemetery, since you cease to exist when you die. Atheists spend time nowhere after death. Not that I think anyone spends time anywhere after death. They may or may not hang around anywhere. I'm not sure, which is why I said I'm INCLINED to believe that when you're dead you're dead. But that God will resurrect the dead when he returns.

Soon we WILL all be dead. And soon we WILL all be in the ground. Or cremated (another inane Catholic rule rewrite. Before cremation was bad and your soul would be in trouble if you were cremated, but now it's acceptable). But I do think that's healthy. As opposed to being a "dismal outlook". It absolutely does NOT, however, give "me this more palpable sensation with being alive". Although I can imagine for someone that it might. Just not an atheist. That an atheist would look at death this way is something I seriously do not understand.

Note that she said that her husband's side of the family does not talk about death. And that they are 3rd generation Jewish atheist. She does, and that is (I think) a holdover from being Catholic. But as an atheist, believing that when you're dead that's it. THAT, I think is a significantly more dismal outlook. And, for me - as a serious pessimist who embraces a dismal outlook - that's a dark place that I can't go.

Video: Episode 553 of Marc Maron's WTF Podcast from 11/24/2014. Note: I start the video at 28:25 because that is when the interview with Julia Sweeney begins (Marc interviews someone else first). The portion I quote above begins at 30:41.

SWTD #364