Friday, June 08, 2018

Trump Admits His Lie About Anthem Kneelers Disrespecting Flag & Troops Is Total Bullplop

Executive clemency is officially just a reality TV show at this point ~ Stephen Colbert on the 6/7/2018 airing of The Late Show.

Apparently the race-baiter-in-chief is obsessed with his ability to pardon. As per a CNN story, "Trump will ask athletes who kneel during anthem to recommend people for pardoning".

CNN: ...Donald Trump says he wants to meet with NFL players and athletes who kneel during the National Anthem so they can recommend people they think should be pardoned because they were treated unfairly by the justice system. "I'm going to ask them to recommend to me people who were unfairly treated", Trump said at the White House Friday. (Excerpted from a 6/8/2018 CNN article).

OK, so while this isn't necessarily a bad idea, isn't it an ADMISSION that his whine (about kneeling during the anthem disrespecting the flag and our troops) is complete bullplop? Sounds like an acknowledgement to me that Black people are unfairly treated by law enforcement and our justice system.

Although the "unfair" treatment usually consists of the (often unarmed) Black person being shot and killed. Not exactly something a person can be pardoned from (death, that is). Also, even though the NFL just caved and said NFL players who kneeled would be fined, Trump continued to whine. Players shouldn't have the option to stay in the locker room. "NFL, no escaping to Locker Rooms!" BLOTUS tweeted recently.

So, now that he's admitting that their grievances are legit, will an apology be forthcoming? Just kidding. Everyone knows that Trump does not apologize. Personally I think the Orange Turd is only exercising his pardon power because it feeds his enormous ego. He's pardoning famous people. Conservatives like the scumbag sheriff Arpaio and admitted campaign finance violator (and disgusting birther) Dinesh D'Souza. As well as famous people (including former Celebrity apprentice contestants) and people who have celebrity advocates.

Alice Marie Johnson, in prison for life for her involvement in a cocaine ring, had her sentence commuted after Kim Kardashian and her Trump-loving husband Kanye West visited the White House. But hasn't Trump previously said drug dealers should get the death penalty?

According to her indictment, Alice Marie Johnson was "the head of the multi-million dollar cocaine ring, and... [her] Memphis operation was connected to Colombian drug dealers based in Texas". As per Trump's wish that drug dealers be put to death, and given that the court said her activities had a "very significant impact on the community", isn't the real miscarriage of justice here that she wasn't executed?

Not that I think we should be putting drug dealers to death. I think she clearly turned her life around in prison, has been "rehabilitated" and deserved the commutation. But she would not have gotten one if not for her celebrity advocates. And I'm sure Kanye's stroking of Trump's ego helped too.

Trump thinks he is a celebrity, but deep down he knows he is a low-rent one. But he desperately wants to be accepted by that crowd. Me, I don't know how the hell a failed businessman who declared bankruptcy multiple times ever got a TV show. Especially one where he played a successful businessman who judged the business acumen of contestants. As per an Apprentice producer, "we'd often be shocked at whomever Trump chose to fire. Our first priority on every episode like that was to reverse-engineer the show to make it look like his judgment had some basis in reality".

Of course the Right will point to this idea as "proof" that Trump isn't a White Nationalist racist a-hole. I'm not buying it. If Trump were serious about addressing injustices in the criminal justice system, he'd get behind "comprehensive, bipartisan sentencing reform".

Washington Post: The federal prison population dropped while the nation continued to experience near-record-low crime rates [when changes were made which] cut back on overly punitive mandatory minimum sentences. Unfortunately, the White House has different ideas. President Trump warned of "American carnage" in his inaugural address, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stoked false and misleading claims of rising crime. Bowing to the president's most extreme allies, the White House has put forward the First Step Act, which leaves out sentencing reform entirely. (Excerpted from a 5/21/2018 WP article).

Pardons (for celebrities and those with celebrity advocates) doesn't address the underlying problem. The underlying problem which the NFL anthem kneelers are protesting. Now Trump wants their advice on who to pardon? And I thought any NFL player who kneels is a "son of bitch" that should be fired.

The Youtuber who posted this video was impressed that we finally have "a president who actually respects America's culture, heritage and flag". Strongly implying that the previous (Black) president didn't respect any of those things.

"You have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn't be playing, you shouldn't be there — maybe you shouldn't be in the country" Trump told the Fox and Friends after the NFL caved to his demands that their players be forced to stand for the anthem.

It's red meat for his racist base. Obviously, given this admission, that's what's going on. So why meet with NFL anthem kneelers to discuss possible pardons if they are America-haters who should be deported?

SWTD #404

Monday, June 04, 2018

Ann Coulter On Trump's "Caligula Lifestyle" is a dangerous world out there. It's like Vietnam, sort of. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider ~ Donald Trump speaking about avoiding STDs during his single years in the late 90s (1997 Howard Stern interview).

Ann Coulter is a huge Trump supporter. She wrote a book titled "In Trump We Trust" (published prior to the election). Although Coulter has yet to turn on Trump, since the election her support has not been unwavering.

For example, Trump signed legislation back in March that kept the government open and avoided a shutdown. And, while the spending bill did include $1.6 billion for border obstacles, these obstacles were fencing. And it was already existing fencing (repairing and replacing). No money for the border spanning wall Trump promised (and continues to promise).

In response Ann Coulter went on Fox News and, expressing her disappointment, told Jeanine Pirro "the fact that he signed this omnibus bill is the last straw and just says he never wanted to do it" (build the wall). Because Ann has expressed some disappointment with Trump, some say she has "become an outspoken critic".

Is that true? Does Coulter no longer support Trump? Does she no longer believe he is "E Pluribus Awesome!" (the subtitle of her sycophantic book)? Maybe. Perhaps she has something to say about Trump's continued cheating on his wives (two divorces with an inevitable 3rd one coming) and if she said something on this topic in a recent article?

What is Ann thinking regarding Trump's dalliances with porn stars and Playboy bunnies that have come to light recently? If she had something critical to say in regards to that I might be convinced she is now an "outspoken critic".

AC: The liberal protection racket for sexual predators was always intimately intertwined with the Clintons. The template used to defend Bill Clinton became a model for all left-wing sexual predators. They all hired the same lawyers and detectives and counted on the same cultural elites to mete out punishment to anyone who stood in the way of their Caligula lifestyles.

This is an excerpt from Ann's 5/31/2018 article "Harvey Weinstein And The Clinton Protection Racket". She accuses "Left-wing sexual predators" of "Caligula lifestyles", then goes on to CREDIT Trump for Weinstein's fall from grace.

AC: It's hard to avoid the impression that a big part of the reason Weinstein was finally exposed is that the Clinton machine is dead. Trump killed it. ... After years of feminists excusing sexual predators, once the Clintons were out of the way, the dam broke. There was no reason to keep humiliating themselves by defending the indefensible.

Yeah, I'm sure that was it. Meanwhile the Right (including the so-called evangelical Right) continues to humiliate themselves defending the indefensible pussy-grabber in the White House. And shills and hacks like Coulter give him credit for helping #metoo bring down a scumbag like Weinstein. Sounds to me like Ann is still all in for Trump.

Weinstein, despite being a Democrat and HRC supporter, is a scumbag. Is he a bigger scumbag than Trump? When it comes to using his power to sexually harass and even rape women, he probably is. On the other hand he isn't a traitor who colluded with a foreign government to steal an election. As far as I know Weinstein hasn't been accused of any other illegal activities, such as laundering money for Russian oligarchs and mobsters.

Weinstein is currently facing justice for his decades of abuse. He deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life. Trump? I pray he suffers the same fate. For the record, Trump has been accused of rape 3 times. One of his accusers says she was 13 when (as per a 2016 lawsuit) when she was the victim of a "savage sexual attack" at the hands of Donald Trump. "My family and I would be physically harmed if not killed" the woman Trump raped says (similar to what Stormy Daniels reports happened to her).

Yet hypocrites like Coulter credit Trump with sparking the #metoo movement and bringing down Weinstein? Unbelievable! As for the predictable response of "what about Bill Clinton"... do the alleged WJC crimes against women excuse the (very credible) allegations against Trump, Cons? Obviously trumpers believe they do.

No, scratch that. They think Trump is innocent. He only had consensual sex (including when he cheated). But guess who also makes that claim? If you said Harvey Weinstein you got it right.

Caligula was a ruler known only for being a sexual pervert, but is also known for his cruelty, sadism, extravagance and being an insane tyrant. Seems to me that Trump is more a Caligula than Bill Clinton was. Unless you believe the conspiracy theory that says the Clintons have been having their enemies murdered (and getting away with it for decades). Which I do not.

Referring to The Orange Turd as "Caligula" really angers the vile Hillary-hating troll Paul/Luke/Steve. This is an asshole who was thrilled when Trump became president. Not because he thought Trump would "make America great" but because he hates Democrats so much. Honestly I think Paul (name he is currently using) would love to see Trump destroy the United States.

Rational Nation: Trump is so unliked by the majority of Americans he is even being compared to the Roman Emperor Caligula. We here at this weblog find the comparison quite apt in several ways. (1/14/2017.

"...add Caligula to these idiot's description of Trump" was Paul's indignant response. Yeah, well f*ck you "Paul". You're the idiot. An idiot who rooted for Trump, but now pretends he's opposed to Trump. Trump is a Caligula-ish ruler, absolutely. Regardless of what Trump lovers like Paul and Ann may think.

Video: Did Caligula want to date his own daughter? I'm not sure, although he apparently did have sex with his 3 sisters (Agrippina, Drusilla, and Julia Livilla).

SWTD #403

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Is The Trump Nightmare Almost Over?

(HT to Beantown AntiFacist for directing me to the following video. 2:10).

According to Beanie (a hardcore #trumpdupe who hangs out at WYD) the video represents the end of a "Dervy dream". It's all going to be over soon... for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch. All members of the anti-Trump "deep state cabal" who will be going to prison very soon.

My only quibble with this video is that it shows Ivanka Trump sitting in her car (at the end) watching her husband Jared being arrested. The truth is that Ivanka is not guiltless. She's neck deep in the same money laundering crimes as her husband and father.

As per Malcolm Nance's tweet, a day of reckoning may soon be at hand for the Trump Crime Family. There is a reason that Trump is hiding his tax returns.

Note that, as per Nance, Mueller's end game is Money Laundering. That is what will bring down Predisent "no collusion". Perhaps with a side order of Obstruction of Justice and Emoluments Clause violations. IMO it's clear Donald Trump has been laundering Russian money for a long time. If he hadn't run for the presidency and "won" he probably would have been able to continue flying under the radar/getting away with his crimes.

Mueller Time is coming. At which point, as with Nixon, the GOP will be forced to concede that Trump has to go. Or so I hope. I can't predict the future and we don't know yet how this will play out, but I don't see how this does not end badly. If not for Trump, then for many people associated with him and related to him.

BTW, the Attorney General of NY, Eric Schneiderman (hero who got 25 million for the victims of Trump's university scam), is running parallel investigations to Mueller's. If Trump pardons members of his crime family for Federal violations of the law, Schneiderman can bring charges in state court. These would be convictions Trump has no power to make disappear (as he did with that scumbag Joe Arpaio).

Update 5/16/2018: So, it turns out that Eric Schneiderman is a scumbag who abused women and NOT a hero. Although it still is good that the victims of Trump's university scam got some compensation. They weren't made whole (as I understand it) but at least Trump had to (partially) repay what he ripped off. Keep in mind that while the scumbag Schneiderman has resigned, his office will continue with the parallel investigations and hold members of the Trump crime family accountable if necessary.

SWTD #402

Friday, January 19, 2018

GOP Liars Tom Cotton, David Perdue And Kirstjen Nielsen (Re Trump Racist Shithole Vulgarity)

Sir, they're not shithole countries. For one, Donald Trump is not their president ~ Stephen Colbert during the The Late Show monologue, 1/11/2017.

Apparently referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African Nations (all of them?) as "shitholes" was a strategy. Trump stooge Thomas Lifson, writing for the American Thinker, sez "Trump has his enemies dancing to his tune with shithole Countries". The "strategy"? To make "everyone whom he outraged... repeat the words he wants to sink in with the public" [1].

Sure. Conservative blogger Erick Erickson tweeted that "he spoke to one of the president's friends who said Trump called him up to brag about the remarks because he felt it would play well with his base".

That's it. He said it, he was proud he said it. Or maybe it was "shithouse". Even though that's a distinction without a difference. As per Vox, "publicly, they deny Trump said shithole. Privately, they claim he said shithouse. It's bizarre".

The shit-whatever racist insult was another nod to the racist base. People like Freethinke and Thersites. What Trump was saying to these very fine people was "I hate black people from shithole countries and don't want them here, same as you".

But the twice named Erick is not a fan of Donald Trump, so he probably lied. Like Senator Dick Durbin, who first reported that Trump used the vulgarity, and that he used it multiple times. Senators Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, who were at the meeting, said they had not heard the predisent use the insulting vultarity.

At first. Later they changed their story. The new narrative (coming after the predisent tweeted that he had used "tough language" but NOT that specific vulgar term) was that Dick Durbin "has a history of misrepresenting what happens in White House meetings" (Cotton's words on Face The Nation, 11/14/2018) [2].

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen repeated the same "tough language" bullshit in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on 1/16/2018. Her dissembling so transparent as to be laughable. If you find perjury laughable. She was asked if Lindsey Graham repeated Trump's "tough language". Nielsen said he did, but "couldn't remember" the exact words. What a load of bullplop.

(Video: DHS Secretary Nielsen lies under oath. 2:46).

When asked by Senator Patrick Leahy, "Did president Trump use that word, or a substantially similar word, to describe certain countries", Kirstjen Nielsen lied. "I did not hear that word used, no sir". When pressed she answered "I don't dispute that the president was using tough language. Others in the room were also using tough language".

How can you confirm "tough language" if you don't know what the "tough language" was? She refused to say the word (words?) because it was "shithole". Or a substantially similar word. So what if she perjured herself, I guess. Trumpers don't care, of course. If Trump didn't call these countries "shitholes" then he SHOULD have. We'd prefer White people from Norway (for example) to emigrate to the United States.

Although Nielsen isn't sure if Norway is a majority White nation. As if Norwegians are lined up waiting to enter the United States. Norway being a high income country with universal health care and a comprehensive social security system. They also rank first on the World Happiness Report and other such indexes.

Maybe Trump was referring to Normay, which might be a country with a majority Black population? Although all the Normayian Blacks are high skilled, high earners who yearn to leave Normay in order to start new lives in the United States.

There is no such country as "Normay", however (or Binomo or Nambia). Trump cited lily White Norway (which is 86.2% Ethnic Norwegian) because he just met with Norway's prime minister, Erna Solberg.

In a press conference following the meeting Trump mentioned Norway's order of (nonexistent) F-52 fighter jets, went on at length about how the Democrats colluded with Russia to lose the election, then slammed green energy (when "Norway is arguably the leader in the global pursuit for sustainable energy)).

Predisent Trump is right, the world is laughing at us. Although the laughing isn't because we're investigating Trump's collusion with Russia. It's due to the fact that we "elected" an incompetent reality teevee star buffoon and racist misogynist bigot as our president.

(Video: Rocky Mountain Mike's "A Little Shithole". 1:41).

[1] Thomas Lifson, a Berkeley CA sociologist and business adviser, in addition to being a Trump stooge, is the Editor-in-Chief of the American Thinker, as well as one of it's founders (founded in 2003 along with 2 other people).
[2] The Washington Times says Cotton "was referring to the Obama administration contradicting Mr. Durbin's account of a 2013 meeting in which he claimed then-House Republican leader Eric Cantor told President Obama, I cannot even stand to look at you. At the time, White House press secretary Jay Carney said it didn't happen". Neither Durbin nor Carney were present at the meeting in question, however. According to Carney "I looked into this and spoke with somebody who was in that meeting, and it did not happen". Regarding the quote, John Boehner said Durbin "invented [it] out of thin air". The White House later issued a statement that read "While the quote attributed to a Republican lawmaker in the House GOP meeting with the President is not accurate, there was a miscommunication when the White House read out that meeting to Senate Democrats, and we regret the misunderstanding".

SWTD #401

Monday, January 08, 2018

On The Inevitability Of A Trump Presidency (Fire & Fury Excerpts #1)

Everyone it seems is talking about the new Trump book by Michael Wolff: Fire and Fury. On the blogs and on MSNBC. It's entirely a work of fiction according to the subject of the book. Although they (the Trump administration) did give Mr. Wolff unfettered access to the White House. Thinking he'd write something flattering, apparently. Even though a previous tome on Rupert Murdoch was not.

Anyway, I recently acquired a digital copy and started reading yesterday (1/7/2017). What follows are some excerpts in which Wolff confirms that Trump never actually wanted to be elected president. I've heard a number of people suggest this previously. Notably Liberal Talk Radio show personality Thom Hartmann. Trump (as well as a number of the other Republican candidates for president) didn't want to be (or think they had a chance of being elected) president. They did it to raise the value of their brand.

Now, as opposed to being speculation, Wolff has confirmed that, yes, Trump's campaign was phony. In that he never wanted or expected to win the election.

Trump's longtime friend Roger Ailes like to say that if you wanted a career in television, first run for president. Now Trump, encouraged by Ailes, was floating rumors about a Trump network. It was a great future.

He would come out of the campaign, Trump assured Ailes, with a far more powerful brand and untold opportunities. "This is bigger than I ever dreamed of", he told Ailes in a conversation a week before the election. "I don't think about losing because it isn't losing. We've totally won". What's more, he was already laying down his public response to losing the election: it was stolen!

Donald Trump and his tiny band of campaign warriors were ready to lose with fire and fury. They were not ready to win.

In politics somebody has to lose, but invariably everybody thinks they can win. And you probably can't win unless you believe that you will win - except in the Trump campaign.

The leitmotif for Trump about his own campaign was how crappy it was and how everybody involved in it was a loser. He was equally convinced that the Clinton people were brilliant winners - "They've got the best and we've got the worst", he frequently said. ... "This thing", he told the Mercers, "is so fucked up". ... by every meaningful indicator, something greater than a sense of doom shadowed what Steve Bannon called "the broke-dick campaign".

...the prospect of her husband's actually becoming president was, for Melania, a horrifying one. He offered his wife a solenm guarantee: there was simply no way he would win.

The Trump campaign had, perhaps less than inadvertently, replicated the scheme from Mel Brook's The Producers. (Source: Chapter 2, Trump Tower).

The chapter goes on with more about how Trump didn't want to be president and that it was all a scam. He wanted to start a TV network. Roger Ailes, interested in a comeback, had decided that he needed a Billion dollars. After the election, however, the narrative in the delusional Trump's addled brain changed. Instead of his election being something that had no chance at all of happening, now it was inevitable. A view his cult members have adopted. The people rejected "crooked Hillary".

This they believe even though, out of all the eligible voters, only around 58% bothered to vote (around half usually being the percentage). And I don't think you can say that, by not voting, these people were actually voicing their support for Trump (an argument I've heard). Given the fact that Hillary Clinton was expected to win, I'd say that of the non voters, many of them thought Hillary would be the winner (and might have voted for her if they had bothered to cast a ballot).

Trump, on the other hand, was expected to lose. People wanting Trump as president Trump had to get out and vote. Or accept the inevitability of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Indeed, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes.

However, as far as vote totals go, I don't put much stock in them as all. How many votes were thrown out by Trump ally Kris Kobach via his Interstate Crosscheck election fraud scheme? Enough to throw the electoral college "win" to Trump according to investigative journalist Greg Palast (AZ, MI and NC electoral votes would have gone to HRC if not for the huge number of voters purged from the rolls in those states due to Interstate Crosscheck/Republican voter disenfranchisement).

My point is that, while Trump may have intended to lose, he had people working on his behalf to steal the election from the rightful victor, Hillary Clinton (Vladimir Putin, James Comey and the aforementioned Kris Kobach).

Images: (L) Virtual placard found at the top of the Right-wing blog Who's Your Daddy declaring the trumper delusion of the liar-in-chief's inevitability/destiny to be potus. (R) Pushback in line with blotus lie that Wolff's book is a "work of fiction".

Note: Link to HuffPo article about the Mercers (Father Robert and Daughter Rebecka) in Fire and Fury excerpt inserted by me.

Update 1/14/2018: On the other hand, Bill Clinton did predict the presidency of a DJT-type candidate back in 1991. A candidate that presented himself as a champion of the working man via an opposition to job killing free trade deals. Deals like NAFTA (signed by Clinton) and the TPP (championed by Obama).

In that respect, Trump did "win" because the time and place was right. The "time" being after the endorsement of job killing free trade deals by two successive Democratic presidents. The place being the Rust Belt of the United States (where former Democratic voters went for Trump).

Steve Bannon, btw, was convinced that Trump would win (even if Trump was not). Because Trump had the support of the racist Whites (the base of the Republican Party) PLUS the White working class negatively affected by bad trade deals signed or championed by Democratic presidents (people who traditionally voted Democratic). See: SWTD #390.

SWTD #400

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Coffee Boy George Papadopoulos Knew About DNC Hacking Before Any emails Were WikiLeaked (Watergate Redux #2)

Coffee boy (or covfefe boy, possibly what maga man Trump calls a foreign policy adviser) George Papa19, according to a current news story, got sloshed in a London bar and let slip that he knew that DNC emails had been stolen. Long before the Russian tool Julian Assange WikiLeaked them.

During a night of heavy drinking at an upscale London bar in May 2016, George Papadopoulos, a young foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, made a startling revelation to Australia’s top diplomat in Britain: Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Exactly how much Mr. Papadopoulos said that night at the Kensington Wine Rooms with the Australian, Alexander Downer, is unclear. But two months later, when leaked Democratic emails began appearing online, Australian officials passed the information about Mr. Papadopoulos to their American counterparts... (How the Russia Inquiry Began: A Campaign Aide, Drinks and Talk of Political Dirt by Sharon LaFraniere, Mark Mazzetti and Matt Apuzzodec. 12/30/2017 NYT).

"This looks like a Watergate moment" according to Democratic Rep Adriano Espaillat of NY (appearing on MSNBC Live with Alex Witt, 12/31/2017). But, hey, many this is something that only the coffee boy knew about (this info didn't come from the Trump team/he didn't tell Trump team). Or, that's what the reporters are saying hasn't been proven yet.

Maybe George alone knew, he never told anyone (aside from the individual in the London bar), and it was just a coincidence that a member of the Trump campaign knew this at all... RIGHT! As per the reports, this was one of the "driving factors that led the FBI to open an investigation in July 2016 into Russia's attempts to disrupt the election and whether any of President Trump's associates conspired".

There *is* a conspiracy here, and Robert Mueller is uncovering it. Trump is going DOWN (*fingers crossed*). A "Watergate moment" is a reference to Nixon's involvement in a physical breaking into of the DNC. Here we have a digital break-in. The question is what was Trump's involvement? Also, does the coffee boy know?

Whatever Papa19 knows he has surely spilled his guts to Mueller. Watergate redux? If so, I do hope it plays out similarly. Although without a pardon for a resigning Trump by a President Pence. We can NOT allow a guilty POS POTUS to get away in this manner again!

Images: (1) low level coffee boy in a high level meeting. (2) Photoshopped TIME cover predicting/hoping that Trump will face prison within a year. Date of the "man of the year" issue was 12/19/2016, so the "in a year" mark has been missed. Sadly. Although prison in under 2 years is still a possibility. God willing. (click image to enlarge).

See Also: Tuesday Afternoon Massacre (Countdown To Trump Impeachment) SWTD #379 (AKA Watergate Redux #1).

SWTD #399

Friday, December 29, 2017

Trump Is A Useful Idiot Who Can Be Manipulated By Stroking His Ego (How The Institutional Right Manages Trump To Further Their Goals)

A useful idiot is someone who supports one side of an ideological debate, but who is manipulated and held in contempt by the leaders of their faction... (Excerpt from the Rationalwiki).

After the passage of the recent tax legislation (a Dickensian horror that will exacerbate inequality as it funnels wealth upward), Congressional Republicans got together with their Fuhrer. It was this disgusting orgy of verbal fellatio that made it clear to me that the Republicans have developed a strategy to manage their puppet.

"No puppet, no puppet" Trump declared prior to the election, during one of the three debates in which Hillary Clinton DESTROYED him. Yet, despite losing all three debates, the Putin puppet ascended to the White House. And the degree to which the election was manipulated by Putin (in order to install his puppet) was further revealed.

Which brings me back to the passage of Trump's bogus "tax cuts and jobs" legislation (which was sold as relief for the so-called "forgotten man", but is aimed squarely at our oligarchs. And will also NOT create jobs, given the FACT that trickle down economics is a total sham). Following the Republican legislative victory the GOP decided a gang bang of praise was in order. So each Congressperson took a turn pleasuring the moron who would be signing their Randian tax code rewrite.

This legislation, btw, is likely what Paul Ryan has dreamt of since he was a young boy (who read Ayn Rand under the sheets while masturbating). It surely is NOT what Trump promised during his campaign. Not that he ever had any intention of following through with any of his campaign promises. He lied, of course. Although, in his mind, I'm positive it was just "campaign rhetoric" designed to get him what he wanted (the adulation of the crowd, votes and the presidency).

Now it seems as though institutional Republicans have finally realized (long after Putin did) that Trump can be easily manipulated by heaping outlandish praise on him. A gang bang, for the record, "is a situation in which several people engage in physical sexual activity with one particular individual sequentially or at the same time. The person is the central focus of the sexual activity".

In the video below Senator Orrin Hatch takes his turn in the sequential gang bang by orally stimulating the engorged ego of BLOTUS (2:33).

Given how OVER THE TOP Hatch's praise is, it is CLEAR to me that he is bullshitting. And spreading the bovine excrement on THICK. Although with Trump (a man with an incredibly fragile ego who lives for praise) it works. Disgusting, but necessary if your goal is to pass legislation that benefits (almost exclusively) the oligarchs. For the most part the American people aren't buying it (why public opinion of the legislation is so low).

"we're going to make this the greatest presidency that we've seen, not only in generations, but maybe ever" Hatch promised. By which he means (I'm convinced) that FINALLY, with Trump as their useful (bill and Executive Order signing) idiot, the Republican dream of bringing FULL oligarchy to the US can finally be brought to fruition (a second Gilded Age).

Below is an ad put out by America First Policies after passage of the GOP's tax theft legislation (0:33).

America First Policies was "founded by a group of Trump loyalists — many of them with deep connections to VP Pence" according to Wikipedia. Trump sycophants and butt-lickers, or the "ministry of propaganda" as per one YouTube commenter. Propaganda? Absolutely. One actor in the commercial (a little girl at the end) says "Thank you president Trump for letting us say Merry Christmas again". A claim we all know is utter rubbish because nobody was preventing people from saying "Merry Christmas" during the Obama presidency.

"Everyday Americans are standing up to thank president Trump" the video narrator claims. A actor (portraying a blue collar worker) thanks Trump for "cutting my taxes". Another says "thank you for fixing the economy". Fixing the economy? This is the Obama economy. Obama fixed the mess left behind by the former President Doofus. Obama is who we should be thanking, not this idiot. Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy will have the same effect that the tax cuts for the wealthy (that were passed under the Doofus Administration) had.

I expect a Wall Street bubble. Share prices will increase after CEOs use their corporation's tax cuts to buy back shares (NOT hire people/give raises), followed by a recession. This is what is predicted by Economic historian Robert McElvaine, "a leading expert on the Great Depression". The recession could be "severe" and "catastrophic".

But (before that happens) Wall Street is going to go bananas. Which will give Republican voters a false impression that "tax reform" is working. And might help Republicans in the midterms. That is, I believe, their gamble, at least. Lock in their oligarch-favoring agenda NOW, then leave it to a Democratic president to deal with the mess (note that Obama never got rid of the bush tax cuts).

The Trump Administration (and the GOP under his "leadership") will cause GREAT human suffering, then blame the next (Democratic) president when it all comes crashing down. As is their MO (Clinton cleaning up Reagan/GHWB's mess and Obama having to deal with gwb's tax cut bubble which burst following a real estate bubble).

In the meantime we'll continue to see continued undignified/repulsive brown-nosing by the oligarchs (via their SuperPacs/other disinformation vehicles) and their bought-and-paid-for institutional Republican stooges (as well as the purging of "RINOS" like Flake, trumpers eagerly awaiting the death of John McCain, etc). And propaganda like the America First "Alternative Facts/Thank you Dear Leader" ego-stroking advert above. Barf!

SWTD #398

Saturday, December 09, 2017

I Call On The Troll Paul (Previously Known As Luke & Before That Steve) To Resign From Blogger Immediately Due To Proven Sexual Misconduct

One individual who absolutely deserves to be taken out in this year's pervert purge is a blog troll who calls himself Paul (currently authoring posts on the blog Words and Music). Previously this loathsome degenerate went by the name Luke. Before that he called himself Steve. I know for a FACT that Paul, Luke and Steve are all the same person because the account all these names link/linked to is 11597062711930899788.

Recently this hate filled POS had the NERVE to write (on his blog) that Al Franken resigned, "rightfully so" and that I am a "scum bag" because I wrote that (IMO) it wasn't a good thing that Al Franken resigned. He also repeated the Rusty Shackelford lie that I "supported the scum bag Rep. Weiner and his sexual perversions". According to Paul/Luke, it is "no surprise he would support this sexual pervert".

Luke's conclusion is that "these liberals are definitely deplorable". "These Liberals" being those who quoted, agreed with and "praised" Newt Gingrich, who said "comedians often do weird things. He was in the entertainment business. He was doing the kind of things people in the entertainment business do". This was on the 12/7/2017 airing Fox News. Laura Ingraham, to whom Gingrich was speaking, agreed, saying "I think it's minor stuff".

The reason these two are downplaying Al Franken's case is because (IMO) their guys (Trump, Moore, others) are MUCH worse. They can't criticize Franken and demand he leave while an admitted sexual assaulter occupies the White House. A number of Congressional Democrats, following Franken's resignation, called for Trump to resign FOR THE SAME REASON. That reason being credible accusers, that is, and NOT due to the accusations being similar. Which they OBVIOUSLY are not. Franken's "crimes" did amount to "minor stuff". So Gingrich and Ingraham are correct, although I surely would not "praise" them for admitting it. Let them admit that Trump is an admitted sexual assaulter and likely rapist. Then they might get some praise from me.

"The liberal hate is so thick they now quote and praise Newt Gingrich" according to Luke. I don't know what Liberals he refers to. My guess is that there aren't any "praising" Gingrich. Maybe I'm wrong (Luke didn't cite any. He just threw the claim out there as an excuse to accuse Liberals of "hate" again, which is his thing. Luke previously wrote about "Liberal hate" using his "TOM" ID (different account) when he wrote on a blog called Stay A While (that "TOM" is an ID belonging to Paul/Luke is a fact I've proven here).

Note that, as TOM, Luke wrote about how he had surgery for his "brain cancer". It was back in June of 2010 that Paul/Luke (writing as "TOM") reported that "prognosis is not good". Yet he's still alive more than 7 years later. I guess he was "cured" after all. Although he vehemently denies that TOM was his account or that he ever wrote at the blog "Stay A While" .

This is a lie. They (Paul/Luke and TOM) are/were both obsessed with what they call "Liberal hate", a catchphrase that allows Luke to blame Liberals for whatever bad things Republicans do. In one of his latest posts, for example, he blames Democrats for the Republican tax deform. According to this idiot, that the Senate passed the bill is because "Liberal Hate Loses Again".

But, to the reason I'm calling for Paul (AKA Luke) to "resign" from Blogger. If this moron thinks Al Franken should resign, "rightfully so", from Congress, then I say Luke should resign/quit blogger for his sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct (or Sexual bullying*) that took the form of MANY homophobic, as well as sexually explicit and graphic, comments he submitted to my blog (many similar comments I received from ALL of this sick pervert's IDs/non de plumes. TOM, Steve, Luke although not yet Paul).

An example of one such comment would be the one where he wrote, "I wish I could get a Jew hating, fag boy, liar to comment on my blog! I guess I have to learn how to suck dick as good as you do to get such greats to comment at my blog! Enjoy sucking his dick Nazi Boy!". Note that I did NOT publish this comment (although I did catalogue it here). If anyone doubts that Luke submitted this comment, I can publish it (on request).

The comment I just mentioned is in regards to me and another blogger Luke hates. The same one he referenced in an earlier comment in which he wrote, "go get butt fucked by your boyfriend RN Trump Dervish". I'm "Trump Dervish" because (Luke says) I lie as much as Trump does.

Is this sexual harassment? The comments surely are sexually charged. As well as extremely homophobic. While comments from a person I've never met (and will never meet) aren't the same as in-person sexual harassment, the comments were UNWANTED and definitely qualify as trolling, which is a form of harassment. This kind of behavior is certainly not within the realm of what most people would consider acceptable.

Subsequently, I feel that, given Paul/Luke's belief that Franken should resign (and naming me a "scum bag" for disagreeing), it is appropriate that Luke resign from Blogger. By which I mean he should quit. Actually, I thought he had. It was back around May 2017 that I noticed he had removed (reverted to draft) all his posts. If you went to his blog before 12/2/2017 (but before May of 2017) all you see is "no posts" (and he also, for some reason, renamed his blog "A Nation"). Now, as of 12/2/2017 all his posts are back. Along with two new ones (Liberal Hate Loses Again and Franken Quits).

The "Franken Quits" post is the one where he (in a comment) calls Al Franken a "sexual pervert", lies about me supporting Anthony Weiner "and his sexual perversions", then speaks of how "liberal hate is so thick". Me, as well as people who are friendly to me (comment on my blog, allow me to comment on their blogs) are "evil hypocrites" (as per his post Christmas Was Fun). And he claims (over and over) that *I* send him "vile comments".

Sure. In addition to the two examples I gave of Luke's VILE homophobic (and sexually explicit) comments I quote in this post, there are MANY more. Comments you can view here (his comments as Luke) and here (his comments as Steve). If you look you'll see that, in addition to the homophobia, this sicko also writes that I'm also a "Jew hater". An accusation with no proof whatsoever to validate it.

For these reasons I am calling for Paul/Luke/Steve (whoever is actually the owner of this account) to RESIGN from Blogger. Quit. Delete your account. Or not. I doubt you will will, hypocrite. But don't think FOR ONE SECOND that I'm going to take any advice, insults or lecturing from you seriously, given the FACT that you have absolutely ZERO moral authority to express outrage/disapproval of anyone. Due to the fact that Paul/Luke is a hypocrite, a blog troll/submitter of sexually explicit/harassing comments.

I've also read that he submitted similar comments other blogs (in addition to mine). Progressive Eruptions, Rational Nation USA, The Swash Zone, Dog Report and The Oracular Opinion being the ones that I am aware of.

*Note: Luke's actions could probably be more accurately described as Sexual bullying. As per Wikipedia, "Sexual bullying is a type of bullying and harassment that occurs in connection with a person's sex, body, sexual orientation or with sexual activity. It can be physical, verbal, or emotional". "Verbal", I think, would include the written word, given the fact that people have been prosecuted for cyberbullying. Sexual bullying, btw, includes "any bullying behaviour, whether physical or nonphysical".

12/25/2017 Update: Paul/Luke responded to this post with a 12/24/2017 comment, writing "It's amazing how evil and deluded Dervish is; he calls himself a Christian, yet... A few of his favorite things is calling his perceived enemies sexual perverts and sending death threats". [Note: "sending death threats" is a link inserted by me].

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Al Franken Latest Man Held Accountable In "This Year's Pervert Purge"

If baking a cake for a homosexual is an endorsement of homosexuality, then voting for a pedophile is an endorsement of pedophilia ~ Chris LaVoie (formerly of The Stephanie Miller Show) via Twitter, 12/5/2017.

The "pervert purge" is a line from an article by Tina Dupuy, "I Believe Franken's Accusers Because He Groped Me, Too".

It happened at a Media Matters party during the first Obama inauguration. ... Then I saw Al Franken... I asked to get a picture with him. We posed for the shot. He immediately put his hand on my waist, grabbing a handful of flesh. I froze. Then he squeezed. At least twice. I'd been married for two years at the time; I don't let my husband touch me like that in public because I believe it diminishes me as a professional woman. Al Franken's familiarity was inappropriate and unwanted... he knew exactly what he was doing. (Excerpt from a 12/6/2017 Atlantic article).

As per the article subtitle "the Democratic Party needs to stand with women who have been harassed - and not defend the politicians who abused them". The "pervert purge" re politicians is DEMOCRATS ONLY. As Franken, who resigned today said, "I of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving, while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party".

Franken refers to the sexual predators Donald Trump and Roy Moore. Their Party warmly embraces them. Or initially decries their perverts, then walk back that sentiment and say it's "for the voters to decide". The trumpanzee Roy-Moore-defending blogger FreeThinke sez "I believe we are entering an age of neo-puritanism".

Now, for as long as I can remember, we've been in the midst of something called the "culture war". This is an argument put forward by Conservatives that says the sexual permissiveness and acceptance of sexual deviance by the Left has caused a decades long moral decay that will eventually destroy the family and thus civilization as we know it. "Secular-Progressives" are the enemy, as per the disgraced and fired sexual predator Bill O'Reilly 2006 treatise culture warrior.

So Democrats are, apparently (according to FreeThinke) both the Party of Secular Progressivism, as well as the Party of "puritanism", which is an "extreme strictness in moral or religious matters, often to excess". Secular Progressives being hostile to Christianity and traditional American values. I don't know about you, but these two ideologies seem to be diametrically opposed. How can one be a "neo-puritan" and a "secular progressive"?

Mr Thinke, I'd like to note, is a big believer in a paranoid and racist conspiracy theory known as Cultural Marxism that says the "decay" of Western Civilization (rock'n'roll, the Sixties counterculture, the civil rights movement, Affirmative Action, the anti-war movement, homosexuality and modern feminists aka feminazis) can be blamed on Jews, Communists and their useful idiots.

This Thinke guy is clearly a moron. At least his argument (that "far Left" is responsible for a Neo-Puritanical movement, while, at the same time, their Cultural Marxist agenda demands they destroy all that traditionalists like FT hold dear) is moronic. What FT holds dear being (apparently) that older men dating young teens be perfectly acceptable. That he acknowledges happened (I think). That Roy Moore groped any of these girls is an outright lie. "You can repeat allegations over and over again, but it doesn't make them true" Roy Moore spokeswoman Janet Porter told Anderson Cooper on 12/6/2017.

"How these gals came up with this, I don't know. They must have had some sweet dreams somewhere down the line" sez Roy Moore supporter Pastor Earl Wise. Trump's accusers are also all liars, which is how the Right is justifying standing by these scumbags. Trump and Moore claim their accusers are liars, while Al Franken has "admitted" what he's done. Because there was photographic proof. Although it was clearly intended as a "joke". Though an unfunny one (and he only mimed groping Tweeden).

I do, however, believe Tina Dupuy's account of what happened to her. The other women; I don't know them. Dupuy, I am familiar with from her appearances on The Stephanie Miller Show (SMS). So Franken apparently occasionally gropes women's asses. And, if you hug him and his hand is near your breast, he'll cup it. Or he did so at least once. Although I'm not convinced he tried to kiss a woman and, when she resisted, insisted it was his "right as an entertainer". Mostly because that is such an ridiculously absurd thing to say (if he said it).

But Franken had to go because enough of his fellow Congressional Dems decided he should resign. "Enough is enough" NY Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand declared. That is what happened with Anthony Weiner (his House colleagues teamed up and forced him out). But, as it turned out, what Weiner did was a lot worse (got him a prison sentence). Franken's "crimes" obviously do not rise to the level of a Wiener. Weiner resigned and he absolutely should have. Even though I admit that I did not want to believe that he'd be stupid enough to be tweeting pics of his junk to women he'd never met.

I still think Franken is a good, though flawed, man. While I concede now that Weiner is a scumbag (that tipping point came for me after it was revealed that he was engaged in inappropriate tweeting after leaving the House). But they are both OUT. While Roy Moore will likely be sent to the Senate by the voters of Alabama. And the orange-anus-lipped admitted sexual assaulter in the White House supports Moore. And the RNC restored financial support for his campaign. "All you have to do is deny it and be a Republican and you get off scot free" a caller to the SMS pointed out.

So the Democrats are unilaterally disarming; purging our Party of "pervs", while the Republicans are embracing their pervs. The head Republican perv currently occupying the White House (though hopefully not for much longer).

Stephanie Miller & Caller discuss Al Franken resignation on the SMS Show, 12/7/2017.

Sue in Rockville: Sexual misconduct is bad, but the false equivalency of equating Tina Dupy (who I admire and respect) getting grabbed by her waist, versus pedophilia and sexual assault of children is a vast difference.

Stephanie Miller: I agree. And I love Tina. I said the same thing. As she described it [was a lesser "crime" than sexual assault].

The Fox Nooz sexual assaulting hypocrite Bill O'Reilly specifically calls out Al Franken in his "Culture Warrior" book. As a member of the "secular-progressive movement". These horrible people who are out to destroy our country are (as per Bill-o) "a minority left wing group of Americans" who have non-traditional ideals. They aren't "good Christians" (who elected an admitted sexual assaulter and who will likely send a sexual assaulter of teens to the Senate).

The "neo-puritanism" tactic, btw, has been a total flop. Or so I'd say if it was real. As opposed to the delusion of trumpy fools and tools like FreeThinke and Newt Gingrich. What with Democrats only succeeding in "eating their own". A phrase I've seen a number of gleeful trumpanzees use in regards to who has been taken out by the #meetoo movement thus far. Not that I believe that THE MAJORITY of those who've lost their jobs didn't deserve to lose them. John Conyers is retiring and that is a good thing, imo (he announced he would not seek re-election). Franken resigning is not so good, imo.

As per Mckay Coppins on the 12/7/2017 airing of MTP Daily, "I've talked to Democrats who... will say, I think he [Franken] had to be sacrificed; both for the sake this argument, which is important in this cultural tipping point we've reached, but also, frankly, there is a political calculus there. As much as Democrats don't want to talk about it now. They're looking at Roy Moore. They're looking at 2018...".

Image: panel from uber Trump supporting hypocrite cartoonist Ben Garrison. So this Garrison scumbag thinks Franken committed a "crime" for a pic in which his hands hover over Leeann Tweeden's boobs (a mimed groping), but Trump, who has been accused of rape and attempted rape 3 times, shouldn't have the cuffs slapped on him? This hypocrisy reminds me of when the trumpy Roy-Moore-supporting blogger Rusty Shackelford went after me for (initially) defending Anthony Weiner. The a-hole wrote "WD, you yourself seem a tad creepy... are you perhaps on some sort of list yourself?".

See Also: Roger and #MeeToo. 12/10/2017 Swash Zone post by Octopus.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Sherrod Brown Calls Orrin Hatch On His Bullcrap Re Trump Tax Deform (AKA Oligarchy Rocket Fuel)

Once you realize that trickle-down economics does not work, you will see the excessive tax cuts for the rick as what they are - a simple upward redistribution of income, rather than a way to make all of us richer, as we were told ~ Economist Ha-Joon Chang (dob 10/7/1963) In 2013 Prospect magazine ranked Chang as one of the top 20 World Thinkers.

Tax "deform". As opposed to "reform". Repub tax "reform" means tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy and scraps for everyone else (or even higher taxes). Which will, of course, increase the national debt.

Video: Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) unloaded on Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) Thursday night (11/16/2017) after Brown accused Republicans of only protecting the rich in their new tax plan during a Senate Finance Committee hearing (2:13).

"Companies don't just give away higher wages" according to Sherrod Brown. Indeed, they do not. That a tax cut for corporations will cause them to pay higher wages or hire more workers is trickle down bullcrap. Demand causes corporations to hire more workers and a tight labor market forces corporations to pay higher wages.

Yet FOOLS like Rusty Shackelford continue to buy this bullcrap. The trumpy blogger recently wrote that it is his belief that Trump's tax cuts will be akin to "rocket fuel [for] America's economic engine".

Orrin Hatch's feigned outrage pisses me off. I'm sick and tired of these same lies from the Right, over and over. I don't give a damn about Hatch being from the "lower middle class". He's about to create a HUGE mess.

The following from an article by Paul Gambles, a Securities Fundamental Investment Analyst and an Investment Planner. empirically-based model of the new administration's tax, infrastructure and government spending policies (especially the tax policies) forecasts that they'd combine to make a bad situation far worse, derailing the U.S. economy and if enacted now, Trumponomics... would almost certainly tip America into a recession that would most likely become known as America's second Great Depression... (Trump's tax reform could tip America into recession and possibly serfdom. 3/6/2017 CNBC Commentary).

These wealthy-oriented cuts could trigger a "re-run of the 1930s" according to Mr. Gambles. So, calling them "rocket fuel" is accurate, I think. Rocket fuel that will propel us into full blown oligarchy. But this is what Trump supporters wanted, I guess. To cut taxes on the wealthiest while cutting services that many of them rely on.

Fortune Magazine says "Trump's tax cuts are the biggest wealth grab in modern history". But Republicans know the wealthy man is incredibly eager to share what he has with those in lower economic stratas. They just don't have enough wealth yet.


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