Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Petition To Deny Funding For The Afghanistan Escalation

Sending more troops will not make the US safer - it will only build more opposition against us. I urge you on behalf of truth and patriotism to consider carefully and rethink Afghanistan ~ Corporal Rick Reyes (retired) testifying before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (4/23/2009)

The following arrived in my email inbox this morning from Matt Holland, the Online Director of True

Last night President Obama announced that he's escalating the war in Afghanistan, bringing the number of U.S. troops in that country to 100,000 or more.

It's the wrong decision, but it's not too late to change things.

To complete the escalation, Congress needs to sign off on the plans and the funding for extra troops and equipment - a staggering $1 trillion or more.

Last night, Congress heard from the president. Today, they need to hear from you. So we're working with friends at Brave New Films and Credo, and you can help: Sign the petition opposing the escalation in Afghanistan. It says:

"President Obama has decided to send more than 30,000 extra troops to Afghanistan, at a cost of more than $100 billion/year. But America cannot afford more war that does not make us safer, and Congress has the power to stop the escalation. Please vote NO on any spending bill that would send more troops to Afghanistan".

Sign the petition at Glenn Greenwald's site "Rethink Afghanistan".

Some pundits are saying there's no need to worry because Obama also promised to begin bringing troops home in 2011. But even if that is true, it would only be the beginning of the end of the war, with no guarantee when everyone will come home or when the war will end.

All this while President Obama's own national security advisor has reported that there are fewer than 100 Al Qaeda operatives in all of Afghanistan, and that they have no ability to launch attacks on either the United States or our allies.

Now Congress must decide if spending $100 billion a year to have 100,000 troops chasing 100 terrorists in the most remote mountains of our planet is worth it.

You know the answer already. Congress can slow down this conflict and eventually end it responsibly. We'll stick with this fight until they do the right thing.

Tell Congress we can't afford any more war. It's time to stop sending troops to Afghanistan and develop a plan to bring everyone home.

My Commentary: Is it not too late to change things? I think it probably is. In any case, I signed the petition because I believe that escalation is a mistake. If you agree I urge you to sign the petition as well. And to check out Glenn Greenwald's documentary "Rethink Afghanistan".

About "Rethink Afghanistan": Rethink Afghanistan is a 2009 documentary created by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Foundation about the ongoing war in Afghanistan. This full-length documentary campaign features experts from Afghanistan, the U.S., and Russia discussing critical issues like military escalation, how escalation will affect Pakistan and the surrounding region, the cost of war, civilian casualties, and the rights of Afghan women. The ultimate goal of this documentary campaign is to raise the level of public discourse, compel people to ask key questions about the war, and urge Congress to hold oversight hearings.

See also: Rethink Afghanistan, The Blog by Derrik Crowe.

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  1. OK, what is more important - spending $100 billion dollars on war or spending $100 billion dollars on health care. Before you answer, remember the health care is paid for, so far the war is NOT.

  2. I think a more appropriate petition would be to demand the President honor the 2011 timeline for leaving.

    I'm not for this. I wish we would leave WD. But we have to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt here. He did say Afghanistan was the frontline. For him to order the Troops home without treating it as the frontline would have been disingenuous on his part.

    He benefits nothing politically by doing this. He does send the Afghans a clear message though provided he sticks to it. Clean up your act and here's how long you have to do it.


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