Monday, October 31, 2016

James Comey Is Trying To Influence The Election & Barack Obama Should Fire Him

The Hatch Act of 1939, officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law whose main provision prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and certain designated high-level officials of that branch, from engaging in some forms of political activity. (Source).

That is what I've read, in any case. That FBI Director James Comey is either trying to influence the election, or is so incompetent that he doesn't realize that this "reopening" of the HRC email investigation (not a reopening, although that is how the RW is characterizing it) could influence the election.

In either case some are saying it's a "firing offense" (an assessment I tend to agree with).

In the past 24 hours, two high-profile figures from opposite sides of the political spectrum have accused FBI Director James B. Comey of potentially and illegally influencing the presidential election. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) made the accusation in a letter Sunday night, and Richard Painter, who was an ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration, said the same thing in a New York Times op-ed published Sunday.

[Painter says] "We don't need to worry ourselves with what actually motivated Comey because we can just look at what the natural result of his behavior is, and whether there is any explanation for his behavior". In other words: If it smells like a Hatch Act violation and it sounds like a Hatch Act violation, it may be a Hatch Act violation. ("It's a firing offense": Why James Comey may have broken the law with Clinton emails By Amber Phillips. 10/30/2016 Washington Post).

As for what the hell is going on (*skip* to my summary immediately following to save time/not have to read the entire article except).

The FBI found the new evidence during an unrelated inquiry into former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner regarding an allegation that he sent illicit, sexual text messages to an underage girl in NC. In the course of that investigation, agents seized a laptop computer Weiner shared with his wife, Huma Abedin, a longtime Clinton aide who has already been questioned by the FBI during its investigation. The bureau found the emails now being examined on this shared device...

Because Clinton preferred to read documents on paper rather than on a screen, emails and other files were often printed out and provided to her either at her office or home, where they were delivered in a diplomatic pouch by a security agent. Abedin, like many State Dept officials, found the government network technology to be cumbersome, and she had great trouble printing documents there... As a result, she sometimes transferred emails from her unclassified State Department account to either her Yahoo account or her account on Clinton's server, and printed the emails from there. ...

Abedin would use this procedure for printing documents when she received emails she believed Clinton needed to see and when the Secretary forwarded emails to her for printing. Abedin told the FBI she would often print these emails without reading them. Abedin printed a large number of emails this way...

This procedure for printing documents, the government official says, appears to be how the newly discovered emails ended up on the laptop shared by Abedin and her husband. (Hillary Clinton's emails: The Real Reason The FBI Is Reviewing More of Them by Kurt Eichenwald. 10/28/2016 NewsWeek).

So, in summary... what happened was that the FBI, investigating Weiner for sending his pervert texts to an underage girl, grabbed a laptop shared by the pervert Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin (who is now separating from the pervert), and they found that Huma used the laptop to send emails to herself (from her UNCLASSIFIED State Dept. account to a Yahoo account). Because it was easier to print from Yahoo. Because HRC likes reading hard copy, as opposed to reading from a screen.

As for what is on the laptop, it isn't know yet. Another reason why Comey releasing this statement now is so f*cking stupid. This will very likely be another big nothingburger. Although it could influence the election, which is why it is a violation of the Hatch Act, which is why I say YES, his ass should be fired.

Although, knowing that Trumpers will scream that the firing is politically motivated, Obama should wait until after the election (given that it is mere days away, and the damage is already done). But as soon as HRC is declared the winner? Comey should be handed his walking papers (a "dishonorable" discharge from his position).

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BTW, the idiot blogger Luke Spencer's take on this CONFORMS to the Republican narrative. (NOTE: you can stop reading now if you don't care what the blog Troll Luke has to say). According to this MORON, "these Clinton haters are at it again"... by which he means Clinton supporters are "haters". He isn't referring to people who hate Hillary Clinton (a group that includes Luke Spencer).

Luke the Puke says "the Clinton haters are going nuts over Comey's latest statement" because, you know, he likely violated the Hatch Act. But that isn't the reason according to Puke. Puke says Anthony Weiner is "Clinton's pervert buddy". Because HRC served in the Senate while the disgraced Congressman served in the House. No, that isn't it. They are "buddies" because Weiner's (soon to be ex) wife is HRC's top aide.

Clearly a moronic assertion... that the husband of her aide is her "buddy". But such idiocy is to be expected from a moron like Puke. An idiot who says he is a Liberal, but spouts Republican talking points.

For example, Puke says Comey asserted that HRC would "normally would be disciplined for such action" (using a private server) but in reality Comey said "the decision to not recommend charges against the now-Democratic nominee wasn't a close call".

Puke also claims "the FBI investigated all his emails and what do you know, Clinton appears on those emails". But the truth is all Comey has said is that the emails on Huma's laptop "appear to be pertinent to the investigation" and that the FBI still needs to "determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation" (source).

But that does not stop the lying Clinton-hating Puke. He also refers to HRC using the Trump-created nickname, "Crooked Hillary". This, I think, points to the possibility of Puke being an undercover Trump voter. Trump attempted to tie Hillary Clinton to Bill Clinton's affairs. Puke makes an even bigger and more absurd leap, and attempts to link her to Anthony Weiner's sexting.

Also remember that Puke wrote (on his blog Words And Music) "I'm rooting for Trump". But ONLY to "to shove it down the throats of these mean, hate filled, crazy liberals" (he SAYS). Hate directed at him because (he says) "I won't join in their hate fest". And because (he says) "I dare to voice negative comments about Clinton".

But Puke lies. I don't care (that much) about his ill-informed Clinton criticisms. HRC is most definitely not without faults (another false assertion he makes... that HRC supporters "claim their candidate Hillary is without any faults"). He is entitled to his wrong opinion. I do take exception to his lies, both about HRC and those who support her. People such as myself (although I voted for B-S in the primary, I have early-voted for HRC in the General).

But even then I'd be willing to have a rational discussion with Puke about HRC and her faults. But this is an idiot who has trolled my blog for YEARS. As TOM and as Steve (100% proven that he was Steve, given the FACT that he changed the name on the "Steve" account to "Luke").

But even if he was not TOM (more on my proof that Luke is also behind the "TOM" account in my next post), and even if he was not Steve (which he proveably is, given that the account # are a match)... he still trolled my blog... as "Luke" (see SWTD #346). I refer to his absurd accusations of "plagiarism" against myself and others. And his sending of his commentaries (submitted as comments) to the blogs of others "so they don't have to steal them". Now with the addition of a "scumbag" (absurdity Flying Junior is aware of).

Something I asked him to stop doing... which prompted the following response.

Luke: Sorry, King Shithead PSYCHO KILLER TRUMP!!!
You will continue to get my posts marked, "Here is my post for today so you don't have to steal it FUCKHEAD!" Because you and your asshole buddies deserve it.
I simply won't respond. So enjoy my last comment to you KING SHITHEAD PSYCH KILLER TRUMP!!!
If I have anything to say about you King Shithead Psycho Killer Trump, it will be posted on my sidebar where I have listed your retarded behavior. (10/2/2016, unpublished comment).

Sorry, Luke, but you sending me (and others) your posts "so I don't have to steal it" makes YOU the troll. I mean, even though I'd never heard of "Luke" before... one of his accusations of "stealing" his posts was the very first comment he submitted to my blog. HOW could I have stolen anything he'd written when I'd never heard of him and never been to his blog?

Anyway, 7/27/2016 was the first time he commented on my blog as "Luke". As I previously mentioned, he had already been trolling my blog (using the SAME account) as "Steve" for YEARS (although I didn't notice the matching account #s until later).

The point being that Puke is a lying troll. I don't believe he is "Liberal". Maybe he THINKS he is. Puke's latest post does not sound like it was written by a "Liberal" to me. Given his use of many Republican talking points. And use of the Trump-generated nickname "Crooked Hillary". And bashing (with lies) of his "fellow" Liberals.

Maybe he WAS a Liberal. His commentaries as TOM on his old blog Stay A While (inactive for years now) sound as if they were written from a Liberal perspective. But now? Who knows. The only one SURE thing is that he is a troll.

Finally (file this under "interesting/bewildering"), Luke the Puke (posting as Steve on 9/05/2013) told me "I'm planing a surprise for you". But no "surprise" ever materialized. Now I'm thinking that Steve returning as "Luke" might be the surprise he was referring to. I mean, yeah, it is (at least a little) surprising that someone would be dumb enough to think they could accuse many bloggers of plagiarizing them... with ZERO proof.

Video: James Comey's actions influence 2016 elections. Excerpted from CNBC's Squawk Box (4:44).

PE: Harry Reid: FBI director should face criminal charges, 10/31/2016. SZ: October Ambush, 10/31/2016.

SWTD #356


  1. This Comey incident is quite interesting. Just this past July many high powered dems and liberal blogger's were extolling the virtues of James Comey, almost to the point of canonizing him.Now just four short months later the same leftwingnutz view him as the devil incarnate. Does that make you nutters hypocrites?

    1. Who? Prosecutors don't hold press conferences to say they aren't going to prosecute. He's not the "devil incarnate", just bad at his job (or possibly trying to derail the Hillary candidacy. He is a Republican). Both incidents being examples of how he mishandled things.

  2. Tisk, tisk Col. Sander's.....Hillary and her crew are doing just fine derailing her candidacy. Allowing a pedophile to get his hands on 650,000 e-mails, some of which may very well contain State Department information and just perhaps some classified. Don't you think Carlos Danger would be a good blackmail target?
    Now it known the acting head of the DNC and a former CNN reporter not once but twice supplied debate questions to the HRC campaign.....think Bernie and his supporters are a bit peeved over that?

    1. Tisk, tisk Mr. Gribble... Anthony Weiner has a sexting problem. Donald Trump has been accused of raping two kids! (a 12yo and a 13yo). According to Trump's 13yo victim "Trump and [Jeffrey] Epstein threatened her and her family with bodily harm if she didn't comply with all of their disgusting demands" (source).

      Maybe Weiner and Trump will be cellies? One thing is sure, and that is that the admitted sexual assaulter and pervert Donald Trump should NEVER be president. Leaving us with only one choice. Can you say "Madame President"?

      As for Weiner being a good blackmail target... no. Everything he's done has come out. You can't blackmail someone with secrets that aren't secret.

      BTW, I am a Bernie supporter. He should have been the nominee. But he isn't. Hillary Clinton is, and will be our next president. Unless the rigging Trump talks about helps him "win" the election. Can you say "President Pence"?

  3. Maybe my comment at Sue's place would make sense to your post:

    It's crazy. How could we have possibly arrived at the madness that infects our society today? And, yes, Obama is strangely silent, actually praising Comey as a faithful public servant.

    Here we are, barely three years after heroic whistleblower, Edward Snowden, vowed to expose the widespread and indeed universal extent of the misuse of telecommunications records and other forms of surveillance by the NSA, CIA and our allies in the international intelligence community. Yet the criminal media leaker, Julian Assange has turned the whole notion of whistleblowing on its head as he daily exposes the private communications of good and decent Americans who are not under investigation to the blinding scrutiny of media fuel for the fires of hate that consume our people and turn us against each other. The idiotic media gobbles up the illegal leaking of private communications like a dystopian, double-speaking monstrous organ of an oppressive totalitarian regime only to regurgitate it every news cycle on radio, TV and the web. As if they are somehow fighting the good fight by exposing the misdeeds of the wicked democrats. The F.B.I. seems to be complicit with Assange and the Russians in proving the case against, "Crooked Hillary," instead of prosecuting those who may be cooperating with Russia and betraying our country.

    The cruel irony is, of course, that Hillary doubtlessly used her own private server so that she expressly would not have to be exposed to the unwelcome surveillance by right-wing elements within the White House and the Pentagon that would seek to surreptitiously usurp and undermine her moral authority as Secretary of State.

    It is disheartening to say the least. What the hell is going on?

  4. And yeah, Luke the Puke is a real cocksucker. His aim is to confuse, obfuscate and madden liberal and progressive bloggers to keep them off-message and frustrated. His tactics are effective for what they are. Makes you want to get into more advanced forms of blogging that include plug-ins that can ban unwelcome ip addresses. Too bad that blogger can't do that.

    Anyone remember "Haloscan" as used on TGW?

    1. Luke uses the Trump-created nickname "Crooked Hillary" in his latest commentary, yet still claims to be a "Liberal". BTW, he's really mad you called him a "c*cksucker". Even though, as TOM and Steve, he sent me a LOT more vile shit. I was looking at the contents my Spam folder yesterday and found myself scrolling through pages and pages of TOM and Steve (Luke's old IDs) describing gay sex acts he imagined me and another blogger he hates engaging in.

      As for Assange, Willis believes him and Trump when they imply/say the source of the hacked emails was not Russia but the murdered Clinton campaign staffer, Seth Rich. Another reason not to vote HRC. She has those who cross her bumped off (the Hartster apparently believes). I wonder how many people Willis thinks the Clintons had bumped off (it can't be just Seth Rich).

  5. It does appear that Comey is either incompetent, or, intentionally attempting to influence (rig) the outcome of the election. Most likely the latter.

  6. Hey Dervish,

    Thanks for the laugh. I guess it's time for me to laugh off my brief association with Luke. Hopefully none of us will have to think about him very much going on from now. I've never been under attack like that before. Hopefully, I never will again.

    1. I hope you're right and he leaves you alone. Me, I'm expecting that Luke will troll me until I either die or quit blogging. He's been at it for years... using his TOM and Steve IDs.

  7. "For the record, I'm actually in favor of such rules being strictly enforced. But only going forward. Don't tell me that HRC should be prosecuted for negligence when the bush administration was totally let off the hook in regards to actual and intentional crimes! Because that absolutely will NOT fly with me."

    Nice partisan explanation for breaking the law. He did it so it's OK! Proving again your childish, criminal thinking, just like your leader crooked Hillary! Reagan lied about Iran-Contra, so it's OK when crooked Hillary lies about Benghazi! Thanks for showing us how fucked up your thinking is IDIOT LYING KING SHITHEAD PSYCHO KILLER TRUMP TROLL!!!

    1. The troll Luke quotes me from my post: Republican FBI Director James Comey On HRC Breaking The Law: "In Connection With Her Use Of The email Server? My Judgement Is That She Did Not" (SWTD #338).

      The troll Luke's comment "nice partisan explanation for breaking the law" runs contrary to what Comey said. Which is that she did not. The refutation to what you say is right in the title of the post you're quoting, dummy. BTW, the post you quote concerned HRC's use of a private server. It had nothing to do with Benghazi or Iran-Contra. Although, as for Benghazi "lies", the Republican Congress held multiple investigations and grilled Hillary for 10+ hours... and came up with nothing. Hillary Clinton didn't tell any lies about Benghazi.

      As for your final sentence... (1) Your use of Republican talking points and the use of the Trump-generated nickname "crooked Hillary" shows how fucked up your thinking is. (2) Your reference to me as a "killer" show how insane your thinking is. (3) You are the troll. You trolled me with your bogus plagiarism charges. You also trolled me for years as Steve and TOM; submitting MANY disgusting homophobic comments that you should be ashamed of. BTW, it was Steve (you) posting anonymously on "Truth" 101's blog that said I was the "King Shithead". Truth refuted your accusation. When you call me "king shithead" you're quoting YOURSELF.

  8. It's so easy and fun to get you going! You are so gullible!!!
    What a STUPID LYING PSYCHO KILLER TRUMP TROLL!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA No contradictions here, just your stupid delusions.

  9. Proof that Luke the Puke is the blog troll.

    What follows is an excerpt from a post on his blog titled "Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi" in which he CONTRADICTS what he wrote above...

    Luke: After 6 years, 8 investigations, and 8 million dollars, Mr. Goudy came out with his final Benghazi report today. Nothing new about Mrs. Clinton. In fact he stated no specific complaints against Mrs. Clinton in his press conference, or in the report. No charges, just baseless accusations... Keep in mind that last year a Republican member of the investigating committee (Mr. McCarthy) stated publicly that the investigation was meant to lower Hillary's poll numbers during her run for president.

    NO mention of "when crooked Hillary lies about Benghazi" in this post, shithead. But trolls (which is what Luke is) often adopt different positions WHEN THEY TROLL. Because the goal of the troll is NOT to state their honest opinion and engage in honest dialogue, but only to insult, lob bombs, be fuckers, etc.

    Makes me wonder if ANYTHING Luke writes on his blog is what he actually believes, or if it is all made up bullshit (the "opinion" of his "Luke" persona). I lean toward the latter and believe that Luke might actually be one of those so-called "undercover" Trump voters.


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