Friday, July 20, 2007

John Edwards for President

If you look at the history of endorsements in this campaign, they haven't had a lot of sway with voters, which is understandable... voters make their own decisions in presidential campaigns -- John Edwards (DOB 6/10/1953).

Sleeping with the Devil officially endorses John Edwards for President, 2008. Hopefully the resulting bump in the polls with propel Edwards past Democratic front runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

From the John Edwards for President Official Website...

John Edwards' Plan To Build One America

In America, everyone should have a fair opportunity to realize their dreams, no matter where they came from. John Edwards is running for president to build One America where every American can work hard and build a better life, the same opportunity that Edwards had. At the same time, America's leadership role in the world has grown out of our moral strength as an example for the world, not just our economic and military strength.

In today's Two Americas, it is no coincidence that most families are working harder for stagnating wages when there are nearly 60 lobbyists for every member of Congress. America's image overseas has been tarnished by the war in Iraq, our refusal to join the world in working to halt global warming, and repeated violations of Americans' constitutional rights.

Building One America will take strong, bold steps, not incremental steps and half measures. Edwards has proposed detailed plans to put Washington back on the side of regular families. (John Edwards 08: Issues)

Also, see this same page for in-depth coverage concerning John's plans regarding healthcare, poverty, rural america, tax simplification, working families, predatory mortgages, debt and savings and food saftey.

Personally, I think he has the best plan for getting us back on track after the disastrous and corrupt bush administration. In particular I admire his focus on eliminating poverty in the US. Also, I think his national health care plan, which we desperately need, is the most pratical.

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