Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Right-wing Perspective Regarding The Invasion Of The Illegals & The Ground Zero Victory Mosque

Usually the nonsense liberals spout is kind of cute, but in wartime their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening ~ Ann Coulter (b. 12/8/1961) an American lawyer, conservative social and political commentator, author, and syndicated columnist.

A guest commentary by: the lovable Radical Right Wing Terrorist Free Market Guy (an infrequent commenter and more often lurker on this blog)...

Hi, RRWTFM Guy here... In case you're wondering why a sane voice of intellect and reason has chosen to post on a commie socialist Hussein-worshiping blog such as this one... well, you can chalk it up to my love for Jesus and our awesome free-market system. I'm just an ordinary hard working American who loves his country, and is hopeful that ONE Librul might see the error of his ways and embrace the only Party that can defend our glorious free market system from the terrorists and Librul saboteurs... a system that was surely gifted to us by our all-mighty creator.

Although I realize that most of you Librul/commie types are Godless "secular humanist" atheists or pagans, there are a few who claim to be Christians. Like the proprietor of this blog. Even though I often think Libruls only claim to be Christians to mock us - as it is clear that Christian-bashing is all the rage these days, what with your continual War on Christmas and what not, but I digress...

I originally composed this comment in response to w-dervish's last post, but after I published it he contacted me and asked if I'd like to turn my brilliant monologue into a guest commentary. At first I said, "what is the point, as your blog gets virtually zero traffic, so nobody will read my guest commentary - intelligent and persuasive though it may be - it won't have any chance of converting any Libruls, because no one will ever see it". w-dervish then pointed out that he has FIVE followers who might read it, even though none of them responded to his last post. Because they most likely realized that reading w-dervish's insane rantings was a complete waste of time. Surely their time would be better spent composing their own insane rantings for their own commie/Librul Obummer-loving blogs?

Finally I concluded that, seeing as I had already written the comment, I might as well turn it over to w-dervish and see what happens. Although I suspect that he may modify what I've written and turn it into a Right-wing parody that he and his commie/Librul followers can make fun of. We shall see. If that happens I may have to start my own blog... in order to spread the truth regarding how the Axis-of-evil (Hussein, Pelosi and Reid) are destroying our country in hopes they can transform it into a communist/socialist/fascist paradise. In any case, my original comment, left in response to the lies contained within w-dervish's previous post, follows... hopefully my insightful commentary will convince at least one Librul or centrist Democrap to see the error of his (or her) ways.

NOBODY has jumped in yet, even though your post has been up for 4 days, and given the RIGHT rebuttal... so I guess it's up to me to set you straight... even though I probably shouldn't be encouraging you... which is why I've refrained from posting on your looney blog for several months.

It seems as though, even with no one reading and no one responding, you refuse to give up. Typical Librul... you'd probably stand in an empty field with no one around for miles screaming (for hours) your terrorist-loving-free-market-hating POV... even if no one could hear you, or would even care about what you're saying if they did. Because the majority of Americans strongly disagree with your wacky FAR LEFT positions.

Obviously the culprits here ARE the "brown skinned" people (as you call them). But this has NOTHING to do with race! We're being invaded by a foreign army! An army that is stealing our jobs and costing us billions! And, in addition to stealing our jobs they're stealing our medical services. And they're stealing our educational services. A lot of them are criminals bringing in drugs and guns. And they're killing our citizens! Remember when the BRAVE governor Jan Brewer alerted us to the FACT that decapitated bodies are being discovered in the Arizona desert! (And YES, I believe Governor Brewer, despite what the article I linked to says! I couldn't find one that upheld her claims, damn Librul media!)

Do you not care one whit for your fellow Americans w-dervish! OF COURSE NOT! Instead of blaming the illegal-coddling ordinary-hard-working-American-hating Democrat Party, you wish to REWARD sneaky illegal invaders! SHAME on you, you stupid freedom-hating Libturd! You and your kind disgust me. If the 2008 election hadn't been stolen by ACORN John McCain would be our president now, instead of your "dear leader" who is hoping to change our previously great country into a socialist dictatorship with the help of 20 million new voters! I'm surprised he hasn't already granted amnesty by executive order to the job-stealing illegal-border-crossing drug-smuggling white-women-raping freeloaders! (yes, I realize that not ALL illegals are drug smugglers or rapists, so hold your horses before labeling me a racist, Librul! This isn't about racism, it's about the FACTS!)

If we should be comparing anyone to the Nazis it should be people like w-dervish! Our American-loving-job-creating corporations WANT to hire genuine hard-working Americans, but due to the affirmative-action-loving Libcommies they're forced to give American jobs to identity-thieving illegals with phony social security numbers! And, instead of stopping them at the border... you want to wait until they've already entered the country before doing anything to foil their job-stealing plans! Because you're not really interested in catching them.

Workplace enforcement! Give me a break. I know what that is code for... instead of allowing our border security officers to do their jobs you want to place an undue burden on business with the free-enterprise-crushing regulations you big-government-loving collectivist statists love so much. You also falsely claim that honest American job-creators are hiring illegals to drive down wages for all Americans! UNTRUE! Supply and demand is "driving down" wages (actually supply and demand is setting FAIR wages - if you don't like the wage being offered go find another job, or get more education). Illegals are actually leaving the country due to this recession, which, while it may have begun under George W. Bush, was exacerbated by the spending spree the exalted one went on following the election (which was stolen by ACORN, as I previously said).

We would be well into the McCain recovery if not for the socialist free-market-hating community-organizing ACORN-orchestrated coup! Karl Rove is right, "the economy is recovering, but this is in spite of the Recovery Act, not because of it". So, instead of the STRONG recovery we could be experiencing under President McCain, we're stuck with a fragile recovery thanks to the failed Obummer "stimulus". Which is why we MUST NOT allow the bush tax cuts to expire! So what if they go primarily to the wealthy, they are the "job-creators" after all. They need those tax cuts in order to create jobs.

Unfortunately many Democrats "would rather have high taxes and a lower standard of living than low taxes and a higher standard of living", as Mr. Rove correctly points out in his brilliant polemic "Courage and Consequence".

Let us not forget that the recession was caused by free-market-hating hippie Libruls who bought up all those worthless housing derivatives in a evil communist anti-capitalist plot to bring down our glorious free market system! I saw your last post trashing Sean Hannity and Citizen's United films! Everything you wrote (in that post) was a LIE, you stinky lying communist Libterrorist! Personal responsibility IS the key! Although it doesn't work when hippie traitors bring down our system from within! Regulation? You and your ilk probably laughed when you realized that, after crashing our glorious free market system, you could credibly advocate for more regulation in the aftermath of the destruction you wrought. We who believe in personal responsibility and the free market will not be fooled into accepting your regulatory big-government communist schemes!

You and your ilk should be shipped off to Gitmo (which, "The One", BTW still hasn't closed, as he "promised"). Ha-ha-ha, stupid Libruls! Even your Kenyan poser prez realizes that the Gitmo detainees cannot be released! As much as I'm sure he'd like to... given the fact that he's constantly siding with our enemies... case in point, the Ground Zero Mosque, which will surely be used as a terrorist training center if it is allowed to be built. Face it, you American-people-hating Libturd, The American people have spoken! Although the Muzlums have a Constitutional right to do so, we should revoke the permit that allowed construction to go ahead.

Don't give me any crap about the NY city board approving construction! They must have all been Moslum-loving Liburls, which is why they QUIETLY issued their approval. They knew that if the American people were allowed to weigh in that they would democratically decide that a Allah-tells-me-to-blow-up-America victory mosque financed by a Saudi prince and others with terror-ties was a extremely bad idea. Which is why the Liburl surrender-monkeys support it! And why Obummer wants to ship the Gitmo prisoners off to a facility in Illinois! So that, once on America soil, they will be "entitled" to access our American court system. And, once all charges were dismissed against the terrorists by the Librul terrorist-coddling activist judges, they could have set up residence here in the US (probably on the tax-payer's dime), and begun plotting new terror attacks.

This is why Obummer and AG Holder wanted to bring KSM to New York for trial... they were hoping that he would be "exonerated" and set free. Or that his confession would be thrown out because he was "tortured" (actually harmless waterboarding, which our own troops undergo - do Libruls think we torture our own troops? ridiculous!). Thankfully, after the American people voiced their outrage the Obummerites had to back down. Hu-rah! That surely was a victory for our side... the side that STANDS WITH AMERICA instead of with our enemies!

Hussein a Christian! Come on Libruls, nobody is buying that lie any longer. People are waking up to the fact that Hussein is actually a Muslim terrorist sleeper! Prepare to be crushed in November, and lose the White House in 2012. I'm extremely hopeful that most of your America-destroying Librul policies will be reversed once Romney/Palin kick Obummer/Biden out of the WHITE House!

In the meantime I will continue to advocate against the illegal invasion and the GZ Victory mosque, and I'll continue to advocate in favor of Arizona's "deport the illegal invaders" law and in favor of the de-funding and repeal of the unconstitutional Obummercare (which will happen after the Republicans have retaken the House and Senate). Your days are numbered Libruls... the American people's voices will be heard! You can either get on the winning team's bus or be run over by it - or be thrown under it when the Obummer Administration places the blame for their defeat on your professional-Left-loving asses.

Or, if the American people are defeated in 2010 because the fix is in, we may have to exercise our 2nd amendment rights! Remember Thomas Jefferson said, "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants". If that means an armed rebellion, then I say the true patriots have no choice. The Obummerites cannot be allowed to remain in office, or they will surely destroy our great nation. The blood of any innocents killed will be on their hands!

Well, that does it for me for now. Excuse the length of my post, although I'm sure w-dervish followers are used to it by now. Or sick of it, which could explain why his last post received no comments from any of them. In any case, I had a lot to say to refute all the lies w-dervish has been promulgating. Oh, and w-dervish wanted me to mention that this will be his blog's 50th post, as if it were some grand milestone or something. I've visited numerous other blogs, and most of them do more than 50 posts in 5 years! I actually think it's quite pathetic. He thinks he's out there spreading his Librul ideology, when, in fact, he allows most issues to pass without a peep. Not that it matters since no one reads his Librul nonsense anyway.

See also: The Sock Puppet Wants A Bailout by Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider 11/29/2008

SWTD #50


  1. As one of your zero commenting commenters, I want to say that at last I have something to comment about. And I also would like to comment that I am converted, even though I am not sure what I just read...but I do not like the heretofore exercise of standing in an empty field and shouting for miles and shitting in the woods for nothing.

    With this in mind this old commie pinko is sending for a Glenn Beck University enrollment application.

    Thank you for showing me the error of my ways, and instilling in me a new awareness of the white man's burden...getting our country Beck from the off-colors, dope fiends, and litter producing illegal God haters.

  2. Oh no... maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

  3. Not to worry...I just received an email from Beck U., rejected for inability to decipher bullshit, made up, chalk board political connections. Whatever that means. I'm back in the lefty fold.

  4. Dear RRWTFMG,

    My advice is to take two aspirin and lie down. Your Beckian fevers will pass, and all will be right with the world.

  5. OMG, w, I could not get through one quarter of this mans hideous rant without throwing up. These fuckin morons are INSANE!! Don't they see what they are doing to our country? Their party is imploding because of their insanity, their inability to set forth a plan for America, their inability to see our country's mess is their doing NOT libruls!! This insanity to keep bringing up ACORN and a stolen election is just proof of their stupidity. Sorry rightwing nut, you are on a downward spiral and it's your own doing!! UGH!!!!

  6. For those of you who missed it, the very first link (the handle used by my "guest commenter") is to a Wikipedia page... the page that defines "sock puppet".

    In other words, I wrote this post. It's meant to be a parody. jadedj got the joke... I think. The arguments of some on the Right are just so ridiculous that sometimes they make me laugh... that is, until I realize that people are actually buying them.

    I apologize if I upset anyone... or caused anyone to throw up.

  7. I did...and a damn fine joke it is! I threw up anyway.

  8. It appears that convincing any of you Libruls that you've got it all wrong is hopeless. You know the greatest Conservative of them all, Ronald Reagan actually used to be Librul?

    That being the case, I thought that there might be a slim chance I could convince one of you of the error of your ways. Instead people are throwing up. I guess most Liburls can't take it when their worldview is challenged.

  9. I knew you wrote it W-d. I was responding to the persona. LOL!

  10. okay I should make you come clean up the throw-up! Bad bad boy!!


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