Saturday, January 01, 2011

Growing Uncertainty

The uncertainty meme is just mind boggling. Businesses always have a certain amount of regulatory uncertainty to deal with, and there's simply no evidence that this uncertainty is any greater now than it usually is ~ Kevin Drum (b. 10/19/1958) an American political blogger and columnist, as quoted from his 11/14/2010 Mother Jones article, "The Uncertainty Meme".

How uncertain are you? Answer the poll and leave a comment regarding what you are uncertain about.

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Further Reading
[1] The Uncertainty Canard by Jonathan Chait, The New Republic. 12/7/2010.
[2] The Uncertainty Myth: The Latest GOP Fraud on Taxes by Jon Perr, Crooks & Liars. 12/6/2010.

9/25/2014 Update: The poll expired a LONG time ago. In any case, my point with this commentary was to point out the stupidity of the Republican meme that business isn't hiring due to "uncertainty" - and poke fun at it. But I don't think I did a good job of it, and this post, IMO, is one of my worst.

I might delete it if not for the fact that it received a few comments. And I've been numbering my posts and deleting one would leave a hole. Anyway, this is a rare bad one, I think. On the whole I'm pretty proud of the body of work I've created here on this blog.

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  1. Much of my moderate uncertainty is due to all St. chicanery WD.

    Stock price manipulation is rampant. Either through issuing of more shares or news spun to raise or lower prices depending on how much execs want to buy or sell.

  2. My uncertainty revolves currently about these rumours of $4/gal gas, which seems custom designed to tank the economy just as it's trying to pull itself out of the crapper, and the boggle about why the masses aren't rising up over the mere thought of it.


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