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Michael Moore On Hillary Clinton's Continuing Attacks On Bernie Sanders

Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It's all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it -- Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton tears open wound with her attack on Sanders (The Hill, 1/22/20).

I'm talking about the attacks from Hillary Clinton (which are in her book) that concern Bernie Sanders not endorsing her quickly enough in 2016. In addition to recent ridiculous remarks from the 2016 Democratic nominee and popular vote winner (as quoted above). Michael Moore addresses these comments on the 2/1/2019 airing of NBC Live hosted by David Gura.

Michael Moore: Hillary's comments about Bernie -- "nobody likes him", "can't win" -- those only exist to help Donald Trump. Maybe Hillary doesn't know that. But it was divisive, it was cruel. And it was a lie. Just watch the news here... He's number one in California. He's number one in New Hampshire. He's number one in Iowa. He's number one with young people. He is so beloved across this country. By working people, by the Middle Class, by young people. He's been number one with Latinos in every poll for 4-5 months. He is beloved.

For Hillary Clinton to say that, it just reminds us that we have our own 1 percent. He have our corporate Democrats. He have the Democrats who are beholden to Goldman Sachs. They are the corporate Democrats -- and if they are here in Iowa to try and ruin this so that Trump stays in office for 4 more years, they should stop. I've been in Iowa with Bernie on the campaign trail for the last two weeks and he has never said a negative word about Hillary Clinton.

In fact, in 2016 he did 39 rallies on his own for Hillary. When Hillary lost to Barack Obama in the primaries of 08, she did 12 rallies with Obama. For her to make this middle school comment, it's like, really? I voted for Hillary Clinton in the general election 3 years ago. It's very sad and disappointing.

David Gura: Michael... a lot of people focus on the silence back in 2016 and that interregnum of 36 days -- he saw the writing on the way, he wasn't going to be the nominee and he took a lot of time before he fulsomely backed Hillary Clinton in the election. Can you understand and sympathize with that at all. That this wasn't an immediate endorsement of Hillary Clinton by Senator Bernie Sanders back in 2016.

Michael Moore: No. First of all, lets be clear -- in 08, after it was very clear that Hillary Clinton had lost to Barack Obama, she would not endorse him until June. So, that's not unusual. And the reason Bernie did not endorse until the summer was because he wanted to go to the [Democratic] convention and make sure that the party platform represented the people in the 22 states that voted for him in the primary. He was holding out for the party to come out in favor of a $15 [an hour] wage. To come out in favor of these things that the party still wouldn't do in 2016. He... was fighting for those things, not against Hillary. ...

I don't want to hear anymore about this madness. ... I want to go and tell her ... quit trying to help Trump get another 4 years with the divisive bullying statements you made.

[End MSNBC Live 2/1/2020 Excerpt]

I don't know what the deal with Hillary Clinton is. As Michael Moore pointed out, she took her time endorsing Barack Obama. And that, I think, was due to her disappointment. She needed some time to come to terms with losing the primary. I can understand that. Yet, knowing this (I assume she must, even if she acts as if she does not) she criticizes Bernie for not endorsing her quickly enough.

And she has implied that (Bernie not endorsing quickly enough) is a reason she lost to Dotard. Like Mr. Moore, I've had enough of it. Shut up, Hillary. Bernie took the leverage he had (his endorsement) and used it to get positive changes in the Democratic Platform. Yet Hillary makes it all about her. And is obviously holding a grudge. GET OVER IT.

What is important is defeating Dotard in the upcoming election and not the constant drudging up of the bad blood between Hillary and Bernie supporters in 2016. Hopefully, if Bernie is the nominee, Hillary will endorse him. And she has no reason NOT to do it quickly. Except for sour grapes.

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