Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pervert-In-Chief Regals Young Boys With Tale Of Rich Man Who Had Lots Of Yacht Sex

Look at those hands, are they small hands? And, if they're small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there's no problem. I guarantee ~ Candidate Trump talking about the size of his penis, 3/3/2016.

Pervert-In-Chief Donald Trump visited the Boys Scouts during their 2017 National Scout Jamboree (7/19/2017 to 7/28/2017 at the Summit Bechtel Reserve WV). BLOTUS, (in a speech delivered on the 23rd) rambled on about his "win" and got the audience to boo ex-president Obama, even though "every other president to speak at the Scout Jamboree in its 80 years of existence addressed purely nonpartisan themes".

An official for the Scouts later issued an apology. I presume because some of the parents were Democrats who did not appreciate Trump's bragging about his win yet again. Heck, even some Republicans must find this moron's fixation on "winning" tiring. Given the fact that all past presidents focused on actually doing the job ofter they got it. As opposed to bragging about "winning" the Electoral College (when he cheated). And lying about winning the popular vote.

Additionally (and inappropriately) Trump regaled the young boys with a tale of a rich man who sold his business for a lot of money... then bought a yacht on which he had lots of sex.

Real estate developer William Levitt built affordable houses on Long Island for returning vets following WWII. According to Slate, Levittown (name of the development) was "notorious for its refusal to accept applications from anyone other than whites".

Trump also (when he worked with his father circa 1973) discriminated against minorities. "Get rid of Blacks" Fred Trump told his 27-year-old son (re African Americans who were seeking to and already renting Trump apartments).

Although the racist BLOTUS skipped that part. The point of the story was that if you become successful you can get rich and buy a yacht. Then (presumably) what you do is invite women to join you on your yacht. Then you grab the bitches you lure onto your yacht by the pussy and otherwise sex them up.

Trump got away with telling this inappropriate story (I guess) because he didn't spell out what he was talking about. But people can read between the lines. The disgusting pervert thinks banging as many hot chicks as you can is just what you do if you're a rich Man. And the 12-year-old Scouts he was addressing knew it. "You know life" Trump remarked.

"The president was met with uproarious howling and applause, so the kids clearly knew what he was talking about and were down to hear about a millionaire's carnal fuck spree"... Maggie Serota of Death and Taxes wrote. "There was so much sucking and fucking on that yacht, believe me. Playboy bunnies, bowls full of coke... bowls! You know. You know life"... Samantha Bee said, rephrasing Trump's anecdote on the 7/26/2017 airing of her Full Frontal TBS program.

So why only an apology for talking politics? Where is the apology from the leadership of the Scouts for allowing a sexual deviant to warp the minds of young boys?

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