Saturday, September 23, 2017

The "Amazing Feats" Of The Mentally Deranged Dotard Predisent

I know words. I have the best words ~ DJT claim during a campaign stop in SC on 12/30/2015.

If I only told you the name, "American Liberty Report", I think you'd be able to guess that the're a Right-wing "news" source. Conservative news sources often use the words "liberty" and "patriot". The implication being that the Left is opposed to liberty and Lefties aren't patriotic.

Anyway, as per an email I received today, "Trump is curing some of America's deepest problems". Without clicking on the link and reading the story, my guess is that the "deep problem" Trump has cured is that a Black man was president.

After clicking the link I see that the problem Trump has solved is "extreme sensitivity". Sensitivity to what, you ask? The fact that Trump is an inarticulate buffoon who refers to countries that don't exist (Nambia) and uses words that don't exist ("unpresidented" and "covfefe").

Trump isn't America's first idiot president (gwb), but he is, due to his use of Twitter (the article says) accomplishing the amazing feat of curing the "extreme sensitivity" of people who realize that Trump is completely unqualified for the job of president.

This feat is accomplished by Trump keeping up a constant barrage of moronic tweets. According to the "American Liberty Report", "he has deliberately used Twitter to onslaught leftist ideology so relentlessly that they can't help but become desensitized to his words". So, people are getting used to Trump's idiotic tweeting, and for that he deserves praise?

America is suffering from oversensitivity. It is crippling our once unparalleled institutions of higher learning. Trump saw the issue, and he has already flipped the script on several classic battles. (How Trump Is Curing Extreme Sensitivity in the US).

Trump is exhibiting "real leadership on a level we haven't seen in ages" by using Twitter to "push buttons", forcing the Left to "get over their sensitivities". Remember when Obama was criticized for being "professorial". Yeah, that was awful, right? What we really needed, according to the Right, was a moron.

Now we have a moron, and he's shaking things up with his stupidity. Way to go dotard Trump! Can you f*cking believe it?! I know I sure as hell can't.

Image: The dotard Trump claims he has the "best words". "Dotard", btw, means "an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile". The dictator Kim Jong Un recently said (re Trump's threat to destroy North Korea), "I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire". Yeah I doubt it. The "tame with fire" part, and not the part about Trump being a mentally deranged dotard (he is). BTW, I am not saying that Kim isn't mentally deranged... this might be a case of "it takes one to know one".

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  1. "It takes one to know one."

    Best take-away from this frightening exchange I have read yet.


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