Monday, September 04, 2017

Trump Will Be Impeached For Getting A BJ In The White House Oval Office (A Prediction On Which I Will Be Proven Correct, Mark My Words!)

Perjury about a blowjob is not nearly as serious as perjury about a Russian attack on our democracy ~ Laurence Tribe (dob 10/10/1941) a professor of constitutional law at Harvard who has argued before the Supreme Court 36 times (6/11/2017, CNN).

I am predicting that the Russia nonsense will go nowhere. Mueller (if Trump doesn't fire his partisan ass) will find nothing. Because Trump did not collude with Russia (according to Trump and his deluded trumpanzees). Which isn't to say that I think trump won't be impeached. He will. But it will be for receiving oral sex in the Oval Office. Mark my words!

BTW his wife Melania isn't the one who has (or will) blow him in the Oval. According to what I've read, "Melania is fully aware... not bothered [and] was planning on leaving the marriage until Trump's unexpected victory". What she was not bothered by is that Trump has a mistress.

The mistress's name? Hope Hicks. A 29 year old bimbo who currently serves as the White House Director of Strategic Communications. Hicks, a 28 year old former model, has no previous experience or interest in politics. Now she travels everywhere with him. BTW, rumor has it that Melania is also cheating. Her beau is "Henry Siemers, head of security at Tiffany's in Trump Tower".

Despite these rumors not being confirmed, I think we can be fairly certain that they are completely true. A cheater cheats, and Trump is a proven cheater. When he bragged to Billy Bush that he can kiss women without their consent and even sexually assault them (grab them by the privates) just because he is a celebrity, he was married to Melania.

Donald and trophy wife #3 were married the same year (1/22/2005) that he told the Bush cousin that he considers women to be mere sex objects, and he can do whatever he wants to a woman he finds attractive (this was sometime in September of 2005). What woman wouldn't want him, given the fact that he's an alpah male?

Obviously the Trumpster never considered staying loyal to his new (3rd) wife. Cheating, like grabbing pussy, is something he is entitled to. And, if (as a wealthy real estate magnate and reality TV star) he thought he was irresistible to women, why the hell would that change now that he's the most powerful man in the world? In addition to cheating with Hopie AKA "The Hopester" another rumor says "Trump has a regular girlfriend in Florida that he sees at Mar-a-Lago".

So maybe he isn't screwing Hope in the WH oval (or any room in the WH), given the fact that it's a dump, but, really, all that needs to happen is for him to lie about under oath about the extra-marital affair. When Trump was "elected" potus he was facing an unpresidented 3500 lawsuits. Some of them have been resolved in the 6 months of his illegitimate predisency, but new ones have been filed.

Get him under oath in regards to ONE of these lawsuits. Then, when the plaintiff's counsel asks him if he's cheated on Melania and he answers "no" (which any cheating man would do)? Then we've got him! The only problem would be that Trump would likely decline to answer and his lawyer would probably object. But a good lawyer could find a way to make the question relevant, I think. Maybe not, but it's worth a try.

Additionally, Trump might testify under oath in regards to the Robert Mueller investigation. Trump declared that he was "100 percent willing" to testify under oath about his conversations with former FBI directer Comey. Trump says Comey's characterization of their conversation was not accurate. "I didn't say that" Trump insisted when Comey testified that the predisent asked for loyalty. Also, "to let Flynn investigation go".

As we all know, Trump has not testified, but that does not mean that he won't be asked to. Trump could be asked to testify about his conversations with Comey, or for some other reason. Although Trump would likely refuse (and no law could compel him to appear before Congress under oath). And we all know he lied about being "100 percent willing". Because DJT is a pathological liar.

Trump will likely actively avoid testifying under oath. In regards to any kind of lawsuit or in regards to the Trump-Russia investigation. But, back before Trump was sworn in and Trump University lawsuit was still active, NBC news reported that "yes, Trump can be compelled to testify". Because "The US Supreme Court settled that question in 1997 when it ruled unanimously that a sexual misconduct lawsuit filed by Paula Jones against President Bill Clinton could proceed".

So, if Trump testifies under oath and lies about his affairs? Then the Republicans (once proof of the affair/affairs is presented), will be obligated to impeach. Because, as we all know, lying under oath about cheating on your spouse is an impeachable offense. Although he might not be removed from office, as the last guy who was impeached for a BJ wasn't. Which is why I think that the plaintiff's lawyer should ask as many questions as possible that Trump might answer with a lie.

Lying about threatening James Comey's job if he did not drop the investigation into Mike Flynn, or lying about his involvement in spinning a lie for Donald Junior (re his answer to an offer to collude with a Russian lawyer re the Russian government's support for candidate Trump) might not be as bad as lying about a BJ, but the argument still could be made that lying under oath is lying under oath. Couldn't it? Also, remember that Trump has a record of lying under oath, so it should be easy to catch him in a lie if he has no choice but to testify.

(Image: DJT smooches his alleged mistress, Hope Hicks).

Honestly, though, I think it's financial crimes that will be Trump's downfall. It's my understanding that Mueller has brought on a lot of people specializing in these kind of crimes. Mueller isn't just looking into collusion. Just as the investigation into Bill Clinton started with White Water, moved on to other things, then finally settled on lying about a BJ, Mueller doesn't have to make his case on collusion.

Not that I think there wasn't collusion (as there was nothing to White Water), only that Mueller can nail Trump on something else. Which I think he will. Looks like it's going to be money-laundering for Russian criminal elements. For which NY AG Eric Schneiderman might file charges. Against Paul Manafort - applying pressure to force him to flip on Trump (SWTD #386). If Manafort flips (because Trump can only pardon him for federally filed charges, not charges filed in NY) it could get really ugly for Trump. Bring on the popcorn.

Video: Ladies Man Leon Phelps (Tim Meadows) welcomes Monica Lewinsky to help take calls about dating at work and phone sex, followed by a call from Linda Tripp (5/8/1999). Note that this is the actual Monica Lewinsky, but not the actual Linda Tripp - who was portrayed by John Goodman (6:33).

SWTD #389


  1. Clinton never perjured himself. That's a lie. When he said he never had sex with Monica, he was telling the truth. A guy like that considers oral sex just fooling around. He would never claim to have had sex with her unless he actually fucked her.

  2. Hey Dervish, I hope you didn't feel that my initial comment was too flippant. But I actually have felt very adamant upon this subject. No, he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky. I feel that my own reasoning upon this subject has made light years more sense than that of anyone else that I have read. I mean, obviously Ken Starr never had any extra-marital affairs that involved multiple semen-shooting orgasms.

    But I returned and read your article. Yeah, sure. Great information. But the trick is getting Trump to testify about his penile exploits. If one of his harassment or rape victims came forward with a credible lawsuit, sure, perhaps history might repeat itself. Some asssbite attorney might get away with asking the president under oath whether or not he had sex with his mistress...

    But at the very least it seems doubtful.

  3. I think the whole impeach Clinton thing was ridiculous. There was obviously nothing to investigate, which is why they had to keep going until the reached a consensual affair. I do believe oral sex is sex, however.

    The war criminal wasn't impeached (when he should have been) because the Democrats believed there would be a huge political price to pay... due to the American people being sick of (what might have been perceived as) a tit for tat (you impeached our president, we'll impeach yours).

    Trump won't be impeached for anything sex related (the post was satirical). If Trump is impeached it will be over his Russia collusion and money-laundering. Some pretty serious crimes are being uncovered, I believe. And if Republicans don't impeached it will be only for political reasons. Hopefully (if Trump isn't impeached) ignoring serious crimes will be bad for the Republicans (tidal wave for Dems in 2018 and 2020).

    That said, Trump has sexually assaulted quite a few women. But I doubt he will ever be held to account for his sex crimes.

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