Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Man Who Farts In Deep Doo-Doo. Will He Or Flynn Bring Down Trump?

This thing is going into a critical phase. When they start raiding your offices for documents, they think you're lying. They think that you are hiding information ~ Malcolm Nance on the Stephanie Miller Show, 8/9/2017.

According to what I've heard, Trump ex campaign manager Paul Manafort's nickname is "man-who-farts". Due to "his inability to hold them in during meetings". Today it was revealed that (on 7/26/2017) the residence of the Gassy One were raided by the FBI at the direction of Robert Mueller. They were looking for evidence re the investigation into the corrupt Trump administration.

The FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid at the home of President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman ... [Seized] documents are said to include notes Manafort took while attending a meeting with Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in June 2016. (FBI Raided Paul Manafort's Home by Inae Oh. Mother Jones 8/9/2017).

So what do those notes say? Do they include dates on which WikiLeaks dumped material stolen by Russian hackers from the DNC? Remember when Hillary Clinton said "The Russians, in my opinion ... could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they have been guided ... by Americans"?

The popular vote winner of the 2016 POTUS election said "she is leaning in a direction that suggests the two coordinated" (Russia and the Trump campaign). Was it during this meeting that the coordination was discussed? The eponymously named progeny of Trump insists that he was promised dirt on HRC. His response was "I love it". His story is that he was lied to and got no dirt.

The email (from Rob Goldstein) said the requested meeting concerned the Russian government's support for DJT's presidential campaign. Was Goldstone ("a British music publicist and former tabloid journalist" with ties to the Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov) mistaken? The Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya (one of the 5 Reds at the collusion conference) denies any ties to the Russian government. Surely she is telling the truth.

Why was Russian money launderer Irakly Kaveladze also present? Was it to remind Donald Junior how deep his father was in with the Russian mob? "You've been in with us for years, so you better go along to get along". Was that the message that Irakly imparted?

There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is dirty (and likely knew about this meeting). The Russians have been working him for decades, slowly reeling him in. Trump happily accepted their money, selling them Trump properties at inflated prices. "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets... We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia" the Junior Trump said circa 2008.

After shifting through the documents from the man-who-farts, will Mueller have enough dirt on Farty to force him to flip on Trump? Bill Plamer, "an indie journalist who is usually a step or two ahead on Trump-Russia coverage" says "Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort may go to prison over Donald Trump Jr's Russia meeting after all".

Kushner initially lied about all of his Russia meetings on his SF-86 security clearance form, which is an imprisonable felony. Once that fact was exposed earlier this summer, he went back and listed hundreds of foreign meetings, including the one he attended with Donald Trump Jr and Russia. Manafort has been trying to get himself out from under his own failure to register as a paid foreign agent of the Kremlin, and has also confessed to Trump Jr's meeting. But if their "confessions" omitted the fact that a Russian spy like Rinat Akhmetshin was also in the meeting, then it means they blew their last shot at trying to avoid prison. (7/14/2017 Palmer Report article).

According to Wikipedia Rinat Akhmetshin is a "former Soviet counterintelligence officer". Meaning she worked for the FSB (the Federal Security Service, which is the principal security agency of Russia). This is the organization previously known as the KGB. Back in December of 2016 Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner met with Russian Sergey Gorkov. Gorkov chairs the state-owned Vnesheconombank (VEB), although he is a graduate of the academy that trains FSB agents (he was appointed to his current position by Putin).

It was also during this time period (the transition from the Obama to the Trump administration) that Kushner met with senior diplomat Sergey Kislyak to discuss setting up back-channel communications with Russia. "Back-channel talks have been common in US diplomacy". "Obama did it" is their defense. But the US has one president and one administration at a time. Kushner's back-channeling with Russia occurred before Trump was inaugurated and not something he should have been doing.

Meeting with Kislyak and failing to disclose it, BTW, was the reason Flynn was fired. But Kushner met with Sergey Kislyak and Natalia Veselnitskaya and didn't disclose. His lawyers say it was a "mistake". Later he amended his security clearance form to include the Kislyak meeting, but not the Veselnitskaya meeting.

I guess he "forgot". Because the meeting between him, Farty and Don Junior didn't result in them getting the HRC dirt that Veselnitskaya promised (as part of the Russian government's support for his father's presidential campaign). So they (Kushner and DJT#2) SAY. But Kushner is a liar. Kushner also met with the VEB chair Sergey Gorkov and fibbed about the why. VEB, BTW, "is not actually a bank at all [but more like] a slush fund for Russian President Vladimir Putin".

VEB says the meeting with Kushner had to do with "his family's real estate business" (re him "seeking financing for its troubled $1.8 billion purchase of an office building on Fifth Avenue in NY"), but Trump's White House "says the meeting was unrelated to business and was one of many diplomatic encounters".

However, as I noted earlier, VEB isn't a bank, so why would they be financing Kushner? Also, the "bank" has sanctions on it and Americans aren't supposed to be doing business with it. This being a "diplomatic encounter" does not pass the smell test as far as I'm concerned, Gorkov not being a diplomat. Clearly the Trump administration lied.

So what's really going on? I have my suspicions. Suspicions that involve things like collusion to spread fake news via social media designed to swing the election to DJT. And DJT being "persuaded" to collude due to his decades long involvement in Russian money laundering. All we can do now is wait and see if Mueller is able to uncover the necessary evidence. If he is allowed to, I think he should be able to.

Then we'll see if the Republicans are willing to impeach. Although, even if there is overwhelming evidence, trumpanzees have indicated they will not believe it. According to these brainwashed rubes (and the fake news Trump ass lickers manipulating them) Mueller is busy fabricating evidence.

WikiLeaks asshole Julian Assange recently tweeted (8/4/2017) "Is Robert Mueller a dirty cop?". I've noticed several new "news" outlets that, as soon as an outrageous and absurd lie escapes the orange anus lips of the BLOTUS, release articles backing up his nonsense. The Horn News and The Real News Network are two I'd never heard of before (although both say they existed before Trump). Trump himself (people close to him acting with his approval) has launched Real News of the Week from Trump Tower. The sycophantic bullshit (half truths, lies, taking credit for Obama accomplishments) is viewable on the BLOTUS Facebook page.

If Republicans admit that whatever Mueller uncovers has any validity (unless he SOMEHOW clears Trump), trumpanzees will LOSE THEIR SHIT! Knowing this, will Congressional Republicans act? I seriously do not know. I would ask "how could they not", but I was surprised by Trump's "win". So I'm not making any predictions regarding impeachment.

Paul Manafort, while he acted as an agent of a foreign power, never registered as one. Farty engaged in "lavishly-compensated work for a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party". My guess would be that Farty did not care that he was committing a felony due to the 17 million large he was gifted (Michael Flynn broke the same law when he did consulting work for the Turkish government. Although his "consulting" included discussing an illegal kidnapping of a Turkish cleric living in PA. Likely to be imprisoned and tortured).

By the way, did you know that in England the BLOTUS is known as "Donald Fart"? The reason is that, in Britain, the word "trump" is "slang for noisy flatulence". The man-who-farts and Donald Fart teamed up to assault America (with the help of Russia) via a nasty and vile Massive Ass Gas Attack. #MAGA!

Now, due to Trump's incompetence, potentially millions of lives are threatened with nuclear annihilation. Fucking trumpanzees! Their idiocy could destroy the world as we know it (God's will if it happens according to an evangelical Trumper). This incompetent buffoon has GOT to go!

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  1. Hey Dervish,

    I was talking about this meeting with my Dad earlier this month, actually two times. He was born in the worst years of the depression. He is probably not as cynical as you or I about the resolution of the republican congress to take action against the traitor, DJT.

    Dad believes that even a republican-controlled congress will do the right thing in regards to the Russian hacking/meddling of the 2016 presidential election. He pointed out that when Nixon resigned one year after the U.S Senate Watergate Committee, headed by Sam Ervin, published its final report June 27, 1974, both houses of congress were controlled by republicans. Of course, the CBS news anchor was still Walter Cronkite and there was no such thing as FOX news for at least 25 years and certainly no Breitbart News, Daily Storm or Daily Caller.

    But there was a beautiful radio network which began in the Bay Area, called Pacifica Radio. You can tune this in on the internet via podcast, or possibly live-streaming. My father and I always listened to KPFK Los Angeles. I believe the parent station was KPFA in Berkeley since 1959.

    So I'm talking about this self-same meeting with my eighty-six year-old father in August. He gets a little bit excited because he rarely gets to discuss this stuff with a like-minded citizen. Long story short, he emphasizes the one point that I don't seem to grasp. The Russian spy, Rinat Akhmetshin, in an interview with the Associated Press, not only stated that he was present for the meeting in blue jeans and a tee shirt, but also that he personally witnessed that the lawyer, Vetelniskaya, brought with her a plastic folder with printed documents that she said, “... could be a good issue to expose how the DNC is accepting bad money,” My father made no mention of the AP, only Pacifia Radio.

    So Dad heard this listening to KPFK Los Angeles. I have not been able to find it with teh googol until tonight.

    So the Soviet spy told the AP that Natasha actually handed a plastic folder full of print-outs to Trump Junior. Furthermore, he quoted what she said to the dimwit son of the monster.

    I actually found this story courtesy of Vanity Fair magazine. But I linked to the original AP story for better cred.

    Historical aside. Nixon resigned on my fifteenth birthday. August 9, 1974. We watched it at my birthday party.

  2. August 9, 1974 was just under 4 months from my 3rd birthday.

    Read the article you linked to. That is interesting. I wonder if Bob Mueller has those documents now? Whatever they were. Hillary being financed by Russians? It seems unlikely to me. All these meetings and connections indicate that there was something going on, I think. Someone was colluding, even if it was not Trump himself, but someone acting on behalf of Trump (Peter W. Smith, for example).

    Yet, some people continue to believe that the entire Russia collusion story is a fabrication. Apparently "the whole Russian narrative was concocted within 24 hours of the Clinton defeat by the bitch's ramrods, John Podesta and Robby Mook".

    BTW, Peter W. Smith thought Russian hackers were actively seeking material to influence the election, as he attempted to contact them (Russian hacking groups) because he thought they might have emails HRC deleted from her server. And this was BEFORE Podesta and Mook "concocted" the hacking "narrative".

  3. Will Hart is definitely a source for hardcore right-wing talking points. I have been tangling with some extreme Breitbart and Daily Stormer guys over at The Field Negro.

    I have not actually tuned in to watch Fox Cable News since 2008. From what I have heard from polling of average republicans and their extreme beliefs and fallacies, I gather that FOX News is actually much less based in fact than it was ten years ago. Our nation is in dire trouble with so much alternative fact news being disseminated.

    On a lighter note, it was funny to read about Trump's remarks at today's press conference where Trump couldn't resist fighting with the reporters about the events in Charlottesville. Just two days after his kumbaya phony screed on the teleprompter about, "Racism is evil...", he just lets loose with his true feelings. "There are many fine people, (carrying swastika and confederate flags, clubs, shields, guns etc. at the rallies.)

  4. Flying Junior: I gather that FOX News is actually much less based in fact than it was ten years ago.

    They fired two of the sexual harassers and told Hannity to knock it off with the Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory. O'Reilly and Hannity are apparently angry about that and (reportedly) planning to "take down" Fox News. Glenn Beck's (ex Foxer who was fired after he said Obama hates White people) The Blaze sez "Bill O'Reilly is reportedly talking to longtime Fox host Sean Hannity about teaming up to bring their storied success to a new television network".

    Bill O'Reilly To Launch His Own Newscast, Warns Fox News To Watch Out.

    Sean Hannity... Warns of "End of FNC as We Know It" (FNC=Fox News Channel).

    Trump is a Nazi apologist. I'm hearing that Democrats want to impeach or censure Trump for his remarks on Charlottesville.


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