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DJT Ran For The Presidency To Prevent HRC From Starting WWIII, Something He Discovered Would Happen After Traveling To The Near Future In Nikola Tesla's Time Machine

Note that this is a real "conspiracy theory" that also involves Mike Pence clones from the distant future, an Egyptian god and the use of magic (by DJT followers) to help Trump win the presidency (in addition to racism that is. The hate filled bigots also used ACTUAL magic).

As I discussed in "Shitposters of Free Kekistan" (WYM #15), (as per Wikipedia) "Esoteric Kekism... is a term for the parody religion of worshipping Pepe the Frog". "Kekism" is derived from the name of the Egyptian god Kek [1]. Kek, who has both a male and a female form, has "the head of either a frog or a cat".

The female form, "Kekuit", that is. The male form, "Kekui", has the head of a serpent. This is where Pepe, the anthropomorphized frog that the alt-right has adopted/stolen to represent their hate, comes in. While Pepe is often drawn as Donald Trump and is male, I would imagine he could take any form that he desires [3]. Given the fact that Pepe is actually the Egyptian god Kek (if I'm understanding this conspiracy correctly).

As for how Trump figures into this, my speculation is that, one day in ancient Egypt a man far removed from his own time appeared, catching the attention of the god Kek. That man was a time traveling Donald Trump. Being a God, and therefore immortal, Kek remembered Trump in the present and decided to grant Trump's followers the power to do "meme magic" (internet magic put into action via memes). In return for their worship of Pepe (the present day incarnation of Kek).

As for how Donald Trump came to be a time traveler, he did so via a machine designed by Nicola Tesla. Tesla, similar to Leonardo Da Vinci (who drew designs for a flying machine), never actually built a functioning time machine (although he did design one and conduct experiments). After Tesla's death his documents (including the time machine blueprints) were seized by the government.

Thinking there could be something of great value to be discovered in these documents, the government brought in scientist John G. Trump to look at them. John Trump discovered the plans for the time machine, but, instead of revealing his discovery to the government, stole them. Later he gave the documents to his nephew, Donald J. Trump.

Apparently technological advancements of the day, combined with the wealth of Donald Trump, allowed for construction of a working time machine. The future president, being a real estate mogul and not a scientist, used his wealth to pay others to construct the machine in secret. I'm guessing. There is a YouTube video that lays out the basic story, but it doesn't get into the specifics.

(Video: Donald Trump Time Travel Theory - Tesla, Barron Trump, Mike Pence and Meme Magic. Published by The Truth Factory 7/25/2017. RT 8:30).

Upon completion of the time machine, Donald Trump used it to travel to the future. What he found there convinced him that he MUST run for and be elected president of the United States. In order to alter the timeline by preventing Hillary Clinton from becoming the 45th POTUS and starting WWII. Presumably he then traveled to the past. Possibly looking for knowledge that would help him win the presidency and prevent nuclear destruction. Or a dystopian future caused by the election of the warmongering hawk Hillary Clinton (AKA "Hitlery Rotten Klintoon" or "Hildebeest").

For the record, real world proof of Trump's travels into the past exist in the form of the Baron Trump novels, which were a series of 2 fictional works published in 1889 and 1893 (tales similar to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but which never attained anywhere near the same popularity).

According to the Youtube, narrated by a talking feline (cats being "sacred in ancient Egyptian society"), Trump's son Barron also time traveled (hence the title of the books). However, (as we all know) Trump himself used the alias "John Barron". Additionally, in Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey, Trump apparently "flees from his entanglements with local women".

Trump used the "Barron Trump" alias to call the press (representing himself as his own spokesman) to brag about what a ladies man Trump was (something he also did using the name "John Miller"). I therefore say it was Trump the father and not Barron Trump the son who time traveled to the past and became the inspiration for the "Barron Trump" novels.

If the video by "The Truth Factory" is to be believed, that is. Which, of course, it is not. First of all, between the two, I am far more worried that Trump (as opposed to HRC) could start WWII. By provoking North Korea. According to Trump Secretary Tillerson is "wasting his time" trying to find a diplomatic solution to the North Korean problem. And, as per Defense Secretary James Mattis, we need "military options that our president can employ if needed".

Just recently Trump tweeted that he's in favor of regime change in North Korea. This after he criticized gwb for invading and occupying Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein (although the fool might believe getting rid of Kim Jong Un can be done easily by dropping a few nukes).

Additionally, as you've probably heard, Trump is mulling decertifying the Iran deal worked out by the previous administration. An arrangement that is preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Apparently Trump wants Iran to have nukes. Remember Trump said "it's not like, gee whiz, nobody has them". So, looks like nukes for NK is a no, but nukes for Iran is a tentative yes.

Obviously this makes no sense, but I think we are possibly dealing with a madman. And, NO, I do not believe Trump is utilizing the "madman strategy" (maybe he thinks he is). What I'm saying is that Trump is crazy (a mentally deranged dotard).

Another reason to fear that our future might be a irradiated hellscape initiated by a Donald Trump button press on the nuclear football, IMO. A future I would have no fear of if the popular-vote-winning Hillary Clinton had assumed the presidency. Maybe we'd have more war (because yes, she is a hawk, but she isn't stupid-crazy (a dangerous combination of stupid and crazy).

But, for those of you who thought DJT wouldn't be a hawk, he did JUST declare that the Afghanistan conflict will continue. Despite criticizing Obama and tweeting (on 1/11/2013) "let's get out of Afghanistan". So, NO, I don't think he's any better on that front than HRC would have been. CNBC says Trump "won the White House in part on a policy of reducing engagement in foreign conflicts", but SURPRISE, he lied.

BTW, I have yet to mention that "Kek is the deification of the concept of primordial darkness". Sounds about right to me. That his racist followers would bow down to an evil god, that is. It might be that they THINK "the cult of Kek" is a "parody" religion, but it is, in fact, real. And the time traveling Trump did not go first to the future, but to the past. Where he caught the attention of Kek, who then sent Trump to an alternate future. A future in which the world had been destroyed by a nuclear conflict... started by Trump.

Although Kek told Trump that the world had been destroyed by Hillary Clinton, and that Trump had to run for president to "stop" her. Making DJT the ultimate #trumpdupe. A dupe in Kek/Pepe's plan to wipe humanity from the globe and return us to "primordial darkness". Or (much more likely, IMO) Kek/Pepe promised Trump godhood if he helped Kek/Pepe destroy the world (sounds to me like something the egomaniacal Trump would desire). And the most ardent followers of the Kek/Trump duo will (à la the Christian rapture) be spirited away. Perhaps to "Kekistan" and thus be saved... while all the "normies" and rest of the world burns [4].

(Footnotes below are excerpted from the SPLC article "What the Kek: Explaining the Alt-Right Deity Behind Their Meme Magic" by David Neiwert, 5/8/2017).

[1] In "the World of Warcraft online computer games... participants can chat only with members of their own faction in the war either Alliance or Horde fighters), while opposing players' chats are rendered in a cryptic form based on Korean; thus, the common chat phrase LOL (laugh out loud) was read by opposing players as KEK... at some point, someone at 4chan happened to seize on a coincidence: There was, in fact, an Egyptian god named Kek [who] was portrayed as a bringer of chaos and darkness, which happened to fit perfectly with the alt-right's self-image as being primarily devoted to destroying the existing world order".
[2] "during the Greco-Roman period, the male form [of Kek] was depicted as a frog-headed man".
[3] Kek "is a god of chaos and darkness" and that is "according to their own explanations".
[4] ..."ordinary people [are called] normies... in their lingo..."

Video: Absurdity linked to by a Pepe-worshipping fool on the #trumpdupe WYD blog. Trump faces off against the hated George Soros. #trumpdupes, FYI, embraced the term "deplorable" because they had already embraced the evil god Kek. Because they are evil (2:06).

Postscript: Regarding the Mike Pence clones (one of which is Tim Kaine's wife), they are from the far future, as I understand it. Apparently at least 3 Pence copies were sent back to the past - by "Mike Pence Prime" - to lend assistance to DJT.

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