Saturday, December 09, 2017

I Call On The Troll Paul (Previously Known As Luke & Before That Steve) To Resign From Blogger Immediately Due To Proven Sexual Misconduct

One individual who absolutely deserves to be taken out in this year's pervert purge is a blog troll who calls himself Paul (currently authoring posts on the blog Words and Music). Previously this loathsome degenerate went by the name Luke. Before that he called himself Steve. I know for a FACT that Paul, Luke and Steve are all the same person because the account all these names link/linked to is 11597062711930899788.

Recently this hate-filled POS had the NERVE to write (on his blog) that Al Franken resigned, "rightfully so" and that I am a "scum bag" because I wrote that (IMO) it wasn't a good thing that Al Franken resigned.

He also repeated the Rusty Shackelford lie that I "supported the scum bag Rep. Weiner and his sexual perversions". According to Paul/Luke, it is "no surprise he would support this sexual pervert".

Paul/Luke's conclusion is that "these liberals are definitely deplorable". "These Liberals" being those who quoted, agreed with and "praised" Newt Gingrich, who said "comedians often do weird things. He was in the entertainment business. He was doing the kind of things people in the entertainment business do". This was on the 12/7/2017 airing Fox News. Laura Ingraham, to whom Gingrich was speaking, agreed, saying "I think it's minor stuff".

The reason these two are downplaying Al Franken's case is because (IMO) their guys (Trump, Moore, others) are MUCH worse. They can't criticize Franken and demand he leave while an admitted sexual assaulter occupies the White House. A number of Congressional Democrats, following Franken's resignation, called for Trump to resign FOR THE SAME REASON. That reason being credible accusers, that is, and NOT due to the accusations being similar. Which they OBVIOUSLY are not. Franken's "crimes" did amount to "minor stuff". So Gingrich and Ingraham are correct, although I surely would not "praise" them for admitting it. Let them admit that Trump is an admitted sexual assaulter and likely rapist. Then they might get some praise from me.

"The liberal hate is so thick they now quote and praise Newt Gingrich" according to Paul/Luke (aka "Puke"). I don't know what Liberals he refers to. My guess is that there aren't any "praising" Gingrich. Maybe I'm wrong. Puke didn't cite any. He just threw the claim out there as an excuse to accuse Liberals of "hate" again, which is his thing. Puke previously wrote about "Liberal hate" using his "TOM" ID (different account) when he wrote on a blog called Stay A While (that "TOM" is an ID belonging to Puke is a fact I've proven here).

Note that, as TOM, Puke wrote about how he had surgery for his "brain cancer". It was back in June of 2010 that Puke (writing as "TOM") reported that "prognosis is not good". Yet he's still alive more than 7 years later. I guess he was "cured" after all. Although he vehemently denies that TOM was his account or that he ever wrote at the blog "Stay A While" .

This is a lie. They (Paul/Luke and TOM) are/were both obsessed with what they call "Liberal hate", a catchphrase that allows Puke to blame Liberals for whatever bad things Republicans do. In one of his latest posts, for example, he blames Democrats for the Republican tax deform. According to this idiot, that the Senate passed the bill is because "Liberal Hate Loses Again".

But, in regards to the reason I'm calling for Paul/Luke to "resign" from Blogger... if this moron thinks Al Franken should resign, "rightfully so", from Congress, then I say Puke should resign/quit blogger for his sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct (or Sexual bullying*) that took the form of MANY homophobic, as well as sexually explicit and graphic, comments he submitted to my blog. I'm talking about many similar comments I received from ALL of this sick pervert's IDs/non de plumes. TOM, Steve, Luke and Paul.

An example of one such comment would be the one where he wrote, "I wish I could get a Jew hating, fag boy, liar to comment on my blog! I guess I have to learn how to suck dick as good as you do to get such greats to comment at my blog! Enjoy sucking his dick Nazi Boy!". Note that I did NOT publish this comment (although I did catalogue it here).

The comment I just mentioned is in regards to me and another blogger Puke hates. The same one he referenced in an earlier comment in which he wrote, "go get butt fucked by your boyfriend RN Trump Dervish". I'm "Trump Dervish" because (Puke says) I lie as much as Trump does.

Is this sexual harassment? The comments surely are sexually charged. As well as extremely homophobic. While comments from a person I've never met (and will never meet) aren't the same as in-person sexual harassment, the comments were UNWANTED and definitely qualify as trolling, which is a form of harassment. This kind of behavior is certainly not within the realm of what most people would consider acceptable.

Subsequently, I feel that, given Puke's belief that Franken should resign (and naming me a "scum bag" for disagreeing), it is appropriate that Paul/Luke resign from Blogger. By which I mean he should quit. Actually, I thought he had. It was back around May 2017 that I noticed he had removed (reverted to draft) all his posts. If you went to his blog before 12/2/2017 (but before May of 2017) all you see is "no posts" (and he also, for some reason, renamed his blog "A Nation"). Now, as of 12/2/2017 all his posts are back. Along with two new ones (Liberal Hate Loses Again and Franken Quits).

The "Franken Quits" post is the one where he (in a comment) calls Al Franken a "sexual pervert", lies about me supporting Anthony Weiner "and his sexual perversions", then speaks of how "liberal hate is so thick". Me, as well as people who are friendly to me (comment on my blog, allow me to comment on their blogs) are "evil hypocrites" (as per his post Christmas Was Fun). And he claims (over and over) that *I* send him "vile comments".

Sure. In addition to the two examples I gave of Puke's VILE homophobic (and sexually explicit) comments I quote in this post, there are MANY more. Comments you can view here (his comments as Luke) and here (his comments as Steve). If you look you'll see that, in addition to the homophobia, this sicko also writes that I'm also a "Jew hater". An accusation with no proof whatsoever to validate it.

For these reasons I am calling for Paul/Luke/Steve (whoever is actually the owner of this account) to RESIGN from Blogger. Quit. Delete your account. Or not. I doubt you will, hypocrite. But don't think FOR ONE SECOND that I'm going to take any advice, insults or lecturing from you seriously, given the FACT that you have absolutely ZERO moral authority to express outrage/disapproval of anyone. Due to the fact that Puke is a hypocrite, a blog troll/submitter of sexually explicit/harassing comments.

I've also read that he submitted similar comments other blogs (in addition to mine). Progressive Eruptions, Rational Nation USA, The Swash Zone, Dog Report and The Oracular Opinion being the ones that I am aware of.

*Note: Puke's actions could probably be more accurately described as Sexual bullying. As per Wikipedia, "Sexual bullying is a type of bullying and harassment that occurs in connection with a person's sex, body, sexual orientation or with sexual activity. It can be physical, verbal, or emotional". "Verbal", I think, would include the written word, given the fact that people have been prosecuted for cyberbullying. Sexual bullying, btw, includes "any bullying behaviour, whether physical or nonphysical".

12/25/2017 Update: Puke responded to this post with a 12/24/2017 comment, writing "It's amazing how evil and deluded Dervish is; he calls himself a Christian, yet... A few of his favorite things is calling his perceived enemies sexual perverts and sending death threats". [Note: "sending death threats" is a link inserted by me].

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  1. Sometimes I get the strong feeling there is plenty of hate all around. Of course that may be just my opinion.

  2. Paul-Luke published a comment about his post on WYD, although he did it under the name "Rational Nation (your buddy in HATE)".

    Paul-Luke's comment below followed by my response (made using the name "Luke (Your REAL Buddy In Hate)").

    Paul-Luke: New Years!! Another year of this hate filled blog and its favorite hate commentator Dervish the hate monger. With his ten hate blogs, his love for attacking people with hate, calling people sexual perverts, claiming a dead guy is 10 sock puppets, his obsession with hate that drives him to write 24/7 hate about everyone and anyone, indeed he is a perfect fit to comment daily on this hate blog. Have another great year spreading your hate on your favorite hate blog, Who's Your Daddy! (12/25/2017 at 4:55pm).

    Luke (Your REAL Buddy In Hate): You aren't fooling anyone, Paul. Paul, btw, is the blog troll formerly known as Luke (and before that Steve and before that TOM). He's been trolling blogs for over 6 years. Dervish Sanders revealed the truth about this sick hate-filled individual, which is why Luke despises him so (and spreads lies as in the comment above).

    The "calling people sexual perverts" line is in reference to a post on Dervish's blog titled I Call On The Troll Paul (Previously Known As Luke & Before That Steve) To Resign From Blogger Immediately Due To Proven Sexual Misconduct.

    This is a post that has obviously made the troll Paul-Luke very angry. Because it tells the truth about his penchant for trolling blogs with disgusting sexual charged comments. Accusing his perceived enemies of being gay, much as the trio of eproctophiles Mystere/Ratty/Donkey do here.

    BTW, this is a fact that would make Luke a better fit here than Dervish (Mystere wrote posts on one of his blogs defending Luke and calling Dervish a Left-wing troll). (12/26/2017 at 3:46am).

  3. I think P💩ul has some serious issues.


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