Friday, September 27, 2013

Exposing The Game Playing Canardo Hypocrites

The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity ~ Andre Gide (11/22/1869 to 2/19/1951) a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1947. Gide's career ranged from its beginnings in the symbolist movement, to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World Wars.

I thought my hard work has paid off and I was finally banned from inaccurately titled blog rAtional nAtion uSA. Seeing as this is a goal I've been trying to achieve for awhile (and actually thought I had achieved awhile ago), now is the perfect time to author a post in which I get all full of himself and proud-like in regards to my accomplishment of securing another banning. Excuse me while I preen and strut all around Leftist blogistan, or at least here (with this post).

Now, you might be asking yourself "how did Dervish achieve this laudable goal?". Answer? A lot of hard work and tenaciousness and I eventually frustrated and got the goat of the blog proprietor, Lester Nation (AKA "rAtional nAtion", AKA "RN"), one too many times. He vowed "never again" and declared my welcome worn out. Am I OK with that? Damn straight I am. Although the fact that I gave Liberals and Progressives a bad name in the process is not something I'm entirely happy with. But if this is the price I have to pay in order to get the boot? Well, then I guess I have to accept it.

Or not. Turns out I'm not banned. Lester simply decided that he would have the last word in the particular comment thread (actually 2 comment threads) where he made some false accusations and lobbed some baloney insults my way. Lester determined that my objecting to his lies equated to me "beating a dead horse". Fine, Mr. Nation. It's your blog so you can present your lies as the truth and I can't stop you. But I can use my own blog to set the record straight... which is what I will now do.

As it also turns out, I have absolutely no desire to "preen" or "strut" or get myself banned on purpose. These are all inaccurate accusations that come from the lying lips of Lester Nation. Lies and characterizations that I categorically deny. Despite what the bloggers Joe Kelly-Hagstrom or Lester Nation or Willis Hart might say, I do not view myself as giving Progressives a bad name. Lester is stating his hypocritical self-important point of view. Lester Nation, an individual who views himself as vastly superior to everyone else, naturally believes everyone thinks similarly. It's called projection, and what it entails is someone accusing another of what they themselves are guilty of. Here Lester accuses me of having a big ego when that is what Lester is quilty of (in spades).

Other accusations made by Lester are also false - and the hypocrite has a lot of nerve putting forward these laughable charges - including me "baiting" him in order to "get his goat". I'm only attempting to engage others with differing views in honest debate. If anyone is looking to get someone's goat via baiting it is this Nation fellow. Fact is, this idiot ADMITTED (in a comment he submitted to my blog) that baiting and goat-getting was HIS goal in engaging me in conversation...

rAtional nAtion: Like I care wd. Really, your blog is a mere amusement for me, an oppurtunity to laugh and then infuriate you. I do recall you said having a conversation with me is infuriating. Rest assured it is a one way deal (9/13/2013 7:06pm).

That is in stark contrast to the fictions the rAtional carnardo promulgates on his own blog...

rAtional nAtion: I assure you Mr. Sanders I will treat your site with the same respect, unless and/or until such time as you fail to do the same (9/15/2013 4:19pm).

Note the dates of these two comments... on the 13th he ridicules my blog and says the only reason he comments is to purposefully infuriate me because it makes him laugh, then on the 15th he warns me to treat his site with respect or I'll be banned. And that isn't the end of Mr. nAtion's extreme hypocrisy! In the same comment he also says...

rAtional nAtion: You remain welcome to post here Mr. Sanders, as long as you refrain from ad hominen attacks (9/15/2013 4:19pm).

After this comment (in which he says I'm "welcome" to submit my thoughts) he accepted no further submissions from me. I sent through a few, and none of them contained any "ad hominen attacks". But the liar rejected them. He didn't like it (apparently) that I pointed out he was wrong in regards to the "ad hominen" attack claims. The supposed ad hominem from me occurred when I called another of his regulars (Willis Hart) an idiot, but that was IN RESPONSE to Mr. Hart using the pejorative against me first.

Now, this Hart character had already gotten MY goat by continually claiming that our president "backed himself into a corner" with his comments about the use of chemical weapons by Syria being a red line. Then Hart says President Obama is "trying to weasel out of by saying that the WORLD set the red line", even thought it WAS the world that set the red line. And, if that isn't enough, this guy then slanders Liberals with a vile lie, saying "as long as it's their guy who doing the killing, silence is golden" and that "it's politics. Period, end of discussion".

So, the lives of innocent people... not Syrian military types or the Al Qaeda associated freedom fighters opposing them, but innocents (ordinary civilians: women and children as well as men) caught in the crossfire (or in the chemical gas)... the lives of these people mean absolutely nothing to Progressives (like me) according to this mendacious dude. So, when he called me an idiot I went off on him. And in response (to Lester asking commenters to not attack each other), this idiot innocently says...

Willis Hart: The dude comes out of left field and throws my name into the mix purely trying to start an argument with me and I obliged him. (9/15/2013 AT 4:19pm).

Out of left field?! I was trying to start an argument WITH YOU?! Right, and I suppose you claiming Progressive are using the slaughter of innocents as a political football is something I *shouldn't* take offense to? And, Hart's claim that one of GWb's rationales for invading Iraq (in addition to the MAIN justification of "disarming" Saddam) was because of Iraq's use of chemical weapons against the Kurds (15 fricking years previously)... this means that Progressives are hypocrites (because they objected to the invasion of Iraq when Saddam used chemical weapons but are "supporting" Obama and "his" red line in regards to Syria). And this dummy says that me disputing this bullpucky is me "throwing his name into the mix"... and for no reason other than I'm "purely" trying to start an argument?!

Obviously these claims by Mr. Hart are laughable. Incredibly, unbelievably laughable. But the Hartster defends his name-calling by saying "he's right, Les, I did throw the first ad hominem... sorry, but when the dude said [something factually inaccurate] that did seem pretty darn stupid at the time". OK, on that the Hartster is correct... I got my facts wrong. And what I claimed was idiotic (in it's wrongness), and (for that reason) I probably shouldn't have went off on him... BUT, given the fact that he'd already teed me up (with his false slanders of our president and Progressives using the slaughter of innocents for political purposes) I threw a second ad hominem (and replied by using the same "idiot" pejorative against him).

The Hartster is still very much wrong with his "left field" and "trying to start an argument" claims, however. And even though I admitted I was wrong and I submitted a comment saying so (my comment DID contain some information that was factually inaccurate), all the "Rational Nation" commenters chastised me because I allowed Mr. Hart to get MY goat. And then they all discussed how they are fed up with me... and finally Lester defended Hart by saying Hart's "comment is not an attack, it is a statement of your intelligence as he sees it".

Riiiight, Lester. If I submitted a statement of YOUR intelligence as I see it Lester wouldn't view it as an ad hominem? Oh, and the deluded Dennis Marks joins in and proclaims I'm "like the little spoiled child who throws a temper tantrum when everyone doesn't want to play his game"... but I'm not playing any games. Playing games is RN's purview, as per his OWN ADMISSION!

But, wait, there is MORE! I just checked over at Willis' blog and found he is AGAIN lying about me in post-form...

Willis Hart: On wd Saying that He's "Not going to bother composing a serious comment if it isn't going to be published" Over at Les's Site... Being that he's written literally hundreds of comments here that he KNOWS aren't going to be published, the man is either a liar or he's admitting that the comments that he does leave here aren't serious (and more along the lines of harassment). Either way... (insulting accusations against me he has absolutely no way of knowing the truth about)... (9/25/2013 AT 3:47pm).

This commentary came about as a result of me thinking I was banned by Lester... so I submitted a test comment (which can be described as noted above by Willis). But I'm not a liar, nor are my comments on Mr. Hart's blog non-serious. I simply am not looking to also leave comments on the blog of Lester if they aren't published (as I do on the blog of Willis). One blog where I do this is enough.

In response to this post on Hart's blog Lester says "Mr. Sanders isn't a serious person, nor is he always truthful". This is simply more projection from Mr. nAtion. Unless he means I'm not serious about playing games, lying, and attacking the blogs of others like he is. What I should do is ban him from commenting here again, but instead I'll do the same he says he is going to do to me, which is to let some comments through but not publish others.

To ban him outright would be to admit defeat. The idiot thinks he is getting the better of me (or he keeps insisting he is). In a recent comment (submitted but not published) Lester says, "LMAO! Keep trying (and spinning) Mr. Sanders. Rest assured the enjoyment is all mine". So, Lester gains enjoyment by making an ass of himself? Apparently he does, which is fine by me. So keep the comments coming, Lester. I may publish or I may not. As for your blog, I'm going to be visiting it less in the future.

Before ending this commentary I would like to address one other issue. On another comment thread located over at Hartster's blog the ID Spoofer Rusty Schmuckelford says "Your stalker is now posting as George Whyte.... batshit crazy". According to Rusty I am Willis' "stalker" and the "batshit crazy" remark is also directed at me.

This could be interesting... now Rusty is lying to his buddy Willis? I will have to keep an eye on this and see if Schmuckelford is able to dupe the Hartster into believing his bullplop. The truth of the matter is that George Whyte is (one of) the Bloggers whose account Rusty has impersonated. It was actually Rusty who posted as George Whyte (when he spoofed his ID). So, is Rusty is lying to his supposed buddy Willis, or does he actually believes his own bullpucky (in which case I think it is Rusty who is "batshit crazy").

Update, 10/11/2013: I am now officially banned by the Canardo Lester Nation of the ironically titled blog "rAtional nAtion uSA". Many times RN has insisted (here and on his own blog) that I was "lying" about him banning me. In actuality it was Lester who lied in an effort to get me to submit comments to his blog (some of which he'd publish and others he would send to the spam folder). This is typical of the kind of games the Canardo likes to play. Whoop-dee-do, I say. I could care less if I am banned or not from Lester's idiot blog. Add one to my total. I am now banned from three blogs, although each one of the three are blogs ran by one of the band of idiots that hang out at the previously mentioned irrational site (I speak of Dennis Marks, Willis Hart and Lester Nation).

Update, 3/25/2014: Turns out I wasn't banned on 10/11/2013. Although I'm banned now, as of today. At least for the time being. Lying Lester has banned me several times, so it is currently unknown if this banning will be the one that sticks. Me calling out Lester for lying about why the Civil War was fought was fought apparently pushed him over the edge.

For my harsh words regarding this matter I make absolutely no apologies, as I find this lie particularly vile. Lester, while referring (rightly) to slavery as a "national stain", also vigorously defends the lie that the Civil War was fought over States' Rights or Tariffs, which is utterly ridiculous and flatly contradicted by historians who say the war was fought because of slavery. RN, in embracing this lie, actually participates in the campaign of dissembling that is darkening the stain.

SWTD #206, lDel #8, wDel #36.


  1. .....and all this Dervy says while sitting in the basement wearing a tin foil hat.....

    1. Why don't you go lie to Will some more about how many different accounts I'm using to make it look like I'm getting comments. This could be funny... not that I think Will is ever going to catch on.

  2. Actually, I find myself amused as well as flattered with just a touch of annoyance tossed in.

    1) My name is not now, never has been or will never be Lester Mr. Sanders.

    2) I am amused by the snippets and selective content you Mr. Sanders copy and paste from my posts or comment section in your exhaustive efforts to support your erroneous contentions and conclusions.

    3) I am flattered that you for some reason known only to yourself have determined Rational Nation USA should be a continuing focal point of your blog posts and references. But I'll simply accept it for what it is.

    I understand that you believe you have frustrated me Mr. Sanders. Fair enough. But I must point out it is not I who have done multiple posts concerning your Sleeping with The Devil blog. Enough said.

    Charades can be fun I know Mr. Sanders. My question for you is this, how long do intend to continue yours? Not that I care at all mind you.

    I leave you with a hearty good day Sir and may you experience continued blogging success.

    And now...

    1. [1] It says on your blog that your name is "Les". Les is short for Lester.

      [2] Of course I "selected" snippets. If I didn't there would be no post. People can read the comments in context if they chose (links are included). I did no misrepresenting (which is what you are implying.

      [3] Rational Nation isn't a "focal point". You lied about me on your blog and I authored this post to set the record straight. Nothing more. As for you not doing multiple posts about my blog (aside from the one)... there is no need for you to do this as your lies about me are plentiful within the comment threads for several of your posts. I attemepted to defend myself where the lies about me were actually being told (on your blog), but you refused to publish a number of my replies. I therefore took advantage of my own blog to make my replies (and defend myself against your lies as well as the lies of Dennis and Will Hart).

      [4] For me to continue a "charade" I'd have to begin one. I have not done this... unlike RN. The question SHOULD be... how long does RN intend to continue HIS charade?

    2. In response to your continuing charades I respond as follows Mr. Sanders...

      1) Les is short for other names as well, or none. Apparently you have not yet learned about assumptions.

      2) I am not implying. Unless of course I am implying ignorance of correct comprehension skills with respect to the context in which my posts and or comments were delivered. I of course leave that up to you to determine for yourself.

      3) Apparently then you have a Bromance with my site and the esteemed proprietor of reason that is responsible for its existence. Of course I leave that up to you and your fantasies. Fr the proprietor of Rational Nation USA rest assured that is one weird as well as impossible reality.

      4) As you started the charade game I shall leave it to you, the perpetrator of said charade game to end it. You see Mr. Sanders I have nothing further to say in response to you Sir. Nothing at all.

      I continue to wish you well in all your future endeavors, whatever they may be and wherever they may find a home.

    3. In response to RN's continuing charades I respond as follows to Mr. Lester Nation...

      [1] I didn't make an assumption, I simply don't give a sh!t. Perhaps I should call you "Less"? That might be more appropriate. :)

      [2] The ignorance and lack of comprehension skills with respect to context is Lester's problem, not mine. Unless he's referring to his word salads and my inability to decipher them (most of the time). But I make no apologies for any inability on my part to decipher RN's indecipherable word salads.

      [3] No "bromance" in regards to your site. Also, none in regards to this imaginary "esteemed proprietor of reason" that does not exist. The assertion that these superlatives describe Lester is indeed a fantasy as well as an impossible reality.

      [4] I didn't.

      [5] Looking forward to you not responding.

    4. Mr. Sanders, aside from reminded you that you are full of s*it, continually fabricate falsehoods to fit your template, I REALLY DON'T GIVE A S*IT.

      Hope you finally get it. If not continue to wander in the wilderness of your delusions.

    5. Ditto, RN. But I, unlike you, can point to ACTUAL fabricated falsehoods (documented in this post). The delusions in regards to this matter ALL belong to RN (or Lester, whichever he prefers "less").

  3. Of course you are Mr. Canardo Sanders. Those of your proclivities always wish for no response. When the well is dry. and your well has demonstrably always been so, you have nothing of truth to draw up

    Good night Mr. Sanders.

  4. The purpose of this post was to expose Lester for a canardo. I am not the canardo, Lester is (as documented in this post). But Lester the canardo goes on and on and continues to beat the dead horse while adding nothing new to the conversation. Now Lester complains about me supposedly not wanting him to reply (even though it was he who said he had nothing further to say). But the hypocrite cuts me off on his blog. Obviously hypocrisy is among Lester's proclivities. The more Lester comments the more he proves that the case I present with my commentary is correct.

  5. Again Mr. Canardo, Sanders, my name is not Lester. for the record.

    Other than correcting you again with respect to my name I have nohing furthet to add. Feel free to fabricate your lies if it gives you pleasure.

    Good evening Mr. C. Sanders.

    1. Is your idea of a "lie" intentionally getting someone's name wrong? If so, you've done the same thing by calling me "Canardo Sanders". That also is not my name, Lester.

      As for fabricating lies, I shall leave that to you. It is obviously something that brings you GREAT pleasure. I will stick to the truth... despite the fact that the truth is obviously something Lester dislikes with intensity (although, most of the time I doubt he even knows what it is).

  6. Lester Nation caught lying (not that doing this is very hard)...

    Rational Nation [9/15/2013 4:19pm] You remain welcome to post here Mr. Sanders...

    Rational Nation [9/29/2013 AT 9:21pm] Yeah, his wordy word salads certainly deserve the boot. I pretty much do the same now.

    First he says I'm welcome to comment, then he says he deletes me... and he throws in a lie about my comments being "wordy word salads", when it is Lester whose comments contain the word salads. Just recently Lester said, "Know tour adversaees".


  7. You made your bed.

    Good evening Mr. C. Sanders.

  8. Above comment by Lester is his last one. He is now banned from this blog, given that I recently submitted 2 comments to his blog that he declined to publish. He can call it whatever he wants, but it is an effective banning. Given that I am banned from his blog, why should I publish him here? All pending comments by Lester that were awaiting moderation have been sent to the Spam folder.

    Despite the banning -- if Lester happens to submit a dumb comment that makes him look stupid -- I reserve the right to publish it. If I do that does not mean the ban has been lifted.

    Anyone else may comment and they will be published (so long as they follow my blog commenting rules). The only banned individuals are Steve and Lester Nation.

  9. Clarification... Lester did not ban me outright. He publishes some comments and deletes others. It's a game he plays... seeing how long he can keep me commenting on his blog when he cuts me off or doesn't publish everything I submit. He is welcome to do the same here (submit comments and have some published and some not). His buddy Steve is still banned though.

  10. Clarification, Lester is a figment of wd/DS/ Canardo's imagination.

    Correction, Les, aka Rational Nation USA plays no games. Mr. Sanders comments get published when appropriate and if on topic. Unless they are simply beating a dead horse.

    1. Lester is beating a dead horse. I already told him (multiple times) I mean him when I use the name "Lester". Is Lester telling me the he's a figment of my imagination? That Lester calls me "wd/DS/Canardo", as if that refers to an actual person, then objects to me calling him Lester (when everyone knows "Les" is short for "Lester") is simply not believable. If I were to imagine Lester I'd imagine someone far less dense.

      Also, Lester fancies himself a MAJOR game player. That he denies this is laughable. RN by his lonesome is responsible for me deciding to disallow anonymous commenting... because of his game playing, which he admitted! How the hell can you say "Rational Nation USA plays no games" after previously leaving the comment "I've had fun playing games with your delusional ass"? What an idiot.

      PS: this is what I meant when I said Lester could leave a comment if said comment made him look stupid. The comment by Lester qualifies in spades.


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