Saturday, September 07, 2013

Exposing The ID Spoofer Rusty

I am the last and highest court of appeal in detection ~ Sherlock Holmes in the 1890 novel The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (5/22/1859 to 7/7/1930).

I am putting on my Sherlock hat for another commentary in which I uncover the facts and expose the truth about what certain people are attempting to get away with here in blog land. The individual being outed today is one Rusty Shackelford and the fact that he has been getting away with the spoofing of the IDs of other bloggers. Today this ends with my revelation of the facts.

My uncovering of the truth began with a slip-up by the blogger using the account "Guess Who". On 9/04/2013 at 4:33pm Guess Who published a comment and immediately removed it (the entry now reads "This comment has been removed by the author"). Six minutes later George Whyte posted the following...

George Whyte: Sorry Dervy old boy, I must apologize, I'm not feeling very well and I really do agree that Obama is a bit off the wall and I was ashamed to say so because of all my previous posts. And I am here today to admit that Barack Obama is NOT The Messiah. And as for Eric Holder, he is a fraud and a crook. These two are more like Cheech and Chong on steroids, pot and crack. Obama and Holder have several things in common in that they both have fathers not born in America, they both have an extreme dislike for White people and Christians, they both hate the Constitution as written and they are being allowed to destroy America bit by bit without a fight so far. (9/04/2013 AT 4:39pm).

The odd thing is both commenters, Guess Who and George Whyte, used the same profile picture. Curious as to what Guess Who said (in the comment he removed himself), I went to my email inbox and looked for the comment (Blogger emails all comments to me, therefore I can read ALL COMMENTS submitted, even if they are deleted). The comment Guess Who self-deleted was EXACTLY the same as the comment made 6 minutes later by George Whyte. Furthermore, another comment by George Whyte was made in reply to the "George Whyte" comment I quote above.

This comment is as follows...

George Whyte: Mr. Sanders, the above cheating liar is an impostor. Just link to its name and see that it has blocked any access to its blog information, such as when it started blogging, because I exposed the liar and cheat. I started my blog in August 2012, the above lying asshole did not. And the above lying asshole stole my avatar again.

Too bad you've attracted liars and shitheads to your blog. You need to delete the assholes, otherwise people won't want to post on a blog where these assholes steal other bloggers identities, as the above asshole has. (9/04/2013 AT 5:12pm).

From this exchange it is easy to deduce that Guess Who changed his avatar to match George Whyte's (the real George Whyte) and submitted his comment. He intended to, but forgot to change his Blogger ID. When he realized his error he deleted his comment, went into his Blogger account and changed his ID, and then reposted the same comment. Afterward he changed his ID back to Guess Who. His profile is, by the way, hidden from scrutiny, as he has set his profile to not display. Click either Guess Who or "George Whyte" (the first fake "George Whyte" comment) and they both take you to a page that says "Profile Not Available". However, when you click on the comment by the George Whyte who says the other one is an impostor, you get an actual profile.

In response to these two comments, the Guess Who deleted comment and the (fake) George Whyte comment that ends with an assertion that our president hates the Constitution, I published the following...

Dervish Sanders: I think "Guess Who" forgot to change the name on his account before posting the comment above impersonating George Whyte. The deleted comment above (looked at it in my email inbox) is EXACTLY the same as the one from "George Whyte". Caught in the act. (9/04/2013 AT 4:47pm).

And in response to this comment by me Rusty Shackelford said...

Rusty Shackelford: You've solved another case Sherlock... most impressive Holmes, most impressive! (9/04/2013 AT 5:54pm).

The reason Rusty wanted to interject himself at this point was, I believe, was because Rusty is Guess Who and Rusty is the one who spoofed George Whyte's ID. This comment was his way of laughing at me... laughing because I correctly deduced that Guess Who was the spoofer, but did not guess that Guess Who was Rusty.

So what makes me think that Rusty is Guess Who? I was doing some research for another post when I came across a prior comment by Shaw Kenawe. In this comment Shaw presents evidence that Rusty and Guess Who are accounts controlled by the same person. I have copied and pasted Shaw's comment below...

Shaw Kenawe: DS, your resident troll, Rusty Shackelford, spreads his slander around the blogsphere like a farmer spreads manure in his fields - except the farmer's manure is useful. Here's what he left on AOW's blog about me:

Guess Who [August 17, 2013 at 7:15:00 AM] The moron Shaw Kawae had George Zimmerman guilty of first degree murder and Paula Deen ready to be stoned to death in a public park, or thrown in prison for life for racial hate crimes (after all, she used the "N" word 30 years ago! Well this dumb-ass Lib was wrong on both counts. this progressive PC twit see's a racist behind every tree and walking up every dark street. She clearly believes every thing that pours our of the vicious mouths of Sharpton, Jackson and yes of course Obama's. In her blind eyes there is NEVER a guilty Black on a White who may have had a good reason to do what they did.

And he left this here:

Rusty Shackelford [8/13/2013 11:13 AM] The moron Col Sanders had Zimmerman guilty of first degree murder and Paula Deen in prison for racial hate crimes. duh, dead wrong on both counts. the twit see's a racist behind every tree.

The poor benighted spammer. Couldn't come up with original drivel for each of the con blogs he infests, so he just interchanged our names - and couldn't manage to spell mine correctly, either. So sad. (8/17/2013 AT 1:35pm).

Two very similar comments, one by Guess Who and another by Rusty Shackelford... proof that the Guess Who account is controlled by Rusty. BTW, Rusty went back and deleted all his comments from the "Always On Watch" blog in an attempt to cover his tracks (if you click the link for the Guess Who blathering Shaw quoted all you will find is a comment with the same time stamp that now says "This comment has been removed by the author").

Nice try, Rusty, but you've been caught. Your Guess Who comment that Shaw copied before you deleted it proves you are Guess Who. And, as I've already pointed out, it was Guess Who that spoofed George Whyte's ID. Caught again. I'm going to have to agree with Shaw on this one... Rusty's behavior here has been sad, as well as pathetic. Guess who? I guess Rusty.

SWTD #201


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  3. Hi Dervish,

    I've been stopping by to read your blog but have hesitated to leave a comment after seeing what happened to George White's comments. Someone (and now I'm thinking it may have been "Rusty Shackleford," who is probably an impostor who also uses the blognym "Thersites," stole my avatar and ID on "Western Hero" blog a while ago, so I hesitate to comment where those sort of idiots lurk.

    Good sleuthing.

  4. I will be on the lookout for spoofed comments and remove them as soon as they are detected. I apologize to George Whyte for the trouble he encountered commenting on my blog. I didn't know what was going on at first, but the problem, having now been identified, WILL BE DEALT WITH.

    If anyone sees a comment that spoofs their ID on my blog... please let me know and I will remove it. This is not, by the way, an invitation for spoofers to let me know that genuine comments are "spoofs". I advise you to not even try that rouse.

  5. Replies
    1. Rusty Shackelford [9/07/2013 3:32 PM] I am legion !!!!!

      Confirmation that everything I wrote is accurate? I say "yes".


  6. You're just one smart cookie Dervy........curses,foiled again...

  7. Reaction to this post elsewhere...

    Implied denials from Rusty...

    Rusty Shackelford [September 7, 2013 at 1:46 PM] Well guys its official.....our buddy Dervy has taken a ride on the Disorient Express....and I think his pal Shaw jumped aboard with him. Read his latest thread.

    And insults and LOLing from Will Hart...

    Will "take no prisoners" Hart [September 7, 2013 at 2:31 PM] And what is Shaw doing over at wd's site? I cannot believe that she would lower herself like that. wd's site - LOL!

    What an arrogant jerk.

  8. Good job, DS. Looks like you are getting the typical response from someone caught with their hand down their pants.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Mr. Redneck, why comment and then delete it? What is the point? Whatever your reasons for deleting, doing so is against my blog commenting rules. I have retrieved your comment from my inbox and pasted it below...

      First RR quoted the following Will Hart comment from above...

      "Will "take no prisoners" Hart [September 7, 2013 at 2:31 PM] And what is Shaw doing over at wd's site? I cannot believe that she would lower herself like that. wd's site - LOL!"

      RR then added the following commentary...

      lower herself? Could she get any lower?

      My response to Radical is... NOBODY, absolutely nobody could get any lower than you, you racist idiot... saw that cartoon you linked to on Lisa's blog... the one where the son tells his dad he's bringing "protection" on his date... his dad's extra 38 to protect him from "uppity Negros".

      (see my sidebar for the cartoon and RR's response. BTW the cartoon is located in my sidebar as of the publication date of this comment... I may remove it at some point in the future, however).

  10. Speaking about Shaw, she is one of those anti-American leftists who want everyone to know what free thinkers and misguided intellectuals they are.Shes the type that you'll find boycotting some Conservative American Talk Show, or protesting the George Zimmerman verdict., which of course was a racist verdict. It's amazing how so many white racists voted for a black President! But that’s another thing for another day.

  11. All these free speech ass holes now have comment moderation. What are you hiding from? The truth obviously. HA HA HA HA HA
    Nothing but cowards and bullies

    1. Steve, the blog attacking shithead [9/08/2013 11:51 AM] All these free speech ass holes now have comment moderation. What are you hiding from? The truth obviously. HA HA HA HA HA. Nothing but cowards and bullies.

      Wrong Steve. I've just had enough of your harassment. "Free speech" does not give a person license to harass another. Not tolerating your harassment isn't "hiding from the truth". And you are the one bullying me. Remember the THREATS against me you published here? What a moron.

    2. Free speech has nothing to do with blog comment moderation. Free speech limits the government's power, not the individuals.

    3. Why not reprint the comment of mine you claim I apologized?
      Your claims are based on lies, thus baseless.
      It only proves what a lying, hate filled, bigot you are, not to mention stupid, given you believe falsehoods.

    4. Steve [9/08/2013 12:37 PM] Why not reprint the comment of mine you claim I apologized? Your claims are based on lies, thus baseless. It only proves what a lying, hate filled, bigot you are, not to mention stupid, given you believe falsehoods.

      It was a joke, dummy! Seems to have got you going though. Looks like I'm the one pulling YOUR chain!

      HA HA HA HA HA.

    5. Right, call your lies jokes
      You really are a sad, hate filled, bigoted, SHITHEAD
      Thanks for proving me correct yet again.

    6. if it was so funny, why not leave it up?

    7. No chain pulling, just a lying, hate filled, SHITHEAD, bigot. Thanks for proving me correct on all points about you.

    8. Please reprint these threats I supposedly made against you.
      Do you ALWAYS lie? Are you always a shithead?

    9. Now that you have been caught red handed lying, what's next you SHITHEAD, lying, hate filled bigot?
      Where are those threats you claim I made you lying, SHITHEAD, hate filled, bigot?
      Waiting to see them fuckhead

    10. First you make yourself look like an ass by blaming me for being anon, then you cuddle up to the biggest lying, SHITHEAD, hate filled, bigot RN in all blog land, then you lie about me offering an apology, then you lie about me threatening you, then you get caught red handed lying, even your "friends" who have known you for years call you king SHITHEAD, and your own blog posts prove you write nothing but hate and attacks... I could go on
      Just how big of a lying, SHITHEAD, hate filled, bigot are you? Big enough to replace RN, or any other ass hole in blog land as THE BIGGEST LYING, SHITHEAD, HARE FILLED, BIGOT IN BLOG LAND!

    11. Nothing to say?
      Of course not. Lying, SHITHEAD, hate filled, bigoted ass holes never do have anything to say when they are proven to be lying, SHITHEAD, hate filled, bigoted ass holes.
      Enjoy you lying, SHITHEAD, hate filled bigoted self.
      Still waiting for you to reprint my comment where I threatened you.
      Will be waiting for your next hate filled, SHITHEAD, bigoted post. Who will your lies target this time?


  12. Your comment becomes a "joke" after Steve call's you on it.....what a hoople you are.

    Lying is just common place with you Dervy......btw,Will has posted a reading list for you.

    1. First of all, does Rusty even know what comment is being discussed? I doubt it.

      Secondly, the comment was OBVIOUSLY a joke. I said Steve apologized. Nobody would ever believe that given his history. It was a joke made with the intention of pulling Steve's chain... and it worked quite well, seeing as how much it upset Steve. One might say I "owned" him.

      In any case, accusations of lying are not believable from a canardo and ID spoofer such as yourself, Rusty.

  13. An unpublished "Steve" comment...

    Steve [9/8/2013 at 1:22pm] Please reprint these threats I supposedly made against you. Do you ALWAYS lie? Are you always a shithead?

    Steve said, and I quote, "I will have to make life bad for you in blog land".

    That is a threat, liar. Also see the link for my joke, which was made in response to a comment I deleted. As you can see, Steve went absolutely NUTS after that comment (me pretending that he apologized), so my joke and pulling of his chain was a smashing success.



  14. liar...liar...pants on fire've been called a liar on just about every blog you have posted on.....are all these folks wrong......I don't have a dog in this fight,but I am calling you a liar...its a real personality fault you have there Derv.

    1. I'm not only calling you a liar, Rusty... I've presented the evidence that proves you're a liar.


  15. Results of a recent poll:

    RN......Dervish Sanders is a liar

    dmarks.....WD is a compulsive liar

    Will Hart....WD lies about the lies he has told

    Steve....yes,of course Dervish is a liar

    RR........Dervish cant help himself,hes a liar

    1. RN, dmarks, Will Hart, and Rusty are all liars. Steve is a HUGE liar (in a category by himself). I have no idea what you're talking about by including "RR" (Radical Redneck) in that group. Rusty must be referring to comments on other blogs that I haven't read (that, or Rusty is lying). In any case, I could not care less what this racist idiot has to say about me.

    2. Nice, make up fake comments after you have deleted the real comment.
      Just a typical lying, shithead, bigoted, game playing ass hole.
      Congratulations, you just surpassed RN and others as being the biggest lying, shithead, bigoted, ass hole.


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