Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Apology To Paula Deen

It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them ~ P.G. Wodehouse (10/15/1881 to 2/14/1975) an English humorist whose body of work includes novels, short stories, plays, poems, song lyrics and numerous pieces of journalism.

A couple of days ago I received the following news (and suggestion) from a regular (and loyal) reader of my blog, Rusty Shackelford...

Rusty Shackelford: Hey Col. Sanders, yesterday a federal judge dismissed all race based discrimination charges against Paula Deen. will you write one of your 40,000 words posts apologizing to her? (8/13/2013 AT 8:31am).

OK, so I looked into it and it turns out Rusty is right, According to the Chicago Tribune "the U.S. District Judge William Moore ruled on Monday that Jackson had no grounds to sue on the basis of racial discrimination because she is white".

So Paula Deen didn't allow any racial discrimination in any of her Savannah Georgia restaurants? Paula Deen's brother Bubba Hiers never told an employee to keep the front "light" when hiring, nor referred to any of the people working in the back as coons? Paula herself never said (in her deposition for the Lisa Jackson lawsuit) that racial jokes aren't a problem, so long as they are not mean, or that the use of the N-word in a joke might OK depending on context? And, of course, Paula absolutely never said she wanted "a bunch of little ni**ers... to tap dance around" at her brother's wedding?

The judge's ruling means none of that happened, right? Even though a few of those accusations Paula Deen flat out admitted. She probably just misremembered. You might reach this conclusion if you have a reading comprehension problem like Rusty apparently does. Or maybe Rusty just read the headline and didn't bother looking into it further? Who knows, and more importantly, who cares? The important thing to note here is that Rusty is wrong (as well as an idiot).

Rusty is wrong because the judge's decision was based on the legal concept know as "standing"... For those who don't know what "standing" is (Rusty), I have excerpted a portion of the definition from the legal dictionary website as follows...

Standing, sometimes referred to as standing to sue, is the name of the federal law doctrine that focuses on whether a prospective plaintiff can show that some personal legal interest has been invaded by the defendant. It is not enough that a person is merely interested as a member of the general public in the resolution of the dispute. The person must have a personal stake in the outcome of the controversy.

So the ruling had absolutely nothing to due with Paula Deen being "not guilty" of any of the racial-bias-related charges contained in Lisa Jackson's lawsuit. Regarding their validity (or lack of validity) the judge made no determination at all. He only said Lisa Jackson lacked standing to sue for racial discrimination because she isn't Black... even though she was offended by the racial discrimination that took place in Paula Deen's eateries. Also despite the fact that there was PLENTY of evidence to back up the racial discrimination/harassment claims.

Adding a Black co-plaintiff would have been a sure way to head off this issue (the White Lisa Jackson filing a lawsuit that contained charges of racial discrimination/harassment). Whether or not she attempted to find a co-plaintiff I do not know, but am sure it likely that she would (or did) have a difficult (or impossible) time finding someone willing to step forward... because anyone who did would lose their job and could find it hard to get another one (who wants to hire someone who sued a former employer?). People are usually not eager to risk their ability to earn a living and possibly lose everything - even if they know they are in the right (any Black employee of Paula Deen who was racially discriminated against or harassed).

In any case, the bottom line is that the judge did NOT say there was no racial discrimination (one way or the other), only that Lisa Jackson lacks standing to sue Paula Deen for it. However, the lawsuit will be moving forward in regards to the sexual discrimination/harassment also alleged by Ms. Jackson. This ruling HARDLY vindicates Deen... even if the pea-brained Rusty thinks it does...

Rusty Shackelford: The moron Col Sanders had Zimmerman guilty of first degree murder and Paula Deen in prison for racial hate crimes. duh, dead wrong on both counts. the twit see's a racist behind every tree. (8/13/2013 AT 11:13am).

Actually, Rusty, I did not "have" Zimmerman guilty of first degree murder. I wrote a post in which I presented a theory concerning the possibility that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood - but I was very clear about my musings being nothing more than speculation (another demonstration of Rusty's reading comprehension problem). In regards to me having "Paula Deen in prison for racial hate crimes"... she's being sued in civil court, moron. She can only lose money, not her freedom. There never was any chance that Paula Deen could have been sent to prison.

Also, I only see possible racial biases motivating people's actions where they may actually exist. Facts exist that point to Zimmerman's actions being racially motivated. The (disputed) racial epithet on the call to the police and the accompanying "they always get away" remark ("they" being Black thugs). In addition there was a witness (who didn't testify during the trial) that said "Zimmerman and his family were racists who disliked blacks". And then there is the racist friend of Zimmerman who made the rounds defending him on various media programs. According to Frank Taafee (the friend) whites and blacks have no business mingling. Appearing on the podcaset "The White Voice" Taaffe said, "they don't want to be with us and we don't want to be with them". Obviously he considered George to be one of "us".

The only way you could say that I'm the kind of person who sees a racist behind every tree would be to be willfully ignorant of these facts... as many Conservatives are. When the topic of Frank Taafee came up a commenter on my blog (an Anon calling himself "Food4Thought) said, "who Gives A Shit About Frank Taaffe? I don't even know who the hell he is and furthermore I don't care". Of course you don't care. Any evidence that points to Zimmerman possibly being racist has to be ignored because it doesn't fit your (racist) "Black thug" narrative.

And now that the judge has thrown out the judge has "ruled that Jackson had no grounds to sue on the basis of racial discrimination because she is white" Conservatives (like Rusty) will continue to ignore the abundant evidence that says Paula Deen was guilty anyway. In their minds Paula Deen has been vindicated. Paula only used the N-word 30 years ago and none of the other stuff ever happened (the examples I gave at the top of the post nor anything else referenced in the lawsuit or deposition).

Obviously ignorance is bliss (or dissonance reduction is bliss). With that in mind, time for my apology...

My apology to Paula Deen: Mrs. Deen, I am terribly sorry you got lucky and won't be held accountable for the racial discrimination you've tolerated at your eateries for so long... you needed a wake up call and now (due to this ruling) you will wrongly feel you have been vindicated. Here is hoping you'll at least be punished for the sexual discrimination you permitted against Lisa Jackson by your racist misogynist lout of a brother (the primary perpetrator) and that will finally get you to acknowledge that no discrimination (of any kind) should be tolerated in your businesses. Maybe then you'll actually do something to put an end to it? No employee of yours should be subjected to the hostile and discriminatory workplace that you have allowed for far too long.

Whatever happens I hope the lawsuit against you results in a big judgment (dollar figure-wise) against you and in favor of Mrs. Jackson. Then, at the very least, Lisa Jackson will be vindicated and compensated for the harm you visited upon her due to the hostile work environment and resulting job loss. Even if the rest of your employees will continue to be harassed and discriminated against, at least one of your victims will attain some justice.

And that is the best apology I can muster up. Whether or not it's good enough for Rusty and other like-minded conservatives remains to be seen (I'm guessing no).

Finally, in regards to Rusty's 40 thousand-word remark... I have never authored a post of that length. For example, the post "Severe Conservative Delusions: MLK Quote-Off Edition" consists of 1350 words (or 6634 characters not including spaces). As you can see this post falls FAR short of 40 thousand words Rusty implies is my average (number of words determined via the use of the Microsoft Word Word count tool).

There was, however, one really long post (and this is the one Rusty is probably thinking of) titled "Severe Moderate Delusions: GZ Tripping Straw Man Edition (Volume 2)". Is this post anywhere near 40 thousand words? No, Microsoft Word says it contains 6905 words... although it comes close if characters (including spaces) are counted. The number of characters is 39,139. But this post was several times longer than normal (the 1350 word post is about average). I doubt I'll be authoring a post of that length again anytime soon (if ever).

So, big fail in regards to the 40k-word post mega-exaggeration, Rusty. I've never written a post anywhere near that length.

SWTD #193


  1. DS, your resident troll, Rusty Shackelford, spreads his slander around the blogsphere like a farmer spreads manure in his fields--except the farmer's manure is useful. Here's what he left on AOW's blog about me:

    Guess WhoAugust 17, 2013 at 7:15:00 AM EDT

    The moron Shaw Kawae had George Zimmerman guilty of first degree murder and Paula Deen ready to be stoned to death in a public park, or thrown in prison for life for racial hate crimes ( after all, she used the “N” word 30 years ago! . Well this dumb-ass Lib was wrong on both counts. this progressive PC twit see's a racist behind every tree and walking up every dark street. She clearly believes every thing that pours our of the vicious mouths of Sharpton, Jackson and yes of course Obama’s. In her blind eyes there is NEVER a guilty Black on a White who may have had a good reason to do what they did.

    And he left this here?:

    Rusty Shackelford: The moron Col Sanders had Zimmerman guilty of first degree murder and Paula Deen in prison for racial hate crimes. duh, dead wrong on both counts. the twit see's a racist behind every tree. (Posted 8/13/2013 11:13 AM).

    The poor benighted spammer. Couldn't come up with original drivel for each of the con blogs he infests, so he just interchanged our names--and couldn't manage to spell mine correctly, either.

    So sad.

    1. One other thing about your little troll-spammer. He's actually to be pitied, because he doesn't have the courage to own his own spam! On 8/13/2013 he's "Rusty Shackelford," on 8/17/2013, he's "Guess Who."

      Now THAT'S pathetic. And funny.


  2. Has anyone yet won the "how wide is Shaw's Ass" contest? I had two ax handles.

    1. This lame attempt at a distraction won't do the trick, Rusty... Shaw just outed one of your sock puppets. In any case, nothing to say about my apology Rusty? It was your suggestion that I apologize, and I did. Shouldn't I receive some kudos for my efforts... as opposed to the usual insults?

    2. Hey DS, Rusty Shackelford is also a prick who steals people's identity like he did mine and posted as me on AOW's blog. POS asshole. Check it out at 2:44 PM

    3. I see what you're talking about "LOL Anonymous". When you click on "LOL Anonymous" (link on the AOW comment page) the Blogger ID page for "Guess Who" comes up! I didn't know something like that was even possible.

  3. Hey Shaw, I read your blog and as to despising libruls like yourself..I'M GUILTY AS CHARGED... So what? Here's something for you to chew on, I don't give a crap....

    As for the LOL AnomEnema screw you as well.

  4. The press just wońt stop lying about George Zimmerman. If I hear one more word about his “poor judgment” on that pitch-black rainy night, Ím gonná scream. Even the National Revieẃs editors are in on it.

    What exactly did George Zimmerman do that showed poor judgment? He called the police and reported suspicious activity. That was his JOB as a Neighborhood Watch. There is no evidence that he followed Trayvon Martin after “the police” (actually a police dispatcher who is not a sworn officer) told him that he didńt need to follow Mr. Martin. In fact, the dispatcher kept asking George Zimmerman what Mr. Martin was up to!

    Trayvon Martin punked the wrong “creepy-ass cracker” and got himself shot to death that night. The press has been shameless in making this seemingly decent man the Most Hated Man in America, just to pump up the sagging ratings that they so richly deserve.

    I hope George Zimmerman successfully sues the State of Florida, Barack Obama, MSNBC, the NAACP, and Al Sharpton for $628 million for harassment, slander, malicious prosecution, threats of bodily harm, and a lot more. Justice for George Zimmerman!
    And I guess that us Good Samaritan Americans learned a lesson for all this. It’s stay in the car, America.
    Forget your neighbors’ barbecue grills getting overturned and bicycles getting stolen. Don’t worry about the graffiti getting sprayed on the neighborhood walls. Ignore the cries of that woman getting stabbed on the apartment steps.
    Forget your neighbors safety or well being.
    Pull the blinds. You think you’re a cop or something? Don’t get involved. The potential social and legal costs are too high.
    Stay in the car, America. Me? You’d better cool believe I’m keeping my ass in the car. The media has taught me well that I am not my brother’s keeper. The hell with my community’s safety.

    1. Right-winger: What exactly did George Zimmerman do that showed poor judgment?

      Numerous things. Racially profiling someone for having the audacity to be a young black youth and then have the NERVE to walk outside. That was poor judgment. Lying to the cops about not following Trayvon and making up a clearly fake excuse about looking for an address to explain why he didn't return to his vehicle. That was poor judgment too. Also, the fictitious account of his encounter with Trayvon in which the minor injuries to the back of his head was the result of a pounding on concrete during which he thought his head "would explode". That was more bad judgment.

      When someone tells as many obvious lies as George Zimmerman the result should not be that they are set free after killing another human being. You are correct that George Zimmerman didn't receive the justice he should have. If he had he'd be in prison.

      As for you screaming, Mr. Winger... go ahead. I surely do not give a damn if you chose this method to vent your White rage. You've already written a comment filled with bullpucky (and published it on multiple blogs, no doubt), so this screaming that I won't be able to hear is something I couldn't possibly care less about.

    2. Right-winger: I hope George Zimmerman successfully sues the State of Florida [and others] for $628 million for harassment, slander, malicious prosecution, threats of bodily harm, and a lot more.

      I hope the Martin family successfully sues George Zimmerman for $628 million for wrongful death. Just like OJ Simpson was initially found "not guilty" but later lost a civil suit brought by the Goldman family -- they same could happen with Zimmerman. In which case the killer will be paying the Martin's for the rest of his life (probably). Better he was sent to prison, but at least that would be something.

      Also I hope the federal government brings charges against Zimmerman for violating the civil rights of Mr. Martin. Just like those cops who beat Rodney King and were found "not guilty" but later (2 of the 4 cops) received prison sentences -- the same thing could happen to Zimmerman.

      The "harassment" of the killer George Zimmerman isn't over yet, Mr. Right-winger.


  5. In April 2012, two days before George Zimmerman was arrested for the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, he huddled with a fellow neighborhood watch volunteer, Frank Taaffe. According to Taaffe, who disclosed the meeting on Fox News, Zimmerman asked him to share "several talking points" with the media. Taaffe obliged. Indeed, as Zimmerman's legal drama unfolded over the next year and a half, Taaffe emerged as his most visible and outspoken defender. He gave hundreds of interviews to media outlets, ranging from the New York Times to Fox News to CNN, and made near-daily appearances on cable news shows during Zimmerman's trial.

    Taaffe used this platform to cast Martin as a drug-addled hoodlum and Zimmerman as a community-minded do-gooder ("the best neighbor you would want to have") who had every reason to suspect the black teen was up to mischief. He also railed against Zimmerman's critics, whom he accused of staging a witch hunt. "It's really sad that he has already been convicted in the public media and has already been sentenced to the gas chamber," he lamented in an interview with NBC's Miami affiliate last year.

    Taaffe was hardly the ideal person to be weighing in on a case suffused with racial angst—or commenting on criminal-justice matters, period. A Mother Jones investigation has found that the 56-year-old New York native has a lengthy criminal record that includes charges of domestic violence and burglary, and a history of airing virulently racist views. Just last Sunday, he appeared on The White Voice, a weekly podcast hosted by a man named Joe Adams, who has deep, long-standing ties to white-power groups and has authored a manual called Save The White People Handbook. Said: "A mutt makes a great pet and a mulatto makes a great slave."

  6. When does race stop being an excuse? when does it stop?
    The only person in this country who DOES NOT have protection from the federal govt is the white male!
    The only person who has the power of the federal govt turn this country upside down is Trayvan Martin
    The poor little kid should have just told the Big Bad Hispanic man what he was up to, and just continued to walk around with his skittles and Iced tea..
    There are no winners in these events, and there were NO winners in the 3 black on black murders have occurred in Chicago since last Saturday night
    When will these race pimps learn that violence and death is color blind people

    When does race not matter?
    What will it take to stop this insanity?
    and why would any-one listen to Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, or Oprah Winfrey, and especially Rachel Jeantel ?

    What happened to Paul Deen was a Prime Example of what these Race Pimps can do and DO!
    We've got criminals running our government and their criminality is being heralded by blacks and progressives with the full support of the Mainstream media.
    It doesn't stop until enough brave people are willing to clearly and publicly take a stand and say I no longer give a crap what they call me, I’m going to say have I feel..
    It stops when these people stop blaming everyone else for their failures
    Until then, the race pimps will keep on winning.

  7. Race will stop being as issue when racist ends.

  8. That should be:

    Race will stop being an issue when racism ends.

  9. Race will stop being as issue when the current occupant of the White House is out of office

    The current occupant of the White House that plays class warfare and has done more to divide the country than unite it as he said he would

  10. Race will stop being an issue when it is no longer profitable for the black "leaders". To them racial strife is an industry and like any industry, it needs to grow so they will keep promoting it.
    Without encouraging racial strife Sharpton and Jackson will have to get something they fear, a job. Without racial devide Obama would not be president.

    Is is easy for the non-leaders to tout racism as the reason for their failure. Just like it is easy for Obama to blame Bush and the GOP for all his failures. Instead of a solution they just blame because without using the race card, they have no card to play

  11. Race will stop being an issue when idiots stop making it an issue.

    Perhaps the public and private school system ought to run a course entitled Martin Luther King Jr. Racial Tolerance 101. Building from there as the nation's school aged population start to "get it " at a really young age.

    And Derv old buddy, you can quote me all over the blogoshere on on this.

    1. RN trying to repair his well deserved bigoted reputation.

  12. The answers of both Debonair Dude and skudrunner are false. Clearly neither one of them can stand it that a Black Democrat is president. Jerry has the correct answer. He places the blame where it belongs, on the perpetrators of racism and not the victims.

    Similarly, the perpetrators of class warfare are the rich... Romney wanted to drastically cut his own taxes (as well as the taxes of other rich folks) and for the rest of us to pay more. These two are willing victims of the rich leeches.

    Racism HELPED Obama win the presidency? Seriously, skudrunner? I say he won IN SPITE of it.

  13. Rational Nation USA

    "Race will stop being an issue when idiots stop making it an issue."


    1. In fact no. I meant like YOU and STEVE.

    2. When did Steve make race an issue? He never did that in this comment thread, nor in any comment on this blog.

  14. Dervish Sanders sAID:

    "Racism HELPED Obama win the presidency? Seriously, skudrunner? I say he won IN SPITE of it"

    Are you freaken out of your mind or are you just plain DUMB? There is NO way that Race Didn't win the election for Obummer. His Blackness was the reason why 92 percent of the blacks voted for him, and why 45 percent of the Lefty Lunatic's voted for him. And now look at what we have. A Idiot who happens to be Black!.

  15. People with 5th grade educations like Jerry Critter really should stay our of political discussions....

  16. "The Truth Seeker": [Obama's] Blackness was the reason why 92 percent of the blacks voted for him, and why 45 percent of the Lefty Lunatic's voted for him.

    So what you're saying is that enough people from these two groups would have voted for Mitt Romney (or stayed home) if Obama had been White (or if Hillary had gotten the nomination)?? I don't buy it "Truth Seeker". They sure as hell wouldn't have voted for Mittens, not after his 47 percent comment. That probably motivated people to get out and vote against him.

    If Mittens had won it would have been due to vote suppression and people staying home. Some Black people may have voted who would have otherwise stayed home, but this theory of your about Obama's Blackness causing him to win is utter bullshit. Mittens wasn't qualified and him "winning" the presidency would have been a disaster. That probably motivated quite a few people who otherwise wouldn't have voted as well (they voted specifically to keep Mittens out).

    I'd say this is a very good reason to not believe that you are seeking the truth (that, plus the fact that there is bunch of ridiculous BS about America being a socialist country on his blog). I think "Truth Seeker" believes whatever makes him feel better about Obama being our president and cares little for the truth. Clearly Seeker can't stand it that a Black Democrat is president.

    As for dumb presidents, you're thinking about the last moron, George W. bush. He's the guy who thought Iraq had WMD even when the IAEA inspectors told him they weren't finding any. He justified his invasion of a country that hadn't attacked us by claiming it was to "disarm" Saddam of weapons he didn't have! And he caused us to spend in the neighborhood of 3 trillion dollars for wars we never should have fought.

    Also, Jerry Critter appears to me to be a highly intelligent person. Smarter than this Seeker fellow, that's for sure. If anyone should stay out of political discussion due to their having the facts wrong (due to low intelligence, perhaps) I think it should be "Truth Seeker".

    1. Granted that 40% of democrats will vote democratic no matter who is on the ballot, they just get in line and vote as they are told. You believe there are 12% of voters who would vote for someone with no experience, a very sketchy past and zero qualifications. Never held a private sector job, taught part time and had no personal history except organizing a bake sale in a community he didn't live in.

      Of course race was an issue in his election, if he wasn't black, the black voters wouldn't have turned out to vote.

      I will grant you the GOP has done a horrible job of picking and supporting a candidate. The democrats has the stones to select a candidate and tell the rest to back off, the GOP just lets them beat up each other before they pick the wrong candidate.

      After the chosen ones debacle in his handling of Syria and Egypt, he seems to have lost some luster with those overseas.

      He has given up creating jobs, has a healthcare law that is a disaster, and ignores the sequester he created. The country has yet to recover from the democrat controlled housing crisis and he has several more phoney crisis hanging over his head all of which he has created.

      Yep, Great choice the liberals picked. Kinda makes GWB look smart.

    2. True as to the percentage who vote democrat but the numbers were up 3 million because of Obama. He was nominated and elected because he is black.

      I don't think the republicans would have won regardless because the democrats did an excellent job blaming Bush for the financial crisis the democrat majority caused.

    3. So, in skudrunner's mind more people voting makes Obama's win less legitimate? I believe more people voting is a good thing, but like a typical Republican skudrunner only wants "certain people" to vote. The right people -- a category which does not include African Americans.

      But he thinks the Republicans wouldn't have won regardless? So why is he making this argument then? If the Republicans wouldn't have won regardless then why say Obama won because he's Black?

      FYI, it's the Republicans who are actually standing in the way and actively preventing any job creation legislation from being passed. Blaming Obama for Republican obstructionism is ridiculous in the extreme. The health care law is succeeding... that is what frightens the Republicans.

    4. Dervy,

      You are wrong on so many fronts with that post.
      I am not a republican, they are far too fiscally liberal
      Obama would not have been given the nomination had he been a honky.
      The additional voters who were black did not turn out because it was their civic duty. They turned out because Obama is black, fact not fiction.

      What bills are the republicans obstructing that would create jobs. Could it be the $15.00 minimum wage, maybe the 29 hour work week so the obamacare tax does not apply, maybe it is supporting the pipeline that would create jobs, possibly the over regulating. Just what bills are the republicans obstructing?

      Obamacare is so successful it is pushed back to 2015, the obama unions are against it, healthcare costs are going to go up according to the CBO and the majority of large corporations are exempt.
      It is successful in creating part time employment so I guess you could say it is succeeding at something.

  17. You have that whole stupid comment up side down.

    As usual ..


  18. Oh my WD,Im guessing the post and comments are addressing racism. Can I ask a question of you and your ding dings?

    These two "brothers" in Oklahoma who shot and killed a young white man while he was jogging because they were "bored".....were they racist? Did they kill the white kid because their great,great,great,great grand parents were slaves?

    WD,put on your Sherlock Holmes hat that helped cracked the Zimmerman case and dig into this murder case with as much energy as you did with that one..You know WD iy you just brush off this case you will certainly be viewed as a reverse racist. WD...old Rusty has faith in you......I know you will crack this aaaaa..should we call it the "boredom" case as quickly as you did the Zimmerman case. We are waiting to see what you do.

  19. Your ignorance is showing.Are you kidding me? Apparently you missed all the news coverage of the New Black Panther Movement during the election.
    Black people do not own the N-word; either everybody can say it, or nobody can say it. And why? e? Are you saying I don't have the capability do something that black people can do? I'm insulted..
    Rap music is vastly more misogynistic, racist, and violent than Paula Deen.
    You're ignorance and bias definitely succeeds you're intelligence. FYI, white people were treated like crap in this country too.


  20. Looks like Bradley Manning is going to have all the boy friends he's ever dreamed of.

    1. Now all we need is a misogynistic comment from Rusty and he will have covered the trifecta of Conservative stereotypes. I know you won't disappoint Rusty. In fact, I've just completed a new post that mentions Hillary Clinton. Perhaps Rusty will bring up Hillary's "testicle lock box" (an oldie but a goody from Rush Limbaugh).

  21. Dervish,
    You have collected the trifecta of crazy commenters:

    1. Wow that come back really hurt...........not.
      Lmao, is that the best you got!


  22. ....and Jerry said......"would you like fries with that"........


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