Saturday, August 10, 2013

Severe Conservative Delusions: MLK Quote-Off Edition

In King's teachings, affirmative action approaches were not "reverse discrimination" or "racial preference". King promoted affirmative action not as preference for race over race (or gender over gender), but as a preference for inclusion, for equal opportunity, for real democracy. Nor was King's integration punitive: For him, integration benefited all Americans, male and female, white and non-white alike ~ Paul Rockwell writing for FAIR, as quoted in his 5/1/1995 article "The Right Has a Dream: Martin Luther King as an Opponent of Affirmative Action".

Affirmative Action. Conservatives hate it. Why? I'd say that it's because they have racial biases; biases they willingly acknowledge or biases they are in denial regarding. Many of these Conservatives (in denial or not) like to cloak their biases in lies about their goal being total equality. As an example I present to you the words of one Dennis Marks, a Conservative who often argues against AA, often asking (something along the lines of), "What is so wrong, Dervish, about giving everyone a fair shake?"

Then he, as many Conservatives have done over the years, quotes Martin Luther King Jr in defense of his anti-Affirmative Action position...

MLK: I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. [source].

The "I have a dream" speech was "a public speech delivered by American activist Martin Luther King Jr. on 8/28/1963". A speech "in which he called for an end to racism in the United States". Note the "end to racism" bit. Does anyone seriously believe that racism in the United States has been ended? Witness the stark racial divide in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict. According to a WP-ABC News poll "86% of African-Americans disapproved of the not guilty verdict [while] 51% of whites... supported the verdict".

We are not living in a post-racial society; and I could come up with many more examples than the Zimmerman verdict to prove it. Most (if not all) of us know this, so I believe the following advice from MLK still applies (and I offer this quote to rebut the previous quote from Dennis. A quote he incorrectly believes shows that MLK would oppose AA).

MLK: It is impossible to create a formula for the future which does not take into account that our society has been doing something special against the Negro for hundreds of years. How then can he be absorbed into the mainstream of American life if we do not do something special for him now, in order to balance the equation and equip him to compete on a just and equal basis? [source].

The large number of hits and responses to my posts about the Zimmerman trial were a wake up call to me. Although I'm sure these Conservative bloggers do not represent the mainstream thinking of the Republican electorate (as with the primaries, it appears as though the Conservatives who blog represent the fringe)... still, it was a little shocking to me how racist many of the comments I received were.

The Repubs and racists (those who exist in both parties and in society at large) still have their thumbs on the scale, tipping it in disfavor of Black Americans. Therefore, as MLK advised, it is still appropriate that there exists some method by which the scales can be tipped back (if even only a little bit) in FAVOR of African Americans.

But the Repubs (even though there may be White Dems who fall into the racist camp) are still the party of the racists. They left the Democratic Party and traveled over to the Republican camp after then candidate Richard Nixon used the Southern Strategy to gain "political support or winning elections in the Southern United States by appealing to racism against African Americans". They've been employing it ever since, yet some Conservative are in total denial regarding this strategy.

To illustrate this I present another quote from the Conservative who is hip with those who wish to rewrite history (I'm talking about Mr. Marks)...

dmarks: The Southern Strategy? Quite defensible. When the Dems became racist, favoring "affirmative action" policies which tilted the playing field in favor of blacks and instead of whites, people who wanted a fair, level playing field were understandably disenchanted with the Dems. A ripe time for the GOP, which then and now pushes for a level playing field to come in. (5/5/2013 AT 4:53pm, comment on the blog My Daily Trek).

The Dems became racist by opposing racism? The Dems became racist when they realized racism was tipping the scales in disfavor of Blacks - so it was necessary to come up with something to counteract that? Some will try and convince the gullible that up is down and black is white, but rational thinking people reject this nonsense (peddled by the likes of Dennis Marks and others on the deceitful Right). In response to these people (those who complain about the "reverse racism" of Blacks "discriminating" against Whites), I offer another quote from MLK...

MLK: Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. [source].

In my opinion this quote applies to many Conservatives. Those who do not practice conscientious stupidity or are sincerely ignorant use calculated deceptiveness to dupe others (those in the first camp) into voting Republican. But the duping is only possible because they are receptive to it. If not strongly racist they harbor some racial biases. These biases usually concern Blacks wanting "freebies" (even though more Whites receive government assistance) as well as blaming them for being victims of poverty (even though the number of poor Whites is greater).

Yes, there are more Blacks than Whites living in poverty, percentage-wise, but this is due more to White privilege and generational poverty, and much less to do with poor Black people getting comfortable in a social safety-net hammock created by Dems in an scheme to trick them into not voting Republican. This is the kind of victim blaming Republicans excel at.

The bottom line is that the Republicans will use any tool at their disposal to keep poor people down. That there is a group of people who can't compete (and get ahead) due to their race is just fine by them. In fact, we should maintain that disadvantage. Although they lie about that being their goal, which explains the denials when it comes to the racists in the Tea Party (for example). Dennis sounds sincere, but his denials give him away. It would be another thing altogether if he acknowledged the racism within the Republican Party; if he acknowledged that the ENTIRE PURPOSE of the Southern Strategy was to appeal to Southern racists. He does not; instead Dennis presents a laughable lie that "the GOP... THEN and now pushes for a level playing field".

He says they did this "then", as in back then when Richard Nixon used the Southern Strategy. That would be the same Richard Nixon who said this...

Richard Nixon: From now on, the Republicans are never going to get more than 10 to 20 percent of the Negro vote and they don't need any more than that... but Republicans would be shortsighted if they weakened enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans. That's where the votes are. Without that prodding from the blacks, the whites will backslide into their old comfortable arrangement with the local Democrats. [Source].

But Dennis says the Southern Strategy was all about the Democrats moving "away from equal rights, leaving their political opponents a space to rush into". Sure. Clearly Dennis is employing the big lie strategy... and I find it hard to believe that Dennis does not know exactly what he's doing. Anyone who would defend the Southern Strategy and actually attempt to portray it as an anti-racist platform to go against the "racist" Dems?... I say that person has a screw (or more) loose, or is big lie-ing his ass off.

2/11/2016 Update: dmarks sez (in a 5/4/2015 comment) "whatever someone said about riots being the language of the unheard: they were very wrong on that. Riots are the language of the greedy, the violent, debased, the savage: those who just want to steal stuff and commit savage acts of violence".

The ignorant dmarks is obliviously unaware that it was MLK who said "a riot is the language of the unheard". Which it is. Although, MLK identifying that people riot because they feel they are unheard doesn't indicate he supported it. This I pointed out to Mr. Marks after he wrote "I find it hard to that this American saint of nonviolence was supporting such orgies of violence against innocent people".

Again displaying his ignorance, in that, Dennis, as a White guy, has no clue what's it's like to be unheard. And yet Dennis quotes MLK on his blogger ID page (where it says: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?"). Looks like another example of a Conservative cloaking his biases, IMO. I'd bet a lot of money that if MLK were alive today he'd be strongly WITH the Black Lives Matter movement... and that Dennis would be calling him racist.

SWTD #189, dDel #12.


  1. Rap singer using the “N” word and his fellow Brudda’s making babies with 20 different women . Football and Basketball playing shooting each other up in Night Clubs..Our First Black president covering up all these scandals. Our Black Attorney General committing perjury.
    Martin Luther would say "where be de WIMMIN, and de booze. Marty L. King would make him hang his head in shame..

  2. K. E., Atlanta, Georgia8/11/2013 6:11 AM

    I Just Wonder if, every time a white person dies at the hands of a black person, should we create a "national outrage"? about it?

    Why don't we start with the baby who was killed in it's stroller, or the man in cobb country who was attacked by a mob of blacks, beaten and thrown into traffic? Let's get Eric Holder to get involved and treat that as a hate crime.

    For example, where was Al Sharpton et al when Nicole Simpson was so brutally murdered along with her friend Ron Goldman .

    I'm waiting for Obama to make a public statement one of these days that the if he had a son, he would look like one of the muggers.Just for the record, the FBI records show that there are two times as many white people murdered by BLACKS as blacks murdered by whites, for as far back as they have been keeping records.Despite there being a much smaller ratio of the total population. Quelle surprise!

    So do you think that Martin Luther King would be ashamed?

    And just for the record,I am not an Martin Luther King fan.

  3. The Sword of Truth8/11/2013 6:37 AM

    Truth has a habit of eventually finding its way to the surface. In spite of the many who attempt to suppress it.

  4. Take your sword of "truth" and shove it where the sun don't shine!

    1. The Swod of Truth8/11/2013 10:55 AM

      Seeing yourself? Frightening isn"t it?

      Be careful what you wish for.

  5. "That's where the votes are."
    Nixon was a racist. He didn't count on whites becoming a minority. That's why today's Republicans are pushing unreasonable voter laws, to balance the scales and put off the minority becoming the majority.
    Dennis is obviously a racist. He denies that America discriminated against blacks, that we owe them something special for 100's of years of slavery, murder and discrimination, and the big lie, that there is no more discrimination.
    Of course your point is weak when you use such a racist's viewpoint to make the case for affirmative action.
    I wonder what would have happened if we did the same to blacks, that we did to Native Americans? We committed genocide against the Native Americans, then forced them onto useless lands so European whites could take lands with natural and mineral wealth. Of course we gave them the right to govern themselves under the thumb of the American government, then broke every treaty we made with them.
    Imagine a black nation within our nation that could police itself. It has worked so well for Native Americans. I wonder if Dennis would be satisfied with that arrangement for blacks? When minorities become the majority how will they view and pass laws regarding the then minorities, whites?
    Bigotry is a learned trait. No one is born a bigot. What happens when a white minority society, is forced to live under the laws made by those who hate whites for their generational mistreatment of once minorities? Whites should pray they have more compassion than the whites had towards them as minorities. There is plenty of reason why white hate would rise as they become a minority
    Dennis should worry that he does not end up swinging from a tree, simply because he is white. He probably does worry about that kind of situation, that's why he is so afraid and continues to favor oppressing minorities.

  6. The Anonymous Imbecile above asked ..
    "Imagine a black nation within our nation"

    Yes I can Imagine a black nation, make up with Ass holes and Murderers, and Thugs like OJ Simpson, and Travon martin and Michael Vicks, and Jay Zee, and Al Sharpton along with Jeremy Wright, and Jessie Jackson, King Samir Shabazz,and Louis Farrakhan, oh yes, I can imagine that.

    1. Not All Conservatives8/11/2013 12:22 PM

      Another moron conservative heard from. Can't spell, doesn't know people's names, and omits the accomplishments of thousands of successful African-Americans, names only the problems.

      Leaves out Jackie Robinson, Frederick Douglass, Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Condolezza Rice, Barbara Jordan, Oprah Winfrey.

      The SoapBox Kid is a rancid racist. And stupid.

  7. K. E., Atlanta, Georgia: So do you think that Martin Luther King would be ashamed?


    K. E., Atlanta, Georgia: And just for the record,I am not an Martin Luther King fan.

    Quelle surprise!

    Also, you threw some stats out there and acted as if they were well known facts. Information is only factual when you can back it up. You failed in this regard.

    K. E., Atlanta, Georgia: ...where was Al Sharpton et al when Nicole Simpson was so brutally murdered along with her friend Ron Goldman.

    Al Sharpton is a spokesman for the Black community. Neither Nicole Simpson nor Ron Goldman were Black. WHY would Al Sharpton have shown up? Some might say their killer was Black... but a jury decided OJ was "not guilty". You aren't saying you disagreed with the jury, are you?

  8. I visited Dmarks/Dennis blog for the first time today.
    No wonder this guy lives in a delusional bubble.
    Alien dolls and zombies!
    Posting from mommy's basement no doubt.
    This idiot insists he is correct about everything like, there were WMD's in Iraq, even though everyone in the government from the president, military, CIA and anyone else who investigated, said no there was not.
    Or that our national debt is the fault of Democrats, even wacko Republicans don't say that.
    This guy is the poster boy for immature idiocy.
    This is RN's buddy? The guy RN agrees with totally? The guy RN protects by deleting comments proving he is wrong?
    I thought RN was just a blog attacking ass hole. Now I know he is an idiot blog attacking ass hole.
    Why waste your time with these idiots?

    1. There is three of them that are frequently very much in agreement: RN, Dennis, and Will Hart. Will Hart is a "contributor" to RN's blog (Dennis is not). Also, because each of them always has two others to back them up... that reinforces each one of their beliefs that they are always right.

    2. What a nice ménage a trois.

  9. The Sword of Truth8/11/2013 6:01 PM

    As the Sword of Truth continues to expose the deranged and idiotic pathological liars like you Anon.

    Be careful of that you wish for toilet paper man.

    1. Show/prove to me what I said is wrong.

  10. The Sword of Truth8/11/2013 10:03 PM

    You do so willingly already. There is therefore no need I or any other prove you wrong.

    1. Now that's an RN reply. Totally vauge and ducking the question.

    2. So it's RN who is "the Sword of Truth"? I can see that. FYI, over on RN's blog... he's now accusing ME of submitting many Anon comments (how many isn't known since he published none of them... could be none). RN now refers to me as wd/DS/Anon. For the record I've submitted ZERO anonymous comments to RN's blog. Clearly he's just copying me... accusing me because I accused him. How original RN.

  11. Thought so. Pure bullshit

    1. The Sword of Truth8/11/2013 11:53 PM

      The bullshit, like the crap fest rests entirely with you Anon.

    2. And so the "Sword of Truth" is RN "crap fest"

  12. A Student of Affirmative Action8/12/2013 7:54 AM

    So those Hollywood assholes and Rappers are calling for a boycott of Florida..."
    I guess that Marty Luther King would have been proud!
    (Time out, sorry but I’m laughing my ass off uncontrollably)

    Yeah. That'll work. What a brain-dead, useless waste of oxygen. A mind is a terrible thing to waste on a Marxist, or Progressive, Community Organizer.

    Which raises a somewhat larger question: If O'Bungwad and Jackson have been "Community Organizing" in Chicago for decades, what the hell have they been doing? Doesn't seem too "organized" by any fair metric I can think of.

    Chicago has, in that same time frame, gone from a nicely gentrified city of opportunity to a ghetto rat-hole with one of the highest murder rates (especially Black-on-Black killings) in the world. Maybe these "Organizer" rejects should admit that they can't find their rumps with both hands, and try getting a real job.

    We should all get "Trayvon" buttons, and blast a neat bullet-hole through the middle of them, and wear them proudly. In fact, this might be a nicely-paying homage to the little unarmed skittles and Iced-Tea thug. And his douchebag Girlfriend who said, “dat kreepie ass crackuh dun shoot Trayvon”

    1. The moronic racist Anon above admires killers like Zimmerman. Anon is in the same company with Frank Taafe:

      "In April 2012, two days before George Zimmerman was arrested for the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, he huddled with a fellow neighborhood watch volunteer, Frank Taaffe. According to Taaffe, who disclosed the meeting on Fox News, Zimmerman asked him to share "several talking points" with the media. Taaffe obliged. Indeed, as Zimmerman's legal drama unfolded over the next year and a half, Taaffe emerged as his most visible and outspoken defender. He gave hundreds of interviews to media outlets, ranging from the New York Times to Fox News to CNN, and made near-daily appearances on cable news shows during Zimmerman's trial. [...]

      Taaffe was hardly the ideal person to be weighing in on a case suffused with racial angst—or commenting on criminal-justice matters, period. A Mother Jones investigation has found that the 56-year-old New York native has a lengthy criminal record that includes charges of domestic violence and burglary, and a history of airing virulently racist views. Just last Sunday, he appeared on The White Voice, a weekly podcast hosted by a man named Joe Adams, who has deep, long-standing ties to white-power groups and has authored a manual called Save The White People Handbook. (Sample quote: "A mutt makes a great pet and a mulatto makes a great slave.")

      These are the sort of people who call Trayvon Martin a "thug," and who admire George Zimmerman, the man who killed an unarmed teen.

      We can guess at what kind of a creep Zimmerman is by looking at the man he calls "friend."

    2. The Sword of Truth8/12/2013 8:24 AM

      @ ASoAA, slightly touched in the head you are and suffering from severe stupidity or racism or both.

    3. NAC: We can guess at what kind of a creep Zimmerman is by looking at the man he calls "friend."

      Perhaps we can also discern what kind of racist Zimmerman is? This is the second of several puzzle pieces that point to Zimmerman's killing of Martin being racially motivated. There are likely others... enough to file a civil rights violation case against Zimmerman? To me it looks like the answer to that question is yes. This case isn't over yet folks. Zimmerman may yet end up spending a bit of time in jail.

  13. The Sword of Truth8/12/2013 8:31 AM

    @ NAC, In fact Trayvon was a budding thug. His record of disobedient behavior and lack of respect is a matter of record.

  14. Food4Thought8/12/2013 10:04 AM

    That stupid post by Not All Conservatives, left me shaking my head. First of all Who Gives A Shit About Frank Taaffe? I don’t even know who the hell he is and furthermore I don’t care.
    Why is it that all these Lib, Progressives etc let themselves be used as pawns by the enemies of society like a bunch of dumbass college kids with misplaced priorities ?
    Just wait for one of these a-holes to be assaulted ,shot, robbed by one of their “BROTHERS” and they will soon change their tone.

    I wonder if there is any chance we could hit them with an electromagnetic pulse and disable their EBT cards and Obamaphones?
    On another note, I heard that The National Museum of African American History and Culture would like to display Trayvon Martin's Hoodie! Now ain’t that special!

    1. Food4Thought: That stupid post by Not All Conservatives, left me shaking my head. First of all Who Gives A Shit About Frank Taaffe? I don’t even know who the hell he is and furthermore I don’t care.

      I'm shaking MY head at the stupidity of "Food4Thought". Is this guy for real? Hard to believe anyone could possibly be that stoooopid. The comment explains who Frank Taaffe is and why we should give a shit about him. Obviously he just skipped the part in bold and, as a result, made a total fool of himself. How embarrassing for Food.

      Also, what is up with the "Sword of Truth" comment above (the one that says Trayvon was a budding thug)? Multiple people must be posting under this ID because in this comment he sounds Conservative but in his prior one he sounds Liberal.

      Another good reason to disallow anonymous commenting (which I'm pretty sure I will do soon). I'll give SOT an opportunity to respond first though, as I'm interested to know if all the SOT comments are by the same person. If so I think the dude must have multiple personalities.

  15. Rational Nation USA Les can say whatever he wants to but truth be told HE IS A JEW HATER! And this is TRUE.

    He DID say that "the Jews went willingly to the gas chambers", and it was NOT taken out of context. The man (if he can be called a Man?) IS A ANTI-SEMITIC SON OF A BITCH.

  16. "Ma belle" and other RN detractors see here for an (illogical) explanation by RN of his comments regarding Jews who went willing to the gas chambers. I was willing to allow this discussion to continue so long as RN refused to explain himself. Now that he has offered an explanation (a nutty and insane one, but an explanation none-the-less), I have decided this dead horse topic has been beaten long enough.

    That said, I now consider the topic closed. Enough with the people who want to monopolize my blog and bring up RN (and the comments by him about American Jews) in every single comment thread. To help enforce this decision (and hopefully get rid of these single-minded individuals), I have turned off anonymous commenting.


  17. Dervish Sanders, I read RN'S LAME explanation of the Jewish thing on his blog and frankly I don't buy one bit of it. He may have BS's you and you believed that crap of an explanation, but to me he sounded like a Dog with his tail caught in the door, willing to say anything to clear himself. In my eyes he is still the most racist bigoted and hateful little weasel that I thought he was prior to his BS story.

  18. RN's teachers must have been idiots, or antisemites.
    Did he ever hear of the 5,000 armed Jews in the ghetto who fought back and were instantly overcome by superior forces and gun power? Or the Jews who escaped capture and spent the war sabotaging German armies and supplies. There are MANY examples of Jews unsuccessfully fighting back. I wonder what RN would do with a machine gun pointed at him and his family?
    What RN said is the biggest lie to come out of WW II about Jews, and only antisemites (KKK, skinheads, etc.)spew it.
    Believe if if you like. Read true History, not RN's version of History. Don't be conned by such a un/miseducated person.

  19. Hey RN you dumbass, you may fool DS or your Progressive Idiot Girl friend, but you can’t run away from the truth. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for Anti-Semites like Les from Rational Nation USA. His liberal friends can cover it up if they chose to, but I have NO use form HIM or his kind..
    Just as I have ZERO TOLERANCE, for Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton or the Muslim Brotherhood
    And Thank You Tom (the person who has commented above mine for a great expatiation of what RN is all about )

  20. This is what RN wrote on Shaw's blog today:

    "In a perfect world there would be no need for terms save one. Everybody would think exactly the same, thus simplifying existence."

    Of course this is RN's idea of a perfect world.

    And after the slur RN wrote about Jews, you replied with this in a comment on his blog yesterday:

    "RN isn't an antisemite."

    Have fun.

  21. I just took another look at RN's blog and it looks like he is rejecting the truce I offered him. Following my comment he says, "effective as of this time and comment neither you or your asshat buddies will be posted here again, Now, GFY".

    He thinks the Anons that have been harassing him due to his antisemitic comments are either my buddies or me. Very well then RN. Everyone reading this can now consider the topic reopened. RN rejects my offer of a truce so I have no reason to protect him here.

    Fact is, I was working on a post concerning RN (as a rebuttal to his post about me). I shelved it when I offered RN the truce, waiting to see how he'd react. RN says NO to the truce so I'll go ahead and publish it. I was willing to give the dummy the benefit of the doubt and concede he wasn't actually an anti-Semite, but that he had simply deluded himself into thinking what he said wasn't offensive "in context".

    Honestly I find not that much difference between the two (people who have biases they acknowledge and people who have biases but are in denial regarding them)... the subject of this post (dmarks) is another such individual... he's deluded himself into believing the Southern Strategy wasn't a strategy rooted in racism. RN can GF himself and consider my offer of a truce retracted.

  22. BTW, many of RN's detractors appear to be idiot Conservatives. They aren't my "buddies". RN lies about this and he knows it (or is to dumb to acknowledge it).

    Anonymous commenting will remain disabled so that RN can't return and post anonymously (as "The Sword of Truth" or "Ludoc"). RN can still post here as himself though... however he is "on probation"... meaning I may delete any RN comment (depending on content).

    1. LMAO at your delusions. You truly do live in an alternate universe dude.

  23. deluded? Yes, you can bet on that. as for any deal truce or whatever, keep in mind that he has already lied about saying what he had indeed said and why would you think that you could trust a SOB anti-Semitic flake like that?

  24. There is only one context I can think of as acceptable for that comment, to point out some hate Jews and will say anything.

    So you deny, or change your mind that RN is antisemitic?

    Dmarks is worse than RN, enough said.

    1. Tom, you came alive you useless POS. And here you are, with the other lying POS wd/DS. What a surprise.

      As they say, birds of a feather flock together.

      HA, HA, HA, HA, HA,HA

    2. Came alive?

      I've read your puke.
      The excuse you give, is a lie.
      You sir, are an antisemite.
      You sir, are an arrogant ass, that's another egotistical trait of bigots.

    3. Tom: So you deny, or change your mind that RN is antisemitic?

      RN is an insane individual with a persecution complex... when the fact is he caused this to happen to himself! The comment was most certainly antisemetic... although I was willing to give RN the benefit of the doubt... that he had deluded himself into thinking nothing was wrong with his horrible comment.

      As for RN commenting here... I caution him to watch himself or I may have to start deleting some of his excessive and repetitive comments.

    4. Caution me, what a piece of work you are. As If I give a rats ass if you delete my comments.

      And no I did not bring this om myself nor do I have a persecution complex. However you certainly do and I must admit I've had fun playing games with your delusional ass.

      But I've now tired of it and take my leave. Go back to your progressive crap fest and have a real turd of a time.

      HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA..................

    5. Seems you were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as long as he allowed you to comment on his blog.
      He has several monikers and loves to stir the pot. His griping about anon is fake, he easily could have turned off anon (as you did) a long time ago. He claims these anon's. have been bothering him for years, really? Simple answer to that, right?

  25. sorry Tom but I can not agree with that. Ive never seem anything that Dmarks said that was offensive at all. As for TN, he is a pathetic wimp.

    1. For the record dmarks referred to RN's "Jews went willing to the gas chambers" comment as "true statements".

    2. Dmarks went on to say:

      "In fact, this is the general mainstream (i.e. not Francis Boyle, Pat Buchanan, Hamas, etc) view on this part of history."

      Dmarks gave no reputable reference to prove "Jews went willingly to the gas chambers", is accepted historical fact, although he was asked to.

  26. If you're looking for answers or the truth you came to the wrong place.

    On the other hand if you're looking for a sewer then you have arrived. This is the place where crap fests and lies abound.

  27. You're a liar,I don't believe a word that YOU say, ever!

  28. Looks like the Big Bad Wimp is Pissed..HA, HA, HA, HA, HA,HA

  29. You are a lying piece of shit and a anti Semitic bastard, and your friends are Communists, Socialists. Progressive Jackass’s
    Serial Liars - Jew Haters - Racists - Narcissists - and Homophobic's

    1. Dude, you're off the wall. And here I thought given your blog follow list you were a rational intelligent individual.

      Unfortunate that you have been banned from several blogs. Could there be a reason why that is so? Perhaps you're too much like wd/DS/BS/Anon?

      Hm, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha. ha.............

  30. Rational Nation USA Said:
    “This is the place is a Progressive crap fest where lies abound.”

    Humm, A “Progressive crap fest where lies abound.” Dude, I’d bet that you wouldn’t DARE to say that on your Dear Friend Shaw’s blog! In fact I’d bet you anything! You two-bit CREEP!
    But you go Carlos Danger, don’t let the truth stand in your way...!


  31. Hey Col.Sanders........yesterday a federal judge dismissed all race based discrimination charges against Paula Deen. will you write one of your 40,000 words posts apologizing to her?

    1. Ah, jeez, looks like Rusty is right! I'll get started on that apology right away. Keep checking back Rusty... hopefully I'll be able to post it later today (if not, then tomorrow for sure). After what I wrote about Mrs. Deen she is due an apology from me for sure!

  32. I think that you owe a BIG apology to Rational Nation USA as well. For annoying, frustrating, calling him names, offending, and insulting him.
    I have a gut feeling that he is pretty pissed off at you.

    1. I have a gut feeling RN is going to reconsider the truce I offered him. Before too long I predict RN will apologize to me and beg me to reconsider the retracting of the truce.

    2. Don't hold you're breath .


  33. The moron Col Sanders had Zimmerman guilty of first degree murder and Paula Deen in prison for racial hate crimes......duh,dead wrong on both counts......the twit see's a racist behind every tree.

    1. Well I for one don't see it that way at all.

    2. Debonair Dude: Well I for one don't see it that way at all.

      You wouldn't be the only one. I also don't see it that way.

      What we have here with Rusty's comment is him making up silly shit that -- just because he says it -- becomes a fact in his mind. This is another in a long line of examples of why I may grow tired of Rusty's asinine comments and eventually show this twit the door.


  34. Damn Harland,I just visited RN's. Him and dmarks gave you a serious comeuppance.

    I did'nt know about you spamming dmarks with penis enlargement ad's. Why would you do that? Seems very Anthony Weinerish...actually creepy.

    Oh well,no matter.....they seemed to have gotten the upper hand.

    1. I'm not Harland Sanders, dummy. Harland Sanders died in 1980. I don't get how that's an insult anyway. He was a successful man. And what the hell is the "comeuppance"? That I can't comment on RN's blog any longer? Big deal. There are lots of other blogs I comment on. Ones where my comments are appreciated.

      I've never done anything "Anthony Weinerish". I've never taken a picture of my junk let alone thought anyone would actually want to look at such a picture. As for what happened between me and Dennis, I'm not going to summarize it. What happened exactly is documented on my blog for anyone who wants to know the details.

      BTW, Rusty, you left a comment in response to this post! I wrote a commentary explaining exactly what happened, Rusty replied to it, and now he's saying he never heard about it before??

      FYI... dmarks also said his ban is over. So, as of today, I am still banned from Will Hart's blog. And now I am also banned from Rational Nation's blog. Total blogs I am banned from? 2. (previously Rusty claimed the number was many more).

    2. Perhaps Harland/wd/DS/BS is a cousin of the NYC Weiner?


  35. God forbid you get banned from Mountain Dew,Hot Pockets and Cheeto's.

    1. I don't drink Mountain Dew. I don't eat Hot Pockets or Cheetos. What the hell does this have to do with anything anyway? Absolutely nothing. I almost deleted this comment (I was on the delete page but clicked back). I decided to let this idiotic comment stand as a testament to Rusty's extreme stupidity. Obviously he's got nothing. This is the best you could come up with Rusty? Guessing at some foods you think I eat? Because you think people who eat these foods are losers? God, what a moron.

    2. Rusty, I'm wondering now if wd/DS/BS/Harland will be banned from Twinkies.

  36. Damn wd/DS, I'm flattered that you copied and pasted my explanation as to why RN USA disabled Anon comments.

    And with only minor editorial adjustment.

    Bravo, so very original. Somebody recently told me had a thing for me after you dropped Will. Must be they were right.

    1. You shouldn't be flattered because it's a joke... based on the fact that you copied me. I accused you of commenting here anonymously (an accusation you later CONFIRMED) and then you accused me of the same thing (commenting on your blog anonymously)! This despite the fact that these Anons had been harassing you for awhile. Long before I was even aware of the anti-Semitic comments you made or that Anons were following you around to different blogs (Shaw's and maybe others?) and reminding people of what you said.

      RN is clearly the "original" one here. Who said I dropped Will? You flatter yourself RN. I am not dropping Will for RN. I have one post that will go up soon that concerns RN. After that I think I'm going to move on... unless RN has a thing for me and tries to keep our feud going.

    2. LMAO at your delusions and lies.

      You have no originality, you feed of those who do, and you have created an alternative universe to your liking.

      Please do find someone else to fixate on. You have my blessings in doing so my son.

      Now wd/DS don't soil your jockeys. The above short paragraph was but figure of speech.

      Oh, and thanks for the laughs dude.

  37. Hey wd/DS/BS, almost forgot, post awa about me. There is no doubt, at least in the minds of sane people, but what your tale will be a fantasy from an alternate reality of your own creation.


    1. RN, why should I allow you to comment on my blog given that you've banned me from your blog? Anyway, it is quite evident to everyone that RN is flipping out here, what with all these comments. Post away, huh? I don't know how exact quotes (with links) could possibly be considered a tale of fantasy from an alternate reality. The alternate reality is actually the place RN resides... it isn't one of his own creation though. His alternate reality was created by his heroine Ayn Rand.

  38. RN,
    Given the number of comments of questionable content you have made on DS's posts over the last few days, I would say you are developing a bit of a fixation.

  39. RN can go on Shaw's blog and insult people, but Shaw won't let people insult RN on her blog.
    RN can insult people on this blog, but you say no more insults to RN and shut down anon.
    RN will insult people on his blog, but won't allow anyone to insult him on his blog.
    Then you post attack posts about individuals (Will, RN, Dmarks) and they post attack posts about you.
    All of you have been not posting comments (censoring) and then attacking the one you won't allow comments from.
    What a bunch of childish, game playing, idiots; and obviously not serious about issues. A typical reflection and copying of the childish, fighting politicians, and look where that has got the country. RN is the worst of the bunch, but you all follow the same idiotic , childish behavior.
    None of you have any character, intelligence, or commitment to serious discussion, or civil debate. Exactly the kind of jerks who give blogging a bad reputation.
    Now back to your 3rd grade playground.

    1. Obviously I'm allowing people to insult me (look at the comments). Part of your comment appears to be about me, but I'm not "attacking the one you won't allow comments from" because there is no one that I won't allow comments from.

      Anyway, glad I'm not the worst of the bunch. That's something, at least.

    2. Ah Steve, good to see you. You are the Steve that came to my blog in the past and insulted me, used profanity in your commwnrs, and expected me not to get concerned? Yeah, you must be that Steve. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

      Dervish may be bad at times but you surely are way ahead of him in the asshat category.

      Good to see ya Stevie ole boy. Nice to see you haven't changed.

    3. Thanks for proving what a wrong, stupid jack ass you are.
      I have never commented on your blog and I don't know you.
      Your paranoia makes you believe I am someone I am not, but then there are so few Steve's in the world.

    4. Oh no, I know that you are who you are. A liar and the real Jew Hater.

      Hey Steverino, truth. will eventually catch up to you. You can't hide forever. Especially since I disabled Anonomous commenting.

    5. Again, no proof, just the delusions in an egotistical, paranoid, bigots mind.
      You made the same paranoid accusation about a TOM.
      You need help dude. You think strangers are your perceived enemies from the past. The whole world is wrong but you. Right. Get help dude.

  40. Hey Derv, I have a deal for ya. I'll censor myself from commenting on your site henceforth.

    And just to show ya the kinda guy I am you can keep spreading shit about me and I'll just smile in the knowledge none of it will be true (wouldn't want you to spoil your record) and that I would be contributing to your satisfaction.

    What do you say? Deal or no Deal?

    1. Did you notice that Dennis (Dmarks) from "throwaway" blog is now "Dr, Luthor" from "the lost city" blog. And he has a new photo up of himself. Since you posted RN's pictures, I thought you might want to take a look.
      I hate to get into stereotypes, but since RN has been so nice to me I have to say they both look like white supremacists, KKK, skinhead types.

    2. RN: [1] I'll censor myself from commenting on your site henceforth. [2] you can keep spreading shit about me [3] I'll just smile in the knowledge none of it will be true [4] I would be contributing to your satisfaction.

      [1] I don't care what you do. I can delete any comment of your's I wish. I don't need to rely on you censoring yourself. [2] Rejected, as I have spread no shit about you at all, nor do I intend to. [3] It isn't true only in your mind. [4] Nothing RN had done yet "contributes to my satisfaction". The fact that people like RN exist actually makes me a little sad.

      No surprise then that I'm rejecting RN's "deal". Accepting it would be impossible anyway, as the primary condition of RN's "deal" is that I accept his unrealities. No can do, RN.

      Steve: Did you notice that Dennis (Dmarks) from "throwaway" blog is now "D. Luthor" from "the lost city" blog.

      Yes, I noticed. I didn't make any White supremacist association (an interesting observation, however). I think Dennis may have changed his ID due to me posting about him on this blog, which would be odd, given that he's insisted that me calling him Dennis didn't bother him.

  41. Granted, Rational Nation USA is an Ass-Hole, but you Steve are A really dumb total asshole.

    1. Based on what? I don't see any evidence here that supports that assertion. Unless you've encountered him on another blog and have a link to some a-hole comments by him -- I say you are full of it.

    2. The Voice of Reason, is RN.

    3. See any resemblance between "The Voice of Reason" and Jersey McJones (JMJ)? Check the photos. Then notice both are set up ID's. And try clicking on JMJ's other blogs and friends on his profile page. These are just a few of the many RN ID's. Made long ago during the time RN was attacking blogs.

  42. Look, lets call a Spade a Spade, Martin Luther King was one of the most overrated people in American history!

    Yes, he said some good things, but words are something that anyone can say. And he was passionate with his protests, but he was also an avid adulterer, a womanizer, and he had ties with the communists.. The man really never accomplish much and is treated like a god.
    Did he deserve his own Holiday? I don't thinks so, the Blacks needed someone with their. own Holiday and he was the one... but seriously, I just don't get it. Who's next? Oprah?

  43. Did he deserve his own Holiday? I don't thinks so! Who's next? Oprah? Or maybe Trayvon Martin... LOL

  44. I also have a Dream, I dream that one day soon we will rid this country of the cancer that we currently have sitting in the White House...............unless he's on another vacation.


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