Friday, August 16, 2013

A Display Of Dishonesty And Deception In Regards To A Rejected Truce

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions ~ Leonardo da Vinci (4/15/1452 to 5/2/1519) an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.

This post is a message from me to the blogger formerly known as dmarks. If this sounds like something you would not be interested in (and you very well may not be), feel free to stop reading.

Still reading? OK, then let me explain (in case you aren't dmarks)... dmarks recently changed his Blogger ID to D. Luthor. Why? Could have something to do with me writing a number of posts about him on this blog. Maybe he wanted to escape the name dmarks and the unflattering things I said about him? Before anyone accuses me of having a big ego -- in that I'd actually think another blogger would change his name because of something I said on my blog... relax. This is just a theory. Still (I think) there is a good possibility that this is exactly what happened.

Now, before I get to the message, first I'll reveal the reason behind it, which has to do with a comment Luthor/dmarks recently made on the Rational Nation blog...

D. Luthor: About that Dervish blog? The guy that ran it made a big deal about a "truce" in which he would stop calling me Dennis (no big deal for me) and I would not call him by Sanders' name or rank (very important to him). In return I would un-ban him from my blog (also important to him). I accepted his truce. His response was to go on and break his promise and use the "Dennis" name which gives him so much joy. As a result of his display of dishonesty and deception, I have re banned him... along with the Hitler baby anon guy (comment from the RN blog, 8/14/2013).

What I'd like to tell Lex is that he is mistaken. I offered to stop calling him "Dennis" on 8/11/2013 (in a comment on the blog of Lester Nation). I wrote a post in which I called him "Dennis" and published it on 8/10/2013. Of course, when I offered to stop calling him "Dennis" I meant GOING FORWARD. I never offered to go back and edit any old post in which I referred to Luthor/Marks as "Dennis".

I don't care for being accused of dishonesty or deception; even though I'm sure Lex simply didn't notice the dates on which the truce was made compared to the date on the offending post. No biggie if he acknowledges the error, but that isn't the only untrue accusation put forth by Lex in his comment. He also says me calling him "Dennis" was "no big deal" for him, when it clearly bothered him quite a bit (even if he didn't change his ID for that reason... there were other signs he didn't like it). Then he says that me getting him to stop referring to me as "Harland" or "Colonel" (based on the Sanders surname) was "very important" to me.

Also very important to me (according to Lex) is me not being banned on his blog. But Lex is wrong on all counts. In fact, I SPECIFICALLY SAID none of these things were that big a deal to me when I offered the truce. And, while I did ask he not call me "Harland" or "Colonel", I never said anything about being unbanned from his blog. That was entirely his idea.

Everything Lex says is important to me is actually not important to me AT ALL. And I know Lex reads this blog. He doesn't comment (although he may have commented anonymously before I disabled that option), but there have been no "D. Luthor" comments here. He did comment before changing his ID on the Paula Deen post, but before that I can't remember the last time I saw a dmarks' remark here. As for how I know he reads? He revealed he knew things on the RN blog that he'd have no way of knowing otherwise.

Given that he has read, I'm thinking he will read this. I do not care if he doesn't however, as the actual purpose of this post (despite what I said in the opening) is so a public record refuting his claims of "dishonesty" and "deception" exists. And to emphasize that my offer was genuine. There was definitely no deception or dishonesty. I am, however, only guessing that the post concerning MLK quotes (the one where I referred to dmarks/Luthor as Dennis) is the reason Lex now thinks I'm dishonest and deceptive. It's possible I called him Dennis in a comment somewhere, although I don't think I did. And if I did it was out of habit and not on purpose.

However, he did say "about that Dervish blog". This is why I assume he was referring to the aforementioned post. In any case, the cease-fire is clearly now off, as calling the one making the overture dishonest and saying the proposition was a "deception" pretty much voids it, I think. Also, despite the name change he kept the first initial of "D", which I still say stands for "Dennis". That would explain why it upset him so. Dennis was like, "how did he know??".

Update 10/14/2013: "D. Luthor" changed his blogger ID back to "dmarks". Perhaps, as suggested by another blogger, "d marks" stands for the grades he got in school? That, or his name actually is Dennis. I think it more likely that Dennis Marks got D marks in school.

SWTD #192, dDel #13.


  1. Also muy strange is how bent out of shape Luthor/dmarks is over me calling him "Dennis", when the fact that I called him a racist (or strongly implied it) doesn't seem to bother him at all. He doesn't even mention it. Just the "Dennis" thing.


  2. are truely a raging fuckin moron.....

  3. Said Rusty as he looked in the mirror.

    1. Hey asshole! Kindly shut the fuck up. You and your Ass-Wipe Friend Shaw are getting to be very boring.You are up Nobama's ass and will do anything to discredit or make a stab at a GOP to make them look bad. . You make me SICK. Your sad attempt of piecing together other peoples comments is freaking sorry. So take your bullshit and your sicko Progressive Girlfriend and shove it all up your sick, sorry ass.

    2. Anybody who wants to say something against Rusty's idiocy is more than welcome here. I strongly encourage anyone who falls into that category to not STFU. SufferDude can "kindly" STFU in regards to telling a commenter on my blog who is talking back to someone who is insulting me to STFU.

  4. Why is Dennis responding to this post about him on another blog? I'm guessing it was because he lied and he knows nobody would challenge his lies on the Will Hart blog. Whatever the reason... Dennis said a few things that were not true and I'm going to set the record straight. First, the comments of Dennis (aka "D. Luthor")...

    D. Luthor said... And I saw his delusions of grandeur... and if my change from one D name to another is to escape his use of a pet name he has for me that I never complained about. Wait till he finds the name I use on another blog. It will make his day. He also just now noticed my blog change from months ago, and asserts that he caused that by his post of a few days ago. And he thinks Les (RN) is bald because all bald men are white supremacists.

    Not that I care (other than for yuks) or he caused any of my actions other than my blog post moderation. Only an egomaniac would assume that other events that happen anyway are caused by them. Like a pharaoh that thinks the sun rises in the east just to illuminate his glory.

    Now for my response...

    I said that "maybe" you changed your ID to escape the old one... because a number of my posts reference it. In addition to the "maybe" I make a point of stating that "before anyone accuses me of having a big ego -- in that I'd actually think another blogger would change his name because of something I said on my blog... relax. This is just a theory".

    But Dennis accuses me of having a big ego anyway. I wonder if he would have reached that conclusion if I had not said that wasn't what was going on going on in my post? Could be that he read that section and said, "yeah, that's ticket. Dervish has a big ego! That's why he thinks I changed my ID!".

    Anyway, looks like my guesses were accurate. Why would Dennis be protesting so much if they were not?

    As for not noticing the blog changes of Dennis... I referred to his Blogger ID only. I never said he changed the name of his blog for any reason that has anything to do with me. Clearly this is something that Dennis imagined. Like it was me that said RN is bald (when he isn't. He has some hair on his noggin) and that means he's a White Supremacist. Another commenter noticed Dennis' bald picture and said he looked like a White Supremacist. It wasn't me. I said he was Lex Luthor (the bald nemesis of Superman).

    Nice try at rewriting (recent) history Dennis. Will Hart, RN and Rusty will believe you for sure. 4 individuals all living in their shared alternate universe and making up their own truths as they go along... which is quite sad.

    Also, regarding what name he uses on another blog... why would I care? And how will I find out? I don't know what other blog he's talking about, or how the hell I'd know it's him (if he's using another ID). Talk about delusions of grandeur. Dennis thinks I spend all my time looking for comments by him on the internet (including comments by him using another ID)!

    BTW, how many LOL Anonymouses are there?

  5. Yeah great question "how many Sick Fucken LOL Anonymouses are there?"

    Maybe The wicked witch knows.


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