Sunday, August 04, 2013

Severe Moderate Delusions: GZ Tripping Straw Man Edition (Volume 2)

I'm a killer! I'm a murdering bastard, you know that. And there are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard ~ Bill, the title character from the 2004 Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill Volume 2, as portrayed by David Carradine.

The blogger Willis Hart is still at it; continuing to put up commentary after commentary on his site declaring his belief that Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own death. All the evidence points to it (in his mind). George Zimmerman, while perhaps not acting prudently, was within his rights in defending himself against a violent thug. And the Hartster continues to lie about me saying all GZ's injuries were caused by tripping. First GZ tripped and fell on his face (breaking his nose), then he tripped and hit his head (causing the injuries to his scalp).

Of course I never said that, because it is utterly ridiculous (which I pointed out in my last post). But does that stop the delusional liar Hart from telling blatant, obvious and ridiculous lies? No way. He continues to do it because he knows all his regulars are hip to his dissembling. They eat it up, in fact. Specifically I refer to rAtional nAtion, dmarks, and Rusty Shackelford. These bloggers all cheer as Mr. Hart lies, as they are delusional liars themselves. And then this Rusty fellow comes rushing over here to tell me that "Will and his friends are tearing you a new ass over at his place", and that "Will has caught you in about a dozen lies and is commenting on each one".

Of course this is utter bullshit. But, given the fact that I am banned from this doofus' blog, and given the fact that he continues to insult me (referring to me as a pathological liar in one post)... clearly a response here (on my blog) is necessary. Since I published my last commentary, the prolific White-rager has authored 13 (count em, THIRTEEN!) posts concerning the killer George Zimmerman and his victim Trayvon Martin, as follows (along with my replies)...

[1] The Slippery Slope of Blackness/Whiteness 7/24/2013

Willis Hart: If President Obama had married a white woman and had fathered some kids with HER, those kids would have exactly the same amount of African DNA as Zimmerman's mother and uncle. At what point does a person cease being black?

My Response: An utterly stupid and irrelevant question, but I'll have a go at it none-the-less. A person ceases being black when their skin color is light enough such that there is no question about whether or not they have any DNA from Africa. The reason for this is SLAVERY. White slave owners who raped their "property" (White men raping Black women) wanted to be certain that the children that resulted ("mulattos") would always be regarded as property. While other races... Hispanics, Indians and even Whites were held as slaves (or indentured servants), ONLY African Americans were brought here in large numbers and specifically regarded as a slave race (Black = slave).

This percentages argument that Mr. Hart puts forward is bogus for this reason. Does George Zimmerman appear to be a Black man? No, he does not. Does he identify as Black? Again, no, he doesn't. Does George Zimmerman having a Black great grandfather preclude him from holding any racial biases against Black people? Clearly not.

We already know that GZ's European White (with a German last name) dad holds some racial biases against Blacks. GZ senior made this clear when he authored an e-book in which he pointed his finger at the "true racists", who, according to GZ SR can be found in the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and in the Obama Administration (the president himself as well as Attorney General Eric Holder).

In my opinion anyone who says Black people are the "real racists" are racist themselves. It's a reactionary deflection. "Who me, racist? No, it's the Blacks who are the real racists". Sure. So, given the fact that GZ was raised by a racist dad, is it probably or at least possible that some of his dad's racial biases rubbed off on little Georgie? Of course. So what if his Whiteness isn't pure? That does not point to any kind of impossibility in regards to GZ harboring any racial biases... despite what Mr. Hart may believe.

And we also The racially biased White dad raised at least one racially biased son. GZ's brother Robert Zimmerman Jr let the world know he shares his pop's racist proclivities with a series of tweets back in March defending his brother. So we've got a racially biased dad, a racially biased junior, and another son who shot an unarmed teen after following him because he looked "suspicious" for wearing a hoodie and walking slowly. All this points to it being very likely that GZ didn't racially profile Trayvon? Color me highly skeptical. Basically what Mr. Hart is saying is that GZ can't possibly hold any racial biases based ONLY on the fact that he had a Black great grandfather, which is nonsensical.

[2] Self-Describe This 7/25/2013

Willis Hart: The population of Mexico is approximately 115,000,000, and of that... approximately 70,000,000 are considered Mestizo (a mixture of Native-American and European ancestry). Is it safe to assume here that the media and leftists of this country are now willing to go out on a limb and call these people, "self-described Hispanics" as well?

My Response: Nope. I'd refer to them as Mexican (nationality) and Mestizo (racially). How they "self describe" is up to them. I've never been to Mexico so I wouldn't know. As for George Zimmerman, apparently he does identify as Hispanic, although the initial police report (after the shooting) referred to Zimmerman as White. That report says that Officer Timothy Smith (first officer on the scene) had a "white male, later identified as George Zimmerman, in custody". So the Media takes WHAT THE POLICE REPORT SAYS, goes with that, and the Right-wing attacks them for trying to push a false narrative (racist White man shoots Black teen).

But that isn't what happened. The media did not invent/fabricate GZ being identified as White! Later, when the information that Zimmerman was not a racially pure White man came out, the media corrected itself and determined GZ was a "self described" Hispanic. This the Right spun as the "Liberal Media" acknowledging GZ's Hispanic heritage but still implying he was White ("self described" Hispanic but still actually White). But that's bullshit. They said "self described" because that is how he described himself! Bottom line: take your conspiracy theory BS and shove it up your ass, Hart. The only reason for this spinning is to discredit the idea that GZ could have racial biases that lead him to make assumptions about TM he shouldn't have. How the media identified him has nothing to do with that.

[3] More Media Bias in the Zimmerman Affair 7/28/2013

Willis Hart: ...back when Trayvon Martin was first suspended in 2011 (ostensibly for vandalism), school authorities went through his backpack and found 12 pieces of women's jewelry, a man's watch, and a screwdriver that they had delineated as a "burglary tool" [and for this reason GZ was right to suspect TM was up to no good on the night he followed and shot him].

My Response: You didn't prove any media bias in the first place (prior WH post failed in that regard). Secondly, the media didn't mention any of TM's troubles because they had nothing to do with GZ shooting him. It also has nothing to do with (and does not justify) GZ suspecting TM (because he had no knowledge of it). That the media didn't do an expose trashing the victim (when those facts have nothing to do with the case) is NOT an example of "media bias". Overall I rate Willis' "media bias" charge as a enormous fail. There wasn't any.

Willis Hart: Now, this of course doesn't mean that Trayvon was necessarily up to no good on that particular evening. The dude absolutely could have been just out for a walk. But to try and say here that Zimmerman was totally off is bull.

My Response: He wasn't up to no good, "necessarily"? Here WH profiles TM. He assumes that because TM got into a little trouble then anything and everything he does is suspect. Also, how the hell can GZ be rightfully suspicious given TM's history when he HAS NO KNOWLEDGE of this history? The Hartster's argument makes no sense. Indeed he is saying GZ was right to racially profile TM. He's saying it is a reasonable assumption to assume TM may be looking for a apartment to break into (even though TM has no criminal record). Why? No reason at all... except for things GZ had no way of knowing. And there is also the fact that TM was a young Black male.

But Willis claims that TM should have had a criminal record. That he didn't was due to "politics". According to WH's post "the Sanford police, in an obvious effort to keep the teenage African-American crime rate low, apparently decided that this case should instead be handled by the school system and, hence, the suspension..."

Apparently, huh? I would ask if he had any proof of this, but does it really matter? The fact is TM, for whatever reason, had no criminal record, and even if he did GZ didn't know any of this history. It doesn't matter because GZ's involvement should have ended when he called it in to the police - which is all a Neighborhood WATCH person is supposed to do. That GZ got out of his car to look for an address because the dispatcher asked for one... that is completely false. The dispatcher asked for George's apartment number and then he asked if the officer he was sending could meet George at the mailboxes. He never asked for an address. That was a fictitious detail GZ added later to explain why he continued to follow TM when he was asked not to. (read the transcript to confirm this for yourself).

Willis Hart: ...can we also just knock it off with this whole Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon crap? If Trayvon had been a young black businessman holding a laptop and walking on the sidewalk, or an elderly black woman, Zimmerman wouldn't have given him the time of day. But because he was dressing like a gang-banger and walking in between houses, he did, and he should have.

My Response: Dressing like a gang banger? Many people wear hoodies. Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera wear hoodies (see picture below). A hoodie is not gang attire. While Willis is correct that GZ probably wouldn't have paid attention to a Black grandma or businessman... I say so what? That does not mean GZ did no racial profiling. He clearly did. His 46 calls to the police to report suspicious Black males (including a 7 year-old) are proof that GZ was racially profiling (young + Black + hoodie = gang banger).

Does that mean he shouldn't have been suspicious at all? No, I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that he should have identified himself (could have done this when he says TM circled his truck) and he should have listened to the dispatcher when told to stop following TM (which we know he did not do. We know he CONTINUED to follow TM due to his bogus story of getting out to look for a house number).

As far as Trayvon "walking in between houses" goes, he was following the sidewalk! He never walked between houses.

dmarks: Martin had a significant crime problem. If law enforcement had been doing its job, he would have been safely off the streets: no longer a danger to others or himself.

My Response: No, he would not have. He was a juvenile (under 18). The law is lenient on offenders under the age of 18. Because reasonable and empathetic people look for other methods to correct bad behavior for offenders under 18... because that is too young an age to hold anyone to an adult standard of personal responsibility. But if people like Dennis had their way we'd be locking up Juveniles (and dramatically increasing their numbers in our prison system) instead of trying to help them.

Rusty Shackelford: Will, please stop quoting actual facts about this case. Now you'll stir the fool on the hill to write a ten page fictional account how George Zimmer hid behind a tree waiting to kill the valdictorian Trayvon Martin while hitting him self on the nose with a large rock and banging his own head against a brick wall. So, please stop making sense.

My Response: This a**hole is greatly exaggerating/twisting what I wrote in my "Truthy Dramatization" post. I kept to the facts and filled in the gaps (discounting GZ's account). I never added anything that was provably false as Rusty suggests (what's with these Cons and their straw men?). As for the "making sense", by this Rusty means believing GZ's account. That, to Rusty, "makes sense". Of course the guy who killed an unarmed teen couldn't possibly be lying to save his own skin! No, we should believe him without question. His is the only account of the events we have, so that MUST be what actually happened, right?

Willis Hart: The thing is, I'm just so teed off at the media/leftists for the way that they've covered this sucker; this whole narrative that a racist white man (who isn't even white) gunning down an innocent black "child" simply 'cause he wanted to, that I've totally had to vent on it.

My Response: Continue to get "teed off" Will. I really do not care. I am teed off by suckers like you who lie about people "lying" simply because they disagree with you (Will's post #6). And it was the cops who (when they filed their initial report) described GZ as White (as I already pointed out).

Willis Hart: As for who started the fight, it makes absolutely NO sense that a person with a weapon would engage somebody in a fist fight... You also have to look at the injuries and see that Trayvon only had injuries to his knuckles AND that Mr. Zimmerman passed multiple polygraph tests. Mr. Martin wasn't trying to put Mr. Zimmerman in a coma? The fact that he was doing ground and pound... AND slamming Mr. Zimmerman's head into the sidewalk is pretty much proof-positive that you are full of shit...

My Response: I never said it was GZ who started the fight. This is another point Willis lies about (or is mistaken about, or simply does not care to find out what I actually said)... I think GZ tried to "arrest" TM and TM "resisted". That is how the fight started. Also, the "Ground and pound" MMA reference is something I always found suspicious. It was GZ who took classes at the gym in MMA, not TM. And that witness (John Good) also said he "couldn't be certain the person on top was striking the person on the bottom" and "he didn't see the person on top smashing the other person's head into the sidewalk".

He couldn't see the person on top striking the person on the bottom because there was no "ground and pound" taking place (Willis places a LOT of significance on the fact that JG uses this term). What was going on was a struggle for the gun. Yes, this is my speculation, but one based on my belief that GZ had his gun out already. And I believe he had his gun out for three reasons...

[1] GZ already suspected TM had a gun of his own (the "hand in his waistband" comment to the dispatcher); [2] GZ (in the taped walk though with the cops) said he reached for his cell phone (after TM asked him if he had a problem)... GZ is NOT going to take out his phone if an individual he believes has a gun approaches him - he's going to take out HIS gun; [3] GZ says he reached for and drew his gun with TM straddling him... a nearly impossible feat (as argued by the prosecution).

Supporting my theory about a struggle for the gun is a statement by "Mark Osterman, a good friend of Zimmerman and the author of a book on the case" who "said that Zimmerman told him that Martin had grabbed his gun during their struggle, but that Zimmerman was able to pull it away". This is further proof that the other account (the one where TM saw the gun and tried to grab it but failed) is likely a fabrication. John Good saw GZ and TM struggling for the gun, not a "ground and pound" from TM.

Regarding the passing of "multiple polygraph tests"... this is a false assertion. GZ passed two voice stress tests. A "voice stress test" is NOT the same as a polygraph. Wikipedia notes that "there are no independent research studies that support the use of VSA [voice stress analysis] as a reliable lie detection technology, whilst there are numerous studies that dispute its reliability".

[4] On Rachel Jeantel's Preposterous Testimony 7/28/2013

Willis Hart: Jeantel's preposterous testimony makes zero sense. A) She claimed that Trayvon was having trouble "shaking" Zimmerman. Trayvon was a frigging football player... He could have [run away fast]. B) She claimed that Zimmerman started the altercation by jumping on Trayvon. Why would a person with a gun willingly jeopardize their advantage... C) She claimed that Trayon uttered to Zimmerman, "Get off me". [but] Trayvon Martin relished fighting. His text messages were laced with violent imagery and confessions of numerous violent episodes.

My Response: RJ was on the PHONE with TM, she wasn't there in person! She said "shake", but that only meant that TM was trying to "shake" GZ by WALKING away from him (he kept looking back as seeing that GZ was still following him. TM didn't run until later. As for the jumping on... again, RJ wasn't there! The jumping on was, IMO, them only running into each other. The "get off" was TM complaining about GZ being too close to him. Both were surprised to find each other in the dark just prior to their altercation... i.e. TM didn't double back to administer a "whooping"; he was checking to see if GZ was still following him before he went home (he didn't want GZ knowing where he lived).

As for fighting being something TM "relished" and that a brother asked him to teach him to fight does not mean TM went looking for fights with strange adults. That is a leap, and exactly why the prosecution argued the texts should not be disclosed during the trial. Prosecutor John Guy said "it would mislead the jury and be prejudicial"... yes it would mislead the jury, just as Mr. Hart has (willingly) allowed it to mislead him.

dmarks: Jeantel's poor grasp of English is a testament to the incompetence of teachers and schools who let her get past the 2nd grade. It's her NATIVE LANGUAGE. I am willing to cut her a lot of slack if she is special needs. But if she is of normal intelligence and ability, it is really terrible that grammer school has instilled her that awful babble [she] spouts. How did the "Miami University of Ohio" supposedly admit her?

Darth Bacon: I heard that she's SO smart she speaks 3 languages. zoolo, Ubangi, and Ebonics.

Willis Hart: Those first 2 languages would probably impress me. The 3rd one, eh, not so much (especially not during a job interview).

My Response: Dennis seems so sure of himself. Dennis caps "native language", but it simply isn't true. During RJ's testimony defense attorney Don West asked, "When someone speaks to you in English, do you believe you have any difficulty understanding it because it wasn't your first language?" Her native language is Haitian Creole, you stupid lying idiot. I say Dennis is lying because he speaks with such assuredness it is obvious he simply does not give a crap what the truth is... he makes up his own truth. And he knows her Facebook page says she attends the "Miami University of Ohio" but he doesn't know English isn't her native language? Also, Willis Hart says nothing about Dennis' obvious BSing/lying/willful ignorance?

As for Darth, he "heard" that RJ speaks 3 languages from me. He voiced his opinion about RJ being stupid on my blog and I told him that she speaks Haitian Creole, Spanish, and English. Obviously the facts mean nothing to him, so he goes ahead and, for clearly racist reasons, continues to insist she is dumb. Look at the languages he falsely says she can speak: Zulu (actual spelling), Ubangi, and Ebonics. Obviously his point is that he believes she is a primitive/ignorant BLACK (for the record I'm NOT saying anyone who speaks Zulu or Ubangi are primitive/ignorant, I'm saying Darth picked those languages because that is how HE views them).

And, I for one do not believe for one second that Mr. Hart did not pick up on this "subtle" racism. Yet he offers no push back at all. Instead he plays along. I find this behavior (acceptance of racist comments) unacceptable. Shame on you Hart. BTW, "Ubangi" isn't actually a language, but rather "a fairly close-knit language family of some seventy languages centered on the Central African Republic". "Ubangi" does not identify any one specific language, therefore RJ couldn't possibly speak it.

Also, in regards to "Ebonics" (or African American Vernacular English), wikipedia says it, "shares... many characteristics with African Creole dialects spoken in much of the world". Given that RJ's native language is Haitian Creole it makes perfect sense that she'd be comfortable with Ebonics (which is a "natural language developed from the mixing of parent languages"). The point here is that some people (Darth, Dennis and Will) are very quick to judge without knowing any facts at all. Shame on you Hart... again (another one here is totally justified and necessary IMO).

[5] Trayvon's Texts 7/29/2013

Willis Hart: To Trayvon, "So, you're just turning into a little hoodlum?" Trayvon's response, "Na, I'm a gangsta". 2) To Trayvon (from his OLDER brother), "So, when you gonna teach me to fight?" 3) To Trayvon (from his girlfriend), "You gotta stop fighting". Trayvon's response, "Na, I'm not done with da fool". 4) Trayvon texts, "Duh way I fight nd golds I had last year". Friend's response, "Ub fightn. yeah, a lot".

My Response: Fighting with peers, not strange adults. None of these texts indicate he ever engaged in fights with adults he didn't know. The "gansta" comment was a teen projecting false bravado. TM was not a real gansta or gang banger. The Right-wing media has done an excellent job digging up all the dirt they could on TM (drug use, trouble with the law and suspensions) and they have NEVER produced a scintilla of evidence suggesting he was a gang member. None.

Willis Hart: Alright, let's back-peddle a little bit here. Who would be the individual more than likely who started the fight; the 17 year-old self-proclaimed gangsta wannabe... who's history is full of fighting, or the short and stocky 29 year-old who's own gym manager essentially called a wimp (and who, according to wd, trips a lot)?

My Response: Wrong question. The right question is did GZ have his gun out (or take it out) near the beginning of the encounter? I say he did (see #3 above). As for the "trips a lot" comment... this is NOT according to me. I never said anything of the sort (tripping onto his face). And, if you look at this picture you will see that there is a slight incline from the apartments on the right to the sidewalk. If GZ backed away from TM up the incline he could have easily tripped, and then sat down hard (injuring his tailbone). It is a perfectly reasonable and plausible explanation for how he got on the ground.

dmarks: Will, [you said] "And the only person who committed a crime... was Trayvon Martin (assault and battery and maybe attempted murder)". There is also this crime to consider: Florida statute 856.021 [which says] it is unlawful for any person to loiter or prowl in a place... This particular crime is exactly what Zimmerman noticed and reported to the dispatcher.

My Response: Assault and battery? Again, here we have someone who presumes GZ's version of events are unquestionable. I don't buy that at all. Also, even if TM punched GZ the Stand Your Ground law could apply to him. An individual who never identified himself and who HE found suspicious was following him. Why should he not be able to stand his ground? Also, walking home isn't "loitering" or "prowling". GZ never noticed this "particular crime" because TM never did either of those things.

[6] On wd's Assertion that Zimmerman A) Uttered, "You Gonna Die Tonight, Nigga" and B) Gunned Down Trayvon in Cold-Blood 7/29/2013

Willis Hart: There exists no evidence to support either of these charges. The FBI interviewed over 40 people and could not find one scintilla of evidence that George Zimmerman (who is 1/8 black and 3/8 Peruvian himself) has ever harbored racist views...

My Response: First of all, I never asserted that GZ said "You Gonna Die Tonight, Nigga". I do have him saying "You're going to die tonight ni**er" in my truthy dramatization (which I was upfront about being a blend of fact and fiction). I based this on GZ saying TM told him he was "going to die tonight". Honestly I think it more likely nobody said that. GZ probably added it to bolster his case for self-defense. He was saying "he SAID he was going to kill me, so I had no choice". I don't believe it.

If anyone said it I think it was GZ. It would explain why TM said "I'm begging you" and then screamed (for 45 seconds). Others (including Hart) contend that it was GZ who screamed, but a CBS News story reports that a voice expert who listened to the tape says that the "screams on 911 call were almost entirely those of Trayvon Martin". Alan Reich, the expert, bases his conclusions on "hundreds of hours listening to the tape".

Of course the expert could be wrong, and obviously the jury discounted his testimony, but what this shows is that not all the evidence points to the conclusion reached by Mr. Hart. And the other evidence (grass on GZ's jacket and injuries to GZ's head, etc) does not conclusively point to TM being the aggressor and GZ simply defending himself. This was NOT proven "textbook self defense"... not at all.

Willis Hart: ...the way that the bullet passed through Trayvon's shirt indicating that the youngster was on the top...

My Response: TM was wearing multiple layers of clothing and the hoodie was baggy. The way the bullet passed through his shirt did NOT indicate he was on top (as the outer layer could have been several inches away from his body due to the article of clothing being baggy). In any case, I postulated (see my response to #3 above) that there was a struggle for the gun... so TM being on top (if he was) does not make him the aggressor.

[7] wd Lies AGAIN 2 8/1/2013

Willis Hart: [Dervish is] still insisting that Zimmerman said, "fucking coons" on that 911 tape. Never mind the fact that the FBI and police fully examined it... [he] finds another crazy-assed lying blogger who apparently heard the same nonutterance that literally nobody else has been able to verify and which even the prosecution didn't hear and tries to pawn this off as verification.

My Response: The other crazy-assed lying blogger I found is Nicole Sandler (former host for Air America and current podcaster at Radio Or Not and fill-in host for Randi Rhodes). Mrs. Sandler says that, after listening to the tape, it is clear to her that GZ used the racial epithet "coon". I agree with her. This is not a "lie" but our opinion (one supported by what is on the tape). The prosecution didn't go there because the judge told them they couldn't. Remember when prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda said GZ "profiled Trayvon as a criminal"? That was to sidestep the judge's ruling that racial profiling not be brought up. The "coons" utterance was a part of that. The prosecution didn't go there because they were forbidden from doing so. This decision was political. The powers that be didn't want to inflame the Conservative community or the Black community... so they decided on a show trial and no mention of any evidence that painted GZ as a racist.

Willis Hart: Holder is only posturing and throwing the NAACP a bone [in regards to a possible civil rights violation case against GZ]. Yes, he's dumb but isn't dumb enough to bring a case that that he knows he's going to lose and be humiliated over.

My Response: Wrong. There may be no civil rights violation case because they want to avoid the political heat from the Right. We already have racist idiots on the Right who are accusing Obama of trying to incite a "race war". If Barack Obama were not the nation's first Black president the case that GZ violated TM's civil rights would probably have a better chance of moving forward. When George HW Bush commented on the Rodney King verdict (the one that found the cops who administered the beating innocent) and said, "it was hard to understand how the verdict could possibly square with the video"... people accepted his words because he is WHITE. But when Barack Obama said if he had a son he would look like Trayvon? Unacceptable... because he is BLACK. If there is no civil rights violation charge it will be because the Right-wing won't stand for it, not because Holder would lose and be humiliated.

Willis Hart: And the FBI interviewed over 40 people looking for something, ANYTHING, that they could nail Zimmerman with and they couldn't find a thing. Zimmerman... isn't a racist and he broke not a solitary law that night.

My Response: Wrong again. A Miami Herald article from 7/17/2013 reports a witness was located who says "Zimmerman and his family were racists who disliked blacks". This individual, a female cousin who is referred to as "Witness 9" to protect her identity, also says Zimmerman "molested her for 10 years when they were both children". Even if you think she's lying the fact that she exists and gave a recorded statement proves that you saying "they couldn't find a thing" is FALSE. They found at least one something (and perhaps more, given this person is the ninth witness).

As for what law GZ broke... he shot and killed another human being. That's illegal. The initial police report described the shooting as a "negligent homicide" and an "unnecessary killing to prevent an unlawful act". The unlawful act would be the fight started by TM. So even when the cops took GZ at his word and decided everything went down exactly as he said... they STILL said his action was unlawful. Yes, the jury decided it was self defense, but that was after the show trial and instructions from the judge that said the jury HAD to base their decision on Stand Your Ground. The only one railroaded here was Trayvon Martin.

[8] On "Lean" 8/1/2013

Willis Hart: It doesn't show up on traditional drug tests. But the fact that A) Trayvon's liver was damaged... B) he had just purchased two of the critical ingredients of it, C) his behavior on that night was wildly violent and paranoid, and D) his text messages were laced with innuendo pertaining to lean, you gotta think that the youngster had a problem here.

My Response: Without Robitussin what he had was just Skittles and Iced Tea, not "ingredients". And there is no proof that TM's "behavior on that night was wildly violent and paranoid"... aside from GZ's version of events (a narrative he had a motive to insert lies into). I say GZ was acting paranoid by following TM, even after the dispatcher told him not to (which he concocted a lie about looking for an address to cover).

Willis Hart: Adderall is a prescription medication that is given with doctor's supervision and while it does have side effects, A) they're generally in the 1-3% range and B) the doctor will take you off of it if it becomes a problem. Lean, on the other hand pretty much has as it's stated effect paranoia and aggression AND it isn't given with doctor's supervision. (This comment was from the thread attached to WH post #3 but I moved it here because this heading is a better fit).

My Response: If "the doctor will take you off of it if it becomes a problem", how is it that Aderall is the most abused prescription drug in America? Why don't the docs just take the abusers off the drug? There is no evidence for your argument that GZ wasn't misusing/abusing/experiencing side effects, given the fact that GZ wasn't drug tested after he was taken into custody (so there is no proof he wasn't suffering side effect of drugs he was taking).

As for Lean not showing up in drug tests? wrong-o again Hart-o. Addiction Blog says that "for most standard blood or urine screens, codeine will be detectable for 1-2 days" (codeine is the active ingredient in cough syrup, the other "ingredient" in Lean) Also, it should be noted that for the codeine to exit your system you have to be alive (it doesn't dissipate, it gets flushed out. It cannot be flushed out if you are dead). Furthermore, Wikipedia notes that "the autopsy report stated that Martin had trace levels of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in his blood and urine", although "the THC amount was so low that it may have been ingested days earlier and played no role in Martin's behavior".

So, given that his blood and urine was tested and no Lean was detected, this proves that TM was not under the influence of any drug at the time of the altercation. Lean did not cause him to be wildly violent or paranoid nor did marijuana (and, according to Rachel Jeanteal, marijuana only made TM hungry, not violent).

[9] Who Was Following Who? 8/1/2013

Willis Hart: [Blah, blah, blah... who really gives a shit? This idiot suggests that it was TM who was following GZ! I know, WTF, right?].

My Response: Get this... because GZ drove past TM, and then TM continued walking in the same direction (down the street toward where GZ had stopped to observe TM)... WH says that it was actually TM who was "following" GZ! This despite the fact that he was going home and did not alter course to do any "following". Willis also repeats the GZ lie that he got out of his vehicle to get an address the dispatcher never asked him for. Is this guy buying into the Right-wing narrative or what? That, or Willis is enjoying pandering to his new audience. When Rusty said my butt was being kicked over at Will's place one Darth Bacon took a look... and he loved what he saw. This is the one where Willis jumped the shark (IMO). Stick a fork in him, he's done. Or not. How many more posts will Mr. Hart author on this topic? Isn't it time for him to go back to bashing Green Energy? (No, not yet).

[10] On the Idiot's Assertion that Zimmerman's Injuries were "Minor" 8/2/2013

Willis Hart: A broken nose, 2 black eyes, 2 distal lacerations on the back of his head, and a bruised coccyx. Yeah, it could have been worse.. .AND IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WORSE HAD NOT THE MAN ULTIMATELY DEFENDED HIMSELF (this, after his having screamed for help for 45 seconds)! Now, as to whether Mr. Zimmerman's head was being rammed into the sidewalk or not, I don't know, I wasn't there. And, again, I ask you, if George Zimmerman's sole purpose was to murder an individual who he had never met before (simply because the fellow was black, allegedly), then why the hell didn't he just do it? Why did he wait until the fellow had him on the ground administering a vicious beating? It makes no sense!

My Response: What idiot are you talking about Mr. Hart? Is the idiot you are referring to lead investigator Christopher Serino who said "there were injuries, but he's seen worse working in the major crimes unit and didn't consider them life-threatening" and that GZ shooting TM could have been a "panic thing" (i.e. not based on any real possibility of him being killed by the "beating").

Or perhaps the idiot Willis refers to is Dr. Valerie Rao (Jacksonville FL medical examiner for Duval, Clay and Nassau counties) who testified that "The wounds displayed on Zimmerman's head and face were consistent with one strike, two injuries at one time and that "the injuries were not life-threatening" and "very insignificant"? Are one (or both) of those individuals the idiot Willis is referring to? Must be, because those are the people who's statements I based my conclusion on.

Also, as I already pointed out, a voice expert who listened to the tape for "hundreds of hours" says the "screams on 911 call were almost entirely those of Trayvon Martin". As for the waiting (not shooting immediately)... there was either [1] a struggle for the gun after GZ attempted to "arrest" TM, or [2] a struggle for the gun after GZ drew (or went to draw) his gun and said "you're going to die tonight". Either way I say Trayvon Martin stood his ground and defended himself.

As for the broken nose and black eyes, those could easily have been caused by him hitting himself in the face due to kickback/recoil when he fired his weapon. Or a punch from TM after GZ went for his gun.

[11] On Prosecution Witness, John Good, Saying that Trayvon was on Top of Zimmerman Administering "Ground and Pound" 8/2/2013

Willis Hart: So, was HE "hallucinating", too?

My Response: No. This was in response to me submitting a comment to WH's blog where I noted that GZ said TM continued to speak after he was shot (said "you got me"). I speculated that GZ hallucinated TM said that (since it was medically impossible). Hallucinations are a possible side effect of Adderall. John Good wasn't on Adderall, although he did say he "couldn't be certain the person on top was striking the person on the bottom" and "he didn't see the person on top smashing the other person's head into the sidewalk". So, not a hallucination (and absolutely moronic for Willis to suggest this) but absolutely a (probable) mischaracterization given his uncertainties due to the lack of light.

[12] Guilty Aspirations 8/3/2013

Willis Hart: So, it was bad for Zimmerman to be a "cop wannabe", but it wasn't bad for Trayvon to be SELF-DESCRIBED "gangsta' wannabe"? Zimmerman was sitting in his car looking at Trayvon AND TRAYVON WAS LOOKING BACK AT HIM. And not only was he looking back at him, he was making a threatening gesture while encircling the God-damned car. Oh, yeah, Zimmerman is definitely the bad guy here.

My Response: These posts are getting dumber and dumber. Both were bad (cop wannabe and gansta wannabe) but Trayvon was mostly hurting himself... while Zimmerman killed another person!!!! YES, he was the bad guy!!!!

[13] On Jerry's Assertion that Trayvon was Standing HIS Ground 8/3/2013

Willis Hart: Based on that logic, Zimmerman would have been justified in shooting Trayvon when the latter came up to the car, circled it, and put his hand in his waste-band. But just for the sake of argument here, let's say that Trayvon did feel threatened (which is ridiculous in that he was a good 100 feet and out of sight when Zimmerman got out of the vehicle), maybe you can punch the dude once, maybe get on top of him to subdue him, BUT YOU CAN'T KEEP GOING; grounding and pounding and slamming his head on the sidewalk when the guy is screaming for help for 45 seconds. That is battery and had Trayvon not been shot, he'd have been arrested.

My Response: A "threatening gesture" is grounds for shooting someone dead? Perhaps, given the case of a Florida man citing SYG after shooting a black teen over loud music, but that only illustrates how utterly ridiculous (and ripe for abuse) this law is. In any case, clearly Willis has completely and totally discounted the obvious reality that GZ could be lying. TM didn't slam GZ's head against the concrete (insignificant and minor injuries don't support the claim). Also it was TM who was screaming (according to the previously referenced voice expert).

The End?

My Commentary: Is Willis Hart finally done, or are dozens (or even hundreds) more posts defending GZ to come? Who knows? We shall see, but I think I'm done responding to these increasingly stupid commentaries from Mr. Hart. Time to move on to other topics, I think. What about you me-buck?

Image Description: Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera at a Yankees game dressed in hoodies. According to their own words this is the garment that identifies them as gang bangers.

See also: Severe Moderate Delusions: GZ Tripping Straw Man Edition Volume 1 (SWTD #184).

SWTD #187, wDel #33.


  1. Forget it. Insult away. For the record, Will Hart lied about me on his blog, and also lied about a number of facts regarding this case. I authored a post to push back against those lies... If you think I'm sad then pop on over to Mr. Hart's blog and let him know his lying is sad. Lying about someone is a lot sadder than defending yourself against lies, IMO.

      The sound of a baby crying, like this blog author.

    2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

      The sound of my falling asleep due the the utterly boring and totally incorrect observation of "crying" from this Anon. I said my post was to PUSH BACK against the lies of Will Hart, not cry about them. Defending yourself isn't crying.

    3. It is when no one (Will) is listening, and you know it. The bash Will blog. Good luck crybaby.

    4. Whether Will reads or not isn't the point. He attacked me and I defended myself. It's here. Nobody can say I let his lies go unchallenged... or that I didn't respond because I "know" he's telling the truth about me. So you can stuff your "crybaby" insults. In fact, I'm going to delete any further comments that use it. You threw the insult out there... and I responded. The discussion is over.

  2. Comments I deleted... retrieved from my email inbox...

    Darth Bacon has left a new comment on your post

    All I can say is WOW, It's hard to believe that someone would sit there behind their computer for God only know how long it took to put all that CRAP together, but you did. You deserve some Kudos for your effort in putting that pointless load of crap together, if nothing else. But lets face it, even a Chimpanzee could put a piece of shit together like that if given enough time. But to be totally honest, I think you need to be put on suicide watch after reading that mess. So without any further comment, I congratulate you for your efforts, It would take someone a Month of Sundays to put that shitty post together. Even Shaw couldn’t even get close to being that ridicules.

    As for the contents of your post, there’s nothing more to be said, you covered just about everything except the Space Aliens who are the ones really responsible of Trayvon Martin’s death, that was the part the Judge didn’t allow the defense to speak about..

    As for that illiterate slob Rachel Jeantal, maybe people would believe her if she stops lying and smoking pot

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post...

    I will address the post in general, not one of the thirteen sub plots. It's sad. Seems all you do is bash people (Will in particular) who never even comment on your blog. You must be frustrated because you have been banned from their blog(s). Talk with real commentators, you seem to have plenty. Seriously, talking to people who don't talk to you, psychology 101. Reading your threads you want to stop those bashing Shaw, but you relentlessly bash someone who doesn't even come to your blog. At least Shaw comments here and those comments can be responded to. Post after post negatively about this Will we have never seen comment on your blog.

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post...

    What a coward. I was talking about this post, and you deleted it. You have earned all the names all these people have called you. You are now a gold member of the Shaw, RN, censorship club. Have fun living in your delusion, that Will is the enemy of your world.

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post...

    You finally figured it out, when you censor, lie, swear, there is nothing left of this blog. Deservedly so.

    Sammy has left a new comment on your post...

    Will is right, you are an idiot.

  3. My responses to the above comments...

    Darth: Did you catch the part about you? It looks like you did, as it addresses your pathetic and racist comments about Rachel Jeantel... and in your comment you make sure to bash her some more. Question for you though: do you acknowledge and embrace your racism, or are you in denial about it?

    Anonymous: I swore at one person after they continually baited me for several comments. Was that person you? Anyway, whoever it was... I pointed out that they called my character "shit" first. You (or whoever) swore first. Do I care about you objecting to me using profanity, being a "coward", or thinking my post is "sad". No.

    As for censoring... There is virtually none here. However, I am not going to be bullied by people who want to take over my comment threads so they can carry out their own agendas. Also, accusations of cowardice from an anonymous commenter are not taken seriously by me.

    Sammy: That Will is an idiot is well documented in my post.

  4. "Darth: Did you catch the part about you? It looks like you did, as it addresses your pathetic and racist comments about Rachel Jeantel... and in your comment you make sure to bash her some more. Question for you though: do you acknowledge and embrace your racism, or are you in denial about it?"

    Am I in denial about it? Naw, not at all, I saw it and I'm proud of what I said..

  5. Damn wd/DS! When you go off the wall you really do it in style. Well, something really notable anyway.

    I think I said somewhere I wouldn't be returning to your, shall I say colorful site? But with this creative post, and it is creative, I coulsn't forego the opportunity to recognize you for your creative flair.

    Well done me bucko.

  6. I think it is an excellent rebuttal, Dervish. Of course your detractors will just bitch and moan as usual without refuting anything you say. All they can do is name call which shows the weakness of their position and the strengths of your arguments. Well done


    2. Anonymous8/05/2013 4:31 AM

      Obviously written by a stupid "all caps" con.

    3. Also 'YOUR" should be "YOU'RE" and they forgot the period at the end of the sentence.

    4. Also 'YOUR" should be "YOU'RE" and they forgot the period at the end of the sentence.

  7. SHAW has an ass like a horse, and a face to match.

  8. Cuckoo alert! The Poster Jerry Critter is clearly a liberal troll. Don't be so fucking stupid, please.

  9. The Sword of Truth8/05/2013 5:38 AM

    It is becoming ever more evident, the grade school food fight, and/or adult crap fest will continue unabated

    A veritable waste of time.

  10. As for that “Brilliant” Idiot Rachel Jeantel, who is now famous for popularizing the phrase “Creepy Ass Cracker”
    You have got to be kidding me. " YOU said that she must be pretty smart to speak 3 languages" Really? I can't stop laughing. This Stupid Ass-Hole may know a few street terms in “Three Languages”, but speck them? If she speaks the other two (Ubangi and Zulu) like she speaks English (or should I say Ebonics) then that’s not saying much.
    I’m sorry Dervish Sanders, this Jerk-off Ms. Jeantel is not a person to anyone with a half a brain to admire.
    And just to think that us Taxpayers will be supporting this “Brilliant” piece of crap and her and her brood for years.... It sickening to even think of it. You can bet that as soon as she gets out of “High School when shes 25 or 29 she’ll be on welfare.

  11. Face the facts, Trayvon Martin tried to kill George Zimmerman. He just failed at that as he did everything else in his life. The trial is over the jury has spoken and Zimmerman was acquitted.. So eith Live with or don’t, it’s your choice.. But that’s the way it is. the American public is divided on this entire case. The left accuses the right of racism, and vis-versa, which effectively means that dummies on both sides are race baiting. So the more we both show disgust about the other sides ignorance, the more the fire is fueled..

    I can all agree with to a point. This whole trial took on racial overtones by blacks who had nothing to do with this case. The parents of Trayvon Martin were not the ones charging racism, all they wanted was Zimmerman to be tried for Trayvon's death. It was the black racial parasites who latched onto the opportunity to have turned this into the national mess .Tell me why the Obama Dept.of Justice is now investigating this case for possible civil rights violations charges? The case is over. There is no evidence that racism was a factor in this. Certain people just have to keep fanning racial flames in order to point to them afterwards to prove that they are there. I believe Zimmerman acted in self defense based on the evidence I heard while watching the entire trial. I do also believe that he was carrying a firearm as a neighborhood watch person. And doing the job that he was supposed to be doing. Trayvon Martin was no saint. I think that we can all agree on that.

  12. The REAL Sword of Truth8/05/2013 6:24 AM

    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency.........In order to be a liberal you have to be a complete blithering idiot, or a criminally insane authoritarian sociopath

  13. The Swotd of Truth8/05/2013 6:53 AM

    Beware of copycat Sword's of Truth that in the interest of their own racial driven bias would use nefarious means to turn Americans against each othet. Liberals as well as Conservatives have these types among their ranks.

    They benefit by continuing the crap fest.

  14. What pisses ME off is the fact that rather than respect the verdict of the Zimmerman trial and Zimmerman's Constitutional right to protect himself, our tyrannical president is continuing to attempt to infringe upon law abiding citizens by trying to push his FAILED Gun Control agenda crap on the American public once again. Obama once again showed the country what a clown he really is. A clown with no credibility left what so ever. How about honoring the Benghazi four with some honest answers instead Mr president! ...

    1. The Sword of Truth8/05/2013 7:15 PM

      There was a day, long before "Stand Your Ground", when the streets were Safer. Perhaps something to do with RESPECT and PERSONAL responsibility.

      Thinking Obama is responsibiliity for every ill besetting America is, just plain bunk.

  15. The aftermath of black outrage is getting out of control and any sympathy that people have for what happened to Trayvon Martin and his family is about to be squandered. People of good will are getting tired of being blamed for what other people have done — white or black.

    300+ million Americans didn't kill Trayvon Martin. One man did, and according to the jury, it was self-defense. Whites didn’t riot when O.J. Simpson was found “not guilty” for killing two white people.

    Six women found George Zimmerman “not guilty.” Prior to the verdict I heard liberal pundits say that an all-woman jury helped the prosecution. I thought so too.

    The prosecution had a partial say on who sat on the jury. It was the prosecution that kept a black person off the jury because he/she watched Fox News. Was this “conservative profiling”? What would have happened if a potential black juror was an avid listener of Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show and was not picked for that reason? The loony left would have gone ballistic.

    Roughing up whites and Hispanics “for Trayvon,” destroying property, and making threats do not go down well with law abiding citizens who at this point in time sympathize with the Martin family and their loss.

    The media are complicit in the fomenting of bad feelings among many Americans. They “repeatedly described the shockingly lawless Occupy Wall Street movement as ‘mostly peaceful,’ and is now attempting to persuade America that the anti-Zimmerman protests currently being ginned up by an NBC News anchor (MSNBC’s Al Sharpton) are also ‘mostly peaceful.’”
    All of you worshipers and supporters of President Obama, let us take an analytical view of this administration. The continuing media adoration of the president no matter how guilty Obama appears to be, no matter how bad his policies are, and on matter how severely he appears to have broken the law, there is still a disproportional following of this inept and indifferent president whose policies are no less than intentionally destructive rule over a troubled America.
    Through the lies of political rhetoric President Obama leads America down the path of self destruction as he capitalizes on the young and the low information voters. God help us

  16. Mr, or Ms, Dervish Sanders, sorry but I don’t know what you are... however, lets get down to the nitty gritty of this case once and for all. First of all, you are waaaay over analyzing this. Where is the evidence that Trayvon was targeted because of race? There isn’t any! All the evidence seems to show that Trayvon Martin, that so called young boy who was only guilty of walking in the rain with Skittles and Iced Tea started the the whole altercation and was bashing Zimmerman’s head to the ground and badly, in which case Zimmerman has a valid right to self defense. Ironically, only Martin was verifiably racist ("cracker"). I've looked at all the evidence and heard all the testimony. Zimmerman is simply not guilty. To say otherwise is to deny reality.

    I think anyone who is serious about fighting racism needs to call this whole sham Bull-Shit. I mean, it's clear to any impartial observer that the ONLY reason Zimmerman was on trial was because they THOUGHT a white guy killed a black kid. How is wrongly convicting a Hispanic man to placate black people NOT racist? And even if Zimmerman were white, why is it OK to just ignore the evidence that Martin attacked him? Is that too hard to believe?

    This kind of widespread stupidity gives the impression that "racism" is simply a manufactured evil, a function of black paranoia and white guilt. In short, it hurts our cause. On top of that, the whole "white privilege" and "we can never have it as bad as black people" conversations are non-starters for any true reconciliation. For one, not all white people have it easy, and it's plainly unfair to minimize someone's struggles on the basis of race. But expecting anyone to be ashamed or apologetic for their race is simply... racism. That is the conservative caricature of civil rights causes, after all.
    And as a poor, black dumbass female friend of Trayvon Martin Rachel whats her name, anyone that believes even one word that came out of her stupid mouth should be ashamed of themselves. Paula Deen lost her business and everything else for being much less of a racist than she is. Apparently say “Cracker” is OK, but saying “Nigga” is not! Hummm.
    Bottom line, Zimmerman should have never been arrested.
    So yeah. Save the outrage for when you need it.

    1. Ron Russell: Mr. Dervish Sanders... you are waaaay over analyzing this. Where is the evidence that Trayvon was targeted because of race?

      I am waaay over analyzing this, huh? How can you say this when you are obviously unaware that my analyzing includes evidence that Trayvon WAS targeted due to his race? It's in my post. 46 calls to the police to report suspicious Black males (including a 7 year-old), testimony from a cousin that said the Zimmerman family was racist against Blacks, an e-book authored by Robert Zimmerman Sr in which he spouts racist crap AND a series of racist tweets by Robert Zimmerman Jr. (both dad and brother have displayed racial biases since the arrest of their family member George). We also have George's words on the phone call that night (saying "they" always get away and referring to TM as a "coon"). And I heard there was more than didn't come out... why? Because the judge ruled that there would be no introduction of any evidence that revealed George's racism.

      Ron Russell: All the evidence seems to show that Trayvon Martin... started the the whole altercation and was bashing Zimmerman’s head to the ground and badly...

      All the evidence shows this? The only evidence that shows that is that is what George Zimmerman said happened. The other evidence (grass on GZ's jacket and injuries to his face and head) only show that there was a struggle... which could have occurred when TM attempted to get the gun away from a man who was following him and then attempted to either "arrest" him or kill him. And notice that in George's own testimony he never says he identified himself. If George attempted to "arrest" Trayvon why should Trayvon have submitted?

      As for the "bashing", the lead cop in the investigation and the ME both say Zimmerman's injuries were MINOR.

      Ron Russell: I've looked at all the evidence and heard all the testimony. Zimmerman is simply not guilty. To say otherwise is to deny reality.

      Clearly you haven't looked at all the evidence... and you're denying reality by saying Zimmerman is "simply not guilty". The jury may have said he was not guilty, but they added no "simply". They decided based the evidence they were allowed to hear (nothing about GZ's racism) and based on the jury instructions... instructions from the judge that said the case HAD to be decided based on Stand Your Ground! I've come to the conclusion that this was nothing but a show trial. One intended to give the Martin family what they wanted without the real possibility of any accountability for George Zimmerman.

      Ron Russell: Blah, blah, blah (me summing up the rest of your comment).

      Nothing worthwhile to respond to in the rest of what you wrote... so I won't bother.

    2. Ron Russell: Apparently say “Cracker” is OK, but saying “Nigga” is not!

      That is correct.

      One is a word an oppressed and discriminated against group of people use to speak back to those oppressing and discriminating against them. The other is a word used by those doing the discriminating and oppressing. Two totally different situations that are in no way equal (as you TRY to say they are).

  17. am currently taking a break from this board, for the sake of my sanity. However, I couldn't help but notice in the news as well as all over the blogs how our dear leader, Barack Obama called the death of four men in Benghazi a "phony scandal." Since nobody in the Obama administration seems to want to claim responsibility for this tragedy - or wants to blame Republicans for cutting security funding, who is responsible?

    Who was to blame for this fiasco? Why is it nobody can be taken to task for mistakes that result in the loss of life? Why do liberals sit at their desks on political forums such as this, pointing fingers at their political opponents? I mean, the needless death of someone should make them angry! But for some reason it doesn't. They'll say anything to acquit Obama or his cabinet from any malfeasance of judgement. Anyhow, I couldn't help but make that observation.
    Also I am all but Sick to death and Tired of hearing the bleeding hearts finding all these dumb assed excuses about the Zimmerman, Martin verdict. The jury deliberated for over 16 hours and came back with a NOT GUILTY decision. End Of Story! Even though the Liberal world found him guilty even before he was brought to trial, and the Black Panthers wanted to stone him or lynch him so badly that they made such fools of themselves offering a $10,000 Bounty to Capture George Zimmerman 'Dead or Alive
    that even their leader Heir Presidente had to step in with his own two cents. So as I said, enough is enough....

    Carry on, Sleeping With The Devil Fanatic Nut Cases

    1. This joithead keeps promising DS he's leaving, but then keeps coming back to prove what a bottom-dwelling gudgeon he truly is. Do us all a favor Mr. D. Pig Meat. Go and don't come back.

    2. The Sword of Truth8/05/2013 7:20 PM

      As the crap fest continues.

  18. What is disturbing to me is now Holder is desperately trying to prove zimmerman to be a racist. Let's assume he is, let's assume he is as racist as most blacks are does that mean he forfeits his right to defend himself against a black attacker?

    1. The Sword of Truth8/05/2013 7:24 PM

      " ... is as racist as most blacks are..." WTF? Have you proof of this statement?

  19. It's your own fault crybaby. You can't make your point on their blogs, so you turn your blog into a childish, vindictive, endless stream of Will is a lying sack of shit. Showing again that you are just as bad as they (RN, Shaw, Will, etc.) are.RN uses many monikers and writes all sides just to spark you, and you fall for it. What a childish putz.

    1. The Sword of Truth8/05/2013 7:28 PM

      Crap Fest Monarch Extraordinaire Anon.

  20. I'm not "falling" for anything Anonymous. What I write on my blog is what I want to write. Will lies and I refuse to let his lies go unchallenged. You throw in the insults such as crybaby, childish and putz that don't apply, and you mention Shaw... an individual that has little to do with the rest of this group (aside from her not wanting anonymous commenters to take over the comment threads on her blog and discuss only RN's lies about American Jews).

    IMO you're the putz Anon. Especially if you're among the anons who are obsessing on RN and his lies about American Jews. Those Anons are total crybabies (bawling and going spastic when I said the discussion on that topic was over). Those anons (which I'm sure this anon will deny he is among) acted, and continue to act in a totally childish manner.

    BTW, deny-away in regard to you not being one of those anons... I won't believe you. It's very easy to insult and denigrate someone while commenting anonymously. I can't say a damn thing about past comments because you will always deny it was you... it is always some other chicken lobbing insults while not having to stand by or defend prior comments.

    Also, FYI, I largely ignore RN. Nothing RN has ever said has "sparked" me. Will I pay special attention to because I used to comment on his blog (for a couple years, in fact), until he banned me over nothing. I didn't like that so I decided to continue to annoy him (for fun, not because I'm a "crybaby"). So the "sparking" you refer to has actually been me sparking Will. I sparked him into revealing himself to be a lying sack of shit (as you put it).

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Comment removed due to my "shit character" that has me "protecting" the "protector" of RN. I wonder that if this anon goes to another blog and...[1] starts complaining about me protecting the protector of RN, then [2] that blog proprietor gets sick of the Anon complaining about me protecting the protector, then... will the anon will go to another blog and complain about the protector of the protector of the protector of RN?

  21. Hey Anonymous why don't you stop criticizing other peoples comments and stick your head up your ass and shut the hell up. You sorry assed douchebags won't dare criticize your beloved mooslim President or his staff of lying douchebags like Hillary or Holder, or Biden but put your two cents into others comments hiding like little snakes under the shield of anonymity! Listen, you slop of shit either have something constructive to say or SHUT THE HELL UP.
    Big Brave Liberal Ass-Hole!

  22. DS Said: "As for the "bashing", the lead cop in the investigation and the ME both say Zimmerman's injuries were MINOR."

    Any time you get your head smashed against a concrete curb, it is NOT " MINOR"..

    It maybe "MINOR" for someone other than the victim to thinks so, but if it's you thats getting your head smashed, it is in NO way "MINOR"!

    1. Crabby: Any time you get your head smashed against a concrete curb, it is NOT " MINOR"..

      This likely didn't happen to George Zimmerman. The minor injuries say he lies. He didn't even visit a doctor after the incident. That says it all. Didn't go to a doctor, not even to just be cautious.

      Crabby: It maybe "MINOR" for someone other than the victim to thinks so, but if it's you that's getting your head smashed, it is in NO way "MINOR"!

      The lead cop in the investigation says he has seen worse. The MEDICAL examiner said he did NOT get his head "bashed" over and over. It didn't happen. Zimmerman lied because he knew the shooting was unnecessary (as the cops originally said).

    2. Oh please , that medical examiner was a joke

  23. The lead cop was in the bag with the State's case, he was a lying POS .

    1. This guy probably does not even know who the lead cop was or anything that he said. I said he called GZ's injuries minor, so immediately he was "in the bag" with the State's case in this idiot's mind. What this clueless anon obviously does not know is that this same police officer testified that he thought GZ was telling the truth (in regard to his lie-filled concocted story that had GZ looking for an address the dispatcher never asked for, GZ getting a few scratching on his head from a "slamming" on a concrete sidewalk, and TM talking after being shot and pulling his arms under his body).

  24. Derv,

    I don't have seventy-two hours to devote to your post. But from what I can see, you kicked Will, (Take no prisoners,) Hart's ass fair and square. What a colossal dumbshit. What the hell does he see in Zimmerman? At least the gun guys can pretend that they have been waiting for a self-defense murderer to be acquitted. This whole right-wing love for Zimmerman thing makes me sick to my stomach.

    Hey dmarks & rational nation! Keep up the good work.

    1. We need more Zimmern's in this country and less creeps like Poor little unarmed Travyon Martin. And much less creeps like you, you shit head Flying Prick.

  25. The Sword of Truth8/06/2013 9:01 AM

    How trite your comment Anon. It does serve to keep the crap fest alive though.

    1. Don't like it? Don't read it. I didn't write it to entertain you .

    2. What a dumb thing to say. Anyone can comment on comments. The only one who can say "don't like it, don't read it" is me, the blog proprietor. If you don't like others commenting on your comments YOU can go elsewhere.

  26. I just watched the Rachel Jaentel interview. I already had a favorable opinion of her from viewing bytes of her testimony. I thought that her contempt for the defense team was refreshing. My bloggy friends were saying that her day in court was a "bad day for the prosecution." I reminded them that this community of young people and their families in Sanford were simply going about living their lives. She lost one of her closest friends that night.

    It was touching to see her face light up when she remembered talking on the phone with Trayvon and other things that they did together.

    1. I am in agreement with you FJ. Rachel Jeantel tells it like it is... something the Cons cannot stand. Her refreshing mode of speaking has caused the racist Cons to trip over themselves in a rush to let the world know just how racist they are... witness one Darth Bacon. This doofus is actually proud of his bigotry!

  27. Hey ass-hole can't you tell a lye when you see it right in front of you? Or are you that stupid to think this piece of trash was "refreshing"
    Geezzz how dumb can you be?

    1. "Anonymous8/07/2013 10:07 AM
      Hey ass-hole can't you tell a "lye" when you see it right in front of you?"

      Yes. The cons really ARE that stupid. LOL!


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