Thursday, August 15, 2013

Who Is Quilty Of Being The Sword Of Truth?

It's like if you have a quilt and a thread is loose and they see that thread, they say, forget the rest of the quilt. It's not guilty ~ Gil Garcetti (dob 8/5/1941) Los Angeles County's 40th District Attorney for two terms, from 1992 until November 7, 2000. Garcetti's first term was dominated by his office's prosecution of the O.J. Simpson double-murder trial.

Who is "The Sword of Truth"? An individual using the anonymous option and typing in the name The Sword of Truth (TSOT) previously commented on this blog... although now that I have disabled anonymous commenting TSOT is gone (or the ID is gone but not necessarily the person behind it). I have previously guessed that TSOT was another blogger known as Truth101, but he denied it was him. Prior to me disallowing anonymous commenting an Anon suggested that TSOT might be rAtional nAtion.

Now (using my Sherlock skills), I have hit upon a clue that may point to the blogger behind TSOT. I noticed this clue while reading the blog Progressive Eruptions. Specifically I noticed the clue contained in the following comment left by TSOT...

The Sword of Truth: Partisanship, by it's very nature blinds one to thoroughly considering, let alone understanding all viewpoints. ... Both ideological extremes are quilty of this. Denying this truth is either naive or stupid. (8/13/2013 AT 11:41am).

Speaking against partisanship? That could be something an individual who identifies as Libertarian and has problems with both of this country's two major parties might do, no? But (and this is the clue)... both ideological extremes are "quilty" of this? Quilty? This could just be a typo (even thought the "Q" and "G" keys are nowhere near one another), but I do remember another individual who made this same typo numerous times. That individual? rAtional nAtion.

Following are eight examples of this typo from Mr. nAtion (found via Google)...

1. rAtional nAtion: Yeah, Zimmerman is quilty of his elevator stopping shy of the top floor. I'll leave it at that. (RN comment from Contra O'Reilly post "wd Lies AGAIN 2", 8/1/2013).

2. rAtional nAtion: Again, a verdict of "not quilty" does not necessarily imply innocence. It does default to fully restoring to the individual found "not guilty" of the charges brought against him/her their full freedom. (RN comment from the RN post "Race Baiting at the Highest Level of the Federal Government", 7/19/2013).

3. rAtional nAtion: And today the jury spoke. Not quilty of second degree murder. (RN comment from the Libertarian Republican post "Zimmerman's Trial: Day 1 of Closing Arguments", 7/13/2013).

4. rAtional nAtion: My disgust with both parties, their antics, and their inability to resolve the major issues of times. Rather than talking with and negotiating they talk at each other, more interested in winning and preserving power for the party. In all honesty I must say the rEpublicans are most quilty of this. (RN comment from the RN post "The Scandal That Won't Go Away", 5/17/2013).

5. rAtional nAtion: Was there a cover up? Likely not! Possible mismanagement, maybe. If this were a crime GWB and others before him are quilty and their Secretaries as well, maybe. (RN comment from the PE post "Benghazi: Krokodil for Conservatives", 5/9/2013).

6. rAtional nAtion: As much as I am sure the bastards are quilty and I would like nothing better than to see the surviving bastard tried as an enemy combatants and when convicted put to a slow torturous death it can't logically be justified under the Constitution. (RN comment from the Swash Zone post "Mirandize This!", 4/21/2013).

7. rAtional nAtion: The tone of this post is as critical of neo cons as it is of ultra liberals. Because in general {at least in MHO} Both are quilty of the divide and conquer mentality. (RN comment from RN post "Thoughts On Our Current Political Climate", 10/22/2011).

8. rAtional nAtion: Read Animal Farm. you will see the eventual ends of the socialist/statist juggernaut. The quilty verdict is in part justified. However, a second guilty should be pronounced on a complicit democratic party as well. (RN comment from Truth101 post "Judgement Day!", 4/15/2010).

When someone makes the same typo SO MANY TIMES can it be pointed to as an identifying trait? Yes, I found the same typo made by other people - but with Mr. nAtion, not only do we have multiple examples of the "quilty" typo, but we also have similar sentiments in regards to the rEpublican and dEmocratic parties. So, could TSOT and RN be one in the same? I report, you be the ultimate judge. Your views and thoughts are most welcome.

However, if RN is TSOT, the question then is... why is he submitting so many comments using this ID to his supposed friend Shaw's blog? For example, on this comment thread TSOT submits four comments in a row that don't add up to much. Whoever TSOT is, what is the point of this? And if TSOT is RN, why use an anonymous ID? PE isn't a blog RN is banned from. Also, note another typo in this comment thread... TSOT publishes as "The Sword pf Truth". P and O are at least near each other on the keyboard I suppose.

Anyway, RN seemed to enjoy my "Sherlocking"... when I noticed that an Anon frequently placed periods in the middle of his sentences, RN made fun of my observation on his blog with a post praising me that also mentioned "misplaced periods". Given that, here is some more sherlocking presented for the enjoyment of my readers; but more importantly, for the enjoyment of RN (I'm sure he will LMAO).

After my last post I thought RN had been discussed here enough and that it was time to move on to other topics. But because RN recently asked, "now, why don't you do another post about RNUSA?", I have decided to do one more to satisfy RN's request. Why? Because Mr. nAtion's wish is my command. RN should consider this commentary my tribute and gift him. Maybe we can be friends now?

SWTD #191, lDel #4


  1. Misspellings and grammar errors are RN's MO, and you are right, those kind of personal habits are hard to hide. Ask Shaw, she might know. This is all part of RN's tactics, also the unmistakeable MO of RN.
    TAO once stated that JMJ is RN's alter ego. Created to bash liberals. Funny how JMJ is the only liberal RN allows unfettered comment privileges on his site.

  2. Who knew you'd be so concerned with someone be "Quilty?"

    My grandmother was a great quilter. What's wrong with being Quilty?

  3. Steve: TAO once stated that JMJ is RN's alter ego.

    I saw that. Don't know if I believe it. I haven't seen JMJ on any other blogs though. I have, however (when RN allowed me to comment on his blog) agreed with a number of things JMJ said (and published comments saying so). If RN is JMJ then my agreeing with his (possible) sock puppet probably gave him a big laugh.

    Shaw Kenawe: Who knew you'd be so concerned with someone be "Quilty?"

    Regarding who TSOT is, we'll probably never know for sure. Given that, I'm not overly concerned. TSOT can't comment here any more anyway. In any case, nothing wrong with being quilty, unless you mean guilty and made a typo. Then there is something wrong with it.

    BTW, a name change to play up the hatred some bloggers have for you? Color me a little jealous. You know you're doing a bang up job in the arena of Progressive blogging when the bloggers on the Right know who you are and universally hate you (especially with such a passion).

  4. Stevirino, There are but ole Derv, you, and asshat Anons that don't get posted. Oh shit, you and Derv are BANNED forever.

    1. I don't know you and have never commented on your blog, but thanks for the unearned ass hole treatment by you. Makes me feel like all these others who rightfully blast you.

    2. I really love the liars here at Derv the Good son's blog. Keep on lying Stevirino.

    3. Prove it Jew hater. What besides your paranoid, deluded mind do you base your lie on? Because you had some guy named Steve call you names? Include another Steve that will call you names. You have been such an ass to this stranger to you Steve.

    4. LMAO.. Truth getting to you?

    5. Just calling out your lies.
      It seems the truth is getting to you. Swearing, name calling, lying, you really are the Jew hating ass hole everyone here has been describing.
      You truly need help with your anger problems and multiple personality disorder.

    6. Nope, the lies rest with you the real Jew hater. The filth you inundated my comment moderation box was truly pathetic. Get a life Stevirino

    7. You are deluded dude. Not me, but keep fooling yourself to keep your idiotic pride.

    8. We have all read the proof (your own words) that you are a Jew hater.
      Please show everyone the evidence that I am, as you claim.
      You must be busy with the many monikers you comment under, so I will let you get back to your sick, paranoid, lonely life.
      I'll be waiting for your proof.

  5. Sherlock, er Derve my son... don't get out much do you?


  6. Sherlock, er D.e.r.v my son... About TSoT,.../ you want. to check with the Green Hornet.

    1. I don't know what ugly rumors RN is trying to start with his odd comment (a comment that contains zero denials regarding him being TSOT and containing deliberately misplaced periods)... but RN and I are NOT related. I am not RN's son. Might this be proof of some mental health related issues RN may be suffering from?

      Also, are all these comments proof that RN is eating up all this attention? Even though the attention is negative, RN seems to absolutely LOVE it. I was going to say I might be forced to ban RN, but once I stop talking about him he might go away. If not... well, we'll see. A ban may be in order. Looks like he's too scared to use his sock puppets though (scared of them being found out).

  7. Derv my son, I must confess, if that Shaw, the Wicked Witch of the Blogosphere wasn't alway..s fl,ying arown my h.4ead I would/nt make so mabny typo's.

    Damn, see what..I HAcvbe to puyt up.. witj?

    La,ter Dev.

  8. I've been thinking Derv my son... If you promise to behave you can visit RN USA on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

    I'm s, the WWotB sHAW .W,on?t min.d/

    Damn it all __there she goes again.

  9. Okay Derv my son, you have apparently decided not to take me up on my fine and more than equitable offers. I'm really disappointed. But if that's what you want I'm fine with it.

    However, all bets are now off. If you dare to do another post about RN USA I will rip you a new one.

    1. Listen to this psycho. He is truly the scum bag your readers and you have been describing for a long time now. He's convinced I'm some nemesis of his from long ago. I believe he made the same accusation to some guy who posted as TOM, not to mention all his deluded allegations about anons. I now have no doubt he is playing multiple characters on your blog and other blogs, including Shaw's. His paranoid, egotistical personality fits perfectly with a person who feels superior to others, thus the bigotry.

    2. RN, I don't know what offers you are talking about. Are you talking about the "Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday" thing? I assumed you were joking. I might have tried a test post to see if you published. I haven't been reading everything you published here closely though... not after the last two where you clearly lost your mind.

      As for another post about Rational Nation USA... I wasn't planning one. I said I wasn't going to do another. Is this some RN illogic where now (when I don't do another post) you can claim victory? You'll say I read your words and was intimidated into laying off?

      May be something to Steve's claims about RN being a psycho. Definitely a nutcase... I think that much is extremely obvious to all who read his comments here.

    3. You are funny, delusional, wacko, and a liar all rolled into one big turd.

      You win, this swamp, or sewer if you prefer can't be drained. I have always wondered what exactly a libtard is. Now I know.

      Have a wonderful life Derv, living your alternate reality. Judging from the characters you attract that will remain here with you you won't be lonely.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me when the LIBERAL and PROGRESSIVE LUNATIC’S who espouse the sociopolitical ideology of Socialism, Marxism and Communism and who are intent on raining destruction and chaos upon our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC simultaneously cry out for the protection of that which they are intent on destroying!

    HOW MARVELOUSLY HYPOCRITICAL OF THEM! Isn’t that right Ms. Wicked Witch of the Blogisphere!

    1. No, it isn't right. Everything you wrote is complete nonsense. What "never ceases to amaze" you is a thing that has never happened.

  11. Thanks for posting this awesome truth about Rational Nation USA, Dervish Sanders, this is something that I hadn’t heard before reading your blog. I’m happy to see someone who isn’t afraid of putting the truth out there just like it is.
    There is no question that the Jews have blessed the rest of the world with who have contributed so much to the world, people like Albert Einstein, Leonard Bernstein, Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan, Harrison Ford, Marc Chagall, Al Jolson. Paul Newman, Itzhak Perlman, George Gershwin, and the list goes on where theres really to many to mention.
    And then there are the Jew Haters like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and now I guess we can add Rational Nation USA to that list of LOSERS!!

  12. I find it interesting a comment by Publius can only find black Americans and the former president of Iran as "Jew Haters".

    Where are Lew Rockwell, David Duke, Michael Collins Piper, Don Black, Paul Fromm, Willis Carto, Kevin Alfred Strom Richard Williamson, David Irving, Fred A. Leuchter, among others who have worked much more actively to directly attack the Jewish faith and deny the holocaust??

    Oh right, they are not on the list of people the right wing continuously attacks, for purely political reasons. Some even agree with much of what the teatards posit today.

    I wonder why he focused on those he did and ignored many many people who work much harder at racism and hatred???????

  13. The Shadow Knows. Besides, what the hell difference does it make?

  14. Looks like somebody cares

    other wise you wouldn't have commented

    nor shown the world

    how twisted

    your wingnut pink panties

    are over my observation.

  15. Oh an Barf Dacon, Pubi probably wants to put this guy on his list also.


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