Friday, August 28, 2009

Republicans Warn: We Will Politicize Senator Kennedy's Death

It was the Republicans that tried to cheapen Paul Wellstone's life by dishonoring his death. It was the right-wing media, not the friends and family who spoke at the memorial or the people who came to it, that seized an opportunity to use a tragedy for political gain ~ Senator Al Franken in his book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" (pub. 2003)

A news story sighted on the Yahoo home page today, with the decidedly not innocuous title "Wellstone effect for Kennedy?" states that "Key conservative voices have begun to charge in the day after Sen. Ted Kennedy's death that Democrats are inappropriately politicizing the senator's death, his memorial and his legacy".

What they are really warning us of is that we should expect false charges and feigned indignation from their side of the aisle in the coming weeks as Democrats continue to push healthcare reform.

They did the same thing in 2002 when Paul Wellstone (D-MN) tragically died, and it netted them a Senate seat. Why wouldn't they use the same vile underhanded tactics again?

Certainly no one should be surprised that the man is dead one day and they are laying the groundwork for the partisan attacks to come. The question is what can the Democrats do to head off this pre-announced smear campaign? It won't make a bit of difference whether or not Democrats decide to name the bill in honor of Senator Kennedy (as Senator Byrd has suggested).

And it won't matter whether or not we withdraw our calls for Governor Patrick to sign a bill changing state law so that an interim Senator can be appointed to fill the vacant MA seat (which would be a horrific tactical mistake). We must not give in. We must not back down. The Republicans will attack regardless.

I don't know what strategy can be used by the Democrats to deflect these charges - aside from simply calling them out on it - but Democratic strategists need to get proactive on this immediately. We can't let them get away with using Senator Kennedy's death to derail healthcare reform. They politicized Paul Wellstone's death and Minnesota was stuck with Norm Coleman for 6 years. How many more years will reform be delayed if the Democrats don't push back aggressively against Republican fabrications?

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  1. This is not a democrat vs Republican issue but rather decent people vs. vile and evil people.

    What has been said about Ted Kennedy over the last few days, in light of his sacrifice (he never once took a paycheck from the government for serving in the senate) and his accomplishments is an absolute DISGRACE...

    These people call themselves Americans and that should not be allowed...

  2. Great looking blog. I've already blog rolled you over at PE.

    I'll be turning on the comment sections at my blog later in the weekend, after the haters are back on their meds.

  3. Of course, I recognize we live in an age of sensationalized media, where bad behavior grabs headlines, and polite discourse goes unnoticed.

    In 1992, candidate Bill Clinton knew this and set up the infamous "war room" to counter the anticipated lies and dirty tricks in real time. The mistake Obama made is not countering the dissembling before deceptions and diversions imprinted themselves in the minds of the public.

    As bloggers, we can function as that "war room." We can expose the smears as they happen, and these days bloggers have it within their power to influence MSM. That would be my prescription.

    Ditto, on that blogroll (and my apologies for being remiss)

  4. Your post gives the reason I blog the way I do.

    I keep relearning that letting no attack go by unanswered is not enough. No attack should go unpunished.

    Well done WD.

  5. Screw Ted Kennedy and the Pig he rode in on.

    Although I am very frustrated with where American politics are these days. But I'm seriously, loving the death panels that Obama is pushing down our mouths.

  6. Of course they all think it's a great looking blog. You've taken every anti bush, anti military picture you could find and concentrated them in one place.

    The only disgrace is people that love spending other people's taxpayer money.

    Before you get started, Tao, I pay taxes, too.

    Naming it the kennedy bill says alot about the sort of propaganda it would take to get this largely bogus bill pushed through. Probably have just as much luck calling it the Che Guevara bill. At least he went outside once in a while.

  7. bluepitbull said... You've taken every anti bush, anti military picture you could find and concentrated them in one place.

    First of all, thanks for taking a look at my blog. You've got to scroll down to see those anti-bush pictures you're referring to.

    As for the anti military pictures -- I don't know where you saw those, but there aren't any of them on my blog.

    Thanks as well to the others who have posted. I'll be adding some of you to MY blogroll shortly.

  8. Yeah, you should add them. It's kind of lonely being a solo hater.

  9. W-Dervish: Great looking blog. I've already blogrolled you. I predict you are going to do very well. And I wish you much success.

  10. BPB,

    Cost benefit analysis:

    Do you pay more taxes than you get in benefits?

    I do...alot more.

    When you hear me bitch about government spending then you know it is really a big issue...

    Glad to see your recent post on the VA...sounds like the BUSH ADMINISTRATION really took care of themselves in every way imaginable...

    Reallocating wealth to a democrat is taking from the rich and giving to the less fortuanate while for the Republicans its taking from the less wealthy and giving to themselves...

    Yes, the philosophy of selfishness is alive and well....


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