Saturday, July 29, 2017

Donald Trump Is An Evil Asshole (Thoughts On The Defeat Of TrumpCare, So Called Skinny Repeal & The GOP's Bloodthirsty Desire To Murder People By Taking Away Their Insurance)

Insurers say if Trump follows through with his threats it will "throw markets into turmoil and even cause the type of death spiral Republicans in Congress have long warned against".

The ACA will not fail unless predisent Trump sabotages it. With this tweet he announces his intention to do just that. Yet he will still claim that ObamaCare "imploded" after entering a (Republican caused) death spiral. Because Trump is a dissembling POS with a loyal following of fanatical, moronic, brainwashed rubes eager to believe his lies (i.e. the Trump-aligned Right's "fake news" and "deep state" bullshit).

Barack Obama warned us that Trump is uniquely unqualified. "All the progress we've made these last 8 years goes out the window if we don't win this election" the former president said 5 days before a reality TV show buffon was "elected" (by losing the popular vote). With the help of Kris Kobach and Vladimir Putin.

According to the opening dialogue of Comedy Central's The President Show, Donald Trump is the "45th and FINAL president". Obviously a joke, although one that could turn out to be an accurate prediction. IMO the longer this pathetic, racist, misogynist, narcissistic, low IQ, evil, bullying butthole is allowed to remain president the greater the chance.

Yertle the Turtle (Mitch McConnell) and Eddie Munster (Paul Ryan) would have moved on already if not for (what Bob Cesca refers to as) Trump's "idiot strength" (he is too dumb to know when to give up). Trump has outright violated or blatantly ignored other campaign promises, yet this one is important for him to keep. Likely because the ACA is known by the stupider of his adherents only as "ObamaCare" (they are unaware that the ACA and ObamaCare are the same thing). Everything "Obama" must be destroyed.

Eddie has big plans to cause great suffering among the rabble. Plans he has been salivating to implement for decades (Paul Ryan Says He's Been Dreaming Of Cutting Medicaid Since He Was In College). I'm not sure what Yertle's deal is. I'm sure he hates Obama, though not as irrationally as Trump hates him.

Most Congressional Republicans were (and still are) clearly onboard with the bloodthirsty plan to murder Americans by making their health care insurance more unaffordable. I have to wonder what lies they would have spun if their legislation had passed and that inevitably happened. Given the fact that they said their motivation was to bring DOWN health insurance costs. It boggles the mind.

Perhaps they are convinced that Trump's sham Election Integrity Commission means they no longer have to answer to the voters. Trump told us the election was going to be rigged (SWTD #355). Now, as predisent, Trump has tasked Kobach with increasing the rigging of future elections (eliminate even more minorities via Crosscheck). Suppress enough votes and Republicans will win every election going forward. Dead people (despite Republican fantasies) also do not vote.

SWTD #385


  1. It is extremely frightening how this Nazi extremist can so casually toy with the welfare of all Americans. It is equally evident that he really does not care whatsoever whether we live or die. He does not care whether we live in poverty or in some semblance of the American dream. He sabotages lives and livelihoods with absolutely no conscience. No thought for lives ruined or diminished. He only cares about his own fat carcass and perhaps he still cares about his weenie.

    So we await his decision on federal reimbursements for shortfalls in state Medicaid payments. Just like we "awaited" his decision on the Paris Accords. And his wicked witch, Conway delivers the news.

    1. Agreed 100%. Thank you for the comments, BTW. I think Flying Junior may be the only person who reads this blog.


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