Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Heil, Herr Trump, Our Possible Future Führer

The Nazi salute or Hitler salute... is a gesture that was used as a greeting in Nazi Germany. The salute is performed by extending the right arm in the air with a straightened hand. Usually, the person offering the salute would say "Heil Hitler!"... In Switzerland, France, Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden, the salute is illegal hate speech if used for propagating Nazi ideology. (Wikipedia/Nazi Salute).

I submitted a comment concerning Trump's endorsement by 88 generals to a progressive website, but the host dismissed it as a "conspiracy theory". I remain, however, 99 percent convinced that the following is true.

In a move to boost his national security credibility, Donald Trump released an endorsement letter signed by 88 retired military figures. Now some are questioning if there is a hidden anti-Semitic message behind the statement - since the number 88 is a well-known code for "Heil Hitler". (Is Donald Trump's Endorsement by 88 Retired Generals a Secret Neo-Nazi Code? by Lilly Maier. 9/7/2016).

I'm convinced this is VERY likely true because this is the Trump strategy - to get a greater percentage of the White vote than Mitt Romney. According to "to win, Donald Trump likely needs to run the table with white voters".

With his appeal to the Alt-right (hiring of Steve Bannon, for example) Trump is attempting to get the votes of White people who don't ordinarily turn out. Because the GOP isn't racist enough for these KKK-types. On the other hand, a more direct appeal would turn off many more tolerant White Republicans. Although (IMO) these people have to know what's going on (disenfranchisement of Black voters, demonization of Hispanics, etc).

But, as long as it's kept on the down-low, it's OK with them. Apparently. Even the previous head of the RNC, Michael Steele, was willing to ignore/deny the fact that the GOP is still employing Nixon's Southern Stragety.

And White Nationalists are KNOWN to speak in code. So, IMO, of course the Trump campaign is using this code to speak to the White racists, saying (wink, wink) "Trump is with you". Like I said, it's been his strategy all along. People need to wake up to this fact.

Possible VP Pence knows this is the strategy as well, which is why he refused to condemn David Duke as a deplorable in a recent interview. In a 9/12/2016 interview with Wolf Blitzer, the Blitz asked Pence if he'd call Duke "deplorable", and Pence said no. Because he isn't in the business of "name calling"! (This would be the same David Duke who said that "Voting against Trump is treason to your heritage").

Right. It isn't that Pence is opposed to "name calling". The reason is because Trump needs the deplorable vote to win. Or, he's betting that it will give him the win. Hence his adoption of their coded communications. This explains why Trump would retweet a meme originally tweeted by @WhiteGenocideTM.

Innocent enough, huh? It's just a picture of Jeb with a "vote Trump" sign. But what about the name attached to the Twitter account, "White Genocide"?! Why would Trump retweet something from this account? And, no, I don't think he overlooked who he was retweeting.

Here's another of @WhiteGenocide's photoshopped images.

That's a Nazi Trump executing Senator Bernie Sanders. No, Trump didn't retweet this picture, but this IS an image designed to appeal to the kind of people Trump wants the votes of. Which is why he made the "mistake" of retweeting a anti-semitic image of Hillary Clinton.


Although, when called on the source of the image (came from "8chan's /pol/ — an Internet message board for the alt-right, a digital movement of neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists"), he had his social media team doctor up the pic (replacing the Star of David with a circle).

Dog whistling to deplorables while not getting too much attention from the media can be tricky. But it is ABSOLUTELY what the Trump campaign is doing. It's not a "conspiracy theory". (Note: no disrespect to the owner of the aforementioned blog intended. I simply disagree with her on this. We aren't talking about a conspiracy theory here, but the Trump campaign strategy).

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  1. You argue the case well. Eighty-eight retired generals indeed. Why couldn't the number be 100? If there are 5,000 living generals in the U.S. today, that would only be 2%. Surely 2% of the old battle axes would support the republican nominee. ?!?

    Obviously the Neo-Nazi vote is extremely important to Trump. He really can't risk alienating or losing it. I think at this point, he can do whatever about face or pivot he wishes to attempt to placate stupid people with morals. He pretty much has the Nazi sociopath vote sewn up.

  2. Following multiple reads of your post I have concluded that despite your rather convincing arguments there simply is no conclusive evidence to support the conspiracy theory you advance.

    I'm in agreement with the blog hostess you linked to.

    1. So your take is that it's all just coincidences/stupidity by Trump? I'm not buying it. In fact, I'd say it's so obvious that people denying it are being willfully blind to what's going on. Especially when the facts are laid out (as I did in my post). I'm not saying that describes you and Shaw denying it, but for some people... willful blindness. I don't know what explains you/Shaw.

      BTW, NO evidence? Don't you mean there IS evidence but you just don't think it adds up to what I conclude? I REALLY don't know how you can say NO evidence. If that's the case, what the heck makes my arguments convincing?

      You didn't think Trump called for Hillary Clinton to be assassinated either. Despite how loud that dog whistle was.

  3. The term used was no conclusive evidence.

    Views vary.

  4. While I agree with you that Trump appeals to the absolute worst in our society, I'm not convinced there's a link to the 88 theory. That takes nothing away from the fact that white supremacists, neo-nazis and neo-fascists , and plain old American racists are drawn to Trump.

    RN despairs that conservatism is dead. No. Conservatives with principles are not supporting Trump. We need a loyal opposition. I don't want a one party country. The GOP needs to rid itself of the nuts who inhabit the fringe -- the sort of idiots who call 1.3 billion human beings "vermin." Those sort of "conservatives" are doomed. The sooner they're purged from the Republican Party, the better.


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