Saturday, November 07, 2009

Live or Die, The Free Market Will Decide

Freedom of enterprise was from the beginning not altogether a blessing. As the liberty to work or to starve, it spelled toil, insecurity, and fear for the vast majority of the population. If the individual were no longer compelled to prove himself on the market, as a free economic subject, the disappearance of this freedom would be one of the greatest achievements of civilization ~ Herbert Marcuse, a German-Jewish philosopher, political theorist and sociologist. Celebrated as the "Father of the New Left".

Instead of creating yet another monstrous government bureaucracy, what about mandating that health insurance be provided by nonprofits? I mentioned the idea at the end of my 10/19/2009 post. Oddly enough, a couple of bloggers I thought were conservative seemed to think this was a good idea.

This is decidedly not a good idea Conservatives! If you don't understand why, well... maybe you're not as Conservative as you thought you were.

It should be obvious that not for profit health insurance companies would eliminate the profit incentive! Paying health care insurance CEOs tens of millions of dollars ensures you get the cream of the crop (talent wise). So what if people have to die in order for those CEOs to make their millions? Those who die are lazy good-for-nothings (or, if they are children, then their parents are). They don't deserve to live - that is, if the reason they died is because they couldn't afford insurance.

If they died because they had insurance but the insurance cartel refused to pay... I don't know what the rational is. I'm going to guess denial. That could never happen, because in the world of the "free market" contracts must be honored. If you signed a contract agreeing to arbitration when you're gang raped? The contract must be honored. Why involve the authorities? What the hell do we even need "authorities" for? Privatize the police. Those who have contracts with the private police companies will get protection. Those who do not pay (for whatever reason) have only themselves to blame. The free market provides for those who provide for themselves.

If an insurance company does deny coverage? The contract will address this type of situation. It must be because the "sick" individual is trying to cheat the insurance company. The scammer failed to disclose that he had a "pre-existing condition". Or the type of treatment the sickey is seeking is "experimental". The insurance cartel death panel "profit protection" panel will set you straight on that. "Experimental" treatments are not covered. Cheaters with pre-existing conditions are not covered.

If you're a right-wing Christian Conservative you should acknowledge the fact that a pre-existing condition is a sign from God that you don't deserve medical care. If God favors you he'll provide a sign by making damn sure you are not cursed with one, or provide you with enough money to pay for treatment out of your own pocket. Prosperity theology "implies both that people who are favored by God will be materially successful, and also that materially successful people are successful because God favored them".

Does this not dovetail nicely with the idea that the Bible can be used to justify homophobia? It can be used to justify greed as well. Certainly this is proof that Jesus believes in the free market. If you're a sickey whose treatment has been denied, or whose insurance policy has cancelled - or worse yet, if you can't afford to purchase insurance - you must acknowledge that the free market has spoken. You must acknowledge that the free market has decided that you should die. Sacrificed for the profit of others - those who have been blessed by God.

Free markets equal free people, after all. People who are free to die, that is. Those who live by the market must also die by the market. That's the way Jesus would want it.


I don't believe that converting the current insurance cartels into non-profits is within the realm of possibility. I support opening Medicare to whoever wishes to buy into it. And providing subsidies to those who can't afford the to pay the Medicare rates by increasing the premiums on those who can afford to buy in by a nominal amount, and raising taxes on individuals making more than $250,000. Such a plan could easily be deficit neutral. And it could be passed with 51 votes through budget reconciliation.

If that makes me a socialist, then so be it. I find the Republican plan, "Don't get sick, but if you do - die quickly", morally reprehensible. As someone who considers himself a progressive Christian, I don't see how conservatism and Christianity are compatible.

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  1. I guess I'm a socialist also WD.

    Where I differ with so many of the "wealthy?" people, is that they seem to think due to their wealth, they "own" the economy. That it is the vast middle and lower class that support themwith our buying means nothing to them. In their way of thinking, we would have nothing without their kindness.
    That so many in the middle and lower classes still support republicans is really a testament tp how easily duped people can be.

  2. Hey, except for those last two paragraphs you hit the nail squarely on the head, my friend. I did, however, notice that one of your "tags" is "satire"...

    That must be the purpose of the final two paragraphs, eh? That's what the liberal commie bastards believe -- that healthcare should be FREE. Us hard working Americans who believe we should do for ourselves instead of suckling off the teat of big government DO believe in letting the free market decide who lives and who dies.

    Nothing is FREE. Why should a hard working real American like myself pay for some lazy commie libtard's health care?

    I'm a hard working free market guy, NOT one of the "wealthy" people this so-called "truth 101" refers to. I am also NOT a dupe. I know that our government is run for and by the corporations -- that is how it should be -- or at least that was how it was under Reagan, bush, and bush the younger (allbeit wiser of the bushes) -- and that is how it shall be again.

    As soon as the Marxist Communist Socialist "Mao loving" "wealth redistributing" terrorist Obama is ejected by the voters in 2012 (or sooner, God willing). Ohhhh, sorry, my "racism" is showing.

    They (the wealthy) are the ones who pay all the bills, after all.

    What the commie libturds fail to understand is that Jesus DOES believe in the free market, as you correctly pointed out. It's in the Bible.

    Linked! Refute that, you anti-American lib-terrorists!

  3. Apparently RRWTFMG didn't get that your post (all of it, EXCLUDING the final two paragraphs) was satire. Well done, w-dervish. I laughed heartily. Excuse me if this sounds like gushy brown nosing... but I think your blog is great! I would encourage people to take a look at my blog, but it sucks in comparrison to yours.

    Consider me a loyal reader from here-on-out. I only wish I had discovered your blog sooner. I'll have to check out Truth's blog as well. He appears to be one of those who "get it", and not one of the easily duped middle and lower class citizens who vote against their own interests (when they vote Republican).

    BTW, RRWTFMG, do you NOT realize you called liberals "terrorists" in your post, but with your own handle you call YOURSELF a terrorist?

    You sir, are clearly an idiot. He calls himself a terrorist, accuses liberals of being terrorists... and doesn't recgonize satire when he reads it. Case closed.

  4. Why don't you shut yer yap, perquinn? I agreed with w-dervish's excellent post -- don't even try twisting it into a pro-libtard socialist screed -- which it clearly was not.

    I'm sick of hard working free market guys such as myself being forced by our government to provide handouts to lazy good-for-nothing pansy libturds like you. Why don't you just SHUT THE HELL UP?

    You're right about one thing though... your blog does SUCK.

  5. HEY MORON, take a look at the rest of the posts on w-dervish's blog! They are all written from a liberal perspective! Yikes, you've got to be one of the stupidest wing-nuts I've ever encountered!

    Now might be an appropriate time for you to slink out of here with your tail between your legs and not show your stupid face on this blog ever again.

  6. OK, Mr. Smarty pants, I DID take a look at w-dervish's other posts. You probably thought that I'd have to admit I was wrong, and that w-dervish IS a stinking libturd. However, seeing as I am nothing more than w-dervish's sock puppet, I'll do no such thing.

    So there. Sorry to burst your bubble perquinn, but I still think w-dervish's post is da bomb. I'm a hard working Conservative Christian who believes as Jesus does -- that the free market should rule us all. And I see you made no attempt to refute my link. Probably because you could not.

  7. BTW, my monkier "Radical Right Wing Terrorist Free Market Guy" is satire... which you -- perquinn --a libtard mooslum loving simpleton, wouldn't recgonize if it bit you on the ass.

    Your homo-land security secretary declared all us hard working real Americans to be "radical right wing terrorists". But YOU are the real terrorist! You and and your terrorist-in-chief, Bahrock Hoosane NObama, support SOCIALISM. Socialism which WILL Bankrupt our great nation!

    I and other hard working real Americans want our country back! The Republican party intends to go even FURTHER to the right to accomplish this. Outlaw gay marriage? I think we sould outlaw gayness. Any gaybe can sign up to be cured or deported. We can no longer subject our children to your perversions!

    The gay agenda has gone to far! It's one thing when you perverts are getting your pervert on in the privacy of your own homes (which should also be illegal... bring back sodomy laws), but when you start recruiting our children you've gone to far! (BTW, the first Hoosane indoctrination was in regards to SOCIALISM, I have no doubt the next time he speaks with school children it will be to gay-indoctrinate them.) Linked!.

    Jesus loves the free market, but he hates gay-indoctrination. He doesn't hate gays, just the sin of homosexuality. Repent now homos or suffer eternal hell-fire!

    Also, down with the socialist markist facist death-panel "health care" the libturds are attempting to force up our asses! You sicko perverts will NOT kill my grandma (and have sex with her corpse, presumably).

    Like I said earlier, you're going down in 2012. If us ordinary hard working real Americans aren't fed up with your garbage before then and REVOLT!

    We may have to, seeing as NObama is tripling the debt! He's sold out to the Communist Chinese (Reagan and Bush did too, but that was for the free market, and so doesn't count).


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