Friday, November 11, 2016

A 2012 Tweet From DJT I Agree With (The Orange Buffoon Who "Won" The WH By Way Of The Electoral College)


Perhaps, if he still feels the same way, he should urge his electors to vote for the popular vote winner, Hillary Clinton? (60,071,650 or 47% for DJT versus 60,467,245 or 48% for HRC).

I found this image (of the tweet) attached to a 10/10/2016 article from "The Wrap". Author Tim Molloy says Donald should work to get rid of the electoral college, "unless he's a giant hypocrite or something".

BTW, Donald thought it was going to be a "disaster" because (for awhile) it looked like Mittens might win the popular vote but lose the election. Which did not end up happening (or so The Wrap reports. Me, I don't recall that).

I read on a Conservative blog (WYD) that they're standing behind the electoral college because we're a Republic, not a Democracy Trump would have lost otherwise (although I just looked for the comment and could not find it. I am sure I read it, however).

However (as per the Wrap article, quoting the NYT), the electoral college is a compromise put in place by the Founders because "Southern delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, most prominently James Madison of Virginia, were concerned that their constituents would be outnumbered by Northerners".

The Three-Fifths Compromise was a compromise reached between delegates from southern states and those from northern states during the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention. The debate was over whether, and if so, how, slaves would be counted when determining a state's total population for legislative representation and taxing purposes. The issue was important, as this population number would then be used to determine the number of seats that the state would have in the United States House of Representatives for the next ten years.

Given that it's been quite a while since slavery was abolished, maybe it's time we got rid of this vestige of slavery?

#abolishelectoralcollege #notmypresident #republicanssuck.

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  1. Dervish,
    Perusing Facebook conservatives are super insecure about losing the popular vote. They keep making dope memes of the county by county election maps showing vast swaths of red and smaller pinpoints of blue, the blue being conclaves of millions and the red covering massive county's with 30 conservatives and a hundred scared sheep. Also they've taken to just pulling numbers out of their asses with Trump receiving more votes and saying it's over libtards.

    It's imperative the popular vote is mentioned everytime Trump and his cabinent of deplorables does something to point out he was awarded the Presidency while finishing second place.

  2. Will you leftwingnutz ever stop crying?

  3. I think many rigthwingnutz will be crying before too long. Perhaps not Rusty, because (according to him) he has a well paying job duping his fellow rubes out of their hard earned cash. But the people who think he's going to bring jobs back that have been gone for awhile. They'll find out eventually that Donald won't be able to deliver what he promised.

    As for the many comments submitted by Luke The Puke, blog troll extraordinaire... I know damn well the electoral college does not vote until next month, moron.

    As for people not knowing the FACTS and blogging their stupidity, as per Luke's most recent blog post...

    "The mathematical possibility that the winner of the most votes would lose the Electoral College has always existed, but it has only happened twice in the history of our country".

    Sorry Puke, but you're wrong. It has happened 5 times now (see here). I pointed this out in my post "Donald Trump Will Be An Illegitimate President". This would be the commentary Puke has sent me dozens of laughing comments about. Even though, that there have been 4 other times a Democratic nominee for potus has lost the electoral college but won the popular vote was mentioned in the 2nd paragraph! Shows how f*cking stupid Puke is. He criticizes my argument when he doesn't know what it is.

    If you're going to say someone is wrong (and laugh at them and call them stupid), you'd think you'd want to know what their argument is first. Dipshit.

    BTW, we know Luke didn't vote, but we don't know what state he lives in. He SAID his state was going for Hillary, but, as it turns out, several states people thought Hillary Clinton was going to win, went to Donald.

    Maybe one of these states is where Puke lives. In which case I think Puke can be blamed (in part) for the election of Donald Trump. I bring this up because the idiot says on his blog "cry all you want liberals! Your hate helped make Trump president". IMO it's non-voters like Puke (people who SAY they were opposed to Trump) who helped elect the orange buffoon.

  4. Note to Puke re your last comment: clicked spam on your incoherent babbling. Something about "misdirection" that made absolutely no sense. All I can do is guess... by "misdirection" maybe he means the fact that he got it wrong regarding how many times someone running for president won the popular vote but not the electoral college. "Misdirection" means he was wrong but won't admit it.

    Anyway, happy for you that your delusions make you laugh (re me going "apeshit" over your idiocy). Like I said, I just shrug my shoulders (because most of what you write makes no sense) and send it to spam. Good luck with getting people to email you comments... which doesn't appear to be working so far. Unless "John Smith" or "Bob Johnson" (or some other name you make up) "emails" you a comment to post, looks like you won't be getting any.

  5. LTP has submitted so many regurgitations of bile to my weblog I had to fumigate and sanitize it. The best course of action is to block LTP from being able to comment.

    LTP has some serious issues for sure.

  6. Wow, just think Col.Sanders on Jan. 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump will be the President of the United States.
    On Jan. 21, 2017 all of Obama's executive orders will be null and void.

    1. You seem pretty eager for the destruction of American to begin, Rusty. BTW, that might be a hyperbolic thing to say, but it might not. As far as horrible presidents go, I'm sure he'll give gwb a run for his money. Question is, will Rusty still come here to gloat when it becomes apparent how terrible a president Trump is? Although... I can't guarantee I'll still be blogging. Instead of being homeless and living on the street as a result of the Trump depression.

    2. And all the Czars will be in Russia! Well, except for Putin he'll be puttin it in Donald's behind.


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