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Julian Assange Wants Donald Trump To Be The Next US President

True information does good ~ Julian Assange (dob 7/3/1971) an Australian computer programmer, journalist and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, which he founded in 2006.

The following is an excerpt from the 8/26/2016 airing of the Thom Hartmann Radio Program (edited for brevity and clarity by me). Thom welcomes Ellen Ratner from Talk Media News to the program and, during their discussion Ellen shares news she has heard regarding Julian Assange and his threats of releasing hacked data that will send Hillary Clinton to prison (data that was either obtained by Russian hacker groups or DNC staffer Seth Rich - who HRC had murdered for his betrayal).

Ellen Ratner: Julian Assange is saying he's going to do a new leak from WikiLeaks. Now, I have to tell you something, my brother Michael was Julian Assange's attorney before he died (that's before Michael died, Julian Assange is still alive)... and a lot of people think that what Julian Assange is actually doing is, he has made a bet that he's going to do better under Trump than Hillary Clinton, so he's going after Hillary Clinton.

Thom Hartmann: Really? That's a very bad bet.

Ellen Ratner: That's what the inside score is telling us. I'm hearing that from the behind-the-scenes folks.

Thom Hartmann: In other words Assange is using WikiLeaks for his own purposes.

As I discussed in SWTD #342, Julian Assange says his next leak will virtually guarantee an indictment of Hillary Clinton.

The title of my commentary was "On The Possibility Of The WikiLeaks Release Of DNC Hacked Material Throwing The Election To Donald Trump", and, at the time, my belief that Julian Assange was just going with the material he had. That is, he has material regarding HRC, but not regarding DJT. And that he was just doing what his organization does - leak governmental material.

I mean, the guy isn't a US citizen, so it doesn't matter to him as much if DJT becomes president. But now, with this revelation from Ellen Ratner (an individual I trust), it's looking like Assange WANTS Trump to be president. I'm not sure what Ellen is referring to by Assange betting that "he's going to do better". Except to guess that Assange is worried about being snatched by the US and spirited away to the United States for trial.

The reclusive figure fears he will ultimately be sent to the US where he could face the death penalty. In an interview with The Times magazine, Mr Assange claimed it had become too dangerous to even poke his head out the embassy's balcony doors. [Due to] fears he will be assassinated or even "droned" by the American intelligence services if he leaves his hideout within the Ecuadorean embassy. (Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claims he'll be killed by CIA drone if he leaves embassy by Tom Batchelor. 8/30/2015

Assange may also not want HRC to be president (and be trying to use WikiLeaks to tip the election in favor of Trump), as he has written "I have had years of experience in dealing with Hillary Clinton and have read thousands of her cables. Hillary lacks judgement and will push the United States into endless, stupid wars which spread terrorism. ... she certainly should not become president of the United States" (Source).

I don't know what cables Assange has read, but I think he has a point. Although we're already in a fight with ISIS and I think whoever is president will have enough on their plate without starting any new conflicts. But HRC is definitely a hawk (SWTD #323).

But if Assange is going after HRC to see if you can influence US elections and get DJT elected president? I say he should f*ck off. Especially if his motivation is that DJT will consider him a friendly (like he does with Putin) and not try to prosecute or kill him. I haven't heard anything about the US wanting to prosecute Assange. Not recently, anyway.

I thought Assange got into this line of work for altruistic reasons. Because he's a believer in governmental transparency. But now he's trying to get Trump elected to save his own skin? That's IF he's correct and that a president Trump would call off the assassins and circling drones. Me, I don't know if Assange is mostly paranoid here or if his fears are genuine.

I'm sure our government doesn't like him. And I don't think that would change under a Trump administration. In any case, Assange said (re any possible Trump leaks) "we'd be very happy to receive and publish it". But he says he has nothing. And he also says "the problem with the Trump campaign is it's actually hard for us to publish much more controversial material than what comes out of Donald Trump's mouth every second day" (Assange: WikiLeaks's Trump info no worse than him).

So this definitely sounds possible. Unless Assange was able to obtain (or has) Trump's tax returns (showing he pays no taxes, owes a lot of money to Russian oligarchs, has a net worth that is a lot lower than what he says it is, shows he donates very little or nothing to charity, etc), actual physical results (not that BS letter from Dr. Bornstein), and other unknown secrets.

BTW, that's not counting the horrible stuff that's out there but that the press is ignoring. Such as the fact that he raped his ex-wife Ivana (sometime before 1992) and the pending lawsuit regarding his alleged rape of a 13YO in 1994.

And then there's the marginally covered ugly Trump facts, first among these being his pandering to the alt-Right racists and the fact that (IMO) he's a huge racist himself (SWTD #347). As well as a sexist and possibly an anti-semite (we know his new campaign manager Steve Bannon is a racist, a homophobe and an anti-semite).

So how about you, Julian Assange, stop trying to make this man our next president? I mean, I'll take HRC over DJT any day of the week. Fact is, I think she'll make a decent president (even though I was for Bernie Sanders), while Donald Trump would be a disaster in more ways then I think we can possibly imagine. The racist "alt Right" is LOVING Trump, and you KNOW a Trump presidency would further embolden them (SWTD #347).

Which is why I say that, whatever "true information" Assange has on HRC, if it swings the election to DJT, that will definitely not be good. It will, in fact be bad. Very bad.

Video1: Megyn Kelly interviews Julian Assange. Fox Nooz, of course, being receptive to dirt that could bring down the HRC campaign (21:40).

Video2: Rightwingers call for Julian Assange to be assassinated. Institutional Democrats call for him to be prosecuted. I'm opposed to either, especially given the fact that Assange is not a US citizen and not subject to our laws (2:42).

SWTD #348


  1. Interesting stuff. Thank you for the comic relief of Megyn. First she touts her interview like it's the sexiest thing going in right-wing media, even though she already knows it's a dud. Then she's ready to lick her lips for the tiniest morsel of anti-Hillary crumbs. What a scream. Yeah, Megyn, hopefully just in time for November 8th. How about Friday night, November 4th? Is that good for you. Hee-hee-hee.

    I told you I didn't trust that rat Assange. I don't buy into the bullshit account of the Swedish government cooperating with U.S. intelligence to frame him for sexual harassment. But I knew I couldn't trust him when he released the DNC stuff. That's just a dead give-away that he is working for Putin and Trump. There was no criminal mischief that the U.S. public or international community needed to know about. Perhaps he is being led down the rabbit-hole by a bigger con man than himself as far as this nonsense about a damaging report on Hillary. Might as well try to dig up some dirt on Bob Dole or Billy Graham. What a fantasy!

    Assange may have co-founded Wikileaks for the right reasons. Who can really say? But he was one of the first full-time employees to convert his position with Wikileaks into a salaried one. They say that power corrupts. It didn't seem to do Trump any good.

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