Thursday, June 28, 2018

America's Fundamental Transformation Into An Fascist Oligarchic Theocracy Is At Hand

Anthony Kennedy, a moderate-ish Reagan-appointed SCOTUS justice who was the swing vote in upholding a woman's right to choose, the victory for marriage equality and a number of other cases (where he sided with the more liberal justices) is retiring. Predisent Trump, a moron who pandered to the far Right religious nutters to solidify the White vote, promised to appoint SCOTUS judges who are hostile to the rights of women.

On 10/30/2008 candidate Obama informed the electorate that "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America". The Right went nuts and brought up that quote ad nauseam. Apparently they thought he was referring to a socialist dystopia.

The two transformations that come to mind are the ACA and the SCOTUS ruling that brought us marriage equality. Both are now in danger. The ACA, for the record, was a Republican idea and is not what Progressives wanted (single payer). There was no "fundamental transformation" of America. And Obama was a moderate, so I fail to see how he could have brought about the democratic socialist transformation that we need.

Predisent Trump, the racist White Nationalist appeasing treasonous Putin puppet who serves the interests of the oligarchs, on the other hand... is on the cusp of achieving real fundamental transformation. A transformation that will be unstoppable regardless of how long the Orange Turd's reign of terror lasts. Me, I think he may resign, but regardless he won't run in 2020.

On the other hand, with the departure of Kennedy and the 100% probability that Trump will try to install a Right-wing corporatist religious nutter-appeasing extremist SCOTUS judge, Trump could win again. The Supreme Court already favors Republicans in gerrymandering cases.

Sham elections in which a minority of the electorate chooses our leaders could be an irreversible reality soon. Trump was elected by a minority of voters. Kris Kobach disenfranchised God knows how many people who had the legitimate right to vote. Via his Interstate Crosscheck election fraud scheme.

The number was surely enough to swing the election in favor of Trump, causing the legitimate winner, Hillary Clinton to "lose". Add to that the effects of Gerrymandering and the Russian meddling and I think it is clear that the 2016 potus election was stolen (SWTD #358).

If Democrats fail to take back the House and Senate in the 2018 midterms democracy as we know it is over. The transformation of American into a fascist oligarchic theocracy will be assured.

Kennedy must not give a crap about his legacy given that he's retiring now instead of waiting until the midterms. That he's handing his seat to a Trump-appointed far right extremist makes me say F*CK HIM. He could wait another 5 months, then retire after the blue wave. Which may or may not come. Trumper politicians are saying there will be a red wave. Something that isn't supported by historical precedent.

The party of an incumbent president usually loses seats in midterm elections. Do they know that Russian meddling (Russia = Red) is going to benefit them again? Surely you've heard that this is "the most important election of our lifetime" many times in the past. With democracy on the line I think that this time it is absolutely true. #SaveDemocracy #ResistTrump.

Instead of being almost over, the Trump nightmare may be just beginning. How sad and pathetic is it that it might be a stinky #OrangeTurd that kills democracy?

SWTD #405


  1. I blame the Democratic party and super majority bullshit. Had it not been for the Democratic party establishment the Orange Turd would be drawing flies in his boardroom and casinos only. Now it is looking almost daily as if America may just be swimming in a river of Orange Bullshit for years to come.

    Democrats better get their shit together, unite behind a sound winning political agenga, and nominate a candidate that has appeal and can WIN.

    Personally, I believe it may very well be an order too tall for democrats to fill.

    1. I blame Kris Kobach and Vladimir Putin. But there enough blame to go around. Do you wish/think Bernie Sanders should have been the candidate?

    2. I was not really a Bernie Sanders fan, having said that yes, I believe he was a better candidate and had more momentum (and likely support) than HRC.

      All I know for sure is the dems better get their ducks in a row or America's Orange Turd will waltz for 8 instead of 4.

  2. The dems ran one of the most disliked woman in the country as their candidate yet Dervish blames Kobach and Putin. He can't seem to accept Americans between the mountains reject progressive policies.

  3. Donald J. Trump is in the White House only because Obama and his administration cowered to the Clinton machine and the DNC and talked poor Joe Biden out of running. Obamas political weakness paved the way for a NYC Real estate broker/reality TV star to be President

    1. So, at least you acknowledge that Obama governed as a moderate establishment democrat.

      He should have governed more boldly and leaned on another potential candidate to run. Whether that should have been Biden or not I do not know. Although it would have been a logical push.

  4. The democrats always manage to committ political suicide. IMO Obama, although being quite book smart was in essence a very weak individual, easily steamrolled by his opponents, as witnessed by his foreign policies.

  5. Obama is very intelligent and a honest decent individual. A leader with impeccable family values.

    Unfortunately for America he faced a Republican congress who was more committed to obstructing him at near every important turn, working to see him fail.

    Many would argue Obama was stronger than he is often given credit for. He successfully steered us through the greatest economic crises since the Great Depression and left us in a much stronger economic position than he was handed.

    If by being weak on foreign policy you mean by not being a bully I would agree. Not being a bully and showing proper respect to our allies and others around the world is a characteristic of strength, not weakness.

    tRump, whom you refer to as "Our Most Excellent" president, is a classic example of a schoolyard bully. History will judge him 25, 50, and a 100 years from now. IMO history will not be kind to him and his legacy.

  6. You opinion and three bucks gets you coffee at Starbucks. I'm always quizzical as to why you libs are so concerned if other countries like us or if not. Do you actually think all the European countries liked us when we saved them from the nazis? I think they just aaprciated our strength. The present day semi socialist leaders in Europe loved Obama because they could steamroll him at their will.

  7. Can't speak for liberals in general Rusty but my concern is that we (Americans) do the right thing. Or at least try to.

    We were right during WW II. After the war we essentially rebuilt Europe as we were really the only game in town so to speak.

    We are, or at least have been until recently, deserving of their respect and appreciation. Bullies and swaggering idiots are deserving of no one's respect. tRump deserves all the credit for the loss of respect around the world. Might does not, in and of itself, make right Rusty. tRump demonstrates this often IMO as well as the majority of real Americans.


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