Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Decidedly Non Auspicious Adventure (Part 3)

We all live in a house on fire, no fire department to call; no way out, just the upstairs window to look out of while the fire burns the house down with us trapped, locked in it ~ Tennessee Williams (3/26/1911 to 2/25/1983) a major American playwright of the 20th century who moved to New Orleans in 1939 and changed his name to "Tennessee", the state of his father's birth. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for A Streetcar Named Desire in 1948. Quote from The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore.

"Ahhh! my eyes!" Letta the halfling thief cried. "Hold still" Suri Cruz told her friend, grasping the female halfling by the shoulders. Suri opened her canteen and poured a copious amount of water in Leeta's face, attempting to wash the frog man mucus away. Leeta used her fingers to scrape off the rest of the goop and Suri doused the area with a bit more liquid. "That really stings" Leeta complained. "The mucus seems to be slightly acidic" Suri remarked. "Your eyes and skin are a little red, but you should be OK".

Suri turned and scanned the area, looking for William. He was crouching down next to the treasure chests, furiously scooping gemstones into his open knapsack. His gear was lying in a heap where he had dumped it (to make room in his pack). "What the hell are you doing William?" Suri demanded, upset that William did not seem at all concerned that Rutgar had just been killed. "Those Croakers are coming back with reinforcements. We have to get the hell out of here". "How does he know that?" Leeta asked. "William possesses the earwig of understanding, a magical item that translates all foreign tongues heard into one the wearer understands".

"Neat" Leeta remarked. "When they first entered the room they were all yelling die human scum, then when the remaining two ran away they vowed vengeance and promised we would die in agony. They also said they'd be back soon with the rest of their tribe", William explained, summing up everything the Caecilanoids had said, all the while continuing to scoop gems into his knapsack.

"Well, then we have to go" Suri concluded. Suri ran toward William, grabbed a box of the metal vials and stuck it in her knapsack, then stuffed a few handfuls of precious stones into her pockets. Leeta did the same. "OK, let's go" Suri announced. "No, wait" William demanded. "We can't leave the remaining chests unopened! There may be magical items inside". Everyone knew the value of a single magical item could be more than that of all the gold and gems combined.

But there was no time to ponder that, because just then the remaining four companions heard the shrieks and guttural growling of the returning frog-like humanoids. From the sound of it their numbers were great. "There is no time" Suri cried, grabbing hold of William's arm in an attempt to drag him to his feet. "Get over here now Leeta!" William demanded. But Leeta was moving in the direction of the door.

Damn her, William thought, deciding to attempt to smash open the lock on a fourth chest using the hilt of his sword. Suri and Joshua looked on in stunned silence as William bashed the lock, which finally gave way. When the destroyed lock dropped to the ground the lid of the chest popped open with great force and a metal rod shot up, almost stabbing William squarely in the face. After jumping back to avoid the rod William peered into the chest and found it to be completely empty.

William let out a loud swear, but his voice was drowned out by the sound of rock grinding on rock. "A booby trap!" Joshua shouted. Both he and Suri turned and ran, but took only a few steps before a huge slab of solid stone approximately 6 feet high and 4 feet wide dropped from the ceiling and landed with a enormous boom right in front of the door they had entered through. In addition to sealing off the exit the stone also squashed Leeta who happened to be standing there, about to step over the threshold.

"Oh my Gods!" Suri screamed in horror as Leeta was flattened like a bug under the heel of a boot. Approaching the huge rock Suri and Joshua saw a pool of sticky red blood flowing like molasses from underneath. Leeta's fingertips could be seen protruding from the edge of the slab. "I bet she blames me" William thought, not saying anything. He had likely just saved the lives of everyone (except Leeta) by blocking the Croakers from getting in. But he knew it unlikely that either of his remaining two companions would show him any appreciation.

"Don't you have some magic spell you can use to open the remaining chests?" William asked an in-shock Suri. Getting no response, he repeated the question, this time louder. "No, I don't!" Suri exclaimed angrily, her voice cracking as tears streamed down her face. "You need to stop your blubbering and help me find another way out of here, or this cavern will be our tomb!", William chastised the magic user. Suri didn't respond. She was too upset by the death of her friend, but she did realize William was right about them being trapped.

"I have a spell for detecting secret doors", Suri eventually replied. "But it won't disarm any traps that may be present. Keep William away from the chests", Suri added speaking to Joshua. She was worried that William would trigger another trap. Then the magic user walked the perimeter of the room, making sure there were no doors that were detectable by normal means. There did not appear to be any way out except the way they entered. Meanwhile a loud pounding could be heard on the wall next to the sealed-off door. Were the Caecilanoids attempting to tunnel their way in?

"I think they're trying to tunnel their way in" William declared. "Quite please while I cast my spell", Suri commanded. Suri moved her hands in an intricate pattern, muttered a few arcane words, then threw some chalk dust into the air. The dust hung there unnaturally, then drifted toward the back wall. Eventually the dust settled on the wall, resulting in the appearance of a rectangular outline that looked like someone had drawn it there. "So, that's the secret door?" William asked.

"Yes", Suri confirmed. "Then open it" William demanded, not knowing what the hell Suri was waiting for. Suri placed her hands in the center of the chalk outline of the secret door. Pushing hard produced no results. She looked around for a knob, a latch, or some other means of opening the exit but found none. "How do we open it?" William inquired. He finished filling his knapsack with gems and attempted to hoist it onto his shoulders. Unable to do so he drug it over to where Suri and Joshua were standing at the rear of the chamber.

"Out of the way" William said, rudely shoving Suri. William then repeated her actions, but the door did not budge. "You're sure this actually is a door?" William asked, eyeing the chalk outline with suspicion. "Of course" Suri replied. "Then how the bejesus do we unlock it?" a stymied William exclaimed. "Well, without the skills of Leeta the only method of opening the door remaining would be by magical means". "Ah, ha" William grunted. "Then get on with it" he insisted, turning an accusing eye to Suri.

"As I said when you asked me to open the chest, I don't have the appropriate spell memorized" Suri explained. "Why the blazes not?" a frustrated William sputtered. "I may have a scroll" Joshua interjected. Everyone turned their attention to the half-eleven cleric. Joshua removed his knapsack and, after setting it on the floor of the cavern, started rummaging through the contents. "Here it is", Joshua declared, withdrawing a wooden tube from his belongings. Joshua uncorked the tube and, after tapping the other end, a rolled up piece of parchment was produced. "A knock spell" he said, unrolling the yellowed paper and handing it to Suri.

SWTD #185, WTM #7.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Severe Moderate Delusions: GZ Tripping Straw Man Edition (Volume 1)

If I have to move up in a building, I choose the elevator over the escalator. Because one time I was riding the escalator and I tripped. I fell down the stairs for an hour and a half ~ Demetri Martin (dob 5/25/1973) a comedian, actor, artist, musician, writer and humorist best known for his work as a stand-up comedian and contributor on The Daily Show.

The dishonest blogger Willis Hart is at it again (lying about me)! According to one of Willis' cohorts, a blogger who is dumber than a box of rocks (Rusty Shackelford), "they are kicking your ass around over at Will's place". I looked into it and found that what Rusty was referring to is a post on the blog of Willis where he took some comments I made and twisted and misinterpreted them. Then he took his newly constructed straw men and presented them as actual arguments made by me. Arguments he then proceeded to easily knock down.

The Hart deception in question is a 7/24/2013 commentary from his blog titled "This One's For You, Russ". It is a sort of rebuttal to a commentary on this blog; a commentary where I present an alternate narrative to the one presented by Mr. Zimmerman in explanation of what happened the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin (I assume GZ is a liar trying to avoid going to jail).

I say the hoodwinking Hart's BS post is a "sort of" rebuttal because he never actually read what I wrote on my blog. He only read comments I submitted to his blog (comments he never published). But does not reading my expanded commentary (as opposed to just a few sentences I submitted for publication to his blog) stop Willis from taking those few sentences and making a bunch of (incorrect) assumptions? Hell, no! Why bother replying to what I actually said (my full commentary) when tilting at straw men is so much easier! As well as much more fun. You can't be wrong when you're shaping both sides of the argument, and that is exactly what the duplicitous Hart does with his post.

Now, dedicating a post comprised of half-truths, misrepresentations and outright lies to a known liar such as Rusty makes perfect perverted sense, but I doubt irony was Willis' goal when selecting a title for the pack of lies he published as a post (although this is what he achieved). Unlike him, I shall use his actual words and refute those... I won't pull an Aunt Sally like Willis and refute words I've stuffed in his mouth (again, what the mendacious fellow did to me). What follows are excerpts from the Hart baloney followed by my take down of said baloney...

Willis Hart: wd's explanation for Zimmerman's injuries - HE TRIPPED! HE FUCKING TRIPPED!! Can you even believe this guy?

I never said GZ's injuries were caused by tripping. That certainly would be fucking stoooopid (and people would be right to not believe I said that). I do have GZ tripping in my dramatization, but the tripping causes no injuries at all. The tripping occurs when GZ tells TM "you're going to die tonight" and then goes for his gun. TM, assuming that GZ is going to shoot him, tries to prevent GZ from drawing. GZ backs away and trips. This explains how he got on the ground, nothing more.

Willis Hart: I mean, at the very minimum, Zimmerman would have had to have "tripped" two times; one time flat on his face (he must have decided not to use his hands to break the fall) to produce the broken nose and two black eyes and a second time flat on his back to produce the two lacerations on the back of his head... and the injury to his coccyx.

Again, I never said tripping caused any injuries... although it certainly would explain the the injury to GZ's coccyx (tailbone). But I didn't bring that up in my post. In my dramatization I say the injuries to his head were caused in a scuffle for the gun. GZ scrapped his head on the sidewalk. The repeated pounding of GZ's head against the sidewalk is a fabrication, as that severe a beating would have resulted in injuries of a far greater magnitude than mere scrapes (like brain swelling). Both the cop who interviewed GZ and the ME said his injuries were minor/insignificant.

As for the broken nose and black eyes, those could easily have been caused by him hitting himself in the face due to kickback/recoil when he fired his weapon.

Willis Hart: wd's explanation for where Trayvon was for those 4 long minutes - he was hiding, hiding out of fear (we actually know - via Rachel Jeantel's testimony - that Trayvon had made it all the way to the bottom of the T and that Zimmerman didn't have a dang clue as to where he was due to the extreme darkness of the environment and that for some strange reason Trayvon decided to double back and confront [Zimmerman]...

TM was worried that GZ would follow him home... and then know where he lived. Think about it... if someone is following you are you going to lead him to your home? Would you want a "creepy ass Cracker" knowing where you live? And how the hell would TM know that GZ lost him? He didn't know. This is why TM looked around to see if GZ was still there... he wanted to know if it was safe to go home (without GZ knowing where he lived).

Willis Hart: ...a fear that was so absolute that the youngster decided to LUNGE at a man whose gun was already being brandished (he knows this how exactly is never quite revealed of course) and who knew that the police were to arrive on the scene IN SECONDS!

GZ said earlier (on the taped phone call with the police dispatcher) that TM put his hand inside his waistband, which means that GZ was worried that TM had a gun. Yet, when the confrontation takes place GZ says he reaches for his phone to dial 911. When someone GZ suspects may have a gun is approaching him? That isn't believable. That is why I say he was going for, or already had his firearm out.

So why would TM lunge for the gun? Because he thought GZ intended to kill him. GZ says TM told him "you're going to die tonight". I think GZ said that to TM. Then TM went for the gun because he believed if he ran GZ would shoot him in the back. Or, it is also possible that GZ decided he'd take TM into custody/make a citizen's arrest and hand TM over to the cops when they arrived. Whatever happened, GZ never identified himself as being part of the Neighborhood Watch, so TM feels he's dealing with someone who means him harm and he defends himself (TM stands HIS ground).

Also remember that GZ was on Adderall and Temazepam... two drugs that can result in "new or worsening mental or mood problems; including aggression, agitation, anxiety, delusions, depression, hallucinations and hostility". We know that GZ was fixated on becoming a cop... given all that my alternate theory is that GZ was hallucinating when he heard TM say "you got me" after he shot him (a time at which TM would be unable to speak due to the bullet collapsing his lungs). GZ was so fixated on "arresting" TM that he hallucinated TM "surrendering" to his authority. When a neighbor approached with a flashlight GZ asked the neighbor to help him subdue (the dead) TM.

After the cops got there, performed CPR on TM and then declared him dead... it wasn't until then that GZ realized he hadn't just made a "citizen's arrest".

As for the cops arriving "in seconds", that's idiotic. The altercation took around 45 seconds and the police did not arrive until a full minute after GZ shot and killed TM. Not that his point matters, as GZ wanted the cops to show up so he could either: [1] claim SYG (if he had intended to kill TM beforehand); [2] turn him over to the cops after "arresting" him (if a "citizen's arrest" was his intention). In either case GZ wants the cops to arrive sooner than later.

Willis Hart: Yeah, I'm sure that it happened exactly like this - NOT!

It didn't happen like that, because the scenario you laid out (the injuries caused by multiple trips) is an utterly ridiculous straw man. My, isn't it easy to "kick someone's ass" (figuratively) when you totally misrepresent what they've said? Also, being a typical Conservative Caucasian male who exhibits signs of White Rage (using terms like "race hustler"), it is no surprise at all that WH takes GZ's version of events as the gospel truth and completely discounts the possibility that the dead guy could have explained things differently.

Willis Hart: And I ask you yet again, what kind of a murderer calls the police and summons them prior to the crime, and then voluntarily takes (and passes!!!!!) a series of polygraphs after the crime? The jury came to the appropriate decision here, people.

The kind of murderer who would do that is one who plans on claiming Stand Your Ground as his defense. He knew all about SYG; his lying about it to Hannity shows that he KNEW people might suspect he planned the killing and planned to invoke SYG (otherwise why lie to Hannity?).

However, it is also possible that (emboldened by the fact that he had a gun and was under the influence of some serious drugs), GZ decided to "arrest" TM and TM didn't want to be arrested by a stranger who never even identified himself as having any kind of authority. Even *if* GZ told TM he was with the Neighborhood Watch (something GZ never says he did) why should TM believe him? GZ could have rolled down his car window and spoke with TM when (according to GZ), TM circled his truck. GZ was the one acting suspiciously, and TM had every reason to suspect GZ had ill intentions.

Which would explain why (if it actually happened) TM punched GZ in the nose. He was standing his ground against someone who was following him and intended to do him harm. Remember GZ said TM asked him if he had a problem, then GZ replied that he did not (GZ never identified himself as being on the neighborhood watch), and then (GZ says) he reached for his cell phone. TM could very well have assumed GZ was going for a gun and punched GZ so he couldn't unholster it.

As for the "series of polygraphs" WH says GZ "voluntarily takes and passes"... wrong. GZ passed two voice stress tests. A "voice stress test" is NOT the same as a polygraph. Wikipedia notes that "there are no independent research studies that support the use of VSA [voice stress analysis] as a reliable lie detection technology, whilst there are numerous studies that dispute its reliability". And, from his point of view he probably thought he did nothing wrong (if he was making a "citizens arrest" and TM resisted). Of course you're going to pass a voice stress test (or polygraph) if, IN YOUR MIND, you did nothing wrong (even if you did).

Finally, in regard to the jury's decision... clearly they listened to the judge's instructions. The Governor-Jeb-Bush-appointed judge sent the jury to their deliberation with instructions that said "self-defense meant Zimmerman was entitled to stand his ground with no duty to retreat". So GZ's legal team said their defense had nothing to do with SYG, but the judge told the jury to decide the case based on it!

They could have simply disregarded this instruction (as a jury does not have to explain itself when rendering a verdict). I certainly would have. Why did the judge compel (or attempt to compel) the jury to decide the case based on SYG when the defense did not argue SYG? From the beginning Conservatives have been saying that GZ was being "railroaded". What this shows, IMO, is that TM was railroaded. The jury decided TM was responsible for his own death based on nothing but GZ's version of events!

On the other hand, the jury's hands may very well have been tied due to Florida laws that protect shooters. Given the fact that TM was dead and therefore unable to give his account of what happened; and given the fact that the witnesses did not see how the altercation began (or much of it thereafter). I thought they should have at least been able to convict GZ of manslaughter due to his many false statements, including the whopper about his head being slammed against the concrete sidewalk.

A cop and an ME testified to the extent of his injuries... both saying they thought they were MINOR. And GZ never spread TM arms to look for a weapon in his hands (as GZ claimed). TM's arms and hands were found pinned under his body. Were these lies enough to convict GZ of murder 2 or manslaughter? I'm no attorney so I really do not know. What I do know is that there is something really wrong with a killer getting off because his version of events are bought lock, stock and barrel (despite obvious lies from said killer).

Conservatives like Mr. Hart, on the other hand... they have no problem at all with the inconsistencies in GZ's story. Because they just ignore them. If someone brings them up they create straw men to "defeat", thus "proving" how idiotic those who disagree with them are.

Finally, in response to the Hartster asking how I know the gun was already being brandished. I'll tell you... GZ did NOT reach for his cell phone when a suspicious BM he already suspected had a gun approached him (the hand in his waistband quote from the police call)... He reached for and pulled out HIS gun (or was in the process of pulling out his gun). You're telling me that if you had a gun and a BM you suspected had a gun said, "yo, you got a problem?" and approached you... you would pull out your cell phone to dial 911? Give me an fucking break.

Video Description: According to Zimmerman Juror B29, "George Zimmerman got away with murder". Excerpt from a 7/25/2013 Robin Roberts ABC News interview (3:43).

See also: Severe Moderate Delusions: GZ Tripping Straw Man Edition Volume 2 (SWTD #187).

SWTD #184, wDel #32.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Persecuted Vigilante Hero (A Truthy Dramatization)

Thank God for the rain to wash the trash off the sidewalk ~ Travis Bickle, a character played by Robert De Niro in the 1976 American vigilante film Taxi Driver.

Note: This commentary is comprised of what I have decided to call a "truthy dramatization". What follows is a blend of fact and fiction. In some sections more fiction than fact, but in others more fact than fiction. This is an alternate narrative to the one put forward by GZ. Why have we accepted his version of events as true (or even mostly true) when things could have gone down very differently?

George Zim cried himself to sleep one night some time less than 2 years ago. But this was not unusual, as George's thoughts often centered on the life he saw for himself if only others would cut him a break and give him a chance. "What's wrong honey" his wife asked, tired of her husband's near constant whining. "I have been rejected again by the police force" George sobbed. This was a complaint Mrs. Zim had heard many times before.

"I thought you received an A in that college course in criminal justice? That, plus your dad is a retired judge. One would think those two facts alone would assure you a position in law enforcement" his wife pondered. She was confused as to why her husband couldn't achieve his dream. "I know. None of it makes any sense" George agreed. Clearly his plan to become a LEO via nepotism and academic achievement was not panning out.

That is when he decided to prove his worth by joining the Neighborhood Watch of the Retreat at Twin Lakes, a gated community in Sanford FL where Zim and his wife resided. "With my help many arrests will be made and crime will be abolished in this community" George declared, envisioning the adulation he'd receive when he caught a Black youth breaking and entering. There had been numerous reports of such activity lately and George was determined that he would be the one to put a stop to it. Then the Sanford PD would see what a valuable asset he could be. Surely then they would beg him to suit up and walk the beat.

George grabbed and holstered his gun, after loading it with hollow-points. "The feral Negroes are on notice" a determined George growled, quickly drawing his firearm. "Make my day", George said, speaking to a fictional Black thug while fingering the safety. "That is so sexy" his wife Shellie purred. Zim smiled. Then he frowned, realizing that so far he hadn't been able to foil any robberies. Despite his 46 calls to the police switchboard.

Shellie noticed her husband's frown and reminded him to dose up on his doctor prescribed Adderall and Temazepam. "This will pull you out of your funk" Shellie commented, handing her husband the drugs. Zim swallowed the capsules, along with a big gulp of water.

George reholstered his weapon and donned his jacket, preparing to head out for the day. If his dad wasn't able to call in a favor to get him the LEO job he wanted, at least he was good for something. His dad WAS able to pull a few strings to get him a concealed carry permit. Otherwise he would have been rejected, due to his prior legal troubles. In 2005 George was arrested for "resisting officer with violence" after getting into a scuffle with cops who were questioning a friend for alleged underage drinking. Then in August 2005, Zim's former fiancé sought a restraining order against him because of domestic violence.

George had been mulling over the situation in his mind... and was growing ever more convinced that these minor incidents had something to do with why the police wouldn't agree to make him an officer. He had to face facts that his dream was dead. That revelation lead to a deep depression. Shellie wouldn't stand for it and demanded that he seek help from a licensed psychologist.

"I'm not crazy" George thought, rejecting his wife's suggestion. Instead he asked his doctor for something to help with his mood. That was when his doctor prescribed the aforementioned drugs. Drugs that could cause "new or worsening mental or mood problems; including aggression, agitation, anxiety, delusions, depression, hallucinations and hostility". His doctor, echoing his wife's sentiments, told him it was imperative that he be evaluated by a psychologist.

"Fu*k that", George said after taking the drugs for awhile and realizing they were helping him feel better. "I don't need a psychologist, I need to get proactive". That is when he signed up for MMA classes at a local gym. "I'm going to buff myself up so that when I encounter a young Black thug I will be able to subdue him", George decided. "I gotta get in shape. Too much sitting has ruined my body. Too much abuse has gone on for too long. From now on there will be 50 pushups each morning, 50 pullups" George declared, quoting a line from the film "Taxi Driver".

George smiled, imagining the fateful day when he intervened and stopped a B&E in progress. The mayor would probably give him an award for heroism. Then they'd come crawling to him with an offer to become a member of the fraternity sworn to "serve and protect". Unfortunately the plan wasn't working out so well. After a couple of sessions of intense training his instructor said he simply did not have a natural aptitude for fighting.

"Now what?" thought Zim. He hadn't considered purchasing a firearm before because he knew he'd fail a background check. But that problem was resolved with a little help from Robert Zim Senior the retired judge. Soon after George was granted a concealed carry permit he purchased a brand new Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm pistol. Carrying it with him everywhere he went took some of the sting out of being labeled a wuss by his MMA fighting instructor.

"This will show them that I'm not a wuss" Zim thought, feeling the weight of the weapon on his hip. Frequently George would stand in front of a full length mirror in his bedroom. For hours he would practice drawing the weapon. Pointing his PF-9 at his reflection George would shout "freeze ni**er!" It made him absolutely giddy daydreaming of the day he would make his first citizen's arrest.

But it would probably be better to just shoot the thug dead. The killing would be completely justified under Florida's Stand Your Ground law. Also, a situation in which George had to put down a street punk in order to save his own life would surely play to the sympathies of the public more than if he arrested someone who was later let go. That would be an incident that would pass almost without notice and be quickly forgotten.

No, that wouldn't do at all. In order to make himself into a hero his life had to be in danger. And the best way to assure that would be the story that was told would be to kill the suspect. Then he wouldn't be able to muck things up by telling "his side". It was then and there that George made up his mind. Technically it would be murder, but in reality George would be doing his community a service, just like Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. Travis Bickle took out the trash and George would do the same. And, just like Travis, George would be hailed a hero, although George would embrace it (unlike the De Niro character).

George kissed his wife and went to work. George and his Black friend had their own insurance office. "You're one of the good ones" George told Blackie, and indeed he was. He never would have gone into business with Blackie otherwise. Blackie thought George was joking (playing a racist), seeing as George himself had a great grandfather who was Black, but George was dead serious. His dad taught him that Blacks can be some of the worst racists and well as thugs who think stealing is preferable to hard work.

There was a cousin who said George's "family were racists who disliked blacks" but what this cousin didn't realize was that there are good Blacks and then there are bad Blacks. That's why he mentored some "at risk" minority kids occasionally. George was part of the solution and not a part of the problem. A good person, in other words. The cousin lied about him being a racist, the same as she lied when she accused George of molesting her. Yes, what she claimed may have been partially true, but what kids aren't curious about their bodies and curious about sex? It was all largely innocent stuff (some fondling and some fingering) which the cousin blew way out of proportion.

False accusations from women and rejection by authority figures was something the unfortunate George had to deal with frequently. But he was determined to gain some respect, no matter what it took. Volunteering for the neighborhood watch would be his ticket to the life he wanted. This is why George spent his evenings waiting and watching. Frequently he called to report suspicious activity, but so far nothing he could act on.

On the evening of Sunday 2/26/2012 George was driving his truck through the neighborhood, returning home from a personal errand. It was a few minutes to 7 in the evening and raining lightly when Zim spotted a suspicious hoodie-wearing figure walking slowly and peering in windows. George pulled over and took out his cell phone, his finger hovering over the speed dial button for the SPD. Would tonight be the night?

Yes, Zim decided, suddenly feeling both anxious and agitated... this character was definitely peeping in widows, probably interested if anyone was home. The guy was looking for an apartment he could burglarize, in other words. George watched for a few seconds longer before he pushed the speed dial button. On the phone with the Sanford PD George told the operator he saw "a real suspicious guy just walking around looking about" and that "this guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something".

The dispatcher asked him a question concerning the suspect's race. "He looks Black", George answered. The suspect noticed George starring at him and began to walk in his direction. The suspect circled his vehicle, and George got a good look at him before he walked away. George confirmed to the dispatcher that the suspect was a Black male (BM) in his late teens. "These a**holes, they always get away" George remarked to the dispatcher. George was determined that this time the Black thug wouldn't get away.

Trayvon, the BM in question, was speaking with his friend Rachel via a bluetooth earpiece. "Why this Cracker looking at me?" Trayvon wondered out loud as his friend listened. "Maybe he a rapist?" Rachel replied. Who knows? But Trayvon didn't want to find out, so he ran away. Now, Trayvon didn't want the Cracker to follow him home (and know where he lived), so he hid. A few minutes went by and Trayvon decided to take a look and see if the Cracker was still there.

"The back entrance" George answered when the dispatcher asked where the BM was running. "Fu*kin coons", George, who was experiencing feelings of aggression and hostility toward the fleeing suspect, muttered. Then the dispatcher asked "Are you following him?" and George replied "yes". He had gotten out of his truck to see where the BM had gone and was jogging in the direction he thought he went. The dispatcher told him not to, but George had no intention of listening to that direction. He said "OK", but followed anyway. But George couldn't find him so he decided to return to his vehicle to wait for the police, crestfallen.

But this was just too good of an opportunity to let it pass by, so George decided to walk a little further. "I need to find this fu*ker before the cops arrive" Zim thought. Suddenly Zim spotted the suspect, Trayvon. He rounded a corner and almost ran into him. The near collision dislodged the bluetooth from Trayvon's ear. "Get off, get off" Trayvon exclaimed in reaction to George's close proximity. Stepping back, a surprised and frightened Trayvon asked, "why you following me?". In a gesture intended to intimidate the suspect, George placed his hand on his weapon and demanded, "What are you doing here boy?". Trayvon's bluetooth earpiece fell to the ground.

Trayvon saw George's gun and knew then he was in serious danger. "You're going to die tonight ni**er" George said, making a move to unholster his firearm. Before he could draw his gun a desperate Trayvon stepped in and made a grab for it, while also screaming for help. "Don't kill me! I'm begging you!" Trayvon cried. George backed away and pulled out his weapon, but tripped over his feet and fell down. Luckily he didn't drop his gun, so he raised it to fire. Trayvon jumped on him in a desperate attempt to grab the weapon and they tussled on the grass for awhile.

Still screaming, desperate for someone to come help him, Trayvon continued to try to get the gun away from George. During the struggle George scrapped his head on the concrete sidewalk. A neighbor named Good came out to investigate the screaming (of Trayvon) and saw the scuffle. By this time it was getting dark out. George pulled his arms from Trayvon's grasp. In response Trayvon feverishly punched at George, still trying to disarm him, but George got off a shot. The hollow point bullet pierced Trayvon's heart and the screaming stopped. Trayvon was dead (or would be in mere seconds).

The force of the shot caused the gun to recoil, hitting George in the face and breaking his nose. "Fu*kin ni**er" George sputtered, pushing Trayvon's body off him. A neighbor appeared with a flashlight. "Help me restrain him" Zim said calmly, straddling the body. But Trayvon was clearly dead. Zim knew that, of course, but asking the neighbor to help restrain the BM was the only thing he could think to say to convince the neighbor that he was an authority figure who had just subdued a criminal.

An officer named Smith arrived at the scene at 7:17pm, approximately one minute after George shot and killed his "suspect". George raised his arms and surrendered. A second and then a third officer showed up and CPR was attempted. Trayvon was declared dead at 7:30pm. Officer Smith placed George in the back of his police vehicle. "I was yelling for someone to help me, but no one would help me", George lied, a little worried that a neighbor might identify the person screaming (correctly) as Trayvon.

Confident that the shooting would be deemed legal under Stand Your Ground, Zimmerman cooperated completely with law enforcement and didn't lawyer up. That would make him look guilty. After five hours of questioning the police released George. The initial report noted that a White male later identified as George Zimmerman shot an African American teen in self defense. George said he "stood his ground", so the cops didn't bother doing a decent job collecting evidence and sent George home. A White guy named Zimmerman shot a suspicious Black thug, so they really had no choice. There was little doubt that it was an open and shut case, which is why they didn't drug test George, even though it is standard procedure.

Zim was subjected to a voice stress analysis (not the same as a lie detector test) and passed it. Because the psychopathic Zim essentially believed the story he told authorities. At this point he still assumed that Trayvon was a Black thug who was up to no good. The BM was looking for an apartment to break into when George stopped him. Yes, he planned on killing him far in advance of the event (not him specifically, but the next Black thug he encountered). But the BM got what was coming to him, of that George was 100 percent convinced.

During a subsequent interview a Detective Serino attempted to bluff George by telling him that Trayvon's phone caught the entire incident on video. George knew it is a common police tactic to claim video evidence exists in hopes of getting a confession. George knew better, so he said "Thank God, I was hoping someone would videotape it". He knew the detective was lying, so he lied right back to him... and it worked! The cops bought his story and told him to go home. It was just that easy to get away with murder.

Later George returned to the scene and walked the cops though his version of events. "I thought my head would explode" George (greatly) exaggerated when he related his fabricated narrative of Trayvon "slamming" his head against the sidewalk. "After I discharged my weapon the suspect said you got me. I assumed my shot missed and that he was surrendering. I flipped him onto his stomach... all the while he was mumbling. Then I spread his arms out to disarm him. I was looking for the weapon he had been hitting me with", George lied. The victim was talking after being shot through the heart?? Unbelievably the officer didn't call BS on George's obvious and absurd tall tale.

George was grateful that the area he lived in was largely Conservative and Republican. A White male (as he described himself to the cops) who put down a berserk dope-crazed thug deserved the White privilege they extended to him. A month and a half went by before public pressure from the African American community finally forced the DA to bring charges, but George wasn't too worried. Instead he made the most of it and went on the Sean Hannity program. He was finally getting the recognition he had always craved.

Conservatives across the country lapped up the Zim baloney and declared that he was a "persecuted hero" as well as a celebrity. A Black drug-using thug got what was coming to him. Clearly George had no choice. Zim and family set up a website to collect "donations" in order to fund his defense and tens of thousands of dollars flooded in (but George's wife dishonestly told the judge they were "indigent"). Zim's gullible wife Shellie was arrested for perjury when she was caught speaking in code with George about how much money they had in their bank account. George's bail was revoked. But it was only a minor setback.

George was also caught handing over a passport that he had previously reported as "stolen" so he could get a new one. Turns out he just misplaced it. But Zim figured he could use the second one to flee the country. The judge simply asked for both passports and ignored George's deception.

Another indication that the Governor-Jeb-Bush-appointed judge was on Zim's side was when she sent the jury to their deliberation with instructions that said "self-defense meant Zimmerman was entitled to stand his ground with no duty to retreat". So Zim's legal team said their defense had nothing to do with Stand Your Ground, but the judge told the jury to decide the case based on it. That George provoked the incident by stalking an unarmed Trayvon did not matter. Seeing as Trayvon was dead, George's version of events essentially were accepted as the truth.

The jury of six women (five of whom were White) decided there was "reasonable doubt" and that George's "truth" was in fact what actually happened... and they declared him "not guilty". Conservatives across the nation cheered and predicted mass rioting egged on by "race baiters" and "race hustlers" who are actually civil rights crusaders speaking out for their community. White privilege benefited George as he had gambled it would. George smiled broadly when the verdict was read. Maybe he would go back to college and become a lawyer so he could help other "wrongly" accused people like himself?

Perhaps he would roam the countryside performing acts of heroism like pulling a family of four out of an overturned vehicle? Who knows? But Zim was confident that he could use his new found fame to separate a lot of gullible Conservatives from their money. Heck, one Conservative group had already offered to buy him a new gun!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

The World Of Progressive Punditry Marks The End of An Era With Keith Olbermann's Return To Sports Commentary

If you burn a bridge, you can possibly build a new bridge, but if there's no river any more, that's a lot of trouble ~ Keith Olbermann (dob 1/27/1959) muses on his 1997 departure from ESPN's SportsCenter during a 6/27/2007 appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

It was on 5/18/2011 that I announced that I was dedicating a stand alone page on my blog to Keith Olbermann, a man I described as "my hero". Furthermore I noted that he was individual that "I blindly worship". This was (in part) a humorous retort to certain individuals on another blog who chided me with taunts regarding my "man crush" on Mr. Olbermann. Seeing as I am not the kind of person to let the judgments of others stop me from speaking forcefully in regards to idea, causes or people I believe in, I incorporated the "man crush" insult into the commentary that accompanied my shrine.

I didn't take the bait in other words. Instead I said YES in regards to the man crush, going so far as to label it "intense", but adding that it was "strictly platonic"... because I'm straight (although not homophobic). I would admit it if the man crush were something I fantasized about becoming physical.

But now it is official... Keith Olbermann has returned to sports commentary at ESPN2 with a program that will be titled "Olbermann" (and begin broadcasting on 8/26/2013). The first I heard about a possible return to sports announcing concerned Keith asking ESPN prez John Skipper if they'd take him back. The stories implied that Keith's overtures were rebuffed. A 7/16/2013 NYT article says "some ESPN insiders... voiced the opinion that Olbermann was part of the network's past, not its future". Others felt that "his star quality is almost unmatched in the sports television arena" and for that reason "he seems to draw a crowd". So they took him back, but his new contract "explicitly forbids him from discussing political matters".

Also, the job at ESPN is just one of two talking-about-baseball jobs recently landed by Keith. A 7/12/2013 NY Daily News story says, "last month, Turner Sports hired him to host its Major League Baseball postseason studio show on TBS". The Daily News does wonder why TBS allowed Keith to take a job with a competitor (if they did allow it. Could TBS be the next employer to fire Keith?).

Whatever the situation, Keith says "it's tremendous to be back in baseball", and that may be true, but not from my perspective. The world of sports is somewhere I will absolutely not follow Keith, despite my being a huge fan. I am a fan of his punditry. I am not a fan of any kind of sport or commentary on sport, no matter who the commentator is. Although if I were forced to watch one sport, baseball is one that I would find less objectionable.

In a comment on this very blog a notorious Keith-hater and annoying dumbass whose Blogger ID is "Rusty Shackelford" declared that "they are taking bets in Las Vegas when he will be fired". I have no idea if this is for reals or if Rusty is making a joke. Either way I seriously do not care. Given his history I think Keith will probably mind his P's and Q's. That, and how much trouble can you get in talking about sports?

On the other hand Keith does have a history of "feuding" with the ESPN bosses much like he clashed with the management at MSNBC (Phil Griffin) and Current (Joel Hyatt and David Bohrman). If it was any one specific person that Keith had disagreements with at CNN (and if that person or persons still work there) I do not know (nor do I particularly care). Wikipedia says, "his former bosses remarked he had too much backbone". I noted in past commentaries that Griffin and Hyatt are both "corporate Democrats" and guessed that was the reason why Keith got the boot. But it clearly couldn't have been Keith's political views that got him into trouble at ESPN. (Note: ESPN's John Skipper wasn't there when Keith was fired).

So the possibility that he could be fired again can't be dismissed outright. I'd be surprised though. Keith obviously had to make some promises (including no discussing politics) to get back in with ESPN. Who would be dumb enough to blow another second chance? The Keith-haters are convinced Keith is just that dumb. Or that his ego is just too big for him not to piss off the brass. This is the second time a network has welcomed Keith back into the fold (Keith hosted "The Big Show" on MSNBC from 1997–1998 and Countdown from 2003–2011). The second time around Keith lasted 8 years at MSNBC, so I think speculations of a quick firing at ESPN2 are premature.

With ESPN Keith has apparently rebuilt the bridge AND the restored the river. A ThinkProgress article titled "Keith Olbermann's return to ESPN is crazy and probably brilliant" says Keith "played [a big role] in shaping the sports entertainment behemoth we know as ESPN today". So that is TWO networks that owe many thanks to Keith for making them what they are. He has his detractors, but obviously he also has his fans (The sports commentary fans and political punditry fans being largely in two separate categories, I think). This is why he keeps getting hired (and rehired).

At any rate, that there shall be no more political commentary from Keith marks the end of an era. Yes, he has been absent for some time, but this new gig cements the fact that Keith is likely finished punditing forever (or for a number of years, certainly). Keith, as I just pointed out, is responsible for making MSNBC what it is today. I've heard that MSNBC has been experiencing declining ratings ever since Keith left. Instead of firing him Phil Griffin should have gotten down on his knees and kissed Keith's posterior.

Joel Hyatt (Current) should have allowed Keith to run things as he saw fit, as per the agreement Keith was hired under... an agreement that named Keith "Chief News Officer" and gave him an "equity stake". Instead Hyatt butted in and forced out Mark Rosenthal. It was under CEO Mark Rosenthal that Olberman was recruited... and everything was hunky-dory until Current co-founder (along with Al Gore) Hyatt decided he wanted to switch from "hands off" to "hands on". It was after that decision (and Rosenthal's departure) that everything went down hill.

But all that is in the past now. Current TV will soon be transformed into Al Jazeera America due to the sellout Al Gore deciding to take the money and run (Al Jazeera paid 500 million for Current; Al Gore's take is estimated to be 70 million). Perhaps it was a wise decision, as Current wasn't doing that great in the ratings, but who knows what would have happened if they had not foolishly and abruptly canned Keith? Perhaps Keith could have built up Current just like he did ESPN and MSNBC? I like Current and watch it 6 hours every week day (Stephanie Miller for 3 hours, and The Young Turks, Viewpoint with John Fugelsang, and Joy Behar's Say Anything for 1 hour each).

Now, there are reports that Gore was initially opposed to selling his station to a network funded by oil money (oh, the hypocrisy!). A 3/16/2013 HuffPo article says investment banker, spouse of Dianne Feinstein, and Current TV board member/investor Richard Blum was gung-ho for the sale. He worried that the network would go under and his money would be lost. I wondered if the decision to get rid of Keith might in any way be connected to the decision to sell, but it looks like the dates don't line up. Keith was dismissed at the end of March 2012 and the Current deal began to take shape in July of 2012 (3+ months later).

But the sale was (apparently) the reason why Current decided to settle instead of going to court. On 3/14/2013 The New York Times reported that Current and Olbermann "were locked in a legal stalemate that might have lasted years if not for Gore's startling decision last December to sell the money-losing Current to Al Jazeera". Keith was seeking the entire 50 million dollars he was promised when he signed his 5-year deal with Current. The NYT says Keith was awarded 5 million via binding arbitration.

So, not as good a result for Keith as when MSNBC paid him his full salary of 7 million dollars for each of the two years remaining on his contract when they parted ways... and he didn't even have to sue to get it! Maybe that is why the NYT titled their story "Current unfair"? The Conservative NewsBusters story (a re-reporting of what the NYT reported) refers to Keith as the "whiney deranged former MSNBC anchor". Then NewsBusters says the trial might have been fun to watch, but no worries, because there may be another the next time Keith is fired (Ha, ha, ha).

If I had to guess I'd say Keith's new salary is a lot less, but I could be wrong, seeing as the show will be titled "Olbermann". But I really have no idea how much sports commentators are paid. In any case, I think it is time to wrap this post up by saying that even though I shall never watch Keith on the TV so long as sports casting is his gig, I still wish him luck in his return to his former career.

After a 16-year absence Keith is back at ESPN. ESPN says they expect more fans tuning in for Keith than people tuning out due to their not liking him for political reasons. So this might be a gain for fans of baseball but it is surely a loss for the fans of Keith's political punditry (such as myself). We will miss him greatly and mourn the end of Mr. Olbermann's outstanding career as the world's leading progressive commentator. This is, in my strong opinion, a loss for the entire political Left.

Keith Olbermann Career Highlights
[1] Co-Anchor (with Dan Patrick) of ESPN's daily sports newsprogram SportsCenter, 1992–1997. FIRED (1st gig With ESPN).
[2] Anchor of MSNBC's The Big Show, 1997–1998 FIRED (1st gig with MSNBC).
[3] Host of Major League Baseball on Fox, 1999–2000.
[4] Anchor of The Keith Olbermann Evening News... a Fox Sports Net show designed to challenge SportsCenter, 1998–2001. FIRED.
[5] Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, 2003–2011. FIRED (2nd MSNBC gig).
[6] Co-host of NBC's Football Night in America, 2007–2010. Stepped down to focus on Countdown.
[7] Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Current TV 2011-2012. FIRED (Total Time doing Countdown: approx 9yrs).
[8] Host of ESPN2's "Olbermann". 8/26/2013-7/24/2015 (2nd ESPN gig: Contract not renewed, although some say he was fired).
[9] Host of TBS Major League Baseball postseason studio show, October 2013.

Update 7/19/2015: On 7/10/2015, two days after ESPN declined to renew his expiring contract, Olbermann announced on air that the series would be coming to an end on July 24. The announcement came after The Hollywood Reporter claimed that ESPN wanted Olbermann to tone down his critical commentary, but the network claimed the move was to cut costs related to Olbermann's salary and the use of the space at Times Square Studios.

SWTD #182, KO #4.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clueless Conservatives Defend Paula Deen When They Don't Know The Whole Story

It is her blind loyalty to these cretins, people who, by Deen's admission, regularly spout racist shit now (not in the past) and are, at best, drunk, redneck shitheels who think their proximity to Deen makes them special ~ The Rude Pundit (Lee Papa) describes the source of Paula Deen's problems in his 6/28/2013 article, "A Defense of Paula Deen Followed By a Condemnation".

Mean Liberals are bashing Paula Deen because she used the N-word 30 years ago. But Deen is over 60 years old and from a different generation when the use of that word was more widespread. Plus she said it to a bank robber who held a gun to her head when she worked as a teller. The scary ni**er had it coming due to his behavior. Certainly Deen cannot be blamed. But the dastardly Liberals don't care about reasonable excuses; instead, smelling blood in the water, they go on the attack, determined to destroy this poor woman so they can lay the tattered carcass of her career on their alter of political correctness.

But that isn't the whole story. In fact it's just a teeny tiny fragment of the entire ugly chronicle. Why the media decided to focus almost exclusively on a 30-year-ago uttered epithet is beyond me. Must have something to do with the country being comprised of far too many morons who wouldn't be able to follow anything overly complicated. Certainly these Conservatives who beat their chests and cry about the injustice being visited upon poor Paula fit that bill.

So what is the whole story? Well, that N-word fragment came from somewhere. Where it came from is a deposition Mrs. Deen gave in regards to a lawsuit filed by a former employee. It is in that lawsuit that many worse things are alleged. Also, it is in the deposition that Deen confirms many of the allegations. Either outright or in a round about way by minimizing what happened (I'll get to that in a bit).

First let me ask, does Paula Deen have racial biases? Yes, but they are not responsible for her downfall. That 30 year old N-word is nothing compared to what she has tolerated and allowed from others in her inner circle. Most of the blame for Paula's downfall can be laid at the feet of her buffoonish brother Earl "Bubba" Hiers. Much of Paula's troubles can be attributed to Hiers and the restaurant Uncle Bubba's Oyster House. Paula Deen already had a restaurant named Lady & Sons (Deen is "Lady" and the "Sons" are her sons Jamie and Bobby). Uncle Bubba's came about because Bubba "wanted a restaurant of his own".

Uncle Bubba's was started by Paula, her brother, and a third individual named Karl Schumacher in Savannah GA (also the location of Lady & Sons). Paula (who has multiple companies in addition to Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba's) provided the money and Bubba ran the business... poorly. I read the entire Deen lawsuit as filed by former employee Lisa T Jackson, as well as the Paula Deen deposition, and it is my conclusion that Deen is guilty as charged.

Lisa T. Jackson worked at both Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba's as a manager. In her lawsuit she says Paula Deen and Bubba Hiers "committed numerous acts of violence, discrimination and racism that resulted in the end of her five-year tenure at Deen's Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba's Oyster House eateries in Savannah".

The reason I say Deen is guilty is because during the deposition she admits to a number of the allegations in the lawsuit. What she doesn't outright admit she downplays (confirming they happened). Trust me, she hangs herself in it. Although she seems to be largely oblivious of that fact. She is also oblivious to the fact that her brother's poor management of Uncle Bubba's is why she is where she is today. That she used the N-word 30 years ago came out thanks to the deposition. If not for the bad managing by Bubba there would be no lawsuit, no deposition, no revelation of Deen using the N-word and (finally), no mass exodus of companies who previously were eager to do business with her and pay her lots of money.

But Deen does not see it that way. Although multiple people told her that Bubba Hiers was the problem she did not believe it. Karl Schumacher brought Lisa's (and his own) concerns to Paula. Paula concluded that Karl's warnings concerning Bubba were due to jealously and resentment. Karl was trying to sabotage Bubba because when the Oyster House was started Paula and Bubba decided that Karl (although he was a significant contributor) should not receive a share of the business (given stock and be a part owner).

Sabotaging Bubba is the motivation Paula (apparently) attributes to anyone who has anything bad to say about her brother. When it was decided that the management consultant firm MackWorks should be hired to do an audit of management practices (in both restaurants) they concluded that Bubba was the "source of their problems" and they advised that Bubba should be relieved of his operational influence.

But Paula didn't believe Tonya Mack and David Beroset (of MackWorks) and said they were gullible and unreliable for believing the lies of Karl Schumacher and Lisa Jackson. BTW, MackWorks interviewed Deen's employees and they said Lisa Jackson was a hard worker and expected everyone else to do the same. But Paula thinks Lisa exaggerated, lied, and was very judgmental about "men being men" and jokes that may have been told.

When asked by Bill Franklin (lawyer representing the plaintiff) if she ever considered that MackWorks might be right about Bubba, she says yes, but that he isn't as bad as they were trying to make out. According to Deen she knows her brother better than that. Despite the fact that she hadn't been in the restaurant in nearly five years.

MackWorks might be surprised to hear that Paula wasn't satisfied with their work, due to the fact that Deen authored a testimonial (posted to the MackWorks website) that said MackWorks has a "sterling reputation that continues to shine". It wasn't until the deposition that Paula changed her mind and decided they were gullible and unreliable. Huh. Maybe Paula lied? Maybe she isn't quite THAT oblivious and knows that she should have put a stop to what was going on at Uncle Bubba's a long time ago (but of course it is too late now)? Maybe.

If you ask me who I believe, Paula and her brother Bubba Hiers or Lisa Jackson, I say Paula Deen is the dishonest one an oblivious rationalizer (I believe Lisa Jackson). So why did she tell the truth about using the N-word in the deposition? Because she didn't think it was a big deal. She said "of course". She thought she had a good excuse, as she said it about a man that had a gun to her head during a bank robbery. But why didn't she say "yes, but..." and then insert her explanation? Why did she say "of course"?

She said "of course" because racial insensitivity is no big deal in Paula's eyes. And that racial insensitivity (as well as sexual harassment) is not a big deal to Deen is why she paid no heed to Lisa Jackson's or Karl Schumacher's complaints about what was going on at Uncle Bubba's. Also because she was willfully blind to the bad behavior of her brother. She even admits that Bubba stole money from the corporation that owns the Oyster Shack and that the theft was covered up by giving Bubba a raise and saying the money he stole was a part of the raise. Paula rationalizes the theft by saying Bubba getting a raise was long overdue.

The foolish Paula Deen is getting her just deserts in my opinion. She was warned by people close to her; Karl Schumacher worked with her for over 22 years and, in return for him warning her that her brother was running the business badly, she says terrible things about him (that relationship must be destroyed). And she disregards the advice of a professional consulting firm who specifically told her that Bubba was the problem. So, no, I have no sympathy for her.

This is the real story. The whole story. But the media chooses to focus on a small portion of it. Do you really think Paula Deen saying the N-word 30 years ago is why the Food Network and all her other sponsors dropped her? I strongly suspect the reason everyone is abandoning Deen is because they realize that she is going to lose the lawsuit. After that happens the public will be talking about her again, and these companies are getting out of their relationships with Deen NOW, before the manure really hits the fan.

(By the way, Karl Schumacher isn't one of the "good guys" in this saga. He is named in Lisa Jackson's lawsuit as being a part of the problem. After Lisa took over as manager and turned around the previously money-losing restaurant Karl referred to Lisa as "almost Jewish". Karl denied Lisa a bonus she was due because she got a divorce, which Karl viewed as a sin. He also said "women are stupid because they think they can work and have babies and get everything done". Karl is one of the "redneck shitheels who think their proximity to Deen makes them special" that Paula Deen allowed to sexually and racially harass her employees. Paula was hardly ever there but she was warned many times.)

My Notes From The Paula Deen Deposition.

This is the videotape deposition of Paula Deen taken by counsel for the plaintiff in the matter of Lisa T. Jackson vs. Paula Deen, et. al., held in the offices of Oliver Maner located at 218 West State Street on May 17, 2013.

  1. Bubba has a drinking problem, including drinking on the job.
  2. Bubba told racist, sexist and sexually explicit jokes at work. Paula says she was unaware.
  3. Bubba viewed pornography at work on his office computer and also on the kitchen computer. Paula says she was unaware.
  4. Bubba invited female employees into his office to view pornography on his computer. Paula says she was unaware and also does not believe Bubba would do that.
  5. Paula says that if someone sent something pornographic to Bubba's computer and he "pulled it up and looked at it" she "wouldn't persecute him". [Admission].
  6. Bubba printed out sexual explicit jokes he found on the internet and read them to people. Paula says she can't imagine he would do that.
  7. Paula, when asked if any of the behavior described above would be OK since it was Bubba's business, says it would depend on the situation. According to Paula this is "just men being men". [Admission].
  8. Bubba showed pornography at a meeting as a "joke". Paula says she heard it was actually Lisa who did this. [Not believable].
  9. Bubba showed pornography to subordinates. Paula says Bubba didn't show the porno to anyone but that employees (without Bubba's permission) looked at his computer and that is how they saw the porno. [Not believable also an admission that she knew about it].
  10. Bubba told a female employee who had just gotten dentures "I bet your husband is going to like that". (An oral sex joke?) When asked if she thought that would be funny Paula said it depends on your comfort level with the person you're telling the "joke" to. She didn't deny the joke was made.
  11. Bubba told employee Lindsay McCoy to keep the front "light" when hiring. Paula says she was unaware.
  12. Bubba stole up to 26k a month from the restaurant receipts. The stealing was covered up by giving Bubba a raise and saying the money he stole was included in that. Paula admits this to be true but says the raise was long overdue. [An admission that Deen covers for the bad behavior of her brother].
  13. PDE loaned money to Uncle Bubba's to keep it afloat. It was losing money until Lisa Jackson took over as manager. Then it started making money despite what Bubba stole. But the restaurant still owed PDE 300k.
  14. Bubba shook Mr. Frazier (AKA "Big Will", an African American employee) and said "vile things" to him. Paula says Lisa told on Bubba to Karl Schumacher but Paula didn't believe Lisa's version of events. Bubba says he was "shocked" by the allegations.
  15. Paula is sure people in her household have told jokes that included the N-word. Not her though, because Deen does not tell jokes.
  16. Paula does not consider racial jokes to be a problem, so long as they are not mean. [Admission].
  17. Paula does not consider telling a joke with a "sexual component" to be harassment. Only coming on to someone qualifies as sexual harassment. [Admission].
  18. Paula says verbally abusing someone because of their race might be harassment; she isn't sure. [Admission].
  19. Paula told Bubba to fire a male hostess who was sleeping with an underage server. Paula said, "if you think I've worked this hard to lose everything because of a piece of pussy, you better think again". Paula admits she said this.
  20. When Paula decided to hire Lisa she said she was "putting a woman in a man's job". She decided to do this because of the problem with the prior hostess who slept with the underage server.
  21. The use of the N-word in a joke is OK depending on context. Most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks and Black folks. Paula can't be blamed because she didn't make them up. [Admission].
  22. Paula discussed the kind of wedding she wanted for her brother. She said she wanted a true Southern plantation style wedding. When asked if that could be achieved using a wait staff comprised of servers of differing races Paula said no. According to the lawsuit Paula said she wanted "a bunch of little ni**ers... to tap dance around". Paula denies using the N-word because she wouldn't use that word to describe professional Black men. Paula said they didn't go ahead with this plan because it would be misinterpreted.
  23. The consulting firm MackWorks, hired by PDE concluded that Lisa Jackson was the victim of discrimination sufficient to give her cause to file an EEOC. [Admission].
  24. Uncle Bubba's restaurant was identified by MackWorks as the "source of their problems" at PDE. They advised that Bubba should be relieved of his operational influence. [An admission she was warned but did nothing].
  25. MackWorks interviewed employees and they said Lisa Jackson was a hard worker and expected everyone else to do the same.
  26. The owners of Mackworks were gullible for believing the lies of Karl Schumacher Lisa Jackson. [Not believable].
  27. Mackworks was unreliable because they identified Bubba as the source of all the problems at the restaurant. [Not believable].
  28. Karl Schumacher lied and tried to sabotage Bubba due to jealousy and resentment that he wasn't given a share in the restaurant. Karl was also very judgmental.
  29. Paula says Karl is bigoted toward gay people. He sent Paula emails that contained these thoughts but Paula didn't respond to them.
  30. Karl is judgmental concerning the drinking, swearing and gambling of others. It's his job to be judge and jury.
  31. Lisa Jackson exaggerated, lied, and was very judgmental about "men being men" and jokes that may have been told. [Admission that sexual harassment took place].
  32. Lisa Jackson blew everything out of proportion. Paula didn't realize how "extremely good at it" Lisa was until she left. When asked if she can give any examples of Lisa blowing things out of proportion Paula says no. [Not believable].

SWTD #181

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Precedent Will Surely Be Used To Justify Future Murders

The "Stand Your Ground" legislation was sponsored by Florida state Representative Dennis Baxley and state Senator Durell Peadon, both Republican allies of Jeb Bush. The governor quickly signed the measure into law — despite explicit and repeated warnings that this law would encourage shootings of innocents like Trayvon Martin. And despite explicit and repeated warnings that people of color and young people would be unreasonably and disproportionately harmed by the law ~ John Nichols (dob 2/3/1959) writing for The Nation in a 3/21/2012 article, How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National.

My heart sank when I heard the verdict. George Zimmerman, the man who shot dead an unarmed teenager after profiling and stalking him, has been declared "not guilty". This is, in my strong opinion, a miscarriage of justice. Just prior to the reading of the verdict I heard there were questions regarding the manslaughter charge, so I was hopeful that at least Zimmerman would be convicted of the lesser charge.

MSNBC was the channel I had on during time leading up to the reading of the verdict. I stayed tuned following the pronouncement of "not guilty". Below I have transcribed some of the commentary from the MSNBC coverage following the 7/13/2013 reading of the verdict; a discussion I have edited for brevity and clarity...

Chris Jansing: The Reverand Al Sharpton joins us now. Your reaction?

[Camera stays on a smiling George Zimmerman as Al Sharpton speaks. Smiling because he just got away with murder, IMO.]

Al Sharpton: Well, I think this is an atrocity. I think it is probably one of the worst situations that I've seen. What this jury has done is establish a precedent that if you are young and fit a certain profile... you can be committing no crime, just bringing some Skittles and iced tea to your brother and be killed... and someone can claim self defense. Having been exposed in all kinds of lies and all kinds of inconsistencies... We had to march to even get a trial. Then at trial, when he's exposed over and over again as a liar, he is acquitted. This is a sad day in the country. I think we clearly must move on to the next step, in terms of the federal government and in terms of the civil courts. This is a slap in the face to those who believe in justice.

Joy Reid: ... [the] community in Sanford is split along racial lines. White Sanford residents were by and large supporting George Zimmerman. In a lot of ways it's a Conservative community. Supporting George Zimmerman has become something of a matter of Conservative dogma. He raised 300k, that didn't come from no one.

There has been a sense of demoralization and depression [in Black Sanford] concerning this case from the very beginning. The notion that a young Black man's life really isn't worth much in America was tied up in this case. That notion that this boy just walking home was out of place just by being there, just by being dressed the way he was, his existence was almost illegal. Such that someone acting in the guise of a police officer, but with no authority by the law... could shoot and kill a young Black man and not be arrested. Be sent home.

I think that for a lot of African Americans in Sanford, this is going to double them down on their feelings on the Sanford police, about the system, about not mattering. This is a moment when the country sent the African American community a message: it's OK to shoot and kill one of your sons, because it really just doesn't matter that much.

My Commentary: Al Sharpton then mentions a civil suit that has been filed against George Zimmerman by the family of Trayvon Martin. I've heard, however, that the defense could ask the judge for "immunity which would protect him from a civil lawsuit".

He also mentions the possibility of bringing a civil rights violation charge. Honestly I don't see how that could be possible, as he was found not guilty and the prosecution specifically said that George didn't RACIALLY profile Trayvon, he CRIMINALLY profiled him. But, I suppose if they can go ahead with a wrongful death claim they could conceivably go ahead with a civil rights violation. I believe George racially profiled Trayvon.

Of course Conservatives were pre-complaining about this possibility. I ran into one of them on Lisa's blog. A faker calling himself George Zimmerman said "its disgraceful and scary that an innocent man can be railroaded like this with the help of our Government. It's very obvious that Eric Holder and maybe Obama himself is pulling the strings".

Clearly the "railroading" hasn't worked out that well so far. But GZ lived in a very conservative area. I heard the Rude Pundit refer to Sanford as a "Republican hellhole" on Stephanie Miller's radio program. So I guess 6 Conservative women let the killer of an unarmed Black youth walk? Nobody but the jurists can say for sure. Even they probably think they did the right thing. It certainly wasn't as if they decided it quickly (which could indicate they had their minds made up).

I certainly agree with Mr. Sharpton about this verdict setting a precedent. As far as Black people go, yes, I think armed conceal and carry license holders will feel freer to shoot when they feel "threatened". Just claim self defense and you'll get off, so why take the chance if a Black male "thug" is menacing you by walking in your general vicinity in a public area where he has every right to be?

But, in addition to that problem, what about people seeking to commit outright murder? Just shoot and claim Stand Your Ground. Dead men tell no tales, after all. Be sure to shoot your "assailant" dead and the only side of the story the police will ever hear is yours. A right to defend yourself becomes a license to kill. That is why previously people fearing for their lives always had an obligation to retreat first.

Conservatives are already going crazy and dancing their victory jigs. Hurray for the "right" of a gun toting vigilante to shoot dead a menacing Black male they find suspicious for daring to be somewhere the vigilante doesn't think he should be. I've gotten a few of these kind of comments on this blog already. The Left wanted to "lynch" an innocent Hispanic man, but the jury got it right, according to the "Elizabeth Says" commenter. No Elizabeth, the jury got it wrong. Zimmerman is at least guilty of manslaughter. And we (the Left) never advocated a "lynching", they simply wanted our justice system to do it's job instead of simply accepting Zimmerman's version of events and setting him free (which the police did the very night George shot and killed Trayvon).

And why use a word (lynching) that has such ugly racial connotations attached to it? It's because they're telling us they don't care that racism still exists in the world today. That is why they take this word and use it in a way that is so very inappropriate. Demanding justice is NOT a "lynching". They're laughing at us by using this word (making a joke of the United States history of horrific acts of vigilante murders against African Americans) and now they are rubbing our noses in it. That is their mindset. And it will prove to be very dangerous going forward. Some with this mindset will surely feel much freer to shoot and kill dangerous Black "thugs" in "self defense".

Not long after the verdict I received an email from World Net Daily. Just a by the numbers reporting of the verdict, but I'm sure many opinion commentaries declaring victory for an innocent man forced to defend himself by using lethal force against an unarmed teen will follow. Commentaries of that nature are necessary to pander to the kind of nuts that frequent these kinds of websites, as illustrated by the following comments I copied and pasted below...

A sampling of the comments from World Net Daily

debtom: Well, I wonder if Obama will have something to say about the son that could have been his own. I just can't wait for that racist to speak!

nnesa: Now the ghouls are ready to attack! The racists in the Black community are always ready to take advantage of any situation. Those jurors did their job which the media and all the political clowns never did.

markinla: Zimmerman's lawyers need to advise him to leave the country before the federal government convenes a kangaroo grand jury and indicts him on "civil rights" charges and has another show trial in Compton.

batzion: I, too, am worried that the Obamanation of Desolation & his toadie stooge, Holder, would conspire to create some sort of basis to persecute, er, um, PROSECUTE Zimmerman under federal law...

Donald B. Stetton: AMEN!!! Self-defense is still self-defense in this country. Though Obama's Progressive minions wish to rip this right away from us, Florida has proven that we still have the right to "stand our ground". Jesus allowed himself to be tortured and crucified... ...I'm not Jesus. Though I love and mirror Him, I have a family. Christians... what remains of REAL Americans; "stand your ground..."

It's the Blacks who are the "real racists", including our president who is out to get Zimmerman personally. And Jesus himself supports the rights of the "real American" White Christians to kill scary Black men. Is it just me or does anyone else think these people are mentally unbalanced?

Update 9/4/2014: This commentary attracted the attention of a racist Rightwinger who quotes (and ridicules) me extensively with a post on his blog from 7/15/2013... "Violent protests at result of Zimmerman trial" by Zucca-Xerfantes.

SWTD #180

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Message From The Land Of Nightmares (Part 1)

There are many who don't wish to sleep for fear of nightmares. Sadly, there are many who don't wish to wake for the same fear ~ Richelle E. Goodrich, author of Dandelions: The Disappearance of Annabelle Fancher.

My gut told me not to polish off the rest of the deep dish pizza with mushrooms, black olives and extra cheese, but it was just so tasty I couldn't resist. After gorging myself I brushed my teeth and retired to the bedroom. I placed my copy of the Hellraiser score CD (with music composed by Christopher Young) in my compact disc playing machine and pressed the play, then timer buttons. Finally I slipped under the covers and laid my head down on a fluffy pillow.

An indeterminate amount of time later I woke with a start. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I realized to my horror that some other-worldly presence had invaded my abode. There crouched on top of my reading armchair was a winged daemon. It's appearance was humanoid, but with a simian-like pronounced snout, pointed ears and a dog-like nose. In human-terms, it's body appeared very much like a gaunt but muscular young man. A pair of leathery wings protruded from the shoulder blades of his hairless alabaster hued body. With the exception of a loincloth he was completely bare.

"I am one of the many sibling of Morpheus, the master of the land of dreams" he intoned in a deep resonating voice. My name is not important. What is important...", the unnamed daemon breathed, turning to stare directly at me, " that I am here to offer a warning. You will not wake from your slumber until he who has arranged for your visit to his realm has been rebuked".

"I'm dreaming?" I guessed. The daemon answered "Yes, this is but the world of dreams, but the danger to your life here is very real. Or it will be, once you pass through the gateway". The daemon gestured with a clawed hand to a dark corner of my room, where I was surprised to see what appeared to be a mini black hole; a orb of swirling inky blackness that seemed to be literally sucking in the moonbeams that illuminated my sleeping chamber.

"What is that?" I managed to ask in a hoarse whisper. "It is a conduit to the Land of Nightmares", the unnamed daemon replied. "It is also your only way back to the waking realm. You must travel there and defeat he who is preventing you from waking or your slumber shall be eternal". "And who might that be", I naturally inquired. "That shall be revealed soon enough", the daemon growled while flapping his wings. "But now I must depart, for any longer and the fact that I am attempting to help you will be detected and held against me". Then the daemon rose into the air and flew out my open window.

"That's odd", I thought "I do not recall leaving that window open". Eyeing the black orb again I decided not to heed the daemon's advice and attempt to use it, if it were indeed a gateway to the land of nightmares. That was somewhere I decided I definitely did not want to go. I opened my bedroom door and walked down the hall toward the kitchen. "A midnight snack would hit the spot" I said out loud for no particular reason. Opening the fridge door I removed a platter containing a second deep dish pizza that was untouched. Selecting a slice and raising it to my mouth, I was horrified to find it was covered with squirming maggots.

"Gross!" I cried, so shocked I dropped the slice on the tiled floor. No need to clean that up, since this is only a dream. "I wonder what my neighbor is up to" I thought. So I sprinted down my driveway and across the street. Circling my neighbor's house I peeked in a bedroom window. A young woman was lying in her bed, sound asleep. "Can you hear me?" I asked, rapping on the window. Getting no response I tried again, this time very loudly pounding and yelling "Hello?". Just then I felt a wet nose touch my hand. Looking down I saw what I presumed was a neighborhood dog.

"You cannot stay here", the dog said. "Seriously, the longer you delay the higher the chance is you will be stuck in this in-between place for all eternity. The danger of that is great", the pooch counseled me. "So, you're saying I should use that black hole orb to travel to the land of nightmares... is that it?" I asked my new canine friend while scratching him under the chin. "Yes", the appreciative canine confirmed, his rear leg thumping involuntarily.

"Very well", I dejectedly agreed. We returned to my bed chamber where the orb was waiting. "Touch your hand to the orb and you will be transported", the talking canine instructed. "Will you accompany me?", I implored, desperate for some help, or at least some companionship. "Hell no", the dog barked, the fur on his neck bristling. "I understand", I said. Scratching the canine behind the ear and patting him on the head I hesitantly raised my hand and touched my palm to the atramentous sphere.

Suddenly I felt my body being drawn into the black hole. Time and space bent, and, after emerging on the other side, I found myself engulfed in ebony darkness, unable to see my hand in front of my face. "Now what" I said out loud as the black hole closed with a sucking noise behind me. I took a few tentative steps forward, feeling the rocky and uneven terrain beneath my feet. Thinking I heard something, I stopped. A noise that was clearly breathing. "Who's there?" I asked.

A raspy voice replied. "There is a door approximately ten paces in front of you". The unseen entity instructed me to move toward it. Afraid, I yelled a warning. "I have a weapon!" I fumbled in my jacket pocket for my taser (a jacket I had fortunately thought to don before touching the black orb). It was an item I made sure was close at hand at all times. Given the fact that I was almost abducted and possibly murdered not that long ago in a restaurant parking lot.

SWTD #179, MES #3.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Banned From 3 Blogs As Of Today. Should I Try To Increase My Tally?

I did write a letter to the archdiocese who'd banned the song, Only the Good Die Young, asking them to ban my next record ~ Billy Joel (dob 5/9/1949) one of the greatest rock & roll singer/song writers to ever live (IMO). Joel was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame (1992), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1999), and the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (2006).

Lisa, the proprietor of the blog Who's Your Daddy is the latest individual to ban me from their blog. The situation arose when I encountered Lisa on Flying Junior's blog Dog Report. Encountering her there reminded me of all the comments she left on Sue's blog. Comments disagreeing with what Sue or a commenter wrote. Comments that generally had to do with Barack Obama and progressivism being bad, which makes sense seeing as Lisa is a Conservative. She was incredibly tenacious about it. Sue deleted a large number of her comments, but Lisa kept at it.

To my knowledge Sue never said Lisa was banned. Currently Sue is on a hiatus from blogging (apparently) and has not posted anything for awhile. So Lisa isn't able to pester her or her readers. I think she would if she could; it's just that Sue's blog isn't currently getting any traffic so she does not bother.

I bring this up because, after reading Lisa's comment on Flying Junior's blog, I decided to pay her a visit. I commented on a few posts and, as expected, Lisa's readers didn't like what I had to say. There was a small amount of rational discussion (very small), but mostly insults and name-calling. THEN someone brought up the George Zimmerman trial. That is when the racially biased comments began to fly fast and furious.

Radical Redneck declared that, "Michele Obama will walk on her hind legs before George Zimmerman gets convicted of anything". Then he calls President Obama a "sasquatch" and Michelle Obama "Moochie" and the "First Wookie". A dummy who calls himself My Conservative Thoughts said "Blacks use the N-word to bully whites [by telling them] we can say it but you better never". Although only one person uses the N-word (spells it out). OneSlickRacer asks "Why do black people hate white people?" before referring to how many N-words are in prison. Gee I wonder why some Black people hate White people. The clueless OneSlickRacist has no idea.

During the time this was going on over 50 comments of a vile hate-filled nature were posted... and Lisa said nothing. Maybe she simply had not checked in. People do have lives outside of blogging... but I think she was stumped regarding how she should respond. To her credit she didn't join in with any racially tinged insults of her own... but what did she say when she did finally post a comment? She said this...

Lisa: Now you are banned from my blog, so don't come back here again. Here's why. You're a liberal freakin nut job, just like your idiotic friends, Sue, Flying Jr, Critter Crapper, Shaw, and the rest of those blowhards. All of you are full of hate, and crap. I don't want to see your stupid name popping up here anymore! Get It? (7/6/2013).

I think Lisa didn't want to offend her regular readers, so instead of saying a damn thing that might cause some of these degenerate cretins to storm out in protest, she says I'M "full of hate", instead of her readers (many of whom this observation actually applies to). This, in my opinion, amounts to an implicit approval. Flying Junior says "Lisa is a nice person. I have never seen her say anything hurtful or evil". Hmm. While I am very appreciative that FJ takes the time to comment on many of my posts, I must disagree with him regarding Lisa. I'm fine with us agreeing to disagree, although FJ might want to reconsider his warm feelings toward Lisa given that she included him in the list of names of my "idiotic friends".

While I wasn't hurt by Lisa's words, I don't think she meant them to be complimentary. According to a Conservative blogger who calls himself Rusty Shackelford I'm getting banned from "blog after blog" because of my "silly made up rantings". For the record, thus far I have been banned from four THREE blogs. This includes the 7/6/2013 ban from the coward Lisa. Lisa may very well have banned me anyway (if the George Zimmerman trial had never come up), but the way this played out I say the reason she banned me was because she was too gutless to say anything that might offend her readers.

I can understand why should wouldn't want to lose readers. I don't have many of them; but I wouldn't decline to rebuke a racist comment to keep a reader. My blog is where I speak my mind and espouse my beliefs. No pandering. No implicit approval by way of silence of comments that are offensive. If I lose readers by speaking my mind then so be it. That view being contingent on the supposition that Lisa was not in complete (or semi) agreement with her readers regarding the racist thoughts they articulated on her website. If she isn't a hateful person like FJ believes.

It appears as though she isn't, but who can say for certain given her refusal to address what was said on her blog? Now, like I said, only one of Lisa's loyal following actually spelled out the N-word. That did not hold true on my blog, where someone posted the comment "The only good N-word is..." (spelled out). First this comment was made by someone anonymously, then by someone calling himself The Way I See It. He does not "follow" Lisa (according to his profile) but I suspect he came to my blog via Lisa's blog. Many of Lisa's readers did comment on my blog (in reply to my commentary on George Zimmerman), and from what many said it wasn't hard to deduce that a lot of them have some serious racial biases.

Bottom line, I did not expect my time at Lisa's blog to last long. Rusty believes that reflects badly on me, but I say it reflects badly on the person doing the banning. Because I never go to any of these blogs and TRY to get banned. I just speak (or type) my mind. Which brings me to the other blogs I've been banned from. The first was Willis Hart on 8/30/2012. At this point in time (the day he banned me on), I had been posting on his blog for several years. But the day came when he had had enough. A number of factors are to blame (read this post if you want the details), but I think him moving toward Libertarianism was a big factor.

Next was Dennis Marks (AKA dmarks). Dennis banned me after one disagreeable comment in which I called him a "gun nut". He lies and says I swore... among other ridiculous and untrue accusations (the full story beind that ban can be found here). In addition to the lying, Dennis is commenting on various blogs that he'd "forgive me" if I apologized. He truly is one deluded (and possibly mentally ill) individual if he really thinks there is even a slim possibility of that happening.

The next banning was by an individual with the ironic moniker of rAtional nAtion uSA (AKA "Lester Nation"). According to Lester, he publishes "comments with substance" and that "is determined solely by [him]". There is the rub. Obviously my opinion of what constitutes "substance" is going to be different than Lester's. But this rule apparently does not apply to Dennis (he comments on Lester's blog). Dennis frequently goes off-topic and engages in personal attacks (also against the rules according to Lester). And his posts frequently lack substance (IMO).

But it looks like Lester has reconsidered and I am not banned from rAtional nAtion uSA. I thought I was, after I submitted a comment and Lester refused to publish it. I commented on another blog (Progressive Eruptions) and referred to my banning in that comment. I know Lester saw it, and he did not refute my assertion that he had banned me. But recently the rAtional oNe said "you are on probation. Make the most of it".

I am a little disappointed. Now I have to resume commenting on Lester's blog just to see if; or how long it takes before he bans me and the ban sticks. I assume it is only a matter of time. I actually asked Rusty to ban me from his blog, but so far no response to my request. But if he complies I don't know if I could, in good conscience, add him to my tally. What with his blog being so pathetic, me not wanting to actually comment there (given that his only post is from several years ago), and me requesting the ban.

So, I am currently banned from three blogs as of today... as far as I know. My "probation" at Lester's site may be over already, as I just submitted two comments to his blog. One in which I agreed with Jersey McJones when he told the truth about Ronald Reagan. Jersey said Reagan was "the man who began the dismantling of America", Lester replied by saying that Jersey is "without a doubt a buffoonish character", and that he would have declined to publish Jersey's comment if he didn't found it so "entertaining" (due to Jersey's buffoonery, I imagine).

Wait, I just checked and see Lester published my agreement, as well as another comment where I disagree with Dennis. Surely I must be close to being banned? Perhaps with these two comments I will get another stern warning? We shall see.

SWTD #178, lDel #1.