Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clueless Conservatives Defend Paula Deen When They Don't Know The Whole Story

It is her blind loyalty to these cretins, people who, by Deen's admission, regularly spout racist shit now (not in the past) and are, at best, drunk, redneck shitheels who think their proximity to Deen makes them special ~ The Rude Pundit (Lee Papa) describes the source of Paula Deen's problems in his 6/28/2013 article, "A Defense of Paula Deen Followed By a Condemnation".

Mean Liberals are bashing Paula Deen because she used the N-word 30 years ago. But Deen is over 60 years old and from a different generation when the use of that word was more widespread. Plus she said it to a bank robber who held a gun to her head when she worked as a teller. The scary ni**er had it coming due to his behavior. Certainly Deen cannot be blamed. But the dastardly Liberals don't care about reasonable excuses; instead, smelling blood in the water, they go on the attack, determined to destroy this poor woman so they can lay the tattered carcass of her career on their alter of political correctness.

But that isn't the whole story. In fact it's just a teeny tiny fragment of the entire ugly chronicle. Why the media decided to focus almost exclusively on a 30-year-ago uttered epithet is beyond me. Must have something to do with the country being comprised of far too many morons who wouldn't be able to follow anything overly complicated. Certainly these Conservatives who beat their chests and cry about the injustice being visited upon poor Paula fit that bill.

So what is the whole story? Well, that N-word fragment came from somewhere. Where it came from is a deposition Mrs. Deen gave in regards to a lawsuit filed by a former employee. It is in that lawsuit that many worse things are alleged. Also, it is in the deposition that Deen confirms many of the allegations. Either outright or in a round about way by minimizing what happened (I'll get to that in a bit).

First let me ask, does Paula Deen have racial biases? Yes, but they are not responsible for her downfall. That 30 year old N-word is nothing compared to what she has tolerated and allowed from others in her inner circle. Most of the blame for Paula's downfall can be laid at the feet of her buffoonish brother Earl "Bubba" Hiers. Much of Paula's troubles can be attributed to Hiers and the restaurant Uncle Bubba's Oyster House. Paula Deen already had a restaurant named Lady & Sons (Deen is "Lady" and the "Sons" are her sons Jamie and Bobby). Uncle Bubba's came about because Bubba "wanted a restaurant of his own".

Uncle Bubba's was started by Paula, her brother, and a third individual named Karl Schumacher in Savannah GA (also the location of Lady & Sons). Paula (who has multiple companies in addition to Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba's) provided the money and Bubba ran the business... poorly. I read the entire Deen lawsuit as filed by former employee Lisa T Jackson, as well as the Paula Deen deposition, and it is my conclusion that Deen is guilty as charged.

Lisa T. Jackson worked at both Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba's as a manager. In her lawsuit she says Paula Deen and Bubba Hiers "committed numerous acts of violence, discrimination and racism that resulted in the end of her five-year tenure at Deen's Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba's Oyster House eateries in Savannah".

The reason I say Deen is guilty is because during the deposition she admits to a number of the allegations in the lawsuit. What she doesn't outright admit she downplays (confirming they happened). Trust me, she hangs herself in it. Although she seems to be largely oblivious of that fact. She is also oblivious to the fact that her brother's poor management of Uncle Bubba's is why she is where she is today. That she used the N-word 30 years ago came out thanks to the deposition. If not for the bad managing by Bubba there would be no lawsuit, no deposition, no revelation of Deen using the N-word and (finally), no mass exodus of companies who previously were eager to do business with her and pay her lots of money.

But Deen does not see it that way. Although multiple people told her that Bubba Hiers was the problem she did not believe it. Karl Schumacher brought Lisa's (and his own) concerns to Paula. Paula concluded that Karl's warnings concerning Bubba were due to jealously and resentment. Karl was trying to sabotage Bubba because when the Oyster House was started Paula and Bubba decided that Karl (although he was a significant contributor) should not receive a share of the business (given stock and be a part owner).

Sabotaging Bubba is the motivation Paula (apparently) attributes to anyone who has anything bad to say about her brother. When it was decided that the management consultant firm MackWorks should be hired to do an audit of management practices (in both restaurants) they concluded that Bubba was the "source of their problems" and they advised that Bubba should be relieved of his operational influence.

But Paula didn't believe Tonya Mack and David Beroset (of MackWorks) and said they were gullible and unreliable for believing the lies of Karl Schumacher and Lisa Jackson. BTW, MackWorks interviewed Deen's employees and they said Lisa Jackson was a hard worker and expected everyone else to do the same. But Paula thinks Lisa exaggerated, lied, and was very judgmental about "men being men" and jokes that may have been told.

When asked by Bill Franklin (lawyer representing the plaintiff) if she ever considered that MackWorks might be right about Bubba, she says yes, but that he isn't as bad as they were trying to make out. According to Deen she knows her brother better than that. Despite the fact that she hadn't been in the restaurant in nearly five years.

MackWorks might be surprised to hear that Paula wasn't satisfied with their work, due to the fact that Deen authored a testimonial (posted to the MackWorks website) that said MackWorks has a "sterling reputation that continues to shine". It wasn't until the deposition that Paula changed her mind and decided they were gullible and unreliable. Huh. Maybe Paula lied? Maybe she isn't quite THAT oblivious and knows that she should have put a stop to what was going on at Uncle Bubba's a long time ago (but of course it is too late now)? Maybe.

If you ask me who I believe, Paula and her brother Bubba Hiers or Lisa Jackson, I say Paula Deen is the dishonest one an oblivious rationalizer (I believe Lisa Jackson). So why did she tell the truth about using the N-word in the deposition? Because she didn't think it was a big deal. She said "of course". She thought she had a good excuse, as she said it about a man that had a gun to her head during a bank robbery. But why didn't she say "yes, but..." and then insert her explanation? Why did she say "of course"?

She said "of course" because racial insensitivity is no big deal in Paula's eyes. And that racial insensitivity (as well as sexual harassment) is not a big deal to Deen is why she paid no heed to Lisa Jackson's or Karl Schumacher's complaints about what was going on at Uncle Bubba's. Also because she was willfully blind to the bad behavior of her brother. She even admits that Bubba stole money from the corporation that owns the Oyster Shack and that the theft was covered up by giving Bubba a raise and saying the money he stole was a part of the raise. Paula rationalizes the theft by saying Bubba getting a raise was long overdue.

The foolish Paula Deen is getting her just deserts in my opinion. She was warned by people close to her; Karl Schumacher worked with her for over 22 years and, in return for him warning her that her brother was running the business badly, she says terrible things about him (that relationship must be destroyed). And she disregards the advice of a professional consulting firm who specifically told her that Bubba was the problem. So, no, I have no sympathy for her.

This is the real story. The whole story. But the media chooses to focus on a small portion of it. Do you really think Paula Deen saying the N-word 30 years ago is why the Food Network and all her other sponsors dropped her? I strongly suspect the reason everyone is abandoning Deen is because they realize that she is going to lose the lawsuit. After that happens the public will be talking about her again, and these companies are getting out of their relationships with Deen NOW, before the manure really hits the fan.

(By the way, Karl Schumacher isn't one of the "good guys" in this saga. He is named in Lisa Jackson's lawsuit as being a part of the problem. After Lisa took over as manager and turned around the previously money-losing restaurant Karl referred to Lisa as "almost Jewish". Karl denied Lisa a bonus she was due because she got a divorce, which Karl viewed as a sin. He also said "women are stupid because they think they can work and have babies and get everything done". Karl is one of the "redneck shitheels who think their proximity to Deen makes them special" that Paula Deen allowed to sexually and racially harass her employees. Paula was hardly ever there but she was warned many times.)

My Notes From The Paula Deen Deposition.

This is the videotape deposition of Paula Deen taken by counsel for the plaintiff in the matter of Lisa T. Jackson vs. Paula Deen, et. al., held in the offices of Oliver Maner located at 218 West State Street on May 17, 2013.

  1. Bubba has a drinking problem, including drinking on the job.
  2. Bubba told racist, sexist and sexually explicit jokes at work. Paula says she was unaware.
  3. Bubba viewed pornography at work on his office computer and also on the kitchen computer. Paula says she was unaware.
  4. Bubba invited female employees into his office to view pornography on his computer. Paula says she was unaware and also does not believe Bubba would do that.
  5. Paula says that if someone sent something pornographic to Bubba's computer and he "pulled it up and looked at it" she "wouldn't persecute him". [Admission].
  6. Bubba printed out sexual explicit jokes he found on the internet and read them to people. Paula says she can't imagine he would do that.
  7. Paula, when asked if any of the behavior described above would be OK since it was Bubba's business, says it would depend on the situation. According to Paula this is "just men being men". [Admission].
  8. Bubba showed pornography at a meeting as a "joke". Paula says she heard it was actually Lisa who did this. [Not believable].
  9. Bubba showed pornography to subordinates. Paula says Bubba didn't show the porno to anyone but that employees (without Bubba's permission) looked at his computer and that is how they saw the porno. [Not believable also an admission that she knew about it].
  10. Bubba told a female employee who had just gotten dentures "I bet your husband is going to like that". (An oral sex joke?) When asked if she thought that would be funny Paula said it depends on your comfort level with the person you're telling the "joke" to. She didn't deny the joke was made.
  11. Bubba told employee Lindsay McCoy to keep the front "light" when hiring. Paula says she was unaware.
  12. Bubba stole up to 26k a month from the restaurant receipts. The stealing was covered up by giving Bubba a raise and saying the money he stole was included in that. Paula admits this to be true but says the raise was long overdue. [An admission that Deen covers for the bad behavior of her brother].
  13. PDE loaned money to Uncle Bubba's to keep it afloat. It was losing money until Lisa Jackson took over as manager. Then it started making money despite what Bubba stole. But the restaurant still owed PDE 300k.
  14. Bubba shook Mr. Frazier (AKA "Big Will", an African American employee) and said "vile things" to him. Paula says Lisa told on Bubba to Karl Schumacher but Paula didn't believe Lisa's version of events. Bubba says he was "shocked" by the allegations.
  15. Paula is sure people in her household have told jokes that included the N-word. Not her though, because Deen does not tell jokes.
  16. Paula does not consider racial jokes to be a problem, so long as they are not mean. [Admission].
  17. Paula does not consider telling a joke with a "sexual component" to be harassment. Only coming on to someone qualifies as sexual harassment. [Admission].
  18. Paula says verbally abusing someone because of their race might be harassment; she isn't sure. [Admission].
  19. Paula told Bubba to fire a male hostess who was sleeping with an underage server. Paula said, "if you think I've worked this hard to lose everything because of a piece of pussy, you better think again". Paula admits she said this.
  20. When Paula decided to hire Lisa she said she was "putting a woman in a man's job". She decided to do this because of the problem with the prior hostess who slept with the underage server.
  21. The use of the N-word in a joke is OK depending on context. Most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks and Black folks. Paula can't be blamed because she didn't make them up. [Admission].
  22. Paula discussed the kind of wedding she wanted for her brother. She said she wanted a true Southern plantation style wedding. When asked if that could be achieved using a wait staff comprised of servers of differing races Paula said no. According to the lawsuit Paula said she wanted "a bunch of little ni**ers... to tap dance around". Paula denies using the N-word because she wouldn't use that word to describe professional Black men. Paula said they didn't go ahead with this plan because it would be misinterpreted.
  23. The consulting firm MackWorks, hired by PDE concluded that Lisa Jackson was the victim of discrimination sufficient to give her cause to file an EEOC. [Admission].
  24. Uncle Bubba's restaurant was identified by MackWorks as the "source of their problems" at PDE. They advised that Bubba should be relieved of his operational influence. [An admission she was warned but did nothing].
  25. MackWorks interviewed employees and they said Lisa Jackson was a hard worker and expected everyone else to do the same.
  26. The owners of Mackworks were gullible for believing the lies of Karl Schumacher Lisa Jackson. [Not believable].
  27. Mackworks was unreliable because they identified Bubba as the source of all the problems at the restaurant. [Not believable].
  28. Karl Schumacher lied and tried to sabotage Bubba due to jealousy and resentment that he wasn't given a share in the restaurant. Karl was also very judgmental.
  29. Paula says Karl is bigoted toward gay people. He sent Paula emails that contained these thoughts but Paula didn't respond to them.
  30. Karl is judgmental concerning the drinking, swearing and gambling of others. It's his job to be judge and jury.
  31. Lisa Jackson exaggerated, lied, and was very judgmental about "men being men" and jokes that may have been told. [Admission that sexual harassment took place].
  32. Lisa Jackson blew everything out of proportion. Paula didn't realize how "extremely good at it" Lisa was until she left. When asked if she can give any examples of Lisa blowing things out of proportion Paula says no. [Not believable].

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  1. I know as much about this as YOU do and she was. Thrown under the bus by a bunch of liberal ass hats who are dead set on making white people targets to satisfy the black race pimps of America. Period.

  2. Well stated, DS. You won't find many conservatives condemning Deen, as the above comment attests to. I am the only one I have encountered, so far.

    1. Sorry Dmarks old boy, I'm on Paula side.

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  4. They are taking bets in Las Vegas when he will be fired.


  5. Personally I always found Paula Deen a bit annoying....that being said I feel she was railroaded.

    At noon this Friday every American who has ever said the N-word must raise their hand.

  6. Annoying or not she was treated to harshly. They may as well just stoned her in a public forum.
    After all she offended the black community., and you can't do that!

  7. Rusty is one of the clueless Conservatives I refer to in the title of my post. Paula Deen wasn't "railroaded". She has one one to blame but herself for ignoring and rationalizing her brother's bad behavior.

    Darth is also clueless. I bet he read none of my post. He thinks the only thing at issue is Paula using the N-word 30 years ago. That, or he finds nothing Bubba Hiers did objectionable. Bubba Hiers is a dishonest foul-mouthed violent alcoholic porn-addicted misogynistic racist sexual harassing buffoon, and if Rusty and Darth find absolutely nothing he did (and is probably still doing) objectionable then I say they probably have a LOT in common with him.

  8. Hey screw-ball. Pardon me but I was under the impression we were talking about Paula Deen. Not bubba Hitler or Bubba Clinton or RN or anyone else.
    You friggen Libs are against any white person who MAY offend a Black.

    News Flash Hittler, this is America and we still have Free Speech here, no matter what Heir Obama says

  9. Is seems like in your eyes everyone is "clue-less" except you. I think that you are the one who is clueless.

  10. Darth Bacon: Pardon me but I was under the impression we were talking about Paula Deen. Not bubba Hitler...

    Well, that is where you went wrong. My post concerned how Paula Deen got herself into a mess of her own making. Her Brother Bubba Hiers (not Hitler) was a BIG part of that. Seeing as you did not read my post I suppose your mistake is understandable, but then you give me a "news flash" based on your uninformed opinion... that might be free speech, but it's free speech that makes you look stupid.

    By all means, continue on with your "free speech" if making yourself look like an idiot is your goal. Neither me nor "Heir Obama" ever said Darth Bacon was not free to make a fool of himself.

    Anonymous: It seems like in your eyes everyone is "clue-less" except you. I think that you are the one who is clueless.

    It only seems that way to people who didn't read my post. Those who did not read are easy to spot because they keep talking about the N-word Paula Deen uttered 30 years ago. In my post I point out that the issue is MUCH larger than that. If you think the other stuff was acceptable then say so. BTW, Paula admits a lot of it, so you can't say it's all lies. But if you only mention the N-word Paula admitted to using 30 years ago? Then, yes, you're clueless.

  11. Read your post. Conclusively it points to your own state of cluelessness.

  12. Anonymous: Read your post. Conclusively it points to your own state of cluelessness.

    If you think I'm clueless after reading my post it must be because you don't have a a problem with anything the racist and sexist brother of Paula Deen did (the reason Paula is being sued). That being the case, please let me know what your defense of Mr. Hiers is. I'd really like to know why you think misogyny and racism is OK or somehow excusable.

  13. So according to Free Thinker, we have TWO Hitlers. Shaw and RN.

  14. I don't think that Free Stinke is welcome at Shaw's place anymore.
    Ain't karma a bitch!

  15. Free Thinke has not been banned from my blog. He has chosen not to participate there anymore because he was offended by what other people, mostly magazine and newspaper writers, said about the Zimmerman trial. He mistook their opinions for my own personal ones, and he went a bit bonkers.

    That ties into what DS is pointing out here. People apparently didn't read DS's post closely, so they gave an opinion based on what they thought the post was about, not what it was actually about. So their opinion is irrelevant to what DS wrote.

    Free Thinke compared me to Hitler, Torquemada, and Savanarola because I reprinted other people's opinions on the trial.

    DS, I never watched Deen except for one or two of her cooking programs and never went back because her recipes were filled with fat, sugar, and salt. Not my style.

    After reading your post, one can see why people dropped her like a hot over-buttered and sour-creamed potato.

    1. I would tent to think that Free Thinke was more correct then he realized .

    2. So, Anon, were you out camping when you thought that?

  16. I personally think that FT was right, you are sort of a Bitler, no wonder FT don't wish to deal y with your horseShit any more.

    1. Dear Anon,

      Try learning to write in the English language; that's what literate people do. Otherwise we'll have to take your crayons away.

  17. Shaw a Hitler? Shocking! NOT!

  18. Shaw, clearly these Conservatives write one comment on the subject, then go around and post it on many Liberal blogs. They never read much beyond the title. If the title matches what they're talking about in their comment... they submit it. If it does not apply exactly to the blog post they are submitting it in response to... so what?

    An "Anon" above says he read my post but I think he lies. Darth Bacon clearly did not read beyond the title. He is confused by my reference (in a comment, not the post) to "Bubba Hitler", but I discuss Paula's brother Bubba Hiers at length in my post.

    If FreeThinke is gone I say Shaw's blog is the better for it. I never read most of what he wrote.

    1. I agree Shaw's blog went down hill with FT's stupid pomes, and opinions.
      Good riddance .

      His true colors have been exposed.

    2. The funny thing is that he thought his stupid poems were so wonderful. Problem was that he was the only one who thought so.

  19. Paula Deen made that comment. 30 years ago, that was back when Shaw was only 50.

  20. SO, RN. Said" your full of Shit". He may be right!

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  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Ken and "Gordon's View": I have deleted your comments due to them being wildly off topic (as per my comment rules stated below). You are responding to the wrong thread. This post is about Paula Deen. I have a post about George Zimmerman (which is where these comments should have gone). You are welcome to republish them in the correct thread if you wish. I'm sure you have them saved. If not, I'm sure you can copy them from any one of the multiple blogs you've published them on.

    This is further proof that people simply are not paying attention. Not only are they now not reading the body of the post, they aren't even reading the title of the post! This makes me wonder why I should allow these people to comment at all. Why shouldn't I just delete your comments given that you haven't read my post and won't read my any reply I might publish in response to your comment?


  24. Col.Sander's.....the folks over at Will's said you are a pathological liar.Is that true? If not are you going to take that insult without comment?

  25. Rusty: Sanders, the folks over at Will's said you are a pathological liar. Is that true?

    I posted a comment then deleted it because I didn't know what Rusty was referring to at first. I didn't see the comment on Will's blog because I forgot to take into account how many times per day he posts. But I found it after much scrolling down. Rusty is talking about a comment made by RN. Will also said I am a liar but he did not use the word "pathological". The "folks" aren't saying "pathological". So, no, it isn't true. Rusty is lying.

    RN's lies are pathological, in that I think he truly believes them. He is bent out of shape due to anonymous commenters on this blog bringing an antisemitic comment from RN on RN's blog to my attention. RN tried to defend himself with the following...

    RN: I need not deny or defend my comments. Anyone who can read, and has the ability to comprehend the comments in the context in which they were meant understands then. They also know I am not I anti Semite or a racist of any type or kind.

    I can read and I can comprehend. But there is no "context" that makes RN's comment acceptable. But this kind of lying is a trademark of the looney tune Libertarian/Objectivist. It is really quite comical that RN comes here and calls his detractors "dickless", "dickless wonder", "dickless slime" and "lying POS" given the awfullness of his comment and laughable claim that "context" somehow makes what he said OK. RN calling me a liar is not an accusation that comes with any credibility.


  26. Comments pertaining to DS/WD that make one say hmmmmm.....

    "WD is an arrogant armchair attorney with a law degree written in crayon by himself."

    "of course a person who only listens to MSNBC,Thom Hartman and The Daily Kos would be far more susceptable to race hucksters like Sharpton & Harris-Perry."

    "the just verdict proves WD a liar."

    "WD is a pathalogical liar."

    Interesting...very interesting....

    1. I saw the comments Rusty. They have nothing to do with Paula Deen, the subject of this post. Rusty is close to being deleted again (if he comments again what he writes might disappear).

      Only one of the comments Rusty copied over from Will Hart's blog is even mildly interesting. The first is by Mr. Dennis Marks and is an insult he has hurled before. Not interesting. The second is interesting in that it illustrates what a bigot Mr. Hart is. Until now I didn't know how deeply racist he was. The 3rd by Dennis again isn't interesting. A differing opinion does not make someone a liar. The last one by RN... I've already addressed it.


  27. Col.Sanders has a problem handling the heat...similar to being in the kitchen with Paula Deen.Why do widely respected blogger's like Will,RN and dmarks comments hit so close to home with WD? Why would he want to delete Rusty? Pretty similar to how the liberal media treated Paula Deen.

    Old Rusty just pointed out what a few widely read bloggers had to say and WD wants to limit the conversation...like Pravda would have done in socialist Russia.

    I guess it just points to WD's socialist leanings,he would block any converstaion that may be adverse to his beliefs.

  28. Look at the comments... Everyone can clearly see I am not blocking any conversation that may be adverse to my beliefs. Will, RN and dmarks are not "widely respected". That is total bullcrap. RN in particular is disliked by many. Rusty needs to buy a clue.


  29. No WD,these widely read and respected bloggers know what you are...they have watched you the past years and know you are full of shit.Dont try to belittle them,they are respected,where you are viewed as a fool.

  30. Rusty the fool is very content to remain clueless. No surprise. This line of discussion is now closed. Further comments from Rusty that are more of the same as his last comment will be deleted.

    1. Feeling the rush of control/authority are you?

  31. Anonymous: Feeling the rush of control/authority are you?

    Rusty posting anonymously to make it look like he has some support? It would not surprise me in the least. Let me guess, this "anonymous" guy agrees that Will Hart, dmarks, and Rational National are "widely read and respected"? He just didn't say so because that would have been too obvious.

  32. I support, and agree with every thing that Rusty said, and further I think that you have lost all your marbles

    Spice Girl

  33. Rusty posting as an Anon agrees with himself. Big whup. What's with the "spice girl" outro though? You're a fan Rusty?

    1. Fuck you where you breath

    2. Yes, this definitely looks like a Rusty comment. It sounds very similar to this bizarre comment from his blog...

      Rusty: WD will come fowared in order to
      choke the breath out of adam.
      [8 blank lines]

      Is Rusty off his meds again?

  34. What happens when you put 2 Scumbags. Like Shaw and RN together.

    You get a double dose of Bullshit

  35. 2ndDivisionVet7/26/2013 5:52 PM

    You're well beyond help or pity sweetie.,

  36. I don’t know about any of you folks here, but I sure know that I am sick as hell from hearing all that BULLSHIT form Blacks, African Americans, Negroes, or whatever they want to be called these days. Anyone who says I owe them an apology can kiss my white ass. My Great Grandfather was part of the 1st Minnesota at Gettysburg where they had 98% battle casualties, and held off 3 full armies as a regiment sized unit. And he didn’t own any slaves, nor did anyone else in my familily or for that fact not did anyone else in this country for the past 200 years. So don't tell me I owe you shit.

    Oh and it's not my fault that Africans sold off family members into slavery, a lot like a lot of countries are doing to their daughters and sons now, EXCEPT, they're being sold into Human Trafficking. Yes, thought it’s evry sad, very very sad, it was not my fault and frankly I don’t give a shit. I’m sick as hell over the unfair firing of Paula Deen, And all the Bullshit that has followed it and the unfair things that have been done to her since. Paula Deen has been targeted by the same people who di the exact same thing to Whits as what they say she has done to blacks. if not all of our large cities today. She was fired by the Food Network for admitting to using the word Nigger.

    But these same people who are going after Paula Deen would slobber all over themselves in telling you how Tupac was such a poet. Hell they are studying his lyrics in Universities in California. Why don't we say what is really going on here, there is a war against the White Race, and I promise you that these races that are replacing the White Race will not be as kind to White People as White People have been to them.
    It’s time to live in the NOW and not in the past. We will never have a constructive conversation on race in America until Blacks choose to give up their victimhood and take responsibility for their own self made problems. They have had every opportunity to pull themselves up as a people over the last 50 yrs. They have been given more opportunities than Whites or any other race has been given in the past 25 or so years. Few have taken advantage and even less have given up on their self destructive excuses for not succeeding at an even higher rate. They seem bent on self destruction and they are tearing America down in the process. WE need to stand up to their threats..and STOP taking care of them every time they make a threat to riot or boycott

  37. So to my fellow bloggers read your fucking history.
    I don’t give a Rats Ass what the PROGRESSIVES - SOCIALISTS - COMMUNISTS - LEFT-WING RADICALS , say! They want people to be offended, stir up a bunch of race talk all over the radio dials, the TV, and the News papers, and take everyone's attention away from the biggest presidential scandals in modern history. Plus, they wouldn’t know a fact if it hit them in the face.
    Political correctness has gone mad in this country. It wasn't too many years ago that every other word out of Richard Pryor's mouth was a vulgarity about race. No one really cared. Well, except for the morons who wanted to personalize it rather than accept it as humor. I don't know Paula Deen from a hole in the wall but I know that she is being treating unfairly, and if the shoe was on the other foot things would be very different.

    It would be interesting to hear what Food Network executives have uttered in their lifetimes. You know, the ones who fired her. Or, the person who worked there for five years and then decided to file a lawsuit after being "abused" for so long. Ahem. How often has that person used racial slurs? Has she been deposed of this question? People should be forgiven for their small-minded words and encouraged to grow from those perceptions. I'm not taking Paul Deen's side, but I have never seen her as anything other than a heartfelt, caring person.
    Far more damage has been done by black rappers and entertainers who used the infamous "n-word" to create a "racial" identity for too many of their foolish young people to follow. Ten million Paula Deens could not do nearly as much damage to that "race" as they did.
    Oh and one more thing, Al and Jesse, just love this type of shit, they want a race war. Couple of false prophets and puppets to Satan.

    FYI-I'm a Veteran, Red, White, and Blue. I have paid my dues and I believe in calling it like it is. And I don’t need any of this crap in my life,

  38. Paula Deen may have used the dreaded N word (30years ago).
    But Hillary Clinton said" dirty Jew Bastard" about 10 years Ago.

    Don't believe it? Lookit up in google.

    1. No, I don't believe that Hillary said that. I looked it up using Google and found that this is "a charge raised in the book State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton by Jerry Oppenheimer, a former reporter for the National Enquirer" that Hillary DENIES.

      In defending herself, Hillary says "I have never said anything like that, ever", and that "I have in the past certainly, you know maybe, called somebody a name. But I have never used an ethnic, racial, anti-Semitic, bigoted, discriminatory, prejudiced, accusation against anybody".

      Anon refers to unproven hearsay while Paula herself confirms using the N-word. Not that I care. It's all the other stuff she said (and allowed to be said at the business she owned with her brother) that is a LOT more objectionable (a lot of which Paula confirms). Anon needs to buy a clue.


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