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Zimmerman Precedent Will Surely Be Used To Justify Future Murders

The "Stand Your Ground" legislation was sponsored by Florida state Representative Dennis Baxley and state Senator Durell Peadon, both Republican allies of Jeb Bush. The governor quickly signed the measure into law — despite explicit and repeated warnings that this law would encourage shootings of innocents like Trayvon Martin. And despite explicit and repeated warnings that people of color and young people would be unreasonably and disproportionately harmed by the law ~ John Nichols (dob 2/3/1959) writing for The Nation in a 3/21/2012 article, How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National.

My heart sank when I heard the verdict. George Zimmerman, the man who shot dead an unarmed teenager after profiling and stalking him, has been declared "not guilty". This is, in my strong opinion, a miscarriage of justice. Just prior to the reading of the verdict I heard there were questions regarding the manslaughter charge, so I was hopeful that at least Zimmerman would be convicted of the lesser charge.

MSNBC was the channel I had on during time leading up to the reading of the verdict. I stayed tuned following the pronouncement of "not guilty". Below I have transcribed some of the commentary from the MSNBC coverage following the 7/13/2013 reading of the verdict; a discussion I have edited for brevity and clarity...

Chris Jansing: The Reverand Al Sharpton joins us now. Your reaction?

[Camera stays on a smiling George Zimmerman as Al Sharpton speaks. Smiling because he just got away with murder, IMO.]

Al Sharpton: Well, I think this is an atrocity. I think it is probably one of the worst situations that I've seen. What this jury has done is establish a precedent that if you are young and fit a certain profile... you can be committing no crime, just bringing some Skittles and iced tea to your brother and be killed... and someone can claim self defense. Having been exposed in all kinds of lies and all kinds of inconsistencies... We had to march to even get a trial. Then at trial, when he's exposed over and over again as a liar, he is acquitted. This is a sad day in the country. I think we clearly must move on to the next step, in terms of the federal government and in terms of the civil courts. This is a slap in the face to those who believe in justice.

Joy Reid: ... [the] community in Sanford is split along racial lines. White Sanford residents were by and large supporting George Zimmerman. In a lot of ways it's a Conservative community. Supporting George Zimmerman has become something of a matter of Conservative dogma. He raised 300k, that didn't come from no one.

There has been a sense of demoralization and depression [in Black Sanford] concerning this case from the very beginning. The notion that a young Black man's life really isn't worth much in America was tied up in this case. That notion that this boy just walking home was out of place just by being there, just by being dressed the way he was, his existence was almost illegal. Such that someone acting in the guise of a police officer, but with no authority by the law... could shoot and kill a young Black man and not be arrested. Be sent home.

I think that for a lot of African Americans in Sanford, this is going to double them down on their feelings on the Sanford police, about the system, about not mattering. This is a moment when the country sent the African American community a message: it's OK to shoot and kill one of your sons, because it really just doesn't matter that much.

My Commentary: Al Sharpton then mentions a civil suit that has been filed against George Zimmerman by the family of Trayvon Martin. I've heard, however, that the defense could ask the judge for "immunity which would protect him from a civil lawsuit".

He also mentions the possibility of bringing a civil rights violation charge. Honestly I don't see how that could be possible, as he was found not guilty and the prosecution specifically said that George didn't RACIALLY profile Trayvon, he CRIMINALLY profiled him. But, I suppose if they can go ahead with a wrongful death claim they could conceivably go ahead with a civil rights violation. I believe George racially profiled Trayvon.

Of course Conservatives were pre-complaining about this possibility. I ran into one of them on Lisa's blog. A faker calling himself George Zimmerman said "its disgraceful and scary that an innocent man can be railroaded like this with the help of our Government. It's very obvious that Eric Holder and maybe Obama himself is pulling the strings".

Clearly the "railroading" hasn't worked out that well so far. But GZ lived in a very conservative area. I heard the Rude Pundit refer to Sanford as a "Republican hellhole" on Stephanie Miller's radio program. So I guess 6 Conservative women let the killer of an unarmed Black youth walk? Nobody but the jurists can say for sure. Even they probably think they did the right thing. It certainly wasn't as if they decided it quickly (which could indicate they had their minds made up).

I certainly agree with Mr. Sharpton about this verdict setting a precedent. As far as Black people go, yes, I think armed conceal and carry license holders will feel freer to shoot when they feel "threatened". Just claim self defense and you'll get off, so why take the chance if a Black male "thug" is menacing you by walking in your general vicinity in a public area where he has every right to be?

But, in addition to that problem, what about people seeking to commit outright murder? Just shoot and claim Stand Your Ground. Dead men tell no tales, after all. Be sure to shoot your "assailant" dead and the only side of the story the police will ever hear is yours. A right to defend yourself becomes a license to kill. That is why previously people fearing for their lives always had an obligation to retreat first.

Conservatives are already going crazy and dancing their victory jigs. Hurray for the "right" of a gun toting vigilante to shoot dead a menacing Black male they find suspicious for daring to be somewhere the vigilante doesn't think he should be. I've gotten a few of these kind of comments on this blog already. The Left wanted to "lynch" an innocent Hispanic man, but the jury got it right, according to the "Elizabeth Says" commenter. No Elizabeth, the jury got it wrong. Zimmerman is at least guilty of manslaughter. And we (the Left) never advocated a "lynching", they simply wanted our justice system to do it's job instead of simply accepting Zimmerman's version of events and setting him free (which the police did the very night George shot and killed Trayvon).

And why use a word (lynching) that has such ugly racial connotations attached to it? It's because they're telling us they don't care that racism still exists in the world today. That is why they take this word and use it in a way that is so very inappropriate. Demanding justice is NOT a "lynching". They're laughing at us by using this word (making a joke of the United States history of horrific acts of vigilante murders against African Americans) and now they are rubbing our noses in it. That is their mindset. And it will prove to be very dangerous going forward. Some with this mindset will surely feel much freer to shoot and kill dangerous Black "thugs" in "self defense".

Not long after the verdict I received an email from World Net Daily. Just a by the numbers reporting of the verdict, but I'm sure many opinion commentaries declaring victory for an innocent man forced to defend himself by using lethal force against an unarmed teen will follow. Commentaries of that nature are necessary to pander to the kind of nuts that frequent these kinds of websites, as illustrated by the following comments I copied and pasted below...

A sampling of the comments from World Net Daily

debtom: Well, I wonder if Obama will have something to say about the son that could have been his own. I just can't wait for that racist to speak!

nnesa: Now the ghouls are ready to attack! The racists in the Black community are always ready to take advantage of any situation. Those jurors did their job which the media and all the political clowns never did.

markinla: Zimmerman's lawyers need to advise him to leave the country before the federal government convenes a kangaroo grand jury and indicts him on "civil rights" charges and has another show trial in Compton.

batzion: I, too, am worried that the Obamanation of Desolation & his toadie stooge, Holder, would conspire to create some sort of basis to persecute, er, um, PROSECUTE Zimmerman under federal law...

Donald B. Stetton: AMEN!!! Self-defense is still self-defense in this country. Though Obama's Progressive minions wish to rip this right away from us, Florida has proven that we still have the right to "stand our ground". Jesus allowed himself to be tortured and crucified... ...I'm not Jesus. Though I love and mirror Him, I have a family. Christians... what remains of REAL Americans; "stand your ground..."

It's the Blacks who are the "real racists", including our president who is out to get Zimmerman personally. And Jesus himself supports the rights of the "real American" White Christians to kill scary Black men. Is it just me or does anyone else think these people are mentally unbalanced?

Update 9/4/2014: This commentary attracted the attention of a racist Rightwinger who quotes (and ridicules) me extensively with a post on his blog from 7/15/2013... "Violent protests at result of Zimmerman trial" by Zucca-Xerfantes.

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  1. Every rent-a-cop and "watch" person in the country is now emboldened to a higher level of aggressive behavior. There will be more cases like this in the future. Every "sucker punch" street fight will turn into a killing and use this trial as precedent to justify a physical fight requires deadly force. The NRA who thinks 13,000 gunshot deaths a year is acceptable, is cheering today. Cheering death.

  2. You claim this blog has a kernel of intellectual honesty and yet I've found none.

    Just like any neighborhood that has had a series of break ins and the police have done nothing about it, it falls to the people who live there to protect their own. GZ saw a person who did not live there, walking at night in the rain. That would warrant a second look from any normal person living in a community that had been robbed numerous times. GZ followed Martin, told the police where he was and then LOST HIM. All Martin had to do was walk home at that point. But instead of walking home he went back after GZ and attacked him. He made that choice. He paid the consequences. Considering he liked to live a lifestyle of a "gangsta", his outcome was inevitable. See Chicago if you need an example.

    1. So from now on. The hell with it all let them all get robbed , killed, or whatever, let Al Sharpton. Take care of it.

  3. Wow! Did you pay any attention to the case and the facts, or are you writing about something you just imagined happened using real names?
    Stand your ground had nothing to do with this verdict (except in the press).
    Self defense did.

  4. The ignorance and mis information of this writer is breathtaking. It's no wonder 90% of Americans don't trust the can't tell the truth or simply be objective. You let your immature emotions guide your pen instead of the facts.

    And to even give the country's biggest racist, poverty pimp and race quote Sharpton? A liar and a man with zero credibility ( from Twana Brawley to the Duke LaCrosse case and now he can add Zimmerman to his list of total failures in judgement ). There's nothing "revered" about this man.

    Shame on you.

    Stalking? Good wonder truth has been turned upside down and inside out. Pathetic.

  5. if martin had not attacked mr. Zimmerman, he would be alive today, but martin thought he could beat up any one he felt like except he ran into an armed citizen who shot him dead.i hope this will be a lesson for other feral negroes that your next victim may be armed and will end you.

    1. You call them "feral negroes" and wonder why people call you and your ilk racists. By the way Mr. White guy, you need spelling lessons, or you could just use spell check. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    2. "feral negroes" Paging "bruce!" Paging "bruce!" Your nicely laundered sheets and hood and your burning cross are waiting to be picked up!

  6. What Black people are clambering for is exactly what they had under Jim Crow where cases were decided on the bases of race instead of the rule of law.

    They want a special America for themselves and one for everyone else?

    1. And how about the OJ Simpelton. Case?

  7. Obama, Holder, and the Sharpton ilk won't give up until Zimmerman osin jail. Just you watch.

  8. This bias Nut like the other liberal idiot Shaw. Have their own stupid view of what happened during the trial. Facts don't matter, it was all about a poor black "child" getting his ass blown up because of that bad ass wanna be cap getting out of his car. And following the "boy".

    Well he's not gonna walk aroun with his Skiddles an Iced tea anymore,is he.

  9. This isn't over yet, DS. It's a pretty good bet that Trayvon's parents will get a wrongful death suit going in civil court against Trayvon's killer.

    Remember what happened to O.J. when that jury let him off? It didn't end well for him.

    This isn't over for Zimmerman. He will be haunted for the rest of his pissant life as the coward who shot an unarmed teen.

    1. "pissant"?
      Couldn't find that in the dictionary.
      This is the Shaw you say is such a nice person? Foaming at the mouth with anger! Screaming "killer" as Shaw does on her blog today, is legally/technically wrong, and slander to a guy who was just found not guilty. Are you guys going to have a day to day "Zimmerman Watch" for the next few years? It was a fair trial, and the prosecution lost. Innocent until proven guilty. Maybe Zimmerman is getting the "Olympic Bomber" treatment. I'm sure I'll be reading you hate laced Zimmerman posts for months. If something "happens" to Zimmerman, it will be vitriolic oratory like this that will be the cause.

    2. To enlighten you, Anon:

      derog. An insignificant or contemptible person or thing.
      derog. Worthless; contemptible.

      The facts are, Anon, that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. So to describe him as a killer is perfectly correct.

      He was found not guilty in a courtrooom of the charge of second degree murder. That means the law found him not guilty of murder. That does not mean he did not KILL an unarmed teenage boy. He did. And, under the law, he got away with that killing. Another fact.

      And we will remind the world of this forever.

    3. Shaw is an idiot, don't even bother to quote her. She is 100 percent. Full of shit!
      And highly delusional .

    4. That's the best you have?

      There's a word in the dictionary to describe it: pissant.

    5. "And we will remind the world of this forever."

      GO GIRL!

  10. A loss of life, especially for a young person, is a horribly tragic without regard to race or gender. The heart of America bleeds for the family of Mr Martin. I recall how all organizations and communities were appealing for quiet and calm when a jury verdict was finally delivered. How very unfortunate that Obama, Rev. Sharpton, the NAACP and other media voices contributed to such an outcry when the jury verdict was less than they were wanting. This outcry does nothing but contribute to the ongoing feelings that the justice system is fair only to one group of people!! SHAME on those voices who would contribute to the continuation of such feelings. The jury has spoken, they did their job and regardless of how we might individually feel, the time has come to SHUT THE HELL UP!

  11. All of this nonsense about following Martin? He was the neighborhood watch captain. The neighborhood was full of robberies and all were committed by young BLACK kids.

    It was rainy, dark and he saw someone suspicious, knowing that homes have been being robbed and being the watchman he investigated
    There was never any evidence of a murder here... It was clearly self defense. . You don;t even bring a case like this to trial
    And as for the comment above by Shaw Kenawe, sure there will be a “wrongful; death suit or a Civil rights violation suite. That’s what America has come to, whatever happened to double jeopardy? This isn't a game of winners and losers, it's about justice. Zimmerman was proven to be NOT GUILTY in a court of law. How about them apples. The Liberals won’t rest until they hang the guy that shot the Black guy. They probably believe that O.J. was innocent too.

  12. Jay,

    Please point out the words in Mr. Obama's comments that "contributed to such an outcry." Here are his EXACT words:

    "The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. Not just for his family, or for any one community, but for America. I know this case has elicited strong passions. And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher.

    But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son. And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities.

    We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis.

    We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this.

    As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin."

    It is people like YOU who deliberately misrepresent other people's words who contribute to unrest and misunderstanding.

    But I'm not surprised. It is part of the conservative culture to misrepresent and lie in order to mislead.

    That's what you have done, Jay, when you call President Obama's calm and correct statement an "outcry" when it obviously was nothing close to that.

    BTW, who the hell are you to tell anyone to shut up? People like you need to be exposed for the misrepresentations you spread in order to make matters worse than they already are.

  13. This case had everything to do with race, this case should have not gone to trial. the police in that city made the right call at the very beginning. and I believe It was the powerful influence of the Black community, along with the usual race-baiters including the racist pimp Al Sharpton, and even Barrack Obama that wasted the nations money and time and almost sent an innocent man to prison for 30 years.

  14. Zimmerman has a $10,000 bounty on his head. The least the court could do was make sure he has enough ammo to defend himself from those worthless pieces of crap called “The Black Panthers”.

    And how about NY Giants Player Victor Cruz Tweeted: "Zimmerman doesn’t last a year before the hood catches up to him.”

    I guess if your Black you can get away with that crap.

  15. I guess that Shaw Kenawe never heard or free speech!

    1. Oh grow up. What are you whining about now?


  16. Half the on air talent at MSLSD are on suicide watch,they have taken away their belts and shoe laces....except for Rev AL,he's trying to figure a way to make a few more bucks off the case.

  17. Looks like Ms. Shaw isn't having such a great day.
    Wonder if we can get Free Stinker to make a poem about that.

  18. WTF is this. President talking about Gun Control now for?
    Why don't he talk about the freaken scandals that are on the table ? Why don't he address All Sharpton and the Black lynch mob?

    1. "Why don't he address All Sharpton and the Black lynch mob?"

      Oh, I don't know, Anon. Why don't he?

  19. I wonder if Ms. Shaw would get this excited if a Black guy killed a White guy?
    Just Askin.


  20. WASHINGTON — The Justice Department says it is looking into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin to determine whether federal prosecutors should file criminal civil rights charges now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted in the state case.

    The department opened an investigation into Martin's death last year but stepped aside to allow the state prosecution to proceed.

    In a statement Sunday, the Justice Department said the criminal section of the civil rights division, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office for the Middle District of Florida are continuing to evaluate the evidence generated during the federal probe, in addition to the evidence and testimony from the state trial.

    The statement said that, in the government's words, "experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation."

  21. Shaw proving her obsession of hate for Zimmerman. Have you started a group yet? Anger, what a trip.

  22. This entire thread, with a few exceptions is trip. A trip to nowhere lead by individuals that rather than using logic to make their point are just spouting chunks of nothingness. It is funny though, like watching a food fight.

    I don't agree with your position Shaw, but at least you're trying to stay focused.

  23. RN said,

    "rather than using logic to make their point"

    This from the guy who said, "Jews went willingly to the gas chambers" and "Obama economics are the same as Hitler economics."

    Clean up your own bigotry before you tell others they are irrational.

    1. More gas from the ass. Get a life POS or crawl your sorry ass back into the sewer you came from.

    2. You come from the sewer.
      Right, pretend you never said those things when everyone saw your sick statements.
      Move on now, you have people to con, that you are rational.

    3. Keep blowing your smoke and gas. Hide behind Anon you sniveling whinning coward. Now go home to mommy and have her wipe your nose for you.

      Jerk offs like you Anon are what gives liberals a bad name. But hey, somebody has to be King Crap, and you fill the bill perfectly.

      What a sick F. LMAO.

    4. So are you denying you said those sick words I quoted from you, above?

    5. Why would he deny them? He is clearly proud of them. I have no idea WTF he's doing here though. Acting all indigent when he isn't even denying what he said. He speaks of lies and liars that are POSs but does not even say what the lies are. We know the lies are not that he made the comment. It's really weird. I think RN might be mentally ill. But then I'd say any follower of Ayn Rand isn't right in the head.

    6. LMAO. Yep, there is no doubt at all. It is clear your indoctrination is complete and total. Blind to.reality you stumble around through life imagining yourself as a highly intelligent individual.

      Speaking of mental illness...

    7. I need not deny or defend my comments. Anyone who can read, and has the ability to comprehend the comments in the context in which they were meant understands then. They also know I am not I anti Semite or a racist of any type or kind.

      As for you and Anon, well...

  24. Rational Nation: More gas from the ass. Get a life POS or crawl your sorry ass back into the sewer you came from.

    The concern of some regarding antisemitic comments from RN on RN's blog isn't "gas from the ass". "Gas from the ass" is what I'd call RN's response... a response that contained no substance at all. If I were following the rules RN enforces on his blog this comment would be toast.

    Ed Bonderenka: Wow! Did you pay any attention to the case and the facts, or are you writing about something you just imagined happened using real names? Stand your ground had nothing to do with this verdict.

    Stand Your Ground was a significant factor in this case. A 7/14/2013 article from CBS Miami titled, "The Role Of Stand Your Ground In Zimmerman Trial" points out that, "initially, police didn't arrest Zimmerman as he asserted self-defense under the state’s Stand Your Ground law".

    In a quote from the same article, Florida State Senator Dwight Bullard says “The reality is that from the very first steps taken by police in Sanford, in their inability to put Mr. Zimmerman in prison, it had everything to do with [the existence of] the Stand Your Ground law".

    Without Stand Your Ground Zimmerman would have been arrested instead of being set free the night Trayvon was shot.

    Also, it came up at his trial when his former instructor told the court that Stand Your Ground had been covered in his course (the course Zimmerman got an "A" in). What this proved was that Zimmerman LIED when he pretended on Sean Hannity's program that he had never heard of it.

    Obviously Ed Bonderenka does not know as much about this case as he thinks he does.

    1. Gas man number two. I simply have no reason to respond to the dickless slime that has stalked and repeatedly attacked my site for the past two years.

      And, like dickless wonder you also are a liar. Enjoy your pathetic existence S well.

    2. That's rich coming from a known blog attacker. How many blogs have you are your buddies harassed off line? Two that I know of. I'm not attacking your blog. You have so many enemies, I'm not surprised your blog is being attacked, but there is no evidence of that. Crawl back in your bigot hole and pretend that you are a good person. Delusional fool.

    3. And you are striving mightily to be be a person at all. Keep trying asshat. One day you might achieve it. But, not likely.

  25. You're a dickless wonder Anon. And no, I'm not having that discussion with your sorry misrepreseming ass again. I won the last round and Dickless asshats like you don't warrant a rematch.

    Have yourself another pathetic day in your pathetic life.

  26. You won? HA HA HA HA Won what?
    Those sick statements are there for all to read, I don't have to judge you, anyone can.
    There is nothing to win dickhead, just your words to read and then throw up.
    "I'm not having that discussion"
    I can understand. Seeing as your sick words are part of the record.

    1. Yep, whatever your ignorant deranged mind wishes to think. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA...

      Leaving you to your delusional life... Dickless Coward Anon.

  27. wd/DS, as my final here... I hope the little exchange brings you some more traffic.

    Cheerio old chap...

  28. Only an anti semiotic idiot and moral imbecile blogger like Les, aka Rational Nation USA would DARE to come here and comment when he previously had showed his hatred and desire to Jews and. Israel!

    What a pathetic life he must lead!.

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. My my, what a hateful dickless lying pathetic jackass you are.

      Speaking of imbeciles, your idiotic twisted mind knows no boundaries.

      You're a complete waste of space and oxygen. Do yourself a favor, get a frontal lobotomy. Apparently your last surgery was a failure.and a successful lobotomy would put an end to your obvious hateful misery.

      Toodles Asshat.

    2. Anonymous comment removed because I asked that the issue (in regards to the person the commenter mentioned) be dropped. It has been debated at length and everyone's opinion on the issue (as it pertains to the specific person mentioned) is known.

      Feel free to swear at me and threaten to leave as well as urge others to do the same. My decision has been made so this is how it's going to be going forward.

    3. Why would I, or anyone urge others to leave your site? What would be the point? Realistically it is what it is wd/DS, whether one leaves, or not is not influenced by someone else. Unless of course that one is a sheeple.

      Personally, I wish you all the blogging success you desire.

      For the record, once again, you have not been banned at RN USA. Your comments meeting blog administrator approval will be published.

      Cheerio old chap...

    4. I was talking to the anonymous commeter who (if it is the same person) urged people to leave previously when I said the discussion regarding Shaw "protecting" you had reached it's conclusion. We know why Shaw doesn't wish to discuss your antisemitic comments on her blog any longer. Agree or disagree, that discussion isn't worth pursuing any longer IMO (and this is my blog).

      The discussion regarding you pretending people are "lying" about the comments goes on, IMO. That you keep posting here and "defending" yourself... I find that quite humorous and therefore encourage more discussion on that topic.

      As for your blog... I'm not banned but you won't publish my comments due to a "lack of substance" or for being "trollish", right? RN might allow a few comments but will cut me off as soon as he sees an opportunity to make me look bad by leaving a comment by him (or probably dmarks) unchallenged.

    5. Oh stop whining and sniveling wd/DS (maybe it should be BS) You sound like a spoiled child that didn't get there own way.

      The fact is I didn't post two comments of yours for the precise reasons I stated. Not because they disagreed with either my views or dmarks.

      You see, it works this way... I do not have to respond to views or comments that differ from or agree with mine. hey just stand for all others to respond to.

      However, when the comment rises to the reasons stated for non publication of the comment they don't get published.

      Shaw, jmj, Octopus, and others of the leftist tilt get published, their comments do not get tossed, ever. There is a reason for this. Perhaps, if you think hard enough and long enough you eventually understand why.

      Until then feel free to visit and comment at RN USA. You know the rules.

    6. oops, their own way rather than there own way...

    7. Wrong RN. I accidentally submitted a comment in which I substituted "Iraq" for "Afghanistan" (when referring to the war RN supported). I corrected my error with another comment and RN refused to publish it. Everyone jumped all over me and remarked on how stupid I was. Not complaining, just pointing out RN's dishonesty.

      Also, RN is the one whining and sniveling here, what with his many comments "defending" himself against his detractors. Not much of a defense as none of his comments actually address the matter he is being criticized over. RN says others "lie" but he won't say what the lies are.

  30. If George Zimmerman were Black would he have had the last year and a half of his life turned upside down and inside out on national television?
    Lets face the truth, no one would know who George Zimmerman was and he could have had his life back instead of the mess he and the country is in now. So what does that tell us” It tells us that in spite of the fact that a jury has found him "NOT GUILTY" he is to put it plainly, fucked! He will have to grow his hair and beard, change his name and move someplace like Montana or Alaska, or perhaps even out of the USA to avoid the backlash and the possibility of the Black Panthers or some other NUT-Job gtoup shooting him in his back. .
    Yeah, he stood his ground and look what it has got him. His life is in shambles. Was playing neighborhood watch hero worth all this aggravation, and perhaps his life? . Yeah, the gun saved his life perhaps, but the gun put him in danger to start with. Where did his neighborhood watch duties get him. Where did his protecting his neighbors get him?. Now some people INCLUDING President Obama will argue that it was his 2nd amendment right and Gun Control and all that bullshit. But did the President say one word about Al Sharpton or the Black Panthers ganging up and causing all this trouble? Some people are stupid morons. His life is fucked! He was in the right. And so was the Jury for finding him “NOT GUILTY” I watched the trial from Start to Finnish and I saw it the same way as the Jury did. So what?
    Where were all the riots and protesting when OJ Simpson was let off to be free when it was as clear as day that he KILLED 2 people. Were was Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers then? Did our Federal Government PAY to have MOBS out side on our streets protesting then? Did our President give his (wink-wink) bullshit speech then? Did Ron Goldman look like President Clinton’s Son then or did Nicole Brown Simpson look like Clinton’s Daughter?
    Would I shoot someone in my back yard if I thought they were going to cause trouble? Maybe, or maybe not. In the meantime I would call 911 and let them know there was going to be a shooting to investigate if they don't hurry. But that was me, and that wasn’t him. What he did when he was getting his head smashed into a concrete slab was JUSTIFIED... period. I would not go outside and confront my trespasser , unless I was really pissed. (More than Likely) If I did I would already have the gun pointed at him. No rolling around on the ground!
    This has been an enormous waste of everyone's time. Just something else to bitch and moan about. Something else to be angry about. I don't care! Good luck George! I look forward to reading your book or your made for TV Movie if you live that long. Did you put your holster back on after you were acquitted. You need your gun now worse than ever! And by the way, I also thought that you were justified and that you should have been found NOT GUILTY, but then again I am not a Black bleeding heart Liberal..

    1. MCT: If George Zimmerman were Black would he have had the last year and a half of his life turned upside down and inside out on national television?

      If Zimmerman had been Black he wouldn't have profiled and stalked Trayvon. The encounter never would have taken place.

      As for what comes next, I heard Zimmerman is going to law school to become a lawyer so he can help other "wrongly accused" people like himself. Whether or not he actually does remains to be seen. I say probably not. Sounds like something a guilty man might put out there to make it sound like he isn't guilty.

      Ron Goldman or Nicole Simpson didn't look like president Clinton's son or daughter because they were adults. Our society places a special value on the lives of children (something I'm sure you knew when making this dumb analogy. But you made it anyway).

      People keep speaking about George "getting his head smashed into a concrete slab" but I'm not convinced that is what happened AT ALL. Only George's side of the story was told and I don't believe him. Of course his defenders will point to the injuries to his head, but remember the ME said the injuries Zimmerman suffered were "very insignificant" (her exact words). I also heard that the injury to his nose could have been the result of kickback from the gun (which would mean Trayvon never punched him).

      Zimmerman's shooting of Trayvon could only be called "justified" if you believe his version of events, which I do not. GZ told numerous lies and his version of events is highly suspect. He should not have assumed Trayvon was guilty and stalked him in the first place. GZ put himself in that position and GZ shot and killed an unarmed teen. That is at least manslaughter in my book.

      Would MCT be condemning Trayvon if he had been White, or would he then be on Trayvon's side and condemning the thuggish Hispanic killer who followed and gunned down an unarmed White teen?

  31. Zimmerman is, "not quilty" as the jury correctly determined. Based on Florida state law and the definition of reasonable doubt.

    Whether or not justice was served is a different matter and will be discussed for some time, with few minds being changed on either side.

    Had the DA brought a correct charge forward, or the prosecution put forth a strong argument(s) rather than relying on emotion the outcome MIGHT have been different.

    The reality is Zimmerman, Trayvon's own error in judgement aside, used poor judgement and flawed thinking. Mr. Zimmerman is quilty IMNHO of either manslaughter or negligent homicide. Had the DA charged Zimmerman with either and prosecuted the case as such, rather than second degree murder it is likely Zimmerman would be serving time.

  32. He was charged with both and the jury correctly decided neither according to Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law. If not for Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, he would have been found guilty of manslaughter. This is the intent of Republican and NRA gun legislation, to allow people like Zimmerman to get off. No need to protect the rights of a black teenager, they are always up to no good. Since you RN are a LONG time supporter of Republican ideology like your God Reagan and his idiotic cut taxes before cutting spending, you have more responsibility than most for supporting Republicans and their ideas and laws that hurt America. Now that we know what kind of smut you think and write, don't try and lecture people on what's right, or wrong. We don't need antisemites telling us what our morals should be.

    1. indeed showing your lack of knowledge, or ignorance yet once again. LMSO...

    2. Indeed showing your lack of intelligent conversation, you come back with the same spewing of insults you showed on the previous post. Typical for someone who allows hate to run their lives. No one has mentioned yet, but your blanket vulgarity shows you seem to think all these comments are coming from one person, just another delusion an egomaniac has to tell himself. You are late for your KKK meeting.

    3. I return your incivility in kind. Don't like it, stop being the dickhead you've for over two years.

      Now, you can go to hell.

    4. Oh my your so angry for a guilty Nazi lover.

    5. I don't think RN is a "Nazi lover", he just does not like American Jews who vote Democratic. Jews are another demographic just like African Americans and Hispanics who largely vote for Democrats. Wikipedia says, "American Jews... the majority has voted Democratic or leftist since at least 1916 ... In the 2008 presidential election, 78% of Jews voted for Barack Obama... In the 2012 presidential election 69% of Jews voted for Barack Obama".

      RN has a very low opinion of ANYONE who votes Democratic (and will slander whoever, no matter their heritage). The post in question (the one where RN made the comment) was in regard to Mittens' visit to Israel. RN (like all Right-wingers) feels strongly about Israel and believes Jews in America should vote Republican (this is why Repubs are always lying about Obama slighting Netanyahu). The fact that Jews don't vote Republican does not sit well with RN. He doesn't get it. That is why he made the comment. Because they're "pacifists" they won't vote for the "strong on national defense" party.

      This is my conjecture on the matter, at least. RN refuses to explain himself so his precise rational is not known, but I'm pretty sure that explains it.

    6. Shooting blanks as always Anon, you ain't got nothing else. One sick dude.


      1) I like Jews. I worked for a company owned by Jews for many years. Knew the President and CEO, one of the finest men I have know. I dated a Jew.

      2) I have very high opinions of many democrats. Don't always agree with them politically but have a hell of a lot more respect for them than I do either Anon or you. Also a great deal more respect for them than the asshat sheeple republicans. But you wouldn't know that because you don't pay attention.

      3) I have more friends and acquaintances that are democrats than I do republicans.

      4) Your ignorance of my stand on the MIC is astounding. But not surprising.

      5) Your suppositions are inaccurate, fallacious, and stupid. I am not a republican, I belong to no party, but I advocate a libertarian position. Conservative on fiscal matters and libertarian (liberal) on social matters.

      Now go blow some more smoke with your buddy asshat Anon.

    7. RN said American Jews. Obviously he feels differently about Jews who didn't "go willing to the gas chambers". Anyway, I saw the comment. Nobody would type such a thing by mistake. RN meant it. Or did RN write that because he loves being the center of attention? Good or bad, if people are taking about RN he loves it. That would explain why RN keeps calling people liars and saying they are a POS. RN is egging his detractors on. In either case I tire of this conversation. We're probably giving RN exactly what he wants by continuing to talk about him.

    8. If that's all true why would you write "Jews went willingly to the gas chambers" and "Obama economics is the same as Hitler economics." Like a racist trying to deny he is racist. The last one to know he is a racist, is a racist.

    9. In kind? You are the one writing bigoted garbage, and proven by your own words.


  33. Appearing on MSNBC this morning, Jesse Jackson condemned the Zimmerman verdict as a "tremendous miscarriage of justice." It is a mark of Jackson's misconception of just what constitutes justice that chief among his complaints was that Trayvon Martin was denied a jury of his peers because there were no African-Americans or men on it.

    But isn’t it funny or not really, but Jesse and Al were COMPLERLY satisfied when OJ Simpson was acquitted by a jury of his peers. As far as the Holder DOJ trying Zimmerman on racial hatred charges, the FBI already investigated that possibility and found nothing.

    Also, neither the prosecution nor Defense had any qualms about the jury that was seated, but Reverend.. Jessssie and Reverend Al Sharpton both and I say “Reverends with a bit of contempt in my voice, are delusional race pimps, and they thrive on whatever discord is created by their dishonesty. Sharpton is even worse that Jesse Jackass. The 2 of them can't go to hell fast enough as far as I’m concerned..

    And on another note:
    Rather than respect the verdict of the Zimmerman trial and Zimmerman's Constitutional right to protect himself; our tyrannical president aka "our Master" is continuing to attempt to infringe upon law abiding citizens gun rights with statements about Gun Control..Obama is a clown with no credibility left at all . We might as well listen to all the illegals on the street protesting who speak no English at all. It all sounds the same as that lying fat dumbass “Star Witness” for the prosecution Rachel Jeantel

  34. Good blog, glad I found it... Lets talk a bit about “RACISM” is the term 'Cracker' Is A Racial Slur? My answer is No more and no less than the word “Nigger” is!
    And another thought, people are always talking about “IF” this and “IF” that “IF” Zimmerman didn’t follow him and “IF” Zimmerman didn’t get out of his car. Well how about “IF” Zimmerman didn’t have a gun that night... it's pretty clear that Trayvon would have been found guilty of assault, and possibly murder by beating the ctap out of Zimmerman! How’s those apples? .

    1. Rachel Jeantel (also known as the dumbass Fat slog, who can’t even speak English but speaks Ebonics like a pro,) star witness for the prosecution’s Trayvon Martin case, doesn’t think “creepy ass cracker” is a racist slur either.

      Always remember that trying to beat the hell out of someone armed with a gun will get you killed, no matter if you are Black or White.

    2. One Man's View... your "apples" are rotten. What you say is "clear" is not clear at all. That Trayvon beat the hell out of George is something we only have George's word on. I don't believe George. The ME said his injuries were "insignificant". He most certainly exaggerated and probably lied. Also incredibly wrong regarding the "equally racist" cracker and N-words. One is a slur once used by the masters to denigrate those they enslaved. The other is a word used by an oppressed people to talk back against their oppressors. There is absolutely no comparing the two. That you do shows how very ignorant you are. Racist too, probably. I'd say that is a good bet.

      The Anonymous commenter above me is also an idiot. Rachel Jeantel speaks 3 languages. English isn't her native language so she speaks with an accent. That doesn't make her stupid. Anon assumes she is stupid due to his prejudices.

    3. Yeah but she can't understand any

    4. Darth insists Rachel Jeantel is stupid due to his prejudices (ignoring the facts I presented).

      Also, I was watching the Stephanie Miller show today and a FL caller confirmed that cursive is not taught in FL schools.

  35. To me there is really only one (or variation thereof) scenario where I consider Zimmerman completely innocent. And here I am not talking what is provable in court but what actually happened.

    If after the police dispatcher "suggested" that Zimmerman should stop following Martin and he in fact DID SO and Martin saw him from a distance, came running after Zimmerman and started wailing on him, in THAT CASE, Zimmerman is "completely innocent". Of course I highly doubt this is what really happened.

    However if Zimmerman continue the pursuit and acted
    "belligerently" towards Martin when they met, then he is less than completely innocent. I don't care if Martin threw the first punch because if Zimmerman approached Martin in a belligerent and accusatory manner, then he instigated the fight.

    HOWEVER, unless Zimmerman had cold blooded intent to shoot Martin once he started the chase, it is NOT murder 2. Even if Zimmerman accosted Martin and tried to do a "citizen's arrest" and Martin fought back and "forced" Zimmerman to use his gun, it would not be murder. But it would be a strong case of manslaughter and/or negligent homicide.

    And this is why I think the prosecution totally blew it. They essentially threw away a fairly winnable manslaughter case into a almost unwinnable murder 2 case.

  36. Another thing I would point out is that while many people have stated that this verdict "enboldens" stalkers, I would point out a couple of key pieces of evidence that did it. IOW, it wasn't simply JUST his word.

    1. Zimmerman had evidence of injuries to the back of his head, Martin had no evidence of any injuries

    2. Forensic expert indicated that at the last moment, Martin was on top and Zimmerman shot him while he was lying on his back w/Zimmerman on top.

    Now again, I still think that Zimmerman instigated this whole fight and so that negates his "self-defense" claim considerably. So let me make that clear, I am NOT on the side of Zimmerman.

    HOWEVER, if those two pieces of evidence DID NOT EXIST (no injuries to Zimmeran, Martin shot while he stood up and at some distance), I'm not so sure that Zimmerman could have argued self-defense as successfully. In that case it was JUST BE HIS WORD. Maybe he still gets off on Murder2 but I just wanted to point out that it wasn't simply just his word but these two key pieces of evidence.

  37. Rational Nation USA said
    1) I like Jews. I worked for a company owned by Jews for many years. Knew the President and CEO, one of the finest men I have know. I dated a Jew.

    And my shoe shoe boy is Black, so what!

    1. You're a contemtable raaaaacist. That's what.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Why, my gosh. You must be a racist! You actually allowed such inconsequential and trivial things to cloud your judgement? It wasn't Trayvon's fault he did anything "bad", oh no, It was that evil white society made him do it.

      How dare you, or anyone consider anything but emotional aspects that play to the "heart" rather than reason.

      Now, having said this, Zimmerman's abject stupidity in ignoring the dispatcher and taking it upon himself to follow Martin, which can be considered perusing, needs to be considered as well.

      The wrong charges were filed, the prosecution couldn't build a credible case of second degree murder, and therefore the jury decided as it did. Properly as the case was not proved beyond the shawdow of reasonable doubt. The system worked.

      All things considered justice was not served. I blame an inept DA primarily and an inept prosecuting team secondarily.

      But yeah, the left portraying Zimmerman as racially profiling Martin and the verdict as having the stain of racism lacks credibility and is contemptible.

    2. Let me put it THIS way. If we could go back in time and somehow change the "races" of the two but keep everything ELSE the same (same facts or lack thereof, same jurors, etc), how many of you would be more willing to BET YOUR LIFE that the outcome would be the same. How likely for instance is juror B37 be willing to say that black George was someone with a "good heart" and good intentions basically in the bag for a black Zimmerman FROM THE START as she clearly was for the real Zimmerman?

      I know I wouldn't bet my life on it!

  39. Personally, I can't stand the bleeding heart posts that the liberals have been posting about that Poor Innocent "Child" Trayvon Martin.
    No one says a word about the long and delinquent wrap sheet this little "Child Thug" had. And that even his own Mother kicked him out of the house or that he had recently been arrested for possession of Burglar Tools and Stolen Jewelry.

    Innocent "Child" or a trouble-making Thug?
    Zimmerman was attacked by the "Child" thug and had every right to use self defense.
    And by the way, did anyone ever think that the liberal media, and these liberal politicians like Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Andrew Cuomo have blood on their hands, by promoting this lynching of a man who was found to be NOT GUILTY??? And by stirring people up to commit violence!...

    All you liberal nutball cohorts are so intent upon promoting havoc in the wake of what you call an unjust trial, just because it didn't go "YOUR" way..

    Isn't it funny how quick these Liberals are to whine and cry, and riot in the streets now that the shoe is on the other foot!

    Well, just try breaking into my house and I will use a broom to pick up your remains after you get 10 slugs in your head and belly from my shotgun.

  40. Trayvon Martin has been portrayed by his supporters as an innocent youth armed with nothing more than a bag of Skittles candy and a can of Arizona Iced Tea on the night he was killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman
    We should bloody encourage victims of violence to defend themselves against “innocently” ground pounding and banging their heads into concrete, by any means, including shooting them if necessary. “profiling”, following, getting out of your car had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the aggressor was guilty of the above..
    And you people who will not let this verdict be, and wish to protest and riot over it, remember that the facts were proved, don’t forget about all of that! But satisfy your bias by just marching around like a mob of lynch happy hoodlums and scream until you get the verdict you want. This is how justice works, dammit! Get used to it, it works both ways. You can’t have it your way if you don’t like it. But if you march and howl in the streets until you get what you want then go a head. But don’t complain and cry about how the other side behaves. The prosecution was not only bad, but wrong. They had no case at all. Those pesky things we call “facts” and “evidence”, were all on Zimmermans side. But go ahead, try on your theory for size.

    Pinning some creepy-ass cracker to the ground and trying to murder him by repeatedly banging his head against the concrete, is not exactly what I’d call a innocent “boy” waling around with skittles and iced tea.
    And as for the Civil Tights violation that us liberal want the Justice Dept to file, let us not forget that a problem with a civil suit the defense can hammer Trayvon and all the evidence (the texting for guns, the drugs, suspension from school, punching the school bus driver, the stolen jewelry etc etc) that was not allowed in the criminal trial against George Zimmerman to paint a not-so-rosey picture of Trayvon, CAN BE ALLOWED in this one... so it might not be such a wise move after all.

  41. Eric Holder has no choice now that the NAACP has demanded it...they can't risk not following through; to do so would cause OUTRAGE in the "black community". After all, Trayvon looked like Hussein's imaginary son:

    The problem that have is that they already investigated this case before, found nothing proving any violation of civil rights.
    But knowing this administration, Obama and Holder will invent something.
    Their only problem is that they can't afford another scandal.

  42. Whether Martin was a complete angel or not if completely irrelevant. (Neither is Zimmerman BTW, look up HIS record and past run-ins).

    What matters is whether
    1 Zimmerman reasonably feared for his life just before shooting him
    2 And even if/so whether Zimmerman investigated or provoked the fight in the first place which justified Martin standing HIS ground and fighting back against a reasonably perceived aggressor

    Whatever you think of THIS case, just remember there might be a time when you or a loved one might be stalked by a stranger. By completely exonerating Zimmerman, even in a "moral" sense, just realize that if you or a loved one is chased down and you or a loved one decides to fight back and get killed and the killer gets off b/c of "self-defense" don't expect any sympathy.

    1. Hey Ass-Hat, that's why we have a jury system in this country, we go with their verdict not with yours.

  43. When Zimmerman decided not to stay in his car and chase down Martin with his gun, there are basically two possibilities:

    - Martin was truly some murderous gangbanging thug. IN THAT CASE, what are you THINKING going after someone like that??? Even with a gun! Maybe that person has a gun too! And maybe there's accomplices nearby. To go after someone in that situation, you're inviting danger to yourself and trouble so absent "exigent circumstances" (as in you hear a crime actually in progress so want to prevent it) only an idiot or someone bent on vigilante action would do that!

    - Person is NOT a thug. Okay you approach and belligerently accuse and possibly accost and "arrest" a "hot-headed TEEN (which MANY are of whatever race) about how he is "up to no good". What exactly is LIKELY to happen? Are you expecting this black teen to get on his knees and submit like the "good ol' days" and say "yeesuh massuh sir, a lot of us blacks are thugs. I'm not one but yeah let me put my hands on my head, get on my knees and submit to your authoritah"???


  44. Well it finally happened, the Love Fest is over. All we need now is for the Fat lady to sing!.
    Mr. Free Thinke has finally come to his senses and told Ms. Shaw where she can go.
    Read it here.

    Mr. Free Thinke: “Sorry, my dear Ms Shaw, but you are going too far out in left field even for me.
    Your obsessive-compulsive determination in a seemingly endless series of inflammatory, pointedly biased, tediously redundant articles to label George Zimmerman as "a killer" -- as though he had deliberately planned to kill Martin, who was certainly no angel -- borders on mania.
    Now here’s the good part...
    I'm sorry to have to say it, but I think you need help. People who mistakenly identify their raw emotions and self-righteous ravings as "truth" usually do.I am sorely disappointed in you over this overt, unabashed display of bigotry and spite.
    I'm sure you can't see it, but in this self-indulgent exercise of blatantly self-righteous wrath you display all the characteristics of a HITLER.
    Fanaticism is not "liberal," it's a mental disorder.

    1. Wow! Free Thinke escaped from his straight jacket long enough to bang the key board with his fists!

      You go Shaw! The more they hate on you, the better we liberals love what you do!

      Yay Shaw!


  45. Ms. Shaw responded by exposing her true colors
    ”I'm disappointed that you would so casually compare me to a mad monk, a torturer, and a beast who was responsible for the deaths of millions and millions of innocent people.
    You came to my blog to chastise me for choosing to publish what OTHER WRITERS and pundits have to say about the Zimmerman/Martin trial and its verdict.
    This is a subject that I do feel strongly about, just as you felt strongly about subjects you wrote about on your blog. Subjects that you posted on your blog that depicted the FLOTUS as a half-ape/half-woman and the POTUS as a demon.
    You also devoted a lot of time on how evil Liberals are and why they should be hated.
    I should think people would consider those sentiments as "obsessive-compulsive" hatreds of all things Liberal, but because you don't see the log in your own eye, you felt it your duty to come here and suggest I'm the one who needs help?
    If my posts disturb you, you have the choice to not read them, as I chose to not read rightwing blogs that crowed over the verdict.
    I did not go to those blogs and tell them that their behavior and attitude was like murderous beasts, because that would have been incredibly rude and stupid.
    I say: (Oh yeah right....are you Kidding?)
    Ms. Shaw continues: “I will venture to posit that perhaps what I've posted here struck a nerve somewhere within you, and that perhaps is why you made such an outrageous accusation about my motives and what propelled them.
    I am only one small blogger with a very small following. I don't know what it is about so many conservatives that they feel the need to humiliate and denigrate someone who has a different view of politics. What is it about those conservatives who need to grind that person into the dirt by comparing them to history's monsters.

    I expect that from those conservatives with a questionable grasp on reality and who have no respect for the feelings of others.
    George Zimmerman IS a killer. He KILLED Trayvon Martin.
    I never expected it from you.

    I say: “ Zimmerman is a Killer because he Killed someone in self defense? Does that make all of our servicemen Killers? Does that make the policeman on the bear a Killer because he Killed some monster who was a threat to kill him?

    1. I'm glad that someone finally had the guts to tell off to her face.

    2. Yah Shaw!

      They scream the loudest when you get them with the truth!


  46. And then that Pip-Squeak Weenie Rational Nation USA gets in the act by ass kissing Shaw and saying:
    “Actually Free Thinke I think you went over the top in your characterization of Shaw. Shameful and unjust IMNHO. Having said this, I must acknowledge that Shaw is displaying the same character9stics that both she and I disapprove of when used by the the wingnut right.
    Referring to Zimmerman as a killer, and referring to Martin as a child, are both meant to stir raw emotion with the facts becoming secondary. A ploy attorneys, unions, business leaders, and the general public use all the time. Meant to gain advantage through creating pure emotionalism in people thus molding their opinion.
    But comparing Shaw to HITLER? Come on Free Thinke... you know better than that.

    Read it all here..

    1. And you consider yourself a paragon of intellect and wisdom?

    2. Intelltegent enough to know that both Shaw and RN are two vile disgusting people

  47. “George Zimmerman to Got His Gun Back” - ABC News
    Well thanks to the idiots who can’t respect the jury’s verdict, and the bleeding heart liberals running wild in the streets, and the death threats that he has been getting. He needs it more now then ever.
    Suck on it libtards.
    Instead of Obama’s stupid speeches and his phoney Gun Control excuses, What we really need is more Americans like Zimmerman to stop thugs like Trayvon Martin..

    The next thing we hear is that Obama wants yo give Trayvon Martin a Holiday names for in in February, after all there are still 15 days not named after Black Martyr's

  48. You are attracting all the people who have been banned from, or whose comments are not published at RN's, or Shaw's blog. Some quite spiteful, but that's pent up from being denied to speak against the vile character both and the despicable practice of covering up the truth of their characters. Having a place to finally speak the truth, they have gone wild. Thanks for having a place where truth can come out.

  49. Anonymous said

    "You are attracting all the people who have been banned from, or whose comments are not published at RN's, or Shaw's blog."

    Well for one,
    Shaw's Blog is full of SHIT

    and as for RN's Blog, that is purely an irrelevant comedy..

  50. You know , I'm friggen sick of all these dumb ass libs already trying to make hay out of this verdict. It's done and over and getting tiresome already.
    These Black race baiters ate always throwing fuel on the fire.
    As with all issues that become politicized, these liberal bleeding heats of this debate are ignoring all facts that don't support their position. I never know whether they are purposely ignoring all the facts or whether their ideology somehow short-circuits their intellectual capacity to do so, that's always been a source of fascination to me.
    The bottom line is that two young guys did stupid things. Both of them. One of the guys had a legal gun in a legal situation and (per proper legal proceedings) used it legally, to defend himself from a thug who was looking for trouble.. And the trouble maker is dead as a result. I have no doubt the guy with the gun wishes the whole friggen thing hadn't happened, and that he had found something better to do that night.
    But it did happen and the trial is over and the jury had it's say. Why do these fools always think that the jury must agree with them or else!
    It's a crappy, tragic situation that does not lend itself to simple answers, yet it has become a simplistic political pawn for no other reason than the color of the young guys skin.

    That won't stop the insults and finger-pointing, of course, because the race pimps and the division pimps have done such a good job that insults and finger-pointing are ingrained in our public discourse. We're playing right into their game like good little sheep, and I'm sure they appreciate it every time they check their bank account balances.
    But they continue to play the "IF" game like "IF" Zimmerman didn't follow him or "IF" Zimmerman didn't get out of his car!

    How about "IF" the punk didn't go to that community looking for trouble in the first place and "IF" he didn't punch Zimmerman in the face. Or "IF" he didn't say "Your gonna DIE tonight?
    The circus trial of George Zimmerman has ended, but the Blacks and white liberals won’t accept the fact that the (the creepy ass cracka) was found Not guilty.
    As the evidence was presented in the Martin/Zimmerman, it became very clear that this case was so weak it should not have even been brought to trial. But white liberals in conjunction with Black America’s RACIST side and demanded Zimmerman be found guilty. Why? Do white liberals really care about black teens being killed? Yes, they do. But only if the killing occurs at the hand of a white person. White-on-black crime in America is so rare that white liberals had to construe Hispanic George Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic” to get blacks upset and all riled up over the case. And guess what? It worked!
    Why is the only answer ALWAYS is to blame Whitey? Or as some will say, to blame the Crazy Ass Cracker?

  51. Philip Gordon, I'm sick of all these dumb ass Cons displaying their racial biases by complaining about "race baiters" who were only looking for justice for Trayvon, or by referring to an unarmed teen who was walking home and NOT "looking for trouble as a "thug". They ignore the facts and go with what Fox Nooz tells them to believe because their hate for Black people short circuits their limited ability to think.

    I have serious doubts that the killer with the gun wishes he didn't racially profile an innocent teen who had every right to be where he was and was simply walking home. That "two young guys did stupid things" is George's story and I don't believe it. Either George said "you're going to die tonight" to Trayvon or it wasn't said at all. Did Trayvon punch Zimmerman in the face? Again, that is according to George. Frankly I think it's likely George's nose was broken by the kickback from his gun. The gun he fired when he KILLED Trayvon.

    As for "legal guns" and "legal situations"... that was only due to Stand Your Ground. Kill the other person and so long as there are no witnesses that saw everything, you can get away with murder. The "proper legal proceedings" proved that to be true in this case and surely many more to come. It's a crappy, tragic situation that clearly points to a very simple answer: repeal Stand Your Ground. SYG is why White Liberals and Black Liberals; nay anyone opposed to making murder legal are horrified by this verdict.

    Blame "Whitey"? You bet your ass I do! (Whitey = Republicans, the party of old Crackers).

  52. Oh my God, you are really a total idiot. "The gun broke George's nose by the "kick Back"

    You are even dumber then Shaw is with her Hitler theories .

  53. Who gives a flippen fig about Shaw?

    1. Apparently you do, Anonymouse, you and the others can't stop talking about her. She really, really, really, burns your fat asses but good.

      Yay Shaw! You go girl!


  54. Why do liberals hate Hispanics like George Zimmerman? It seems they only care about black folks....damn the brown ones.They are "quiet" racist's.

  55. Liberals "hate" killers, not Hispanics. We don't celebrate them like Rusty (killers, not Hispanics). The racism (referring to the VICTIM as a "thug") exists on Rusty's side. Stuff your "quiet racism" BS Rusty.

  56. Liberals are Inferiour7/18/2013 6:18 PM

    According to that questionable species thing the little hoodlum was fucking, Jantel, he was beating, and trying to kill Zimmerman because he was sure he was gay. That makes your little dead hero a gay bashing lunatic.

    Why do all you liberals hate gays? Why do you celebrate those who try to kill them? Why are you all members of Westboro Baptist Church?


  57. DS/WD your hatred of a Hispanic man is quite celebrate all black people yet demonize brown people....why do you have this hate for Hispanic is clear you are indeed a "quiet" racist.

  58. Mr. Inferiour: [Trayvon] was beating, and trying to kill Zimmerman because he was sure he was gay. That makes your little dead hero a gay bashing lunatic.

    Not wanting to get raped isn't "gay bashing", same as women who don't submit when a man rapes them aren't bashing men. But it makes sense a Conservative like Mr. Inferior would take the side of a (hypothetical) rapist. Conservatives think rape is "God's will", after all. And, apparently a male raping another male is the only time homosexuality is OK with them.

    Also, that Trayvon was beating and trying to kill George Zimmerman is George Zimmerman's story. He killed Trayvon so he can't give his version of events. Did he "beat" George? The ME said she did not believe GZ's head was slammed repeatedly against the concrete. Because the injuries he suffered were "very insignificant" (her words). If TM never "beat" GZ he certainly wasn't trying to kill him for any reason.

    And Rachel Jeantel is a human, not a "questionable species thing". If not a racist Mr. Inferior is at least a discriminator and judger of persons based on looks... and he has the NERVE to compare Liberals to members of a "church" dedicated to hate? You should take your Rush Limbaugh lies elsewhere Mr. Inferior, they aren't going to fly here.

    Rusty Shackelford: your hatred of a Hispanic man is quite obvious. why do you have this hate for Hispanic folks?

    It isn't and I don't. My "hate" isn't "obvious" but something Rusty pulled out of his ass. Rusty's hate for an African American teen is quite obvious. Why does he have this hate for Black folks? Indeed it is quite clear Rusty is a not so quite racist.


  59. Is this true DS/WD? Do you also hate gay people? It has been established that you hate Hispanic's? Do you also hate gays? Can this be true, are you a quiet homophobe?
    DS/WD,you cannot continue with this sham.....if you hate Hispanic's and gay's just admit it.

  60. The sham is Rusty's make-believe "confirmation" of my "hatred" of gays and Hispanics. I suspect Rusty hates the people in these groups. We have already confirmed that he hates Blacks, so it would be no stretch to include gays and Hispanics. Conservatives like Rusty hate a lot of people.

  61. Liberals = Inferiour People7/18/2013 10:14 PM

    And Rachel Jeantel is a human, not a "questionable species thing".

    That is the biggest fairy tale in this entire sorry, sordid episode.

    And why are you telling fairy tales? You've proven that both you, and the dead thug, hate(d) "fairies"

    Don't you have a military funeral to desecrate with Fred Phelps?

  62. I don't use that word to describe gay people, nor do I judge people based on their looks. That would be you. Here we have two conservatives (Rusty and Inferior) who tried to turn the tables and failed miserably. You are both only making it clear how very filled with hate you are.


  63. have proven on your own blog a hatred for a Hispanic man.....why I don't know. Perhaps its from something in your past.But,this new revelation about your hate for gay people is most upsetting.

    How can you continue with your lies? You profess your hate for George Zimmerman...a Hispanic man and then a poster here uncovers your dislike of gay people.....Sanders,have you no shame.

  64. I'm still waiting on the Obama Administration to set up a tip-line for whistle-blowers on the IRS abuses, the NSA spying on every single American, and anyone who knows witnesses or survivors from the attacks at Benghazi Libya.
    But The Eric Holder Department of Justice has set up a tip-line where concerned citizens can email in their own personal racist interactions with George Zimmerman in hopes of building a case against him for civil rights violations.
    I think they'll have a problem building a case with real evidence.

    Zimmerman’s high school prom date- black.

    Zimmerman’s business partner- black.

    Zimmerman’s wife’s best friend- black.

    Kids Zimmerman tutors after school for free- black.

    Neighbor Zimmerman invited to stay at his house as long as she needed after being rattled by a break in to her house, black.

    Homeless man killed that Zimmerman fought for justice for- black.

    Fifty-one percent of the neighborhood where Zimmerman rents a house are either black or brown.
    So lets face the facts! Holder and Obama are friggen RACIST no ifs ands or buts about it..

    This whole friggen thing has become a National Witch Hunt!
    Only the liberal-Progressive crackpots, ate buying this thing Just read their dumb-ass Cracker blogs. Such as this one

    1. Re: Rocko's claim that Zimmerman loved the Blacks... you got some links to news articles to back this up? I'm not just taking yours (and Fox Nooz's) word.

  65. Just ask the two Nazi's Shaw and RN I'm sure they can verify this. Because everyone seems to know it except the clueless author of this blog.....


  66. He doesn't want to know the truth.....he is a "quiet" racist.....he outed himself.

  67. Anonymous: Because everyone seems to know it except the clueless author of this blog.

    Anon didn't want to give any links because the only nooz organizations that are "verifying" this are Rightwing. I found an article from someone named "Whiteman" (seriously) writing for the Wilmington Conservative Examiner. He quotes Breitbart and the UK telegraph. Apparently these "facts" are being "ignored" by the media. Even if true -- none of these "facts" mean GZ didn't profile TM. Remember GZ referred to TM as a coon?

    Rusty: He doesn't want to know the truth. he is a "quiet" racist. he outed himself.

    I want to know the truth. I did not "out" myself as a "quiet" anything. I don't care that Zimmerman is Hispanic on his mother's side. I only care that he shot and killed an unarmed teen after racially profiling him... something GZ has an extensive history of doing. He once profiled a "suspicious" Black 7 year old, for crying out loud!

    If you want to see what it looks like when someone outs himself as a racist look at Zimmerman's dad Robert. He outed himself with his e-book where he reveals that the "true racists" are members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP. You know you're dealing with someone with serious racial biases when they tell you the REAL racists are Black people.

    I bet Rusty agrees with Zimmerman's dad.


  68. You still don't say why you hate Hispanics and gays.No one but you cares about Zimmerman senior...its a non starter.

    Does your issues with Hispanics and gays stem from your childhood? What happened? Were you abused by a gay relative? Are you in the closet? Were you abused by a gay Hispanic? Did a Hispanic boy beat you up when you were young? Did a Hispanic girl beat you up? Did you get a bad meal at a Mexican restaurant?

  69. Is R N. Hispanic?

  70. So, am I to understand that information is only valid if it comes from "approved" info sources?

    Whats a good non-biased, give you all the info, neutral, source?

    Can Black people even be Racist?

    So if one considers themselves "oppressed," that makes it ok to call the "oppressor" racially biased names.?

    Did Trayvon self identify as a thug to one of his peers by txt msg?

    Has George ever been convicted of a crime?

    Did George perform exactly as trained by the Sanford Police Neighborhood Coordinator?

    If I was being chased by a potential rapist and was close to home, I would probably run home or call the police...maybe both.

    Where are the marks or any signs that Trayvon was "caught" and struggled against the potential rapist? None of his clothes are torn, he had no bruising on is wrists or arms, he wasn't missing any hair. The autopsy report showed that he was basically pristine, cept for the 9mm bullet hole in his chest.

    How did George get those contusions, abrasions and small lacerations on the back of his head?

    When does someone following you become a physical threat that the law allows "self defense?" Is it based on distance?

    And if attacked, how much force can one legally use and when should they stop? If they don't stop, when do they transition from legitimate self defense to committing battery?

    And this stand your ground law stuff.... How many states have them and how long have they been in effect?

    Since implemented, has there been a increase in Black teenagers (or anybody for that matter) killed by people using the SYG as justification?

    The investigation that the FBI completed regarding racial profiling in this case....does it have any validity?

    This is just sooo confusing.... actually it isnt.

    You all really want to know what might have saved Trayvon? If those cowards in the complex had got off their chicken shit asses and went out side to intervene when they heard screams for help. Any of you ever think of that? That may have saved Trayvon. People want to hide in their houses and "not get involved" cause its "none of their business". And then piss and moan about the state of affairs in their community. Or enlist others to be the "neighborhood watch".


  71. Rusty: You still don't say why you hate Hispanics and gays.

    I can't because I don't.

    Rusty: No one but you cares about Zimmerman senior...its a non starter.

    It isn't. His son picked up on it. Kids learn by imitating their parents.

    Rusty: Does your issues with Hispanics and gays stem from your childhood? What happened? Were you abused by a gay relative? Are you in the closet? Were you abused by a gay Hispanic?...

    No. none of that happened to me. I have no "issues". But George's issues with Blacks probably stem from his childhood and being raised by a racist dad.

    Question is, what happened to Rusty in his childhood that made him a homophobe? He clearly is one. He just outed himself by falsely linking pedophilia and homosexuality (homophobes do that).

    Also, Rusty didn't want to talk about Robert Zimmerman because he most likely does agree with the bigoted dad of George about Blacks. This would explain why Rusty is attacking me in this area... he's covering for his own racism. Conservatives do that a LOT (attack people for things they are guilty of).

    That Rusty is absolutely refusing to let this drop (comment after comment after comment)... I think points to Rusty's issues with Blacks, Hispanics and gays being VERY strong. I wouldn't be surprised if Rusty comments on the Stormfront message board a lot. He probably at least lurks.


  72. Col.Sanders,your comments never explain why you hate Hispanics.....George Zimmerman is Hispanic,your hatred of him is directly due to his race. You are indeed a quiet can continue with your lame denials but it's clear you have a deep seated hatred for brown people....why,I cant begin to guess.As for your problem with gays.....that is something you have to live with...what ever happened to you during your formative years to cause your dislike and fear of gays is your cross to carry...perhaps you should leave the closet...

  73. Dumber than a box of rocks. Just like I said. I responded to all your accusations. You just ignore what I write. This discussion is now ended. Further comments from Rusty that are more of the same will be deleted. This is my blog and I've had enough of Rusty's stupidity. On this topic, anyway. Post stupid comments on another topic and I may let them stand, but I've had my fill of the gay bashing and false accusations of racism from Rusty.

  74. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  75. Comment by Rusty deleted because he lied (again) about me "hating" Hispanics and gays. I told him no more lies and he ignored me (as I knew he would).

  76. RN came on Shaw's blog today claiming he was neutral, the rest of us are singing the choir of either side. This was about the presidents speech yesterday. When I pointed out that RN was a singer for the right and not believable when he claims the president was race baiting because he was guilty of bigoted statements himself, Shaw refused to print that comment. It's true Shaw protects bigots. She is not what you think she is (a nice person).

    1. How did you phrase it? Did you refer to "bigoted comments" in general or to the incident (the one we all know about) specifically? One I would think she might publish the former and the not the latter. Whatever the case I respect Shaw's decision to not bring that discussion to her blog. I continue to think she is a nice person and that her not publishing comments referring to the comment on RN's blog isn't "protecting". We will have to agree to disagree on that I guess.

      Also, I've asked that the subject not be brought up and that comments that did would be deleted. I'll let this one stand as it is relevant to this discussion on the Zimmerman verdict (and RN's hypocrisy regarding it). Future comments may or may not be deleted at my discretion (they will probably be deleted). I'd prefer to not have to decide (because no one brings it up again). I was satisfied with the answers I got regarding Shaw and what she wishes (and wishes not) to discuss on her blog.

    2. My continuous point stands. It is perfectly OK to bring up RN past bigotry, especially when RN is commenting about bigotry. It is dishonest to hide RN's bigotry when responding to RN's assertion that certain statements. or people are bigoted. How do we judge, or react to anyone making claims that someone, some act, or some statement is bigoted, if we know that commenter IS bigoted? It is 100% pertinent to the discussion. Sure, she can choose what she will post, but then she owns the criticism.

    3. Thanks for proving me right and deleting that comment

    4. Interesting you practice censorship just as Shaw and RN do.

  77. Between what Obama said yesterday and what his buddy Al Sharpton is doing today and what Holder said a frew days ago, it seems to me like the three stooges are trying very hard to start a race war. It certainly would not surprise me. Every day it gets worse and worse..
    Its all over the internet and newspapers and even on our nightly news on TV. I’m looking toward for the riots, the groups in the Hoodies to start burning down the cities and breaking into the stores for their “Free Stuff” ...... .Obama needs to shut the hell up about this and put an end to all of this work to incite racial tensions and violence.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not accusing ALL blacks of doing these things, many blacks realize that education is the key, hard work etc etc and accept that their life is their own responsibility and escape the ghetto and do well in life. The rest just keep repeating the cycle, its easier to live on the Obama hand ours and Free Stuff than bother to work hard. Black Leaders like Al Sharpton want it that way, they want their followers to be lazy and depend on phoney SOB’s like Sharpton. They have already called BILL COSBY, HERMAN CAIN, and CHARLES BARKLY as TRAITORS just like they did with CLARENCE THOMAS because they don’t support their extremists anti-white ideologic. What Obama said yesterday was pathetic. he had better come up with something better than that if he don’t want a race riot to explode. It seems as if is now open season on white people. George Zimmerman Wasn’t on Trial —- ALL WHITE PEOPLE were!
    The race-baiting left, both white and black should be ashamed of themselves not to accept the jury’s verdict. They only do so when it fits THEIR cause.
    And lastly, I’d like to know, where was Al Sharpton when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were slain, and had their throats sliced.

    On another note, I did take a peek at "Shaw's" blog just now and I found that this RN guy is a stooge for Shaw. is seems to be her "Yes Man" and am I mistaken or is he one of the authors there, as he seems to always be there commenting?

  78. There isn't going to be any "race war". Some racist rioting, perhaps... started by racially biased individuals like Darth and Anon who think some of their fellow human beings are their enemies due to the color of their skin. If that does happen, the offending Crackers will be charged with crimes and go to jail.

    I recognize the absolute truth in our president's statement and say "well said sir". ALL White people were not on trial. White justice was on trial and it failed. The law (stand your ground) and the cops (who perceived Zimmerman to be White) is clearly racist toward Black people. This is a fact that rational thinking people can't deny. It's time to do something about it. Unfortunately one side is determined to move backward and not forward... the Republicans. This would be the same Republican Party that rushed (in some states) to reinstitute Jim Crow type voting restrictions after the Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court struck down a portion of the voting rights act.

    Fortunately the old racists are dying off and the younger generation is less inclined to share the biases of their elders. Minority populations are growing and the Repubs are doing noting to win their votes. All good news for future Democratic victories. Then, hopefully, we can get to work and strive toward greater equality with less obstruction from the Party that is actively seeking to increase inequality.

  79. Interesting blog. Lacking intellectual honesty the site makes up for it by prviding theatrical and comic relief.

    Close to the National Enquirer, it ranks just below it.

    A blog, all things considered, not worth revisiting.

    1. George Zimmerman's Bloody Nose7/21/2013 6:29 AM

      No problem, Anon@9:35, no one will miss you.

  80. Last Friday, President Obama made the comment again: "If I had a son..." We all know the story. Only this time Obama in reference to the Zimmerman verdict went further: "It could have been me." This is not very tasteful, especially from a sitting president.
    Well maybe, just maybe, if Trayvon Martin had had a “REAL” Daddy and a “REAL” Mama who weren’t dysfunctional, and who gave a shit where their son was and what he was doing, , he might not be dead today..

    And maybe, just maybe if these “compassionate liberals" had more contempt for their President And the so called “Black Leaders, and the Attorney General, who are so voicetrous after the fact and so opinionated when it come to their own cause these momma’s and these daddy’s woyld spend a bit of time teaching their son’s right from wrong and not to wonder off at night looking for trouble.
    The Trayvon Martin case as in many, many others ALL seem to have one thing in common...SINGLE MOTHERS!! . And all these children with absent and even unknown fathers? In just about ALL those neighbourhoods also have one thing in common.. They ALL have these terrorizing gangs of boys without responsible adult male models or 2 parents at home. ALL those children with multiple absent fathers? ALL those young black males seem to be unable or unwilling to do a day's work for a day's pay. So what happens, they wing up getting arrested for possession of stolen property and having burglar tools in their possession. (Sound familia?)
    Take NO responsibility for anyone else, or anything else, but whatever floats your boat!
    And thanks to that "Great Black Leader" who now seems to put the blame on our courts and or our jury system, what are we to expect to happen in the future? The President of the United States and the presiding judge and the Attorney General of the USA has done a great injustice to the black community. By himself egging on the protest gangs of the "compassionate liberals" and friends. PLUS cheerleaders in Media and the so called “Reverends are going to have blood on their hands because of this.
    So the bottom line is that Trayvon, the racist that he was, was guilty himself of profiling a “CREEPY ADDED CRACKER” and decided to kick some ass. The ignorant Trayvon never took into account that a “CREEPY ASSED CRACKER” who may have been looking for some perp might be out carrying a gun. Failure to learn that lesson from his missing in action Daddy cost Trayvon his life.

  81. I guess the author of this blog “Nostradumbass” as well as her compatriot Shaw Kenawe is just about as literate as Rachel Jeanta, if that’s at all possible. And di you see those pictures of Trayvon Martin the Communist agitators were holding up at those “rallies” they were pictures of him when he was about 10 years old, not the current Mug Shots of the Thug.
    And as for Travons Daddy, someone should nominate this clown as “Liberal Dad” of the Year.
    This Dude is to stupid to even recognize how he is being used. He’s looking for a pay-off thats all! He is a Gangster just like his son. Without the Presidents comments and Sharptons holding him up as if he’s a “role model, he is a nobody, just like his Creepy Ass Gangster son..
    I am so tired of the phony outrage from the racist President of the United States, his First lady, and the racist blacks and their “Leaders” all over this country over Saint Skittles… he was a 17 year old wannabe Thug, nothing more and nothing less... Pathetic and sad.

  82. These are a sampling and only SOME of the
    tweets found on the on tweeter account named Friends of Trayvon Martin.

    Fuck Zimmerman. Find the address of every fool in the jury .. "not guilty" .. Idiosyncrasy.

    surely somebody knows the address of the jury...

    fuck zimmerman’s address give me the jury address and his lawyer address!

    I want all 6 jury folks address !!!

    i don't want zimmerman's address i want the names and contact info of the members of the jury

    Show me the jury's faces. Give me those address'

    Go to Simi Valley and surely somebody knows the address of the jury Pay a little visit, "Who is it?

    Where these jury hoes stay? Can we get they address?

    who all was in the jury..find they address and post them mfs too they need to get it just as bad as zimmerman

    fuck Zimmerman's address. gimme ALL of the people on the jury address. fuck them.

    Right ! What's the jury address we need to kill that Mf

    Hang the jury!

    We Got ZIMMERMAN Address & We Need The JURY Address WE ON THEY ASS

    Who was the black bitch on the jury? That's who we should be upset with. What's that bitches address?

    Or we could KILL the jury & Zimmerman , both deserve it ! #FBI & Police can go eat a Big D !—

    This is the Time the Gangs in America shud come as one and Kill Zimmerman and the whole Jury that decided this case.

    The Bitches Who On The Jury They Needa Get Killed Too , Now Wtf Is There Address ?

    Y'all needa kill the jury as well. they ain't no different

    The purge should be in Florida just for tonight Kill the jury Kill Zimmerman. Kill the lawyers Kill Zimmerman wife

    Kill the jury

    Somebody gone kill the jury ladies too! Lmfao.

    I Say Kill The Jury Too Fuck It

    Instead of killing George Zimmerman, how about we kill the jury while we at it. With they incorrect asses!!


    That was only a SMALL sample. In a way it's very scary that people are so emotionally unhinged Liberals who are so charged up that they don’t even know their own ass‘s from their elbows.

    1. Oh my. youze must be white racist.

  83. Dear "True" Patriot,

    When you learn to write in your native language (which I assume is English, but we couldn't know that from the slop you posted), you will earn the right to question other people's literacy. Until then, try to refrain from making yourself look like a pompous dimwit.

    1. Minister of the Gospel7/21/2013 5:17 PM

      Thank God we have a justice system based on looking at the evidence instead of just leaving it up to people like you think.

  84. Who asked you, and who cares about your oh-so-angry that we have a jury system that works!
    I guess the lives of honest"WHITE" folk don't mean shit to Libs like you after all.

    So lets be clear about this......YOU liberals or Progressives don't give a flying fig about the black youths being mowed down every night in the suburbs of Chicago do you?. You will not find one blogger posting anything about that or one post generated by a liberal getting upset about it.

    BUT any time a black person dies and a white person does it, it is ALWAYS the fault of the white matter what the facts say. And the left k00ks like YOU will posts up thousands of posts about it too.......and zero about the hordes of black kids dying every single day all over America. Kind of like your buddy the Revvverend Al Sharpton another piece of human excrement!

    And what kind of justice for Trayvon do you fools want? He got his justice! He got into a physical altercation and lost his life. A jury of his peers determined there was not sufficient evidence to convict him on criminal charges. That is how the justice system works. Trayvon was given ALL his justice, it's just that you didn't get the jury verdict that YOU wanted... did you. .

  85. I’m with you Patriot Dude. personally I don’t give a flying fig about the Martin family or about any of their claims of racism. Or about what these de dig-bat liberals say or blog about that thug who was out looking for trouble that night. I’m sorry a young man aka “child” died, but I’m more sorry that another man was placed in a position where defending his life almost cost him his life. Isn’t it interesting that Zimmerman’s whole life was investigated and put before the public, but “sweet little innocent” Trayvon’s background wasn’t allowed to be put before the jury. And they made Trayvon’s Dad out to be some sort of a Saint also. That clown should be put on the cover of Time Magazine as Liberal Dad of the Year!
    I’m very thankful that the jury had the backbone to render a verdict based on the evidence instead of on the BS of a parade of witnesses, like their star witness Martin’s friend, that Rocket Scientist Rachel Jeantel.

    Also here a FACT that NOBODY seem to catch on . The prosecution, the media, and all of those bleeding heat Libs out there has focuses on the fact that Trayvon purchased Skittles at 7-11 before his deathly confrontation with Zimmerman, but they fail to mention one BIG FACT, he was also buying Arizona Fruit Juice, both of which are ingredients used to create a home-made drug called “Sizzurp”

    I wonder if our dear leader did THAT 35 years ago?

  86. Shaw Kenawe,
    I read your blog and all I can say is that it sounded more like a lecture then a discussion.
    So, if you don't want a sarcastic answer then don't ask a stupid question.

    The Zimmerman defense won the case fairly and squarely all the evidence supported his actions, even though the Judge was in the back pocket of the “Obama administration”.

  87. Hey give Shaw a break she went through 2 weeks of being told what a piece of shit she is by the whole blogosphere..

    1. Liberals are Inferiour7/21/2013 8:24 PM

      Hey give Shaw a break she went through 2 weeks of being told what a piece of shit she is by the whole blogosphere..

      Not nearly long, or harsh, enough!

  88. Read what these Repigs had to say here.

  89. Found on another blog.
    Rational Nation USA, said:

    "Obama a douche bag for exploiting another tragedy (Zimmerman) for political points
    The Zimmerman case had nothing to do with "stand your ground" yet the Obama Administration is exploiting it to push it's anti-gun rights agenda. It’s pathetic."

  90. If you want to make a point, it would be better not to quote a proven hater and antisemite like RN.

  91. Just trying to help7/22/2013 6:14 AM

    Perhaps the fact that RN is a proven hater and anti Semite was his or her point!

  92. So Stevie Wonder, Jessie Jackson and other ignoramus's are going to boycott Florida because of their stand your ground law!

    It was a self defense case, the Florida laws were never brought up by lawyers from either side the stand your ground law issue was brought up by the media and Obozo in a failed attempt to make the case about race and sidetrack the issue to get his gun control law passed..

    PS... Does my calling someone a ignoramus make me racist?

  93. Hey, Shaw Kenawe since you think that you are SO well informed. And since you seem to have such a BIG MOUTH. I propose the following discussion,
    tell us why Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman judged by different standards?
    Why was George Zimmerman’s prior record and information allowed and not Trayvon Martins? Why was George Zimmerman criminal record and information allowed and not Trayvon Martins? If the defense wasn’t able to bring up Trayvon Martin's past, then the prosecution should not have be allowed to speak about Zimmerman’s past.

    What can you or the other big mouthed Progressives say about that?
    Also, how does if feel to be compared to Hitler?

  94. Will Someone do us all a favor and Take That Uneducated Racist Bitch Rachel Jeantel.... and give her a job cleaning the bathrooms at MacDonalds.........

  95. Race Warfare only drives a wedge deep in the progress that has taken centuries to achieve. They have riled up the youth so much that they have taken to the streets with flash mobs. Reverse Racism, if you want to call it that, is more dangerous. It is also their way of holding back the progress of their own race, but it does secure votes. As in the 2008 elections, 95% of African Americans voted for Obama. To secure and keep 11% of the people delusional and disenfranchised is sick and abusive. It is inciting and terroristic (if there is such a word), And it is already showing results of violence. But NO where has the Tea Party demonstrated one inkling of racism. All the Tea Party wants is Legitimate representation and Responsible legislation.
    On another note, Rachel Jeantel wasn't consistent with her testimony. She actually admitted to lying twice. The defense didn't treat her any differently because she is black than they would treat any unintelligible white person. They are a defense team its their job and they did it well. It's also interesting how people keep trying to make this about Zimmerman profiling.
    As for the dummy who said that she was very intelligent because she spoke 3 languages, tell me just how intelligent is someone wh says, ,"I aint .cummin bak tumorraw"?

  96. According to Reuters, The so call demonstrations were not exactly successful, in New York a grand total of 2000 people showed up Saturday to protest in favor of Trayvon Martin in the George Zimmerman trial.. More New Yorkers show up for pizza at Ray’s between 6:00 and 6:05 in the evening. (Well, who knows? But you get my point.) In our second most populous city, my hometown of Los Angeles, the results were even worse, according to the Los Angeles Times. A measly 400 people demonstrated. The totals in Miami, closest big city to the event, were 300..

    Could it be that most blacks think the right verdict was reached. But they also believe they are better off to not say so.
    Or that nobody ever really gave a damn about it one way or the other.

  97. Obama said. “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago,”

    That's Right: a Drug-dealing Thug from a Broken Home up to No Good and Willing to Do Anything to Get Ahead - Including Lying , Stealing from Others, Pot Smoking, and Starting a Race War......

  98. It’s a shame but true.7/22/2013 1:52 PM

    The black community needs to look at what they are doing to themselves.. They are blaming us white folks for what they’ve done themselves. The Jesse Jackson’s and the Al Sharpton’s, and yes even the President of the United States, are keep them down so they can't live the live that America promised.Black People Don’t want to hear this but it's a fact that they need to wake up to.

    It’s a shame


  99. Its amazing how hero's continue to do heroic things.

    This weekend George Zimmerman pulled four people from the wreck of an SUV.I dont know for sure but its possible he saved a couple lives.Just goes to show what a stand up guy Zimmerman is.A Trayvon Martin type might have stolen their wallets.

    1. Yeah, no doubt that is how GZ views himself. He was acting the hero when he gunned down Trayvon... the thug who was about to commit a B&E (in GZ's imagination). Now that he's been "vindicated" he is probably suffering from delusions of grandeur... which would explain this act of "heroism". GZ, the "persecuted hero" who is actually a murderer.


  100. Why so touchy Col.Sanders? Have you ever pulled four people from a wrecked SUV? I'd guess not.But,Mr.(and yes,yo should call him)Zimmerman did.He is a true hero while you are a keyboard cowboy.

  101. The true racist is you and your fellow liberals. You constantly talk down to minorities telling them they can't make it and they need a handout when nothing could be further from the truth. The modern democrat party has done more damage to minorities than all racists in history combined. What's really sad is the fact that they've taken hope and ambition away from the black community. Without hope, ambition and a little personal responsibility we'll be having this same conversation 50 years from now after 5 more generations of minorities have been flushed down the democrat toilet of low expectations.

  102. The true racists are people like rocky spoon and his fellow Republicans who think telling poor people to fu*k off so they can give more tax cuts to the wealthy is "talking down to minorities". Liberals say no more handouts to wealthy leaches who don't need them. We need more handups to poor people (minorities and Whites) who have a genuine need.

  103. Oh poor Al Sharpton. I guess that the guy you liberals, progressives, democrats, and other leftist idiots, seem to put on a pedestal Al Sharpton can call Jews "diamond merchants" and that just peachy fine! The riots of Al Sharpton and his band of anti-Semite black kids who took advantage of the tragic death situation that was an accident of a child to justify inflicting their violence on innocent people in the Jewish community of Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY resulting in the murdering of Yankel Rosenbaum, a Jew young man from Australia, amid the cries from this gang of thugs "Kill the Jew!" Who ONLY wanted burn down, break in to stores and steal stuff and YRS, MURDER. . While this certainly did not justify the killing of Rosenbaum or the expressions of hatred against Jews, it goes a long way in explaining it.
    The guy is a self-serving dishonest demagogue, and it always amazes me whenever he's given credibility on talk shows, interviews, etc., given the nature of his career and character. I'm also old enough to remember how Sharpton's career started with the horrendous Tawana Brawley affair after which Sharpton was convicted of lying.Tawana Brawley an 15 year old African-American YOUNG woman from New York. In she received national media attention for falsely accusing six white men, some of whom were police officers, of having raped her. The accusations soon earned her notoriety, which was inflamed by Brawley's advisers the Reverend Al Sharpton and attorneys Alton Maddox and C. Vernon Mason two other of Sharptons cohorts,gave false statements of various public officials, and of course this gained media attention. After hearing all this (False Information, that was later proved to be ALL Lies) evidence, a grand jury concluded that Brawley had not been the victim of a forcible sexual assault and that she herself may have created the appearance of an attack The New York prosecutor whom Brawley had accused as one of her alleged assailants successfully sued Brawley and her three advisers for defamation. Also back in 1995, Sharpton and his National Action Network led an ugly, racist boycott against Freddy’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned shop in Harlem, New York. The boycott started when Freddy’s owner, a Sephardic Jew announced that because he wanted to expand his own business, he would no longer sublet part of his building to the black-owned “Record Shack” run by a African American man named Sikhulu Shange. In response,an angry Shange threatened Harari, by stopping to pay rent,our buddy Al Sharpton hired a bevy of picketers, and commenced a protracted boycott of Freddy’s. But this wasn’t an ordinary boycott, This boycott was marked by innumerable expressions of racial hatred that somehow failed to offend Sharpton’s ostensibly sensitive heart. For example, one male boycotter, identifying himself as “Shabazz,” screamed: “Don’t shop at Freddy’s. Don’t give the expletive Jew bastard one dime, When Freddy’s manager, Steve Brodsky, asked Shabazz why he was using such racial hatred language, Shabazz replied: “Go expletive yourself white boy, you fat bastard.” On another occasion, Shabazz forced his way into the store and shouted, “I will be back to burn the F’en Jew’s store down, burn, burn, burn.”
    “These phrases.”

  104. Steve Brodsky testified to the New York Supreme Court, “were then repeated in almost chant-like fashion over the next few days by the other demonstrators.” Repeating the chants “bloodsucking Jews” and “white crackers,”
    The gang of boycotters threatened to “loot and burn the Jews.” Kareem Brunner, a black security guard employed by Freddy’s, also testified before the state Supreme Court, reporting that he personally had heard the boycotters say such things as: “Kill the crackers”; “Get the Jew bastards”; and “This block is for blacks only, get the Jew owners out of Harlem” And now to this day Al Sharpton is looked upon and a Community Hero. And he still has a illustrious career...
    Now will you Progressive two faced lying idiots please tell me again about Paula Deen’s using the “N” word 30 years ago....
    Because it’s not about George Zimmerman, or Paula Deen, It's about an leftist agenda.

  105. Food4Thought7/23/2013 3:54 PM

    The President of the United States is doing more harm than good, I don’t care what that Progressive screw-ball says on her blog.. . What bothers me the most is the ignorance of those who follow her like lost sheep in the night not seeing the implications of Obama’s statements. Nobody wants to discuss facts nor reality just false propaganda. What these leftist progressive idiots either fail to see or ignor the facts behind Obama's insidious statement, is the fact hath this will being out more and more racial tension and even lead to serious implications
    These scummy Progressives make me sick with their hypocrisy and lies, especially that Progressive, hatful, lying blogging whore
    Even that douchbag illiterate Rachel Jeantel is not that naive or ignorant!

    First time on your site thanks for your brutal honesty

  106. Bumper Freid7/26/2013 2:06 PM

    Your views are so distorted, you sound like a 10 year old child, or a demented adult.

  107. I recall a white couple brutally murdered - corpses burned? - by several black guys just a few years ago. It was a particularly gruesome episode, but I don't recall the race pimps like Al Sharpton or Jessie Jerkson, or Barack Obama or any other of the other slimes rallying in support of the poor tortured and murdered couple.

    Black on white crime is too UNIMPORTANT to the deadstream media, as it doesn't sell newspapers.

  108. O'Bunghole is just as depicable a reprobate, just as craven as was Little Crayvon (hence the nickname for America's celebrated Dead Thug Du Jour").

    Every nitwit who uses this situation as a reason to beat or threaten or bully White people should also be shot dead on the spot. Then, and only then, will these pinheaded goat-humpers decide that their energies are better spent in some other pursuit.

    It is our job to help our wayward Negro-speaking neighbors find their way back onto a path to their own survival, for many of them are right now following Little Crayvon down the path to Keltec annhialation

  109. I love how libs like you come on to this board, and so many other boards and show everyone your stupidity.

    It supposed to be a jury of HIS peers dumbass. Martin wasn't on trial. There needn't have been any black people on the jury.
    Don’t you realize the juror who thought him guilty could not convict him because there was NO PROOF he committed 2nd degree murder or manslaughter, NONE!
    Zimmerman killed a cheap thug wanna be who got shot because he though he'd attack a creepy assed cracker. Zimmerman did the world a favor

    Stupid Dervish Sanders meet stupid Shaw Kenawe

  110. To Maddie, aka Juror B29: Zimmerman didn’t “get away with murder.” He defended himself against a thug, who was bashing his head up against the concrete pavement. If you were in that situation, and someone were to beat your head into the concrete, would you shoot him if you had a gun available? And if you are acquitted because of this, did you not get away with murder?
    These idiots don't even know what the definition of murder is.

    Murder is "To kill (someone) unlawfully and with premeditation".

    Killing a person in self defense is within the law. So since it's lawful to do so, that would make it the opposite of unlawful. Premeditation is "he act of speculating, arranging, or plotting in advance". Again, there was no premeditation on Zimmerman's part. He pulled out his gun while he was on the bottom getting beat up. It wasn't planned, arranged nor did he plot to kill Trayvon Martin. Rationalizing this to the Travyon Martin cult is like taking a stick to a hornet's nest. The more you explain what happened from a factual perspective, the more angry they become.
    I wonder if she was saying this because just to ease the pressure off of her because of the death threats that she and her fellow jurors were receiving and is trying to get on their "good side"? Remember all the jurors wanted to find Zimmerman guilty, but the evidence supported for a not guilty verdict.

    Since the media only cares about ratings by stirring up the racial pot, they could care less about those whose lives were ruined; they should be held accountable for their actions and be taken off the air. Sooner or later, it's going to bite them right back. Now, Zimmerman a free man, is turning around and suing NBC for tainting his image by making him look like a racist for altering the 911 call. Karma is a bitch!

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. Whose gots the biggest asses Shaw Keewee or MoooSheel Obamy?

  113. Lmao, that was a really good one.
    And true !

  114. I am saddened by what fo;;owed after the verdict in the murder of Trayvon Martin, was give,
    Zimmerman was told by the 911 dispatcher not to follow the hooded Trayvon; he did anyway. Not a crime but a bad choice indeed. Zimmerman had a gun and Trayvon did not. Zimmerman says it was self defense because this 17-year-old kid was beating the crap out of him. Trayvon has not spoken from the grave to say otherwise. Trayvon is dead because Zimmerman was not guilty, period.

    The Not Guilty verdict is the result of a trial where a incompetent prosecutor who over-charged Zimmerman, but the verdict is not racially motivated as many now claim.
    Zimmerman was NOT guilty of murder and should nave never been charged with murder.

    And for NBC deliberately and maliciously editing the 911 recording adding to the already shoddy police work, it likely would have never been about race. Zimmerman, perhaps over zealous, was doing his job as a neighborhood watchman based on the 911 recording. Shame on the usual race baiters. The media, Al Sharpton and the whole lot of them be shamed.

    What was racial was how black leaders, including the president and his cronie or should I say phoney “black leaders”, responded to the tragedy essentially forcing the prosecution Zimmerman..


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