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Severe Conservative Delusions: Van Jones Maoist Edition

Dirty energy backers blocked cap-and-trade, which would have spurred green innovation and enterprise. Now they complain that we have not had more progress regarding green jobs? That would be like someone tripping a racehorse and then saying, "See, I told you that horse was no good"! ~ Van Jones (dob 9/20/1968) explains his frustration at the Republican efforts to stymie the creation of green jobs during the brief period he served as green jobs "czar" (March to September of 2009).

The blogger dmarks (real name Dennis Marks) is one mentally strange Conservative, the most severely deluded one I have ever encountered, in fact. And it is Dennis Marks who is the subject of the "Severe Conservative Delusions" series of commentaries on this blog, of which this post is the 5th entry. In this commentary I examine the unnatural obsession of Dennis with former Green Jobs Adviser Van Jones. Van Jones is a progressive advocate and political activist Dennis hates with a passion.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Jones, here is a short excerpt from his bio at Wikipedia...

In March 2009 Jones was appointed by President Barack Obama to the newly created position of Special Adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, where he worked... to advance the administration's climate and energy initiatives... In July 2009 he became "embroiled in a controversy" over his past political activities, including a public comment disparaging congressional Republicans, his name appearing on a petition for, and allegations of association with a Marxist group during the 1990s. For these issues, Van Jones was heavily criticized by conservatives. Jones resigned from the position in early September 2009...

Mr. Marks doesn't just hate Van Jones, he LOATHES him. The reason being Mr. Jones' "past political activities" that include an "association with a Marxist group during the 1990s". That last bit in particular rankles Mr. Marks' sensibilities, which is why he brings it up frequently, as in this 5/5/2013 comment on the blog Contra O'Reilly...

Dennis Marks: the way, appropriate to energy discussions, I found this photo when looking up unrepentant Maoist extremist Van Jones... That windmill behind him sure does inspire confidence, doesn't it? This is while I looked up the figures from various sources to find out that Van Jones was likely paid $60,000 for six months work as a jobs czar. During this period, unemployment increased 14%, with more than a million losing their jobs. What a public servant! Perhaps Jones saw the goal of a jobs czar to eliminate jobs, just as a poverty czar tries to eliminate poverty. He sure acted like it. (5/5/2013 AT 2:43pm).

There are, of course, numerous problems with this statement by Dennis about Van Jones. Namely that Dennis is lying through his teeth about Mr. Jones being an "unrepentant Maoist extremist". Wikipedia notes that "in October 2005 Jones said he was a rowdy nationalist... but that by August of...1992... he was a Communist. Later he became a member of a socialist collective called Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM) that protested... police brutality".

It is because of Van Jones' affiliation with STORM that Dennis calls him a Maoist, but I say, so the hell what? Is Dennis in favor of police brutality? In any case, all this is in Mr. Jones past, as he explains on his website...

Van Jones: I experimented with world-views and philosophies and I was an angry young guy, I was on the left side of Pluto. The great thing about America is, you can think whatever wacky thing you want to think, and you are free to change your mind once you get older.

In other words, Van Jones was a champion of the poor and minority communities (in opposing police brutality). Previously he believed that far-left tactics were the way to accomplish his worthy goals, but he has since come to the realization that his goals can best be accomplished within the framework of our free market system. Van Jones now says he is "probably the biggest champion of free market solutions for America's problems, period". I don't know about you, but he doesn't sound like a Commie to me.

As for Van Jones "repenting", what Dennis means is that he believes Mr. Jones is still a Maoist/Communist and wants America to adopt that ideology. I guess Mr. Jones referring to his past views a "wacky" and stating that he CHANGED HIS MIND isn't good enough for Mr. Marks. Dennis KNOWS Van is lying. I know this (that Dennis does not believe Van Jones has rejected Communism/Maoism/Marxism/Leninism/other-far-leftism) because on 12/8/2012 Dennis posted the following comment on the Contra O'Reilly blog...

Dennis Marks: Van Jones' views are the worst of the worst, at least as bad as Nazism. He's a Maoist. You know, the political ideology that demands execution of a large percentage of the population in order to achieve political reform. He's the equivalent of David Duke. Based on his professed political ideology, he's the kind of guy who could look around a crowded room and think of who he'd send to the death camps if he were leader. (8/29/2011 AT 4:12pm).

So, what Van Jones desires (in his heart of hearts) is mass murder? What utter bullshit. These are slanderous and completely unsupported-by-the-facts accusations that Dennis pulled straight from his ass. But Dennis has a history of slandering and lying about Left-leaning individuals, frequently stating that they wish to murder large numbers of people, instead of helping them (which is their true agenda).

Van Jones is not "one of the most truly evil men in politics", he is one of the truly good ones. Mr. Jones' most recent project is "Rebuild the Dream", a movement dedicated to making the changes necessary so that more citizens can attain the American Dream. The problem, according to Mr. Jones, is related to the "Wall Street bailouts, tax handouts, and corporate loopholes are draining our nation's wealth". How can this goal possibly be characterized as "evil"?

Fact is, Dennis himself opposed and opposes the "Wall Street bailouts, tax handouts, and corporate loopholes" (or he SAYS he does). As for the other lies of Dennis... he says Van Jones worked "as a jobs czar". Close, but not quite. He was specifically in charge of Green Jobs... and Dennis thinks that after a mere 6 months his efforts should have been bearing fruit? Van Jones was just getting started when he was forced to resign. That unemployment increased while he was on the job (due to the bush recession) is not something that can be attributed to Mr. Jones.

As for his salary, I'm not going to bother looking into it. Whatever it was I'm sure it was appropriate and in line with what other advisers earn (and earned, under Obama and under past presidents). How Van Jones is at all like David Duke, I have no idea what-so-ever, except to note that Republicans quite often accuse Black progressives of racism (David Duke is a racist, so Dennis must be accusing Van Jones of racism). "Race hustler" is another slur Conservatives love to apply to Black progressives that advocate on behalf of, and stand up for poor Blacks (and often poor Whites as well). It's a thinly veiled attempt to paper over their own racism.

Dennis Marks is guilty of this sort of behavior, as I documented in a prior blog post. Although I believe the primary objection of Dennis to Van Jones centers on his PAST identification with far-left ideologies, and not the fact that he's black. But would Dennis be comparing Van Jones to David Duke if he (Van Jones) were White? I doubt it. But, to be "fair" I am positive that Dennis is more of a socialist hater than a racist.

Communism and Socialism are ideologies that say we are "our brother's keepers"; that we need to look out for each other and make sure everyone has, at the very least, the bare essentials of life. It is an ideology that says nobody should live in poverty, or we should (at least) do our best to reduce poverty as much as we can. Dennis rejects these ideas. In the Dickensian world of Dennis individuals should be able to accumulate much more wealth than they need, even if it means a large number of people have to live in abject poverty.

It is true that Communism and Socialism, when implemented on a national scale, have failed. Mainly due to the greed of the leaders who used their positions to grab as much wealth and power for themselves as they could. This is why Van Jones wised up and realized his goal of HELPING PEOPLE (not murdering them) could be be attained by using the system already in place. A democratic free market system where we can implement as much socialism as we want (via our elected officials).

Democratic Socialism can never lead to genocide as the liar Dennis claims. It is only when the people hand off absolute power to a small group (no matter the ideology) that bad things tend to happen. It is wealth and power concentrated in a limited number of hands we need to be concerned about, not the desire to HELP PEOPLE. But Dennis does not want to help people, at least not at the expense of the wealthy.

If people cannot accumulate vast fortunes beyond what they could possibly spend in one lifetime, Dennis Marks says "NO". You have to draw the line somewhere, after all. If not, then you'll probably go from helping people to wanting to murder them, as Van Jones (in the demented imagination of Dennis) obviously wants to.

As we all know serial killers often start out helping animals, right? That's before they move on to helping people. Then comes the mass murdering. Or desire to kill on a large scale. At least that's how Dennis thinks it works, apparently.

You know, If I were to compare Dennis and Van Jones I would have to conclude that Mr. Marks is far, FAR more evil.

SWTD #144, dDel #7.


  1. For the most part, I ignore dmark's comments. They are often off topic or imply things never said.

  2. Received your email Jerry. Will says, in the comment thread of his latest post (the "I shit you not" one), that "it was a joke and exaggeration for the sake of effect" and that it was "directed at Jerry and from a previous thread".

    I looked around Will's blog after I got your email, but I don't know what you said in a previous thread that caused him to make this "joke". Do you know what he's talking about?

    Also, what are your feelings in regards to Van Jones? Personally, I have a lot of respect for him. That he identified as Communist in his youth does not bother me at all. He isn't any more, and has said so, but for some strange reason dmarks does not believe him.

  3. So you address evidence unearthed about Jones being a Maoist by attacking someone that criticizes him for it with a slurry bomb of ad hominem? Sorry but Van Jones was outed by Trevor Loudon. Jones doesn't even bother denying his radical agenda; he describes himself as a radical. Now of course, as a former Marxist myself I am well aware that that the most popular word Communists hid themselves behind for much of the past 100 years is "progressive."

    Perhaps that explains your motivations. After all, you are here defending "Democratic Socialism." It's really unfortunate that you have not learned that Socialism cannot be institutionalized without totalitarianism. This country was built on liberty through private property as well as individual rights. Socialism/Communism seeks to abolish both.

    Your political naiveté is what causes you to not see anything wrong with Jones' approach. The radical left never state their cause openly; they hide it behind side issues and abstract feel-good ideas. You take them on face value. Don't.

    Also, would it not bother you at all if someone identified himself as a Nazi in his youth, or are we facing yet another common left-of-center double standard, in which Nazi affiliation is the height of evils but the Communist one is ho-hum? It's really amusing this mindset persists, especially in light of that Communists killed far more people than Hitler ever tried to kill... And you didn't even bother asking if Jones rejects or condemns the Communists.

    The cognitive dissonance is quite astounding to behold.

    Thanks for reminding me why I am no longer a "progressive," comrade.


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