Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where is the Adulation I Deserve?

As blushing will sometimes make a whore pass for a virtuous woman, so modesty may make a fool seem a man of sense ~ Jonathan Swift (11/30/1667 to 10/19/1745) an Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer, poet and cleric who became Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. Swift is remembered for works such as Gulliver's Travels and A Modest Proposal (among others).

The end is near. Not the end of the world, but the end of this blog. Or the end of any hope I had that this blog might possibly attract even a small number of readers who comment. Back May of 2007 I authored a post titled, "This Blog isn't dead. Or is it?". Obviously, being only my 9th post, it might have been absolutely was premature to give up so soon. But now that 6 years have passed and still my posts get comments from two people (at most) is, I think, a greater indication that I'm wasting my time.

The last few commentaries have received zero responses. Given that reality, I'm thinking now may be just the right time to call it quits. Or quitting may actually be something that is long overdue. Some may say I didn't attain the "adulation" I was seeking. This speculation came to me via a fellow left-leaning commenter on another blog. I was informed that "whatever your bliss, do it for sun or fun; but doing it for an audience, for adulation, for hits [is] not worth it, my friend".

Easy for him to say... this is an individual who has a successful blog (which I am not going to link to here). He also said it was "bad form" to plug your own blog in a comment on the blog of another. He referred to this as "blog whoring". Blog whoring? I think it is entirely appropriate that, if you've happed to post on the same topic on your blog, to write a comment giving your opinion on the topic at hand, then direct anyone who is interested back to your blog for your further thoughts ON THE SAME TOPIC.

I've done it before without realizing how very rude I was being. If I'm offending everyone with my "blog whoring" I probably should stop, as I've never had that much success linking back to my blog in a comment on another blog anyway.

In any case, should I call it quits or should I continue? Also, now that I've asked will anyone reply? Also, what is up with me having 14 followers, zero of whom ever comment? Some of them commented once or twice, some of them never. I think people added me to their followers list and then never returned. Why do that? Maybe they couldn't figure out how to remove me from their following list? I removed myself from a list once, and it was a little tricky to figure out.

Whatever the reason you are reading this post - if you have gotten this far (it's almost the end) - PLEASE respond. Let me know why you're here, and, if you were here before, why have you never commented? Getting people to read and comment is the whole point of blogging, in my strong opinion. If I wanted to write something nobody would read I could keep a journal. That way, I could be sure nobody ever read it. Or, I could post whatever I decided to write online... that also seems to be a good way to be sure nobody ever reads.

Anyway, in regards to this "adulation" I was accused of desiring... I'd have given up long ago if that is truly what I wanted... because I clearly am not getting it.

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  1. On 5/23/2013 I authored a post which asked the question, "This Blog isn't dead. Or is it?". After that my readership actually increased (for a short while). Today I would say it is at an all time low. I gained some readers and some followers. They must have seen something they liked, but then lost interest. Today it appears as though not one person who decided to follow my blog still reads it. Or, there certainly is no evidence that they do (no comments). Why? If you could help me in answering this question I would appreciate it.

    When I originally asked this question I set up a poll using a service called "pollhost". Apparently they only host you for so long, as now, if the link is clicked, pollhost says, "We're sorry, we couldn't find that poll. It may have been removed by its owner or deleted for inactivity". The inactivity thing must be the reason pollhost got rid of my poll, as I most certainly did not delete it. In any case, if you want to reply but do not want to take the time to compose a response... feel free to respond with a number (just a number is all that is necessary). Below are the original options I created for my poll... If you don't want to use one of these you'll have to write out a response...

    My opinion of this blog is...

    [1] It is horrible and should be deleted immediately.
    [2] Dervish should give it up. There are better blogs out there.
    [3] I'm a Daily Kos reader. I'd rather spend my time there.
    [4] OK, but I read and post responses on other (better) blog(s).
    [5] OK, but could use improvement.
    [6] Maybe I'd like it if the posts were shorter.
    [7] I like it, but don't feel the need to respond. Please keep posting.
    [8] Great blog! Please keep posting!

    Please note that I'm not going to delete my blog. You can still select option 1 if you think my blog is super-stinky, but be advised that my blog isn't going anywhere unless Blogger decides to delete it.

    Also, if you have anything to say about "blog whoring", please do so. Do you agree with my view on the topic of linking back to your own blog when commenting on another blog, or do you agree with Octopus who views it as rude and not something that should be done? PS: If you want to link back to your blog in your comment that is fine with me. Please do so. I'll be sure to check it out and leave a comment (unless you don't want me to). Thanks.

  2. Writing about your opinion and/or interpretation of events invites more comments than writing fictional stories, or complaining about your treatment on others blogs. Stick to what you do best, wd, pointing out conservative hypocrisy and lies.

  3. So you're saying my stories suck Jerry? The most current story I've devised has an end, so I'd hate to leave it unresolved. "The Inceptrix" was going to end after a few more posts. The other two I had planned on continuing for a long time... "The Adventures of William The Moderate" is just getting started. But you may be right (if you're saying they suck, or simply that people don't find them interesting).

    Also, in regards to writing about my treatment on other blogs, I'm currently working on a post that fits that description. I'll take your advice under advisement, but I'm not chucking several hours of work (so at least one more post where I complain about my treatment on another blog). Also, I've got at least one more "Severe Conservative Delusions" post that I've been working on for awhile (about dmarks)... I assume this would fall under the "complaining" category as well?

    BTW, are you having any trouble with Google Plus? It's been about three days since I was last able to access my Google Plus profile or any other Google Plus page. Whenever I try to get to a Google Plus page I see the following error message: "Google Chrome's connection attempt to was rejected". I've tried a few things to fix the problem on my side (with no luck)... but I have no idea if the problem is with my computer or if the problem is on Google's end.

    1. No, I am not saying your stories suck. I'm just saying stories don't illicit comments as readily as opinions. I enjoy reading them.

      Far be it for me to tell you what to write about. Personally, I am just more interested in opinions than complaints. However, you should write about what interest you, not me. And I suspect that there is some sort of cathartic effect in writing about those that have wronged you.

      I am having no problems with Google Plus although I probably don't look at it more than once a week.

  4. You should not give up writing.
    You might want to change your subject matter. Trying to carry on disagreements you had on some other blog, on your blog, is a losing proposition, especially sine they won't come here and debate with you. They are cowards whose statements cannot be backed up by facts, so of course they won't get into a serious debate on their statements. As mentioned before, they are to stupid to bother with.
    You could try a group blog, but if Swash Zone is any evidence, that might not work out. Wasting your time at Shaw's, she protects RN, SF, and other righties from their past statements even when they attack her. Go figure. It's hard to find conservatives to have a rational discussion with, since they went extreme.
    You just need to find the right fit. There are many groups writing fiction and non-fiction from cooking to politics.
    You seem frustrated with the idiots. Stop trying to prove they are wrong, it's a waste of your good talents.

  5. When you present the facts and all they can do is attack you, it is clear who is right. They will never admit it, but so what. Delusion does what delusion is.

    1. Are you saying in general, or are you referring to the WMD issue? You're in agreement with me that bush lied about WMD, right?

    2. I am saying that in general, but I agree that Bush lied about WMDs.

    3. Actually, he either lied or was too stupid to see that other people were misleading him...which may very well be the case. It appeared that the likes of Cheney, et al, had less influence in the latter part of his administration.

  6. Google Plus is working for me again. It was like 5 days where I couldn't load any Google Plus page, now (after doing nothing) it's working again. I thought I was going to have to try reinstalling Chrome (Google's browser, which I have been using), even though I couldn't load the Google Plus pages in Internet Explorer either. Weird. I hope it keeps working.

    As for me group blogging, that is not for me. I like being in charge and having a place where I express my opinions. Octopus said something a LONG time ago about possibly inviting me to join the Swash Zone, but that I wasn't ready. He is still on my "followers" list but hasn't viewed my blog in years. Unless he reads but does not comment... but I doubt it. I doubt anyone on my "followers" list reads this blog.

    If you are a follower who reads but does not comment... I'm calling you out. Prove me wrong by commenting.

  7. I find it hilarious that Octo said your not ready yet to write for his group blog. They allowed RN to be a contributor, and he has written anti-Semitic garbage on his blog and other blogs.
    Stop listening/worrying to those who put you down.

  8. Anonymous: I don't remember if those were Octo's exact words... but he did say something along those lines (I'm positive). It was a very long time ago... back in my blog's early days. Apparently I never attained a level that made me worthy of posting on the Swash Zone, or (more likely) he just forgot about me. I used to comment there once in a while but haven't done so for quite some time.

    I was not aware that they allowed RN as a contributor... I don't see his name on the "our community" list. I recently saw a post on his blog that, to me, came off as racist... but I've never seen him post anything that was anti-Semitic (I don't doubt you however). Do you have a link so I could see for myself? I've been commenting on his blog recently (although I don't know how long that's going to last, as he keeps threatening to ban me and insisting I give dmarks the last word). I've also encountered him on Shaw's blog. I like to know who I'm dealing with (so if he is anti-Semitic I'd like to see for myself what he's written on the topic).

  9. Yes, he no longer appears as a contributor on Swash Zone, but he used to.
    I will try to find a link, it was months ago, and I don't save that kind of crap.
    RN stated on his blog, that Jews went willingly to the gas chambers. This got him in trouble and was the talk of Shaw's blog at the time. Shaw blasted him for saying it, but then said she would never mention it again and deletes any reference to it I bring up, yet RN is her "favorite" commenter.
    RN (on his blog) wrote that Obama economics is the same as Hitler economics. It was a post about economics, again I did not save the page.
    Both statements were discussed on Shaw's blog, so she has that in her archives also.
    This is one sick dude along with his buddy Demarks, Will, and other intellectual giants.

  10. Trust me friend,your efforts are futile...........there will always be strife!! Live life instead of barking/whining about it.


    "Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness."

  11. Johnny MooMoo? Are you the same person who has had encounters with one Will "take no prisoners" Hart? If so, he mentioned you on his blog. It was in a thread where we were discussing a "story" Will wrote that made no sense. In response I wrote a story for my blog, basing it on Will's story, plus elements from the discussion. That is how "Johnny MooMoo" became a character in the story I wrote. Unfortunately you were murdered... not only that, but those responsible got away with it.

    I never thought I'd actually encounter you. Anyway, why are my efforts "futile"? Do you say that because you think my blog sucks? You can say so if you do think that. I can take it.

  12. No,your blog does not suck,however,your miniscule efforts to change humanity under the misguided belief that one day the world just might be a Shangri-la is a vain waste of your life............take a canoe ride down a peaceful river instead!!

    JMM is a blogger since 2004.I know Voltron and Freedom Fan quite well........we previously relished in crushing liberals together!To a far lesser degree I do know Will Hart via a political blog where I am an original.

    Ultimately,I am a war historian/amateur philosopher and moderate who tries to balances the equation...........I firmly believe both conservatives and liberals make valid arguments!For example,I loathe lazy welfare leeches who smugly prey/benefit upon my taxing efforts and sore the first of the month beer,drugs,and cigarettes are first and foremost for these scum!!! And,they all have a story.

    At the same time,however,I also know that we as a society must aid those in need who are less fortunate so as to prevent ourselves from evolving into true barbarians.

    I found your JMM and Voltron story quite amusing and a little!

  13. I don't have that misguided belief. Hardly anyone reads this blog, so if that was what I thought my efforts might accomplish I would be dead wrong. There is absolutely zero chance of that happening... despite anything I have written in any fictional story -- if that is what gave you the idea my minuscule efforts could possibly change humanity and that one day the world just might be a Shangri-la.

    Voltron and Freedom Fan are FAR Righties. WHY would you "relish" in crushing Liberals if you're a Moderate? Especially alongside them? Anyway, sounds like you and Will Hart have a dislike of Liberals in common. Also, it is because Voltron called you an "evil person" that I made the Johnny MooMoo character in my story someone who leans Left.

    Will Hart did refer to you as a Centrist, but that was after I had already written my story.

  14. "There is absolutely zero chance of that happening"

    : D

    You are a realist for this remark!!!Far from being a pessimist,my study of human nature clearly identifies that as long as human individuals have differing opinions then the world will always have dilemmas............period!

    For example,I challenge you to walk into a local high school and tell all the students that marijuana is will lose even if you turn blue in the face attempting to convince them for the next ten billion years! Now try to convince the whole world to agree with your subjective point of view?

    At the time,I relished in crushing liberals due to their intensely foul mouths and phony unrealistic behavior which,amongst other things,suggested that love will cure the world.........delusional!

    Freedom Fan & Voltron are highly intelligent people but unbalanced...........I do not always agree with them!However,I completely agree with them regarding the Islam issue. I consider Volt a good friend yet I am astonishingly disappointed in his one sided view regarding an issue..........I gave him far to much credit! It was actually my idea to start his blog.

    I am an Atheist slowly evolving into an Agnostic due to my growing belief in an "Evil Genius." Here is my favorite qoute:

    -“There have been many frustrated moments in my life when I’ve looked at what I, at that point in time, felt was a bumbling moronic populace. It disgusted me that they could so simply find solace and affirmation in such a far-fetched social construct as God. Its there, they accept it, they don’t question it, because to question it would mean facing some really difficult issues and doubts, so they just go with the flow. “God is in control” – so I don’t have to be.”

    BTW,I find it strange that you have never mentioned my greatest nemesis/friend Worf? Why is that? When we debate it is "Clash of the Titans".............of course I always!

  15. Marijuana is bad? What are you, fucking sick?

    Peace out!

  16. Flying Junior: Marijuana is bad if you abuse it. And JMM said he would tell high schoolers it was bad. I'm with him on that. High schoolers shouldn't be drinking or using drugs.

    Aside from that, I'm with you. I've never tried it, but I think it should be decriminalized because the drug war has failed. We'd save a lot of money on enforcing this stupid law and jailing people PLUS we'd also make a lot of money taxing it.

    Johnnymoomoo: Worf? I think I heard Will and the gang on his blog mention someone who calls himself "Worf". I've never encountered this individual on any blog though, and only remember Will mentioning the name "Worf" now that you bring it up.

  17. I pick # 7 and #8 and It's slow all over , keep this blog going !!!


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