Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Inceptrix Revealed

The whole of life is just like watching a film. Only it's as though you always get in ten minutes after the big picture has started, and no one will tell you the plot, so you have to work it out all yourself from the clues ~ Terry Pratchett (dob 4/28/1948) an English author of fantasy novels best known for the Discworld series of about 40 volumes, as quoted in the tenth entry, Moving Pictures.

Everything was a little hazy. I had been dreaming, and my dream was remarkably similar to a movie from 1987 starring Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito. How odd, I thought. It seemed quite real, but couldn't possibly be.

"He's coming out of it", I heard a familiar feminine voice say. Looking up, I saw a familiar face. It was the nurse who had put me under for transport to the prison hospital. Currently I was strapped to a gurney with an IV stuck in my arm. The gurney was in the back of an ambulance that was currently in motion, transporting me to jail, presumably. The ambulance driver turned around and glanced at me. To my amazement it was my friend Jed.

"Jed?" I asked, strongly disbelieving that my friend had returned again. "Yes, that is your friend Jed", the woman confirmed. "My name is Jennifer Garafellow, and I'm a friend as well". "You can trust her, Dervish", Jed said, not taking his eyes off the road this time. "What's going on?" I asked. "We are transporting you to the prison hospital along with a police escort", Jennifer explained. "But we are going to do our best to make sure you're diverted from that destination". Exasperated, I cried, "I still don't understand!".

"He can't wrap his brain around what you told him", Jennifer observed. "It is just to unbelievable" she concluded. "You got that right" I acknowledged. "I must be nuts, because I am positive I saw Jed disintegrate before my eyes" I added, certain that was the crucial evidence that proved beyond any doubt I was completely insane. "Disintegrate?" Jed said, laughing. "No, Dervish, I simply disconnected from the Inceptrix". "What the frick is the Inceptrix", I naturally inquired.

"The Inceptrix is what we call the virtually reality program we are all currently plugged into. It's like The Maxtrix from the film of the same name as I explained to you previously. Truth be told, you are very much like the Neo character portrayed by Keanu Reeves in that movie". "Yea, right", I said. "Me being completely insane makes a lot more sense". "Come on Dervish", a frustrated Jed complained. "I've just about had it with your refusal to accept the truth. Remember there was only one scene in The Maxtrix where Neo refused to believe that what Morpheus was telling him".

"I remember", I said. "Neo threw up, passed out, and then, when he woke up he accepted his situation. But that was after being removed from the Maxtrix. Don't I need to choose the red pill first?" "No", Jed answered. "This is the Inceptrix, NOT the Matrix. I told you that already. Things work a little differently here". "So how does it work?", I asked. "First we have to get you to accept the truth. Only then can you be disconnected and physically removed. If your mind is not ready to accept reality as it is outside the Inceptrix there is a strong possibility you'll go crackers".

Crackers? Certainly Jed must mean that I could go insane. Question is, how did I know that did not already happen? I was about to ask him that very question when Jed spoke again, interrupting my thoughts. "We're coming up on our turn", Jed said. "This is where we deviate from the road to the prison. As soon as we turn the cops following us will know something is up".

"Is it that rogue cop who killed you?" I asked. "Indeed it is. You can think of him as the Agent Smith character". "So he's a computer program?" I asked. "No, he is an alien in human form", Jed said, correcting me. "Hold on" he added, taking a sharp right turn. As soon as he did the cop car behind us turned on it's lights and sirens, giving chase as Jed accelerated.

The ambulance entered a tunnel, and what transpired next was very much like the final chase scene from the 1998 film Ronin starring Robert De Niro. Jennifer unstrapped me from the gurney and helped me into the front seat. I fastened my seat belt as we wove in and out of traffic, causing multiple collisions which resulted in the deaths of numerous innocent motorists.

Jenny removed a gun from her waistband and shot out one of the rear windows. Then she commenced firing on the pursuing police vehicle. We emerged from the tunnel and were forced to swerve to the left. A steep incline with the sea below was on our right. The police vehicle overtook us and pulled alongside. "Pull over immediately!" the cop in the passenger seat screamed. When Jed did not comply the cop started firing, spraying the ambulance with bullets, one of which hit Jed. When the bullet struck Jed swerved, coming dangerous close to the edge.

The cop car pulled up closer, bashing into the side of the ambulance. Suddenly a tire blew and Jed swerved out of control, crashing into the railing separating us from the sharp drop off. Ricocheting off the guardrail Jed hit the cop car again, this time much more violently. The cop car careened off the road (to the left) while the ambulance swerved out of control to the right, crashing right through the guardrail and over the edge. I was too weak to scream, otherwise I would have. The vehicle plunged several hundred feet, hitting the water below with great force.

The ambulance quickly began to sink as water gushed in the (shot out) driver's side widow. With in seconds the ambulance was completely submerged and sinking to the bottom. I struggled with my seat belt but it seemed to be stuck. Before I knew it my lungs filled with water. Unable to free myself I stopped flailing and accepted my fate. I would not be becoming the savior of humanity as a real life Neo; instead I would drown and sink to the bottom of the ocean. This ambulance would serve as my coffin in a watery grave.

SWTD #158, TI #5.

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