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A Moron's Rebuttal To An Outraged Climate Change Denier

All morons hate it when you call them a moron ~ J.D. Salinger (1/1/1919 to 1/27/2010) American writer; author 1951 novel "The Catcher in the Rye", which was an immediate popular success. His depiction of adolescent alienation and loss of innocence in the protagonist Holden Caulfield was influential, especially among adolescent readers. The novel remains widely read and controversial, selling around 250,000 copies a year.

This post is a follow-up to my last commentary, "Severe Moderate Delusions: Miscellaneous 1". Said commentary was titled "miscellaneous" because it was my response to THREE posts by the blogger Willis V. Hart. The reason for the follow-up is because Mr. Hart is NOT happy that I disagreed with him in regards to one of those posts.

Specifically, it was the one where he took issue with the response of some college professors at San Jose after they received some free books from the Heartland Institute. The professors posted a picture on the school's website that showed them burning a climate change denial book (actually, just holding a lighter under it. I do not know if they actually burned it. I'm thinking they did not).

The post by Mr. Hart was titled, "At the Intersection of Fascism, Stupidity, And Intolerance". Does Mr. Hart think only fascists burn books? Apparently he does. Also, when it comes to intolerance for the stupidity behind climate change denialism, I do not take as much offense as Mr. Hart does.

My thoughts on the "book burning" infuriated Mr. Hart and he quickly composed a number of comments and posts in which he expressed his extreme outrage at what I said. Although he deleted my comments to his blog first. I was surprised he published them in the first place, as he banned me from his blog quite awhile ago... now, the circumstances of my banning require additional explanation, so let me let you know what happened leading up to the comments that sparked Willis' outrage FIRST (before getting back to the actual comments)...

As you may have noticed, I recently upgraded to Google PLUS, and in doing so my ID changed from "w-dervish" to "Dervish Sanders". It is Google's policy that when you link your Blogger account and Google PLUS account your Blogger ID is automatically changed to match your Google+ ID. When this happened I wondered if the ID change would allow me to comment on Hart's blog.

I continued to comment on his blog with my old ID after he banned me, and his response was to send all my comments to Blogger's Spam folder . After doing this a few times Blogger automatically sent my comments to the Spam folder... not only on Hart's blog but on ANY Blogger blog (which caused problems for me when attempting to comment on the blogs of others) [1].

With the ID change I wondered if my comments would still be sent to the Spam folder. Apparently not, because before writing my "miscellaneous" commentary I submitted some of my thoughts to Willis for approval (he has comment moderation enabled), and he published them. I'm guessing they did not automatically go to the Spam folder (where he would not even have seen them) and he published them by mistake. He deleted them awhile latter, but they were visible for a few hours.

So, back to the comments that enraged Mr. Hart... he saw them (because he accidentally published them) and responded to them (firstly) as follows...

Dervish Sanders: The professors obviously have no tolerance for stupidity. I don't think that makes them fascist though. [Mr. Hart deleted this comment before any of the other comments were made].

Dennis Marks: Only someone of a fascist mindset would support the idea of burning books. (5/10/2013 AT 4:55pm).

Willis Hart: Guess who didn't seem to have an issue with it. (5/10/2013 AT 8:05pm).

Dennis Marks: Probably the same kind of person who might not have a problem putting "deniers" in ovens, too. If one supports one of the bad things Nazis do, then why not others? (5/11/2013 AT 2:40am).

Barlowe Bayer: I give up. Who are you referring to? (5/11/2013 AT 10:02am).

Willis Hart: wd. (5/11/2013 AT 10:20am). [He means me. Willis and the others on his blog refer to me as "wd".]

Dennis Marks: Oh. I sensed a temporary drop in the intelligence of the discourse. Thanks for explaining. (5/11/2013 AT 11:22am).

I don't support book burning. I explained this (and specifically stated it multiple times) in my expanded commentary here on my blog. But Willis automatically jumps to the conclusion that I support book burning. I just said the professors had no tolerance for stupidity... by which, I meant the stupidity of believing 97% of climate scientists are incompetent or lying (more on this later).

That's nothing compared to the conclusion dmarks jumps to, however. In his mind I'm just like the Nazis and want to murder anyone who disagrees with the science on global climate change. But dmarks is insane, as I've documented on this blog in detail.

The thing is, that no matter what batcrap crazy comment dmarks makes, Willis never pushes back. Ever. Is it not highly insulting to the holocaust victims, survivors, and Jews in general to CONTINUALLY compare anyone who disagrees with you politically to these mass murderers? If not Nazis he's comparing those who he disagrees with politically to then it is Pol Pot or some other dictator who has killed (or is killing) his own people.

Here dmarks says I'm like a Nazi because I say I don't believe the majority of climate scientists are lying. I'd think any non-bigoted person would raise some kind of objection. ONCE (dmarks does this ALL THE TIME). But Mr. Hart has NEVER raised the slightest objection. And it's ME that he bans.

Perhaps you can understand why my opinion of both of these individuals is pretty low. It probably also has something to do with why I was banned. Not only was I growing frustrated with Mr. Hart regarding his fake moderation, but there was also the issue of his tolerance for dmarks' highly offensive racist and antisemitic comments (which they ARE, even though he presents himself as someone who is neither a racist or a bigot).

And then there was the fact that Mr. Hart frequently swore at me and called me stupid and a loser whenever I posted one to many disagreeable comments. So my comments grew less and less polite (shall we say). Although I never swore at him (or I wasn't the first to resort to profanity, at least. If he swore at me I'd swear at him... some of the time).

Anyway, back to the topic of my deleted comments (the ones Mr. Hart accidentally published). In addition to the comments (above) my thoughts caused him to compose two new blog posts, as follows...

Willis Hart: On a Moron Who Knows Absolutely Nothing About Climatology Referring to the Reasoned and Well Thought Out Works of Richard Lindzen, Roy Spencer, John Christy, William Happer, And Freeman Dyson as "Stupidity"... Life is wondrous, isn't it? (5/10/2013 AT 4:43pm).

And, then after that one he posted another titled "Some Additional Stupidity, I'm Gathering". This post contained a series of comments about climate change from a number of "skeptics" who say that... CO2 isn't a pollutant, warming (if there is any) will actually be awesome, we've got bigger problems, climate change is "absolutely" pseudoscience, yada yada yada... he often posts denialist rebuttals like this several times a day (and he's accused ME of having mental problems!).

OK, clearly I am the "moron", but, in my defense, I was not referring to the authors (specifically) as stupid. I was referring to the notion that a majority of the world's climatologists are incompetent or lying. Frankly, I find that more than a little unlikely. My opinions on this have nothing to do with my knowing anything about climatology, only my disbelief that all these scientists are involved in a conspiracy to make us believe in something that isn't happening.

Let's just say I'm highly skeptical when it comes to The Hartster's contention that scientists who say global warming is real (and man is responsible for it; or enough of it to make a difference) are lying and faking their research. The conspiracy that I'm convinced is the one that is actually happening? That would be the one in which the research of the dissenters is funded by big oil and coincidentally finding that global warming isn't happening. But, being a moron, what the hell would I know?

7/19/2015 Update: I found out later Blogger wasn't sending my comments submitted to Willis' blog to his spam folder automatically. Apparently it does not work that way, as I still comment on Willis' blog (to annoy him) and he has commented a number of time on how he deletes what I submit (without reading). Why some of my comments submitted on other blogs suddenly went to the Spam folders (of the respective blogs where the comments were submitted)... I do not know. But it did happen. I haven't had any problems with this issue since, however.

SWTD #147, wDel #22.


  1. You probably don't need to read more of their garbage, but they all hang out at RN's blog:
    Will, Dmarks, RN and the rest of their deranged crowd.

  2. I haven't looked at the Irrational Nation blog for quite some time. Irrational didn't publish a comment I left in which I questioned his sanity. It was a paranoid post wherein he claimed that his supposedly Lefty son warned him that the government might be watching him.

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