Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Poorly Educated

Found at the top of the Right-wing, Trump-supporting blog Who's Your Daddy.

OK, so I'd say president Obama made America better. Especially given the fact that the last guy crashed the economy and Obama reversed course, put us back on the right track and started growing the economy again (President Obama Is Handing a Strong Economy to His Successor. NYT 12/2/2016). #thankyouobama.

But if I did think that Obama made things WORSE, that's what I'd say. Also, according to one of the TOMs (1 of 4) "inauguration" is spelled "inorgaration". This idiot complains that "Andre Borchli" won't sing for Trump at his sham swearing-in (a sham because Trump cheated and will be an illegitimate president).

Although it was only "under pressure from a backlash by his fans on social media" that Bocelli backed out. Instead "Jackie Evancho, a runner-up on America's Got Talent five years ago" will perform (Andrea Bocelli Backs Out of Trump Inauguration Performance After Backlash).

BTW, that Obama caused hatred, social unrest and racism by being Black, is, I think something the dumb-dumbs that voted for the KKK-endorsed Trump are responsible for. As for not helping minorities, not reducing crime and not reducing poverty, they're thinking of the Republican obstructionist Congress. Also, the foreign policy that lead to chaos, instability and terrorism? That would be the last president, gwb. You know, the guy who let OBL go (SWTD #33) and then invaded a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 after lying about WMD (SWTD #312). Idiots.

The great deceiver? That's hilarious given how suckered by the Orange buffoon the #poorlyeducated #TrumpDupes are going to eventually realize they've been. Or not. They'll probably find someone else to blame, even though the Republicans have complete control.

SWTD #365


  1. Well Dervish I must say I agree with MOST of your post. I do believe you continue to be too harsh on GWB. Don't get me wrong here, he was most definitely NOT a good President. But, the economic crash of 2008 was not all GWB's fault. There did exist the element of bipartisanship.

    Trump quite possibly will be America's high speed train wreck. Aided by the willfully poorly educated.

    1. And I would remind you that democrats having the same Intel supported the invasion. Perhaps Trump is right about the intelligence community on that count.

      Anyway, on balance GWB was at very best a less than average President.

    2. This discussion already took place on your blog on 5/16/2015.

      Willis Hart: Back in September of 2002, every member of the House and Senate was granted full access to the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq and WMD. It was a 92 page document and was fully loaded with doubts, ambiguities, and disagreements with Mr. Bush's assertions. The problem? Well, according to Thomas Ricks's stellar book, "Fiasco", not even a handful of these Congressman and Senators (48 lazy Republicans and 29 lazy Democrats) even bothered to read the 5-page summary of it. (5/16/2015 at 10:22:00 PM EDT).

      Dervish Sanders responding to WTNPH: Huh? According to Ricks "...a political document that made the case for war the NIE of October '02 succeeded brilliantly. As a professional intelligence product it was shameful. But it did its job, which wasn't really to assess Iraqi weapons programs but to sell a war. ... That document did not accurately reflect the information available inside the intelligence community. (Source: Meet the Press interview with Thomas Ricks). (5/17/2015 at 04:32:00 PM EDT).

      When Willis did not respond I submitted another comment:

      Dervish Sanders: I did not read Ricks' book (I am presuming Will did?), but the excerpt I posted above (from an interview with Ricks) seems to completely refute Will's claim that the "document and was fully loaded with doubts, ambiguities, and disagreements with Mr. Bush's assertions". Or that Ricks' book says that. He said (during the interview) that the document is 100 percent the opposite of how Will characterizes it. I'd be interested in a response, but it doesn't look like Will is going to give one. (5/18/2015 at 12:20:00 PM EDT).

      Note that Willis (nor anyone) ever responded. If you'd like to respond to the question I originally posed, go ahead. I'm pretty sure I could come up with some more evidence that suggests that the Democrats did not have the same intelligence, but I don't have time to Google for it right now.

      BTW, in regards to your statement "the economic crash of 2008 was not all GWB's fault"... I say it was primarily his fault. I could probably find some info supporting that position as well. Although, again I recall us discussing this before. Back when I was allowed to comment on Willis' blog I mentioned that "Rep. Frank warned of the potential danger of a deregulated subprime lending market, but "House Republicans blocked any efforts to legislate against it [and] Alan Greenspan refused to use congressional authority he'd been given in 1994 to regulate it"" (excerpted from SWTD #51).

      Willis insisted that Barney Frank lied.

  2. All that is now water long over the dam Dervish. I'm sure you could info supporting your contention just as I could mine. But like you I don't have time to Google it eighth now.

    Suffiice to say that I accept there was shared responsibly at some level. What should be important it determining how to insure it doesn't occur again. But sadly we're already headed down that road again.

  3. The meme say Obama spent 8 years making America "worst" than before he took office?

    Triumph of the poorly educated, Drumpf's base. Gawd, they are dumb.

    1. That they are poorly educated does seem to be the case. Or perhaps they are very well edumacated.


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