Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ann Coulter Sez Trump Wasn't Making Fun Of Disabled Reporter, He Was Just Imitating A "Standard Retard"... & That's OK

It is invoked as a justification for some of the coarsest expressions of hatred and intolerance ~ Daniel Letwin, an associate professor of history at Pennsylvania State University re "political correctness".

According to Ann Coulter it is a "despicable media lie" that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. He wasn't mocking his specific disability, he was just imitating a "standard retard". Something he has done before. When mocking Ted Cruz, for example (and Ted Cruz isn't disabled or a "retard").

The video (above) was put up by the proprietor of the blog Who's Your Daddy in response to Meryl Streep calling out Trump at the Golden Globes. In this video Coulter supposedly (according to Lisa) "debunks the phony allegations".

So there you have it. The media lies, Trump wasn't mocking the reporter for his disability. He was only implying the reporter is a "standard retard". And, so what if that offends "retards"? What are you, PC?

Trump did nothing wrong/the media lies. There is nothing wrong with insulting mentally challenged persons by doing a "retard" imitation. And totally NOT something undignified for the leader of the free world to have as a part of his repertoire and bust out as an "argument" in response to someone saying something he disagrees with.

Maybe Trump should have said, "sorry, I forgot about Serge F. Kovaleski's disability. I wasn't mocking his disability specifically, I was only imitating a mentally challenged person. Which was wrong of me to do. I apologize both to Mr. Kovaleski and mentally challenged people. It won't happen again".

But, of course that is something the narcissistic buffoon could not do. Instead he doubles down and lies and said he doesn't remember Kovaleski or what he looks like, even though (according to Kovaleski) "while reporting on Trump for the New York Daily News, the two had been on a first-name basis and had met face-to-face on a dozen occasions, including interviews and press conferences".

Remember that Barack Obama apologized when he said his bowling was "like Special Olympics, or something". As opposed to denying he was making fun of "retards", because hey, it was HIMSELF who he was criticizing. Stop being so PC and just shut up, lying media.

Instead he apologized. Because what he said was insensitive, even if it was intended to be self-deprecating and was unintentional. Trump calls everyone who is offended a liar and says it didn't happen. Despite the video evidence. And this putz is going to be president?

BTW, Meryl Streep is one of the few actors who absolutely can NOT be referred to as "overrated". What a bunch of bullplop. Oh, and fuck Ann Coulter. What a horrible person she is. Just like Trump.

The Quote at the top of this post is from "Civilities: The current rage about political correctness is both wrong and rude" by Steven Petrow. The Washington Post, 9/14/2015.

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  1. Sounds more like she is confirming the allegations to me. Thanks, Ann.

    1. Me too! BTW, note how funny Ann thinks using the word "retard" is. Because she knows how it annoys the PC-types (AKA decent people who take the feelings of others into consideration). You see this often on the right. A-holes (who are racist) but whose motivation re using deliberate racist language has more to do with them believing it pisses off people they don't like (for example).


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