Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Is The Trump Nightmare Almost Over?

(HT to Beantown AntiFacist for directing me to the following video. 2:10).

According to Beanie (a hardcore #trumpdupe who hangs out at WYD) the video represents the end of a "Dervy dream". It's all going to be over soon... for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch. All members of the anti-Trump "deep state cabal" who will be going to prison very soon.

My only quibble with this video is that it shows Ivanka Trump sitting in her car (at the end) watching her husband Jared being arrested. The truth is that Ivanka is not guiltless. She's neck deep in the same money laundering crimes as her husband and father.

As per Malcolm Nance's tweet, a day of reckoning may soon be at hand for the Trump Crime Family. There is a reason that Trump is hiding his tax returns.

Note that, as per Nance, Mueller's end game is Money Laundering. That is what will bring down Predisent "no collusion". Perhaps with a side order of Obstruction of Justice and Emoluments Clause violations. IMO it's clear Donald Trump has been laundering Russian money for a long time. If he hadn't run for the presidency and "won" he probably would have been able to continue flying under the radar/getting away with his crimes.

Mueller Time is coming. At which point, as with Nixon, the GOP will be forced to concede that Trump has to go. Or so I hope. I can't predict the future and we don't know yet how this will play out, but I don't see how this does not end badly. If not for Trump, then for many people associated with him and related to him.

BTW, the Attorney General of NY, Eric Schneiderman (hero who got 25 million for the victims of Trump's university scam), is running parallel investigations to Mueller's. If Trump pardons members of his crime family for Federal violations of the law, Schneiderman can bring charges in state court. These would be convictions Trump has no power to make disappear (as he did with that scumbag Joe Arpaio).

Update 5/16/2018: So, it turns out that Eric Schneiderman is a scumbag who abused women and NOT a hero. Although it still is good that the victims of Trump's university scam got some compensation. They weren't made whole (as I understand it) but at least Trump had to (partially) repay what he ripped off. Keep in mind that while the scumbag Schneiderman has resigned, his office will continue with the parallel investigations and hold members of the Trump crime family accountable if necessary.

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