Monday, April 01, 2013

Severe Conservative Delusions: Black On Black Racism Edition

Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies... Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice ~ Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario; from a study which found "Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice".

Welcome to the 3rd post in a series chronicling the wacky statements of the most severely deluded conservative I have ever encountered - an individual known as dmarks (real name Dennis Marks). Previously I refuted these statements where they were made (the blog of a self-described "Moderate" I used to frequent), but no longer can since the doofus banned me when I refused to agree with his "superior logic" (and because Willis is higher ordered, while I am of a much lesser stock).

With this numero tres post I ask the question - can an African American individual be racist against another African American individual? My opinion is... possibly. If the individual were someone who wished he were white (if such a African American even exists, and suggesting he or she does might be found offensive by the African American community), or, perhaps a lighter skinned African American who finds a darker-skinned African American inferior? (But then that individual would also be classified as self-hating, because they hate the black in themselves and prefer the white).

So... possibly, but the individual would definitely have to be self-hating. And that, in my opinion, is definitely not the case regarding comments made by an individual who goes by the name Touré. In an 10/20/2012 article Touré asked the question, "Is Herman Cain the Most Unctuous Black Man Alive?". Concerning this article, Dennis claimed (in a comment on the blog I was banned from) that Touré bashed Herman Cain for being black, and that said bashing meant that Touré is a racist.

Now, Touré is black himself (and not at all self-hating as far as I can see), so, to me, this comment makes absolutely no sense. Also, if you read the article, you'll find that Touré was bashing Cain for his "foot-in-mouth moments [that] mostly involve insulting the black community". These are the insults you hear coming from black conservatives regarding how Democrats trick African Americans into dependency by offering them free stuff they didn't earn (think the Santorum comment about him not wanting to "make black people's lives better by giving them other people's money"... many black conservative actually AGREE).

In my opinion Touré put forth a reasoned Left-wing criticism of Herman Cain that was in no way racist. In fact, I find the suggestion ludicrous. According to racism is, "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others".

Now, if Touré (who isn't self-hating) were a racist he would view his race as superior (as per the definition I just quoted) and would therefore NOT bash another black man for being black. That would be contrary to the definition. You can't "bash" someone for being that which is superior.

In response Dennis said, "I know, it is silly and stupid for someone to be racist against their own race, but it happens. Not that there's any racism that isn't silly and stupid".

No, it does not happen, not unless the person in question is a self-hating African American, which, as I already pointed out, Touré is not. I made this point to the disagreeing idiot, and he said, "You bring this up again and again. Yet, it does not matter at all. I don't know if he is, have never given any thought to it, and don't care. Regardless of what his self esteem issues are, this nut-job has no problem heaping hate upon another African-American for reason that include that person's skin color".

So, the idiot Dennis ignores a valid point because it interferes with the nonsensical argument he is making, which is that a "racist" Black man bashed another Black man for being Black. Even though, if he were racist he'd see being Black as superior. Also, is it not racist to accuse a Black man of racism when what you're really objecting to is a Liberal (Touré) criticizing a Conservative (Herman Cain)?

Touré clearly never says anything racist about Herman Cain. What's going on here (with Dennis' absurd accusation of racism) is that the dope is masking his own prejudices by accusing a African American of racism (something he does very frequently). It is a common conservative ploy... they say things like, "I consistently oppose all racism and all racial injustice", and then use that as an excuse to oppose Affirmative Action programs on the grounds that they discriminate against Whites (when, in reality, AA programs are meant to combat racism); and to bash minorities for discriminating against Whites.

SWTD #131, dDel #3. See also PPP #14.


  1. Dmarks is a regular participant at Rational Nation written by Les Carpenter(RN) who is in nearly complete agreement with Dmarks slanted thinking.
    They (Dmarks and RN) have in common many traits, one of which is giving insulting, name calling responses to anyone who questions them. They are ego driven and give little, or no facts to back up their statements.
    Dmarks is the holder of such great ideas like there were WMD's in Iraq, even though George Bush himself finally admitted there were not. A little hard to debate with one living in such delusion. RN is more vulgar like writing on his blg that Jews went willingly to the gas chambers, and Obama economics are the same as Hitler economics.
    I understand the exercise/experience of tussling with different thinking, but you do yourself disfavor to engage with such intellectual midgets like Dmarks; whose site is aptly called "throw away blog."
    They (Dmarks, RN, Will, and their other friends) have been known to attack liberal bloggers and their blogs, as a team. Although I have not seen them do that for a couple of years, it does show what kind of anger you are dealing with.
    Some liberals (Shaw-Progressive Eruptions) find it intellectually stimulating to engage with them. They place comments regularly on her blog, RN several times a day. Truth 101 also likes to engage with them, although I haven't seen much of that over the last year, he was on PE with both of them recently.
    A well written blog like yous gets little traffic from these idiots, because these egomaniacs only enjoy the division and anger the can spew, not the engagement of discussing ideas seriously, or logically.
    Although they are long time Republican supporters they are like rats jumping ship now, and claim to be independents of some kind.
    Dmarks writes little about politics, but comments at various blogs about politics. RN writes only about politics and has penned many posts about how great Palin is, or how great he thinks the commie counting Mr. West is. Just a snippet of how vulgar their thinking is.
    Dmarls is the dumbest of the group and you should move on to a higher level of discourse, but hey, fun is fun and you cannot lose going up against such idiocy.

    1. ASS-HOLE

    2. Thank you, RN.

  2. I was going to say what Anonymous said. That being said, Dmarks mostly likes stirring shit. He knows, as well as the FOX News crowd, that most of what they say is bullshit. But they say it anyway. Why Dmarks does, and anyone who doesn't get paid to say crap is beyond me. All I can think of is as you said, they're idiots.

  3. I used to have long drawn out arguments with dmarks on Will's blog. I kinda thought when I was doing it that my engaging him was a huge waste of time. Now that Will banned me from his blog I can't do that anymore, which is probably a good thing. He is INDEED the dumbest of the bunch as the long anonymous post says.

    BTW, Truth, haven't you ever noticed that Will goes out of his way to not offend conservatives like dmarks? Me, he put the smack down on and eventually banned, but dmarks cannot say anything offensive or stupid ENOUGH to ever elicit anything more than mild disagreement. Most often he just ignores the dumber stuff dmarks says.

    Which would be fine (not wanting to offend loyal readers), but Will does not treat Conservatives and Liberals the same in that regard. If you're a Liberal the only way you cannot get banned on his blog is to tread lightly. Jerry does it. You do it too, and even go further... sucking up to him with nonsensical praises of being a "closet liberal", and calling me nuts. Will loved that because it validated his beliefs about me, and about himself -- how reasonable, mature, and superior he is (for being "moderate"). Will Hart is not moderate. On some issues, yes, but in aggregate he is clearly far more conservative.

  4. dmarks is so stupid that he can't stop talking about something that never happened...

    On 4/2/2012 dmarks said: The fact remains that Toure was racist against a black man. The evidence and proof is in his bashing of Cain for his skin color, which is on record. And the fact that Toure is black himself only shows how confused and addled he is. But it doesn't make him any more or any less racist.)

    On 4/2/2013 dmarks said: Toure is so stupid that when he was bashing Herman Cain for being black (using long-defunct stereotypes apparently alive in his mind and no-one else's), he overlooked the fact that he himself is black also.

    Two comments, exactly one year apart where he repeats the same lie about a black man being racist... and there are "facts" and "evidence" that exist (in dmarks mind only) to prove this absurd accusation. Strange that he's off by one day... dmarks should have made these comments on April 1st instead of the 2nd... because, although dmarks isn't MAKING a joke, he IS a joke.

  5. Regarding my earlier comment about Will Hart not treating Conservatives and Liberals the same... here is an example from the same comment thread I linked to above (the 2013 comment)...

    Will Hart: Touré takes black conservatism a little too personally it seems, dmarks. Angrily at times and it's thoroughly infantile.

    IMO Will Hart is giving implicit approval for dmarks' racism with this comment. Will doesn't go there himself (claim that Touré is "racist", unless you think "infantile" = "boy") but he does also bash Touré, which, seeing as Will is a Conservative, isn't surprising -- but he could have pushed back against dmarks' racism AND criticized Touré. He chooses not to, as usual. dmarks can't say anything crazy or offensive enough for Will to criticize his "Conservative buddy".


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