Monday, April 29, 2013

w-dervish's Liberal Buddies Annoyed by His Nuttiness

The road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards ~ Alexander Jablokov (born 1956) an American writer and novelist.

Back in February of 2012 we learned that I'm a frigging Nut and my "Liberal Buddies" told Willis Hart (of Contra O'Reilly) so. With the publishing of that post it was revealed that one of the "Liberal Buddies" was Joe Kelly-Hagstrom (JKH) of Truth 101. He gave himself away by leaving a comment that said, "you're nuts". No other Liberal buddies came forward, and I have doubts as to whether there are (or ever were) any others.

Given the fact that JKH never retracted his comment, apologized, or even explained why he was dissing me behind my back (and to a Conservative blogger, no less), I never let it go completely. I kept jabbing at him by bringing it up on his blog and on other blogs. I also wrote some posts that portrayed (a fictional version of) JKH in a less than flattering light. I was not incredibly upset, however, and accepted that it was a mystery I would never get an explaination for.

JKH asked me if I wanted to start a "feud" with him over the kerfuffle, but when I called him on it he declined. I jabbed him again, and it appears as that was one jab to many. Maybe he didn't decide to restrict comments on his blog to "team members" on my account, but this development did occur shortly after I last commented on his blog.

Previously he has restricted his blog to "invited" readers only, which made the blog completely inaccessible to anyone except invitees. If not logged into blogger as an invitee all that displayed on your computer screen was a message that said, "this blog is open to invited readers only". JKH said the reason was because people he worked with (the higher ups, presumably) did not care for his Liberal political opinions. Now, Truth 101 is still visible to the world - it is just the commenting that is restricted.

So, question is, am I correct in my assumption that JKH being annoyed with me is why commenting is restricted to "team members"? Also, who are the team members? I'd be interested in knowing if anyone who reads this is a team member. Or has JKH effectively shut down his blog (again)? If you read this commentary please let me know what you know. If you read this don't click away. You've gotten this far and you are now OBLIGATED to share what you know. If it is nothing, then say you know nothing. But don't lie please.

Also, let me take the opportunity, not to apologize, but to let JKH know that I'll let the issue drop if he either invites me to comment on his blog - or removes the "invitation" restriction. Not that I'm desperate to comment on his blog. If he doesn't want me to comment on his blog so be it. But I don't think I did anything wrong, and him reopening his blog to me would be an acknowledgement of that FACT. If he had ever explained his "nutty" comment I would never annoyed him by bringing it up over and over - or written any of those posts previously mentioned that he may have been offended by.

And then there is Mr. Kelly-Hagstrom's idiotic insistence that blogger Willis Hart is a "Lefty". It's utterly ridiculous, as I have documented on this blog. If anyone has a justified reason to be annoyed, I feel it is me.

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  1. i know nothing specific about Truth. I know some bloggers don't want to hear anything except their own truth. If one writes a blog and publishes it for the world to read, why would they not want to hear what readers say? Chances are few read his blog at all, and he only did it to get a rise out of you.

  2. Let it go. It's not worth it. Rational Nation and I dealt in good faith with Troofy, but the bi-partisan project failed.

    He is incapable of considering opinions and facts that conflict with his world view. Life's too short for people like that.

  3. I was just curious as to what's going on. I think Truth switched to comments from "invited members" as a way to shut down his blog. I don't think there are any invited members, as there have been zero comments since I noticed this change.

    As for your assessment of Mr. Truth, I disagree. He is very capable of considering opinions and facts that conflict with his world view, IMO.

  4. I base my comments on the hysterics he exhibited during our failed project.

  5. Truth's blog is open for comments again. Maybe he was on vacation. I think I know what "failed project" you're referring to Mr. Fiddle, but was it's "failure" really due to "hysterics" from Truth? I thought it had something to do with Tao being disappointed with the traffic and it not being worth the cost of hosting? Maybe Truth can explain (I just left a comment on his blog with a link to this post). He might want to defend himself against your unkind words about him.

    As for the speculation in this post that now (appears) to have been wrong... must be due to my nuttiness.


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