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George Zimmerman Guilty of Premeditated First Degree Murder (Theory)

One must never set up a murder. They must happen unexpectedly, as in life ~ Alfred Hitchcock (8/13/1899 to 4/29/1980) an English film director and producer who pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres. After a successful career in British cinema in both silent films and early talkies, billed as England's best director, Hitchcock moved to Hollywood in 1939 and became a U.S. citizen in 1955.

Note: This is just a theory (all hypothetical). I'm not saying I know this is what happened at all. This post is PURE speculation. I decided to go with it based on the number of replies my last post on the subject got (which is more than any post I've written before). A commentary as (purposefully) inflammatory as this one should do even better!

Second degree is all the prosecution is going for, but I think the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman could have been premeditated. I'm not saying I think Zimmerman wanted to kill Trayvon specifically; just that he was looking to murder an unarmed Black youth. What I think happened was that Zimmerman was frustrated because the police department wouldn't accept him, so he decided to do something to get famous by making himself into a hero. Which many Conservatives think of him as... going by the comments left in response to my prior post on this subject.

Part two of GZ's plan would be to get off scott-free by claiming he shot his victim in self defense. We know that almost worked. The police had already decided to let him go (not do an investigation AT ALL). It wasn't until the Black community and the Left leaning media outlets (like MSNBC) started protesting that the police finally realized they'd actually have to do their job!

But all was not lost! All GZ needed to do was claim self-defense, be acquitted, and then the fame (and money that comes with it) would all be his! Why do I think this? I think it because Zimmerman lied about being aware of the "stand your ground" law in Florida. He feigned ignorance when asked if he knew about it prior to the shooting by that a-hole Hannity.

That is why his lawyers quit (he has a different legal team than the one he started out with). It was Zimmerman himself who contacted the producers of Hannity's Fox Nooz show (they didn't contact him). He didn't consult with his lawyers because they would have advised him not to give any interviews! But the attention and fame seeking Zimmerman disobeyed their advice (didn't even ask for it because he knew what they'd say) because of his desire to be in the spotlight. He also knew he needed to stir up the ire of the racist community. Then they'd rally to his side and eagerly offer him mucho dinero to help pay for his defense... and enrich him after he was found not guilty (or so he thought/still thinks).

We also know Zim lied about the severity of his "beating". The medical examiner said she did not believe Zim's head was slammed repeatedly against the concrete as he claimed. Because the injuries he suffered were "very insignificant" (her words). The testimony of Dr. Valerie Rao, the Jacksonville FL medical examiner for Duval, Clay and Nassau counties was that "the injuries were not life-threatening". Zim exaggerated the number of times Trayvon "slammed" his head on the concrete because he KNEW his actions (shooting and killing Trayvon) were not justified!

Zim lied to cover-up the truth; the truth that he stalked Trayvon with the INTENT to kill him! He was angry that the police department had rejected him, so he decided to go for fame (and the money that comes with fame). After the break-ins by "Black youths" he thought back to those college courses he took where "stand your ground" was discussed. NBC News reports that Zim "received high marks in a criminal litigation course that touched on Florida state law regarding when it's appropriate to use self-defense and the so-called stand your ground statute".

This is proof Zim lied to Hannity and knew about "stand your ground". Not only that, but "a former professor of Zimmerman's who gave Zimmerman an A in criminal litigation [said Zimmerman was] one of the better students in the class". The professor (who testified at the trial) also said the "2010 course addressed criminal law and procedure, as well as self-defense".

So, my question is... is this when the seed of the idea to murder someone for fame and money was first planted in Zim's sick diseased mind? Surely it didn't occur to him at the time, but AFTER the police wouldn't hire him, AFTER he joined the neighborhood watch, and AFTER the burglaries that were committed by "Black youths"... was it THEN that a bitter GZ decided he would stalk and kill the next Black youth he encountered and claim self defense?

Things may not have gone entirely according to plan, as Zim thought he could get off with no trial by claiming "stand your ground". At first it looked like the plan was working, until that damn Liberal media demanded the police actually do their job (the nerve)! Now that he's on trial his lawyers have decided to go with self defense instead of "stand your ground". Why? Turns out there is a reason. According to the same NBC article, "if Zimmerman is acquitted, the defense could ask the judge to decide whether he deserves the immunity which would protect him from a civil lawsuit".

This shows that Zim is thinking this out. He remembers that OJ Simpson was found not guilty at the conclusion of his murder trial, but then sued by Ronald Goldman's family for wrongful death and lost. The jury in that trial declared that OJ should pay Ronald Goldman's family 33.5 million dollars. Zimmerman does not want that happening to him, which is why he didn't go with "stand your ground". This is why I think that, if any of this is even remotely true, George Zimmerman is one evil and devious SOB.

Other lies of GZ include "how much money he had when his bond was originally set in April. Prosecutors say he had $135,000 at the time Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, told the court, under oath, that they were indigent". Also, and I believe this shows premeditation, GZ (before the shooting) lied and reported his passport as stolen. This allowed him to obtain a second passport. Then when the judge ordered him to turn over his passport he gave him the one he said was "stolen" (holding back the replacement).

The court looked into the matter of his passports, discovered that a second one was issued, and ordered him to turn it over. This makes me wonder, was GZ planning for contingencies? Maybe he only thought the passport was stolen, but then why not turn them both over when the judge asked for his passport? Or, at least why not turn over the second one? As far as premeditation goes, this is very damning in my opinion.

Of course we will never know, as this theory concerns thoughts in Zimmerman's mind. Thoughts (if he had them) that he never articulated to anyone or wrote down. And, the prosecution went for second degree, so being convicted of first degree murder isn't even on the table. But I say the possibility is very real that George Zimmerman intentionally murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood and therefore should be facing the death penalty for his depraved act. So what do you think? Is this theory of mine remotely plausible? Please comment and let me know if you agree or disagree.

A Summary of George Zimmerman's Lies
->Lied about the severity of his "beating".
->Lied to Sean Hannity about not being aware of FL "stand your ground" law.
->Lied about (tried to hide) money supporters had sent him via Paypal.
->Lied when he surrendered his passport to the court.

See also: George Zimmerman Is Lying by Conceptual Guerilla. The Daily Kos, 7/2/2013.

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  1. There's no doubt (reasonable or otherwise) Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin.

    Facts gleamed after the shooting are not admissible for defense of a shooting. Only what is known at the time of the shooting are pertinent. So all the bullshit smearing Conservatives did on Martin after his death to "prove" he was a thug don't matter. Zimmerman didn't know whom he was stalking at the time.

    And make no mistake Martin is under ZERO obligation to identify himself, explain his presence or stop when followed by Zimmerman.

    Additionally, the Dispatcher in Florida is a sworn LEO so Zimmerman disobeyed her direction "we don't need you to do that."

    So, I think your Hypothesis is in the most part correct. Hopefully, Zimmerman is locked up for good and removed from being a threat to society.

  2. Your theory is as good, if not better, than any right wing talking points. You've included some actual facts along with speculation, rather than outright lies and misinterpretations.

  3. Grung e Gene: Zim didn't know who he was stalking, except that the "suspect" was BLACK. And I say SO WHAT if Zim is just half white? That does not mean it is impossible for him to be prejudiced against African Americans. We know for a fact that his dad is (so GZ could have certainly picked up some racial biases from him).


    A story on the Breitbart website (via the "Smoking Gun") says "George Zimmerman gave this interview to an investigator [and that] the investigator was using a laptop to analyze the stress levels in his voice to detect signs of lying". According to the story a report was issued that "indicates that Zimmerman passed this test, concluding there was no deception indicated". A USA Today article says "the examiner concluded that Zimmerman told substantially the complete truth.

    OK, but if GZ is a psychopath he could pass such a test. Is GZ a psychopath? Who knows? But if my theory is correct, I say he most certainly is. Who else but a psychopath would concoct a plan to murder a stranger in cold blood for fame and fortune? But polygraph test results are not admissible in

    a court of law in Florida (whether polygraphs are admissible is up to each jurisdiction). And, given the courses GZ took, he most likely was aware that the results of a polygraph test aren't admissible in FL courts. HOWEVER, despite the title of the USA Today article being "Zimmerman passed lie detector test", he DIDN'T. Further into the article it says that "Ron Grenier, a former FBI agent and lie detector expert, said the voice stress analysis test is not as reliable as a polygraph test".

    Zim was given a "stress test" which is different than a polygraph test (which would be what most people think of when the term "lie detector test" is used).

    In regards to my post just being a theory... I only thought of it that way until I read about him hiding the second passport. That, in my mind, is a clear indication of premeditation. Has George Zimmerman ever traveled outside the US? Why did he need a passport, unless he was planning ahead? Just in case he was convicted he made sure (or thought he was making sure) he had an escape hatch. He could flee the US with his hidden passport (and use the Paypal money he lied about to fund his escape). I say GZ is looking guiltier and guiltier the more I look into it.

    And I think the trial isn't going well for him either, despite what his supporters believe.


  4. These three jewels are going to vacation together in Dallas........they will be on the grassy knoll,looking for shell casings.....

  5. Your theory is just as stupid and full of Shit as you are and as your friends who have commented here.
    You are all a bunch of idiotic retarded ass-holes. Including your friend Sue who seems to be missing in action. I guess she's out having her brain re-programmed ,

  6. Hey Dervish Sanders, I have some news for you!

    A member of the KKK has the same right to a fair trial as anyone else.

  7. Zimmerman isn't a member of the KKK. I'm sure that would have come out. And I never said he wasn't entitled to a fair trial. In fact, If I were under consideration for being on the GZ jury I'd disqualify myself by being honest and letting them know I think he's guilty.

    As for your free speech rights not being negotiable, what about my free speech rights? My free speech rights entitle me to spout off regarding any topic I choose, including a theory that GZ is guilty as hell.

    And I seriously don't give a damn if some anonymous commenter thinks I'm full of shit or a retarded asshole. I knew I was going to get these kind of comments when I posted my commentary.


  8. Is he correct?......are you full of shit.....are you a retarded asshole? either of those fit?....

  9. Does Rusty actually believe there is a possibility I'll say yes? My God, just how dumb is Rusty?

  10. Don't forget to factor in that skinny little fuck who looks more like the bastard son of the fat man you see in court wearing a new suit every day, was absolutely strung out on adderall, a hardcore combination of dexedrine and amphetamine. Just the slightest possibility it might have exacerbated any underlying psychiatric problems such as delusional behavior.

    I actually came to a similar conclusion. If Zimmerman already had his story concocted before he killed Martin and really was just out looking to kill a black youth, obviously that would be first-degree murder. So intent was he on his quest, he ignored the lawful order of a dispatch officer. I think the Florida AG realized this, but was unwilling to take the risk of a racist-leaning grand jury.

  11. Wondering what that skinny little fucking thug k looks like now without his "hoody" in a draw at the morgue . I 'd bet he's not so cocky these days!

  12. Very interesting FJ. I did not know Zimmerman was on Adderall. I plugged that information into the Google machine and found...

    George Zimmerman, accused of killing unarmed Trayvon Martin while communicating with police dispatchers who tried to restrain him, was prescribed Adderall (a stimulant) and Temazepam (a benzodiazepine) prior to the incident. Adderall’s label warns users to watch for “new or worsening mental or mood problems (eg, aggression, agitation, anxiety, delusions, depression, hallucination, hostility.)” The prescribing doctor had noted that it was “imperative” that Zimmerman be evaluated by a psychologist.

    So everyone points to Trayvon's marijuana use (one Conservative I've discussed here before said he was "berserking"), but what about Zimmerman's drug use? Marijuana is supposed to mellow you out, but look at what Adderall can cause! Yeah, that definitely could have influenced Zimmerman, IMO.

  13. Once a DRUGGIE always a DRUGGIE, even if he's a Dead DRUGGIE


  14. Well.well.well WD....looks like you also impressed Lisa with your silly made up rantings......banned from another....what is that six? Seven?

    1. Progressives get banned for telling the truth. Conservatives get banned for being offensive.

  15. Rusty obviously can't read. He asked (on Lisa's blog) how many bannings I had under my belt, and I answered honestly that the number was 3 (now 4). So Rusty, what are the names of the other 2 or 3 additional blogs you believe I've been banned from?

    I left a comment on your blog (leopold's house) asking you to ban me. No response so far. If Rusty bans me the total will be upped to 5... although I don't know if I should really count it if he does ban me, given how pathetic his blog is.

    As for me making things up... Name some things I've made up. But remember the last time Rusty tried that I debunked his claims thoroughly. Which shows that Rusty is full of it when it comes to his claims of me being "banned from blog after blog" and that my comments are comprised of "silly made up rantings".

    He can't give any specifics because when he does I slap him down with the facts that show what baloney his insults are. But thanks for stopping by. Looks like I've picked up a new regular reader! :)

  16. The only good nlgger is a dead nlgger!

  17. Are you "Lester Liberalman" or "Jenn Nunya"? Also, I noticed you spelled a word wrong in your comment. You want to use the N-word but don't have the guts to spell it right?

  18. Dervish Sanderssaid:

    "Are you "Lester Liberalman" or "Jenn Nunya"? Also, I noticed you spelled a word wrong in your comment. You want to use the N-word but don't have the guts to spell it right?"

    He meant the only good NIGGER is A dead NIGGER

  19. "The Way I See It" says "Liberals please don't waste your time or mine" on his blog. He has comment moderation enabled, so I doubt he'll publish my comment. I'll let his comment stand (here) as a fine example of the ugly racism that exists on the Right.

    He had the guts to spell out the N-word, but not to take comments from people he disagrees with on his blog... which could explain why his blog has no comments. BTW, this dummy is a birther. He was hopeful that "Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio would escort Obama back to Kenya" after Obama lost the election.

  20. Could it be that the true purpose of this "case", the real motivation behind the mediás crusade to lynch Zimmerman is this: the Racist bunch of Pigs such as Al Sharpton , the lawless Mob that calls themselves The Black Panthers and our Socialist President otherwise know as Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama, as well at that idiot and partial judge how should be throw out on her ass for her bias decisions. Just look at how this whol thing started! How can Dear Leader ever bring us our Socialist Utopia with all these racists sabotaging things, I ask you?

    It is tricky trying to psychoanalyze "progressives" since they make no sense, but I think this is pretty close to what has really been going on with the victimization of Trayvon Martin.
    Obama’s finger prints are all over this railroading. Its disgraceful and scary that an innocent man can be railroaded like this with the help of our Government. It’s very obvious that Eric Holder and maybe Obama himself is pulling the strings.. They’ll do anything they can to get some kind of conviction and prison time for Zimmerman they even tried child abuse... This whole trial is a joke the prosecution never had a case in the first place and they are trying every trick in the book to get this guy convicted..

  21. I guess if Zimmerman just goes away, he might be forgiven. After all, who wouldn't fight for their own freedom? If he starts showing up on FOX, Hannity, Rivera, etc. crowing about self-defense and justice then he really is a creepy-ass cracker.

    You were probably right on this one Dervish. Now the money can start rolling in for this creative, young man.

    1. And poor trevon is food for the worms.

  22. If any money is going to be "rolling " in, it's going to go into Al Shaprton's pockets.

  23. Look Mr Dervish Sanders... I'm personally getting sick of you and your sick buddies like Shaw Kenawe, whos blog I just read this morning putting your own sick spin on this jury's verdict. Whenever things don't go your way, you sick Progressive idiots protest and Bitch and Moan and bring out the gutter slime like Al Sharpton and company!
    All evidence points to Martin jumping Zimmerman and beating the living daylights out of Zimmerman. The photos of Zimmerman shows that he was beaten on the concrete. Martin was killed for what he was doing to Zimmerman. Lest anyone forgets he was in Sanford because he was suspended from school in Miami, and his Mama threw him out of her own house. . I feel sorry for the parents but not for Martin. He got what he deserved.

    Look this up, there were 10 black on black murders in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend, where the hell were Obama, Sharpton on, and Holder then? Obama's remarks yesterday were irresponsible and made only to stroke flames of racial unrest in this country!
    I'm sick of them and I'm sick as hell of YOU PROGRESSIVE pieces of SHIT!

  24. Yet, Ken, you choose to use some of your precious time to read progressive blogs like this one and Shaw's. You even spend more time and effort commenting here. You must enjoy hitting your own head against the concrete. You don't need someone to do it for you.

    1. Jerry: Earlier this morning I deleted this same comment from Ken because he published it in response to my post about Paula Deen. I told him to resubmit it in response to the correct post. So he used some of his precious time submitting his comment twice, but none of his precious time reading my blog. Clearly he didn't even read the title -- at least the first time he submitted the comment.

  25. After listening to the Liar in Chief stoke the flames of racism and all but attack the Zimmerman verdict, I’m pissed off as all hell! What he did today was unprecedented in every way possible. … He not only questioned the jury’s verdict, but he injected his own opinion into the case. The facts didn’t concern him at all. it’s as simple as that, and just to put his nose into a private case was beyond being precedented!
    Traces of the Harvard Professor Gates incident when he called the Police “Stupid”
    Please tell me what purpose did that speech serve for a president of this nation to interject himself as he did today other than to help ensure there are more riots over this week-end with Al Sharpton leading the way, and you just know that violence will break out at some of these “Protests” .
    Obama: “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago!” – Cry me a river!

    I wonder if Obama was arrested as many times as Trayvon Martin 35 years ago, and was he kick out of school 35 years ago? And did he have a Girlfriend like Illiterate Rachel Jeantel is 35 years ago. If he did, think of it this way... Rachel Jeantel could have been the First Lady!

    And btw, Jerry Critter is that a real photo of you? By the way you sound, it's very fitting.

  26. Pig Butt,
    Thanks for your astute observation. You and Ken make a great couple.

  27. LMAO. Blah blah blah, Is that the best you got?
    Because it surely didn't make the grade, even for an ass-wipe like you...

    But, don't let my criticism take away from the greatness of your comment, it was truly masterful. Now tell me once again about how it’s ALL George Bush's fault...

  28. So, I wonder what Obama learned in the past 35 years
    and I wonder what all the other Blacks have learned since then. Judging from the statistics like these below, I’d say that they haven’t learned too much!

    1) Being black and walking towards me I would be aware that:
    Blacks are (7) seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and
    (8) eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    2) And if you hand your hands in your hoodie, since
    Blacks are (3) three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.

    3) and knowing that Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa,
    and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.
    I would definitely 35 years ago look at you very suspiciously!!!!

    4) (45%) Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.

    5) Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison, Hispanics three times, and the reason is clear,
    because from 1980 to 2003 the US incarceration rate has tripled, and so proves that Justice is not only hard won, but well served.

    Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links and mathematical extrapolation formulas. - Lafayette Political Buzz |

    SO Obama YES I would be the vast majority of people "BLACKS" included that would be nervous if especially at night, YOU
    would be walking towards me wearing a hoodie, your hand in your pocket and if I stopped you as a neighborhood watch volunteer
    and ask you some simply question AND YOU JUMPED ME beating my head (visible damages!!) I would be probably if living
    in the neighborhood been a lot like the Hispanic Zimmerman!

    Of course it's racial profiling, but when blacks are arrested in greater numbers than other races where blacks commit the majority of crimes, police have to be racially profiling, couldn't possibly be doing proper criminal profiling. They are only doing their job.

    SO Obama once again you've done more harm then good! It's too bad you've not learned in the past 35 years

  29. There isn't going to be any "race war". Some racist rioting, perhaps... started by racially biased individuals like Darth and Anon who think some of their fellow human beings are their enemies due to the color of their skin. If that does happen, the offending Crackers will be charged with crimes and go to jail.

    Black people commit crimes at a higher rate because they are poor at a higher rate. Poverty and criminality go hand and hand... because desperate people do desperate things (not because Black people are morally inferior... as some KKK types theorize). Discrimination/racism causes poverty and that causes criminality... Discrimination and racism from White people.

  30. All I can say is that the Store better hide their big screen TV´s

  31. To All You Bleeding Heart Libs Out there, Here This And Hear It Well, There’s Another Term for ‘Racial Profiling’…..It’s Called Having Good Judgment!

    Here is a scene that might hace happened... at the entrance of the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

    St.Peter Said : “So tell me Mr. Zimmerman what brings you up here?”

    George Zimmerman Answered: “Well sir I was attacked by a black man ,and he was bashing my head into the side walk…blood every where and I knew I was gonna die.”

    St Peter replied: “You had a gun Mr. Zimmerman ,why did you defend yourself”?

    George Zimmerman Answered: “ Well Sir, I did not want to be guilty of racial profiling him.”

    St Peter replied: “Look idiot..I think that you’re too stupid to be here”

  32. Stick. Your theory up your ass. And whistle Dixie


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