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Crackers Offended By Liberal Scoundrels Playing The Race Card (Pointing Out Their Racism)

The dehumanization of Rachel Jeantel - the laughter, the disbelief - is rooted in the same attitude that causes people to treat unarmed black kids with suspicion, to follow them around subdivisions for no good reason ~ Justin Peters writing for Slate; as quoted in his article, "Rachel Jeantel Gets the Trayvon Martin Treatment", 6/28/2013.

In a post from 6/28/2013 a politically "Independent" blogger said "Liberal scoundrels" are guilty of "always playing the race card". Was he talking about the George Zimmerman murder trial? It isn't clear, as his post was too short to be able to tell... the title was "On Liberal Scoundrels" and the "body" was "Always playing the race card" (that's it. One sentence). But despite the brevity of the post, I'm going to (confidently) guess YES, the post had something to do with the George Zimmerman case.

The reason my guess is confident it that, previously Mr. Hart (the "Independent" blogger) said he believed there is no way (in his mind) that any race-based profiling took place when George Zimmerman eyed Trayvon Martin with suspicion and decided to stalk him...

Willis Hart: far from being some sort of bigot, Mr. Zimmerman actually volunteered his time tutoring disadvantaged black kids... And Zimmerman is 1/8th black himself (in other words, he's 4X more black than Elizabeth Warren is Native-American), and part Mestizo. ("Stand Your Ground, Chumps", 5/19/2012).

Is there any truth contained in the Hartster's comment? I have read that Zimmerman is Hispanic on this mother's side, but, other than that, I couldn't confirm any of Will's other "facts". I don't know if Zimmerman "volunteered his time tutoring disadvantaged black kids". I asked Willis for a link but he never provided one. I Googled for an answer but could only find people making the same claim on message boards. We do know, however, that Zim's dad is a racist, and we know that a co-worker of Middle-Eastern descent says GZ "racially targeted him and bullied him".

It is my strong opinion that racial prejudice was a factor in GZ deciding to stalk Trayvon Martin. So we know that Zim's dad is absolutely a racist and Zim himself probably has some racial prejudices. As for Willis Hart? In my opinion people who complain about Liberals playing the "race card" may be racist themselves. They object because they they don't like hearing the truth. As the authors of the book Playing the Race Card point out "the term itself is a rhetorical device used in an effort to devalue and minimize claims of racism".

Also, (in another post), Willis refers to the 19-year-old black female Trayvon was speaking with on the phone when GZ was stalking him as, "that fat black girl". Her name is Rachel Jeantel, and although I'm thinking Willis probably isn't a racist, he surely is an insensitive judgmental dick... with at least a modicum of racial biases (played the "race card" on you! How do you like that Hart? Am I a "scoundrel"?). (see update #2 below re Willis Hart and racism).

Not wanting to be judged probably explains why "that fat black girl" didn't want to testify. Willis describes her as a "adversarial witnesses". But Will's unkind words (WHY go there Mr. Hart?), are mild when compared to others. I'm referring to an individual who calls himself Radical Redneck. This racist dumbass is someone I encountered on the Right-wing blog Who's Your Daddy (WYD). If you've visited Sue's blog you've probably encountered the proprietor of WYD, Lisa. It was there I was informed by Kid that "Tea party people are the most non-racist, non-violent people on the planet".

I disagreed, and that was BEFORE Radical Redneck commented. Now, I don't know if RR is a Tea Partier, but (whatever the case may be), his comments don't reflect well on Conservatives in general. Or maybe just the types that Lisa's blog attracts (RR is a "follower" of Lisa's blog).

Following is an excerpt of my conversation with RR, so you can judge for yourself [I added portions in brackets to clarify. Also, the discussion began with another topic, which is why this discussion starts with RR referring to me; he was referring to what I said in regards to a different topic]...

Radical Redneck: DS [Dervish Sanders] sounds like a cartoonish copy of that dullard state's witness [Rachel Jeantel] at the (soon to be acquitted - yahoo!) Zimmerman trial. And to celebrate I will unload a dozen or two boxes of steel tipped into these excellent targets! [Link is to a Trayvon Martin shooting target]. (6/28/2013 AT 10:13am).

Dervish Sanders: *Silence* [I did not reply and had no intention of doing so].

Radical Redneck: Free george zimmerman. Trayvon Martin made the choice to go back and teach the "Crazy Cracker Ass" a lesson for following him. That's where he made his fatal mistake. ... Sounds like Trayvon was just being cockey and showing off because he had his Crazy, fresh mouthed, wise assed, girlfriend on his cell phone. We all have the right to defend ourselves and this is clearly a case about that. ... It's my feeling that Trayvon pursued George and George had no choice. ... And now that we know Treyvon was a racist, where is the liberal outrage? Liberal rule #1, only white people can be racists. WHO used Racist language Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin? ...does "Crazy Assed Cracker" come to mind. (6/29/2013 AT 5:55am).

Dervish Sanders: Yes (in our society, at least) only White people can be racist. Because of our history of oppression of minorities. The N-word is a lot worse than "cracker", which I don't find offensive at all. It does not prove Trayvon was a racist (a ridiculous assertion). Also, don't forget George profiled Trayvon and used a racial epithet to describe him (I believe he called him a "coon").

Trayvon was the one being followed and he did not deserve to be murdered for it! George had a CLEAR choice to not use his gun (he shouldn't even have had it). If George goes free it will be a miscarriage of justice. You can't STALK someone and then claim self defense when the person you're stalking fights for their life. It's completely insane. (6/29/2013 AT 8:50am).

Radical Redneck: Lisa, please, please, please tell me this is you creating a disgracefully idiotic cartoon character. Tell me this doesn't actually exist! The fringe characters on South Park aren't half the cartoon of this epic imbecile. In case this freak is real: listen dickhead, Michele Obama will walk on her hind legs before George Zimmerman gets convicted of anything. Once he's righteously freed he can go about suing the leftist shitbag media that reported deliberately fraudulent and edited material about him trying to get the negroes to kill him. Zimmerman will be a righteously free and rich man soon. (6/29/2013 AT 11:05am).

(Then the Radical Racist says something nasty about Jerry Critter which I have excluded. Follow the link if you are interested).

Dervish Sanders: I'm a real person, but are you? Talking about Michelle Obama walking on her hind legs sounds very much to me like a cartoon version of a racist. Most racists realize racism is largely out of fashion now-a-days and they (at least) try to hide their racism... but not you! If you're a real person (and not a cartoon), you MUST be a member or admirer of the KKK... am I right or am I right? (6/29/2013 AT 11:25am).

Radical Redneck: ...The last time I checked being a racist wasn't a crime in the USA, but who knows, maybe that changed since Dumbo was elected. (6/29/2013 AT 12:13pm).

Radical Redneck: [quoting Dervish Sanders] Talking about Michelle Obama walking on her hind legs sounds very much to me like a cartoon version of a racist.

Wow! You immediately associate a person's blackness with an inferiour animal! You are one foul racist fuck! You are 1,000 times worse than Paula Deen on her worst day! Wow! Proving that you are a cartoon. If you weren't you'd at least try to hide your hideous self-loathing anti-white racism. Do you have a picture of the First Sasquatch's tail affixed to your ceiling (with Gorilla Glue)? Zimmerman is going to walk. And soon after will be rich (almost as rich as I'm getting selling these)! [Link to the Trayvon Martin shooting targets again.] (6/29/2013 AT 1:07pm).

That ended my involvement in the conversation... I do not believe I shall respond again. Neither Kid (the individual who says Tea Partiers are the most non-racist people on the planet) nor Lisa (the blog proprietor) said a damn thing, and it has been 3 days since RR started spewing his racist bile on this thread.

Someone calling himself Crabby Old Man said "Zimmerman did what anyone with an ounce of brains would have done", and the Radical Racist commented a few more times. In one comment he called Michelle Obama (Moochie) the "First Wookie" and in another he referred to Rachel Jeantel as a "bimbo". So, attacking Rachel's intelligence is something Willis Hart and the Radical Racist have in common (don't tell me that Willis wasn't implying Rachel Jeantel is stupid).

I watched her testimony, and thought her manner of speaking was odd, but that did not cause me to conclude she was a dullard. I did a Google search and discovered that Rachel speaks three languages (Haitian Creole, Spanish and English). The article doesn't say that English wasn't her first language, but I'm guessing that must be the case, as that would explain her "cringe-worthy often difficult-to-understand diction" (rearranged quote). IMO someone who can speak 3 languages must be pretty smart.

But biased individuals like Radical Racist and Willis Hart judge her with minimal information (watching her testify) and judge her based on their biases. RR is clearly a hard-core racist; the absolute worst humanity has to offer in this regard (an 8 or 9 on a 10 point scale), while the Hartster's biases concern judging people based on their appearance and speaking abilities (if Willis has any racial biases I'd say they are minimal, but not non-existent).

For the record I must say that I would not judge my biases (racial or otherwise) to be zero, as I believe everyone has some (it is human nature, I believe); but I definitely would judge mine to be less than Mr. Hart's. And I'd also say my biases are quite insignificant when compared to those of Radical Redneck. And, although I am a White guy, I certainly possess no racist feelings that could be described as "hideous self-loathing anti-white". Absolutely none at all.

Finally, I'd like to explain what I meant when I agreed with RR when he said it is "Liberal rule #1" that "only white people can be racists", and why I don't find Trayvon's use of the word "cracker" offensive (at all). I subscribe to the theory that says White people can't be victims of racism because racism = prejudice + power. In short the theory says racism is a tool those in power use to keep minorities oppressed. Non-whites can be prejudiced, but they can't be racist. But I didn't go into the nuance of the theory in my discussion with RR because I doubt his tiny brain would be able to comprehend it.

But, that Black people can't be racist because they have no power... that's just a theory/another way of looking at the racism issue. It has a lot of validity, IMO, but, strictly speaking (and according to the dictionary definition of racism) Black people can be racist. Mostly I agreed with RR about Liberals thinking Blacks can't be racist was to see how he'd react (and I was not disappointed). However, in regards to Trayvon's use of the word "cracker", I genuinely believe it was not racist at all; in explanation as to why this is the case, I present to you the following excerpt from the Wikipedia website...

An author writing for the political organization "Government Of Democracy" says... [the] prosecution grilled Rachel Jeantel for not finding the word cracker offensive [but] the etymology (origin) of the "Cracker" (Craka) word usage... derived from slavery. It was refer to those who enjoy to crack the whip on black slave backs. ... After slavery, its usage kept on as referring to those who love being hard on black backs. These days it may be used in examples of (but not limited to) people that may profile/stalk blacks in stores, streets, etc... (found under Wikipedia/Cracker/Examples of usage).

In conclusion I say, just like there is no evidence that marijuana being found in Trayvon's system isn't evidence that he was a drug-crazed berserker (i.e. he fought with GZ because he was under the influence), his use of the word cracker is also not evidence that Trayvon was racially motivated (in defending himself against a stalker). There is far more evidence that GZ did some race-based profiling (in my strong opinion), despite the fact that Martin family lawyer Daryl Parks is now saying "It's not about racial profiling" but that GZ profiled Trayvon "criminally". This is a mistake, IMO... especially given the fact that the prosecution has been arguing the opposite up to now.

The horribly racist remarks from Radical Redneck remind me of what GZ's dad said in his e-book concerning who the "real racists" are. Of course the "real racists" are Black people! That is what RR is saying in his comment concerning Trayvon's use of the word cracker. It isn't a word I'm offended by or believe to be "racist" (I have the same opinion as Ms. Jeantel regarding the word).

Also, I must say I find the attacks and judging (by both RR and Willis Hart) on Rachel to be repulsive. Though RR's judging is FAR more repulsive. He beats Willis Hart in that department by a country mile, although I don't believe Willis has any reason to be proud of that fact. (Also, so the hell what if she can't read cursive? Nobody uses cursive anymore... except to sign their names).

[9/12/2014] In regards to Elizabeth Warren "lying" about her (possible) Native American heritage... I addressed this controversy in a 9/14/2014 post titled "Dennis Marks Frying Up Old Bones In Canardo Oil Re Elizabeth Warren Native American Controversy" (TADM #57).
[5/18/2015] I have reconsidered what I said in this commentary about Willis not being racist. I now believe he is quite racist. See my commentary, "Race-baiting Libertarian Blogger Joins The Filthy Scum Of White Society" (SWTD #281) for my reasoning behind this decision.

Video: WND author and certified racist creepy-ass cracker Ben Crystal's "comedy" routine (with canned/fake laughter)...

SWTD #173, wDel #31.


  1. Who gives a Fuck what you think!


  2. and Dervish Sanders said....."do you want regular or extra crispy sir?"

  3. Say what ever you want to you ding bat liberal half-witted jerk. But I can tell you one thing, the prosecution in the Zimmerman case is getting hammered! I know that you, the other liberal idiots on these boards and the Black Panthers love it but there ain't gonna be no lynchin..
    No one but you liberals idiots believed that hilarious fat retarded "Classless" girlfriend who sat there lying her FAT ass off. And yes, and she could have been Obama's daughter!
    The facts of the case have been obvious to anyone paying attention who had a modicum of knowledge. Zimmerman was justified in his shooting the little dope smoking gansta.
    I wanna see what you write after Zimmerman is acquitted and the inner city Blacks, oh excuse me, I mean the Negro suspects start rioting...

    And by the way, the liberals have been in charge of our educations system for a long time now and this is an example of the kind of people they have been educating? The 19 year old idiot couldn’t even read or write .

  4. This bloger shows exactly what is wrong with America ever since Barack Obama came into power.

  5. Hey Dervish Sanders idiot, feel free to lie about facts or the evidence, but just spew your typical liberal bullshit instead..
    We know what you want the outcome of the trial to be. It's well known that you feel there is never any justification for a white man to take a black man's life, but Geeeze you are blowing what's left of your credibility. Gotta love the consistency of the far left limpwristers. They live in a perpetual world of fantasy. Im laughing.....Zimmerman is a fucking hero to tens of millions of Americans!
    You know what? I am sick and tired of my brothers and sisters dying on the battlefield to protect Americans' right to say whatever assholes like you want to.

  6. Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Bacon. Also, I commend you for having the guts to comment using your Blogger ID, (unlike the gutless Anonymous commenter above you). FYI, Darth is one of the racists commenters from Lisa's blog (not an insult, Mr. Bacon, as I assume you are proud of your racism).

  7. Laughing my white ass off... Just another day at the left-wing racist office. Always playing the Race card or in some cases if the Liberal happens to be Black, the Uncle Tom.
    In order to debate liberals, we must first understand their mind set.
    Everything these “intellectuals” do or say comes directly form the Karl Marx handbook of debating.
    When they can’t prove their point, call their opponent a racist. Like I really give a Rats Ass what you say or call me. I call it like it is. .Liberalism is sooo obvious.

  8. Yeah, you got me Bacon. I was kidding about you being proud of your racism. Racists usually do not see their own racism. I've never read anything by Karl Marx, nor would I consider myself an "intellectual". Anyway, as I pointed out in my post, "the term [playing the race card] itself is a rhetorical device used in an effort to devalue and minimize claims of racism"... which is what Bacon is doing.

    I will admit that what Bacon said on Lisa's blog isn't as bad as comments from others. He "only" called Rachel Jeantel Fat and "Retarded". He put "retarded" in quotes. I'd guess the reason is because he knows she isn't but wanted to use that particular insult anyway (which shows his bigotry toward mentally challenged persons).

    1. Dude, you are a typical racist doosh....

    2. Blake N: Dude, you are a typical racist doosh....

      You base that on what? I think you don't know what the word "racist" means. Perhaps Blake should visit a dictionary website? While he's there he could look up the correct spelling of the word "douche".

  9. Did I really think you we're an intellect ? NAW.

    In fact I think you are a half whittled moron. That actually thought commenter George Zimmean was really the George Zimmerman on trial .
    How simple minded is that!!

    1. I called him out for being a faker, yet you're saying I thought the exact opposite? You have some kind of reading comprehension problem Darth?

  10. Speaking of retarded, BACON is a little crispy.

  11. Oh my God, I feel so hurt by Dervis's lousy imitation of a schmuck named "Steve".
    Couldn't you even get a bit more inventive that "Steve"?

    1. You don't think more than one person thinks you have a screw loose?
      Sorry DS, now your stuck with this idiot thinking I'm you. Use it!

  12. Is that all that you liberal race baiters have? You are part of the same behavioral group who is lynch mobbing Paula Deen. This is one thing I would never do no matter what she has done I would not demonize a person. Many people in this blog who have accused me of being racist are just so silly... I am white you morons and my boyfriend for seven years is black.... my God I have learned one thing is that people love to hate... racist, bigot. Stereotype I mean, thank God I know who I am and that I am far from what you demonizers have made me out to be.. you come from the same mold. Fyi this isn't a term paper nor am I doing a thesis. Those who have defended Paula are the same boobs who would lynch her if her views were not the same as yours...Liberal ignorance seems to know no bounds. Alot of black people are racists but they get a free pass. Look at Chris Rock that guy's a bitter little racist ball of hate.
    Only white people face repercussions for their racist statements except for Alec Baldwin of course.

  13. By reading these comments any logical person can come to one conclusion and one conclusion only.
    If you are Black, then Whites are your enemy, no need to argue, no need to debate that wouldn’t do you any good because you will never convince me or yourself that they aren’t. So treat them as such.\If that boy or young man if you prefer that term can be murdered in cold blood and then have people talk about his writing on school walls, and smoking some pot as 80 or 90 percent of “kids” his age do then we have some major differences of opinions. Don’t tell me about what a few television analysts on any panels think or say, the facts are clear. This young man was murdered because an over- anxious wanna-be cop followed him and just didn’t like the fact that a “black” person (of any age) WAS IN HIS HOUSING COMMUNITY. The use of the term "Cracker" is just a cop out..
    Writing graffiti or smoking pot or whatever else you got, was not criminal activity, and he didn’t deserve to be MURDERED for that! So face the facts folks, Whites are your enemy!

    1. Get over yourself Keisha....the black community is far more racist than any other in the world...proven fact..
      As far as black on white crime, HA, the media never tells about that, but the stats are there and us non-sheople knwo where to find it. The race card for the black community has been played out, now it's like the little boy who cried wolf.


  14. Hey Nubian Princess....Martin was a thug,nothing more,nothing less......if you were on your back,lying on the ground having your head bashed onto a may very well do the some thing.

    Id be willing to guess there were numerous black on black murders in the past 24 hours without any mention at all....shouldn't that trouble you a bit more then this case?

  15. He was told not to follow him. By ignoring that advice he is responsible for what happened next. Zim claims in his video taped questioning by the police at the scene just a few hours after the killing, that he was on top of the kid and the kid died face up on his back with his arms spread out. Yet just seconds after the murder the neighbor took pictures showing the body face down with his arms under his body. Zim claims he never touched the body after he shot him and the neighbor claims no one touched the body until the police showed up. Both statements cannot be true and we have pictures showing the body face down with the arms under the body. In fact the witness said he never checked the body to see if he was dead, or unconscious needing help, but did take photos of Zims injuries. Somethings not right in your la la land of certainty.

    1. That is STUPID, he is not on tril for following him!


  16. Steve,are you watching the same trial? Every witness called by the prosecution has been nothing but help to the defense. The prosecuter (Mr.Whipple) is an incompetent fool.

    You libs are just beside yourselves because Zimmerman will be ruled innocent and rightfully so.

    I thought Laurence O'Donnell was going to cry last night and his best comment was "it was just a ight,you don't kill a person over a fight." Sorry Larry,if your head is being bashed into the side walk by a hooded thug....yes you do. I wonder what O'Donnell or Spitten Chris would do if they had been in Zimmerman situation? What would you have done Stevie? Would you have asked Martin to sing Kumbaya with you?

    1. They wouldn't have profiled Trayvon and stalked him so they wouldn't have been in the position. Also, they wouldn't have had a gun. GZ took a life, and that is ILLEGAL. I have been watching the trial, and it is my opinion that Rusty is wrong about the witnesses helping the defense. You can't stalk and kill a person and then be set free. Zimmerman is going to jail.

      BTW, it is the defense attorney (Mr. Knock Knock Joke) who is the fool.

      I'm pretty sure Steve would not have sung Kumbaya with Trayvon. He would have left him alone and Trayvon would have returned to his father's house (you IDIOT, Rusty).

    2. Seems you are the one not watching the trial, that is what the evidence shows. Could you be wrong? Like thinking I'm Dervish! I agree with Dervish, you have proven yourself to be a racist fool.

  17. Rusty: People who don't own guns (or at least don't carry them around on their hip) wouldn't/couldn't "do the same thing". I'm opposed to concealed carry. GZ shouldn't have had a gun. He shouldn't have been stalking TM to begin with, but the shooting definitely wouldn't have occurred sans gun.

    That Rusty is so dismissive of another human life is quite disturbing (but not surprising). Trayvon Martin was a young man with his whole life ahead of him, and GZ stole his life when he shot him. You don't get to shoot people for punching you in the nose. Trayvon deserves justice

    Rusty proves my hypothesis that most of the racists are in the Republican Party. Rusty (on another blog) frequently denigrates our president by referring to him as an inexperienced community organizer (a leader among the people: fantastic experience for a president to have, IMO). There is a REASON most African Americans vote Democratic.

    Frankly I'm happy that the country is growing less White. Hopefully that will translate to more Democrats in local, state, and federal government positions. And I look forward to Democrats retaining control of the White House in 2016.

    Keisha: Clearly some Whites are the enemy. And our society (largely run by Whites) as well. I'm White and do not find the term cracker offensive. It does not compare to the N-word at all, but it sure has the racist Whites whining and complaining!


  18. Col.Sanders,no one really cares what your opinon about owning or carrying a gun is.If you don't want a gun...don't buy one.

    The law in Florida (approved by elected politicians)allows a person licensed to do so,to carry a gun. Its also legal to protect yourself from possible life ending my opinion having your head smashed against a concrete sidewalk by a young thug fits the description of possible life ending injuries.If you don't agree with the Florida law....don't go to Florida.I doubt very much if the majority of the Fl population will be too upset if you Steve and your ilk don't cross their borders.

    If this was a black on black,or a white on white,or a black on white shooting you wouldn't hear squat about it.You wimpy bleeding heart hypocrites should just deal with your white guilt....not every white guy who shoots a black man is automatically guilty.

    1. I don't care that you don't care. This is my blog and I'll express what MY opinion is... on any subject I choose. I don't own a gun. The stats show that people who buy guns to protect themselves from "home invasions" often end up shooting a family member. And the "stand your ground" (bad) laws have lead to a massive increase in "justified" homicides. America is far to gun obsessed IMO.

      If Rusty doesn't like it he can vote for politicians who oppose gun control laws. Me, I'm going to vote for politicians who recognize the fact that we have too many guns and "protecting the 2nd amendment" should not stop us from passing reasonable gun restrictions that SAVE LIVES.

      The reason we're hearing about this is because the police didn't do their job. They took Zim's word for it that it was "self defense" and let him WALK after shooting an unarmed teen. The nonsense you're spouting has nothing to do with why this story is being followed so closely.

    2. Also, Zimmerman suffered no "life ending injuries". That is total BS. He had a few scrapes on the back of his head. Possibly a broken nose (due to the fact that Trayvon was fighting for his life). CBS News says "Zimmerman declined being admitted to a hospital for treatment on the night of the shooting". And that, "despite the head injuries, he wasn't diagnosed with a concussion". Yeah, pretty brutal (a few scrapes). Life-ending my ass.


  19. Jesus Christ assholes like you Dervish Sanders make it like having a vigilante community watch VOLUNTEER is a HIGH crime area where burglaries, vandalism and violent home invasions were plaguing the foreclosure crisis hit area! The Pole-eeece can't be everywhere. In fact they are usually never in the neighborhood when they are need, but a community watch volunteer is! I applaud Zimmerman for his effort to protect his community and damn all you fools that are attacking him for being the IDEAL neighbor!

    What about the Fucking fool who disingenuously posted Trayvon's pic when he was 8 yrs old and not the MASSIVE 17 yr old he was!

  20. The "ideal" neighbor does not kill the children of people who live in the community! What a dumb thing to say. I suppose Trayon's dad should have THANKED Zimmerman? "Thank you for protecting us from my son"?

    And I'm not putting down neighborhood watch people at all. But GZ didn't act like one because what they are supposed to do is WATCH, then report anything suspicious. Not stalk people because they profile them (calling him the "suspect") and assume they are up to no good.


  21. Col.Sanders,you can have your own cant have your own facts. A perfect reason why you continue to get booted off popular blogs are your idiotic statements like..."stats show that people who buy guns to protect themselves from "home invasions" often end up shooting a family member" or "the stand the ground laws have lead to a massive increase in justified homicides" make up silly shit that and because you say it becomes a fact in your mind.Just of an example why the people at Will's place got tired of your assinine comments and showed you the door.

    1. That's funny, you don't even know the facts as you proved above.

  22. Food for thought, for you Liberal bleeding hearts especially Young Black Liberals..if you're walking in a neighborhood where you don't belong, between houses and casing out houses in a neighborhood that has been suffering a wave of burglaries thefts and assaults by Young Blacks, you might find yourself followed and questioned. and even getting the shit kicked out of you or even worse!

    Yup. And if you jump the person following you, you might get killed.
    Keep that in mind if you're going to roam around looking at people's houses at night.
    I laid out the whole scenario, now it's your choice!!

    We have all these big mouthed Liberals pissing and moaning, and taking about stupid things like “if he didn’t following, this wouldn’t have happened” well it did happen and Zimmerman’s following the little creep didn’t mean anything. Let’s put it this way, if Trayvon Martin wasn’t creeping around like a little thug, then Zimmerman wouldn’t have had any reason to follow him!
    People who have NEVER been hit, have no idea what the hell a fight is like.
    It isn't a tea party. Your getting your head slammed into the concrete. You are scared, and you are desperate, and if you are getting hit in the head, in the nose and, trust me, you are dazed, confused, you may be briefly unconscious, you may feel consciousness slipping away. And when that happens (and if you are on the ground, it's happening) then you realize you are running out of time.
    And someone is hitting you in the head, and you have a gun...any normal human being, with any balls at all is going to use the gun. Because they are afraid that they are going to die if they don't.. We have to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves from punks like Trayvon Martin.


  23. See you at Will's WD......oh wait,no I wont.

  24. Hey Dervish,

    You have been visited by evil spirits. Lisa has quite a collection of trolls! I have never managed to anger them all at once. They make Will Hart and RN seem kinda nice, don't they?

    Lisa is a nice person. I have never seen her say anything hurtful or evil. She may blame Obama for the price of gas or the spiraling national debt or even creating a welfare state of dependent loafers who look to those who work to provide them with the necessities of life, but these are just garden variety, boring, FOX/Limbaugh talking points. Very much to her credit, she has not posted on the Zimmerman trial, nor has she participated in this festival of hatred and stupidity so painfully evinced on your blog comments. I choose not to do battle with Lisa, although she is a worthy opponent, simply so that I will not offend her as a fellow American.

    If only we could all meet at Sue's blog like the good old days. I think one reason Sue doesn't bother with her friends in the blogosphere so much anymore is that recurring nightmare, RR. He really makes me sick. Just to know that he is a living, breathing human being, in our own beloved United States of America is enough to depress the shit out of anybody!

    Peace Out,



  25. Ahhh.....they cry out for their long lost echo chamber....

    1. Do a blog post Rusty. Say just one intelligent thing for your American friends.




  26. Flying J.O., why on earth do you seem so scared of an opposing view? Anyone who doesn't agree with you causes you to be sickened?
    You hit one of these blogs spouting word after word without actually anything....kind of similar to your Obama.A typical liberal talking while having their thumb firmly implanted up their damn typical...nothing new with you sparky....

  27. Rusty wrote TWO intelligent posts. On 4/13/2006 on his blog MR.MACKEY SPEAKS, Rusty wrote, "Mr.Mackey is here for you.O.K.?" Then on 2/8/2008 on his blog leopoldshouse Rusty wrote a post titled "What fun this primary season is!" in the body of the post Rusty asked, "Will the Clinton machine steal the election from Obama through the use of super delegates?". 2 blogs; 1 post each. The last post was 5 years ago. That was the final time Rusty had anything even remotely intelligent to say.

    As for Rusty's claim that I "make up silly shit... and because [I] say it becomes a fact in [my] mind"... with this comment Rusty has confirmed that he is dumber than a box of rocks.

    Regarding Lisa not joining in to condemn Trayvon and cheer for the release of Zimmerman... I guess that is something. But what about the complete silence regarding the horribly racist comments on her blog? Is it because she does not want to lose readers? If I were her I wouldn't worry about losing those readers. The "evil spirit" RR specifically, who you mention. Did he harass Sue? BTW, if you want to see someone even worse check out the comment from someone called "OneSlickRacer".

    BTW, this from the GZ trial...

    John Guy, Asst. State Attorney: ...are the injuries to the back of the defendant's head consistent with having been repeatedly slammed into a concrete surface?

    Dr. Valerie Rao, Medical Examiner: No. If you look at the injuries they are so minor that to me the word "slam" implies great force, and these injuries were not the result of great force.

    This is what Rusty referred to as "life ending injuries".

  28. I can remember back when America had a honest justice system, but it has morphed into an entertainment venue, and a excuse to find Blacks NOT guilty. As for our courts treating Blacks honestly and fairly, Dem days are long gone. It started back when OJ Simpson was Freed from the White Man’s “Bias Jury” (Sarcasm)

    For the good of the country Obama will probably issue an order to find Zimmerman Guilty! Because as he says, because it is the right thing to do.

    And that little Ass Faced, Druggie, Trayvon Martin, will become Americás Black poster boy of race relations!
    Lesson Learned, Beware of Crazy Assed Crackers!

    PS.. I am sick and tired of my brothers and sisters dying on the Battlefield to protect Americans' rights. And Liberals protecting those asshole Muslims who are killing them..

  29. Well Dervish, 39 comments and several new readers. Be careful what you wish for.

    Sue would come back from facebook for a blog or two and RR would always come by and take a shit on it. He usually posts a link to a wildly racist photoshop or some disgusting explicit sex act. Always incredibly insulting and demeaning. Maybe Lisa read him the riot act. He seems to have calmed down a touch.

  30. None of these people will be back to respond to future posts. As for "reading", I doubt much of that was done. The title perhaps. I think many of them looked at (skimmed) what I wrote on Lisa's blog and then came on over... The comments they are leaving are rants they composed in response to the Zimmerman trial in general (not my post specifically). Some of the exact same rants are here and on Lisa's blog.

    If I were Sue I wouldn't let such things bother me. RR is putting on display his intolerance and stupidity, and IMO that's a good thing. I'd prefer these people get a clue and learn how to live in peace with our fellow Americans, but obviously that isn't going to happen. The only way to get rid of them is to wait for them to die off. Unfortunately many of us will be dead before that happens. But the country is getting less White, so going forward I think things are looking good for the Democratic party (and I say that as a White guy).

    BTW, someone mentioned OJ Simpson, and I think he was guilty. His getting off was a tragedy. But these two cases aren't similar in any way. In one case they want the murder convicted (OJ) and in the other they want the murder to go free (GZ). They aren't determining guilt or innocence based on skin color, are they?

    Just posted the following comment on Lisa's blog...

    I guess Lisa is going to let all these horribly racist rants stand without a peep? Does she have any integrity? I'll keep checking back to see if she eventually responds or if she just moves on to a new post. This "OneSlickRacist" dude should be ashamed and embarrassed to be writing such things. FYI, the Left does not give a damn who you blame [he blames the Liberals for the prisons being filled with Blacks]. The hard core racists like you are in the minority and your numbers are shrinking. Soon you'll be gone and the Left will win. It is only a matter of time. And Paula Deen got what she deserved. Her business is in tatters. I suggest she take her millions and retire in obscurity. [end comment]

    OneSlickRacist is one of those who think African Americans should thank us for enslaving their ancestors. Because if we hadn't they'd be in Africa wearing loincloths and chucking spears. This is the worst commenter yet... he's venturing into KKK territory!

    1. And? What's the problem with that?

    2. The 2 cases ARE the same, they both had niggers that were thugs.

    3. Amen to that!

      Frankly, It disturbs me that the black community has made this into a whitey versus them issue.
      Just like the OJ trial. But then again, thats what they do!

  31. If you read the Liberal media’s BS and the Progressives blogs, then as far a George Zimmerman is concerned, It's all over, folks. Tryavon Martin is being treated as if he were some sort of a God....This little “BOY” walking around with “Skiddles and Iced Tea” was just taling a little walk in the rain to get his daily exercise. When this Big Bad Wanna-be Cop “followed” him and attacked him, and then just shot him because the poor little “Child” was Black.

    The Black community and so many others on the Liberal/Progressive blogs, and idiots like that walking Zombie Dervish Sanders have been treating George Zimmerman as though they know every detail about what happened and they KNOW he's guilty....when there hasn't been any proof yet that he WASN'T protecting himself. They won't even consider that maybe Martin DID backtrack and confront Zimmerman on his own. It all has to be that the white guy (which isn't WHITE!) went out to murder a black kid! If I was planning on murdering anyone, I wouldn't be calling the police to let them know where we were at and what was going on.....And if anyone still believes that story from that "Creepy-Ass Cracker" Lying Witness, them I think all is lost in this county.

    And "Red Neck" white people will not be rioting. We'll just be shaking our heads if Zimmerman goes to prison because unless they come up with better evidence, the only reason he goes to prison is to keep the blacks from rioting. They're already threatening this. Have you heard of white's threatening to do this? I haven't... But I have been hearing quite a bit about how the Blacks in East L.A. and in the Gang Neighborhoods of Detroit, Harlem and other Black Neighborhoods will be Marching, rioting, and yes even RIOTING in the streets, burning down stores and breaking into them to get some Free Stuff. But what good will it do? Those towns/cities/Black Neighborhoods are already run down from the previous riots.
    The Black Leaders like Al Sharpton are already telling us that there will be riots! Well Fine, let them cause havoc in Liberal Run Neighborhoods, Then What? So they trash their own poor neighborhoods because an Hispanic Male defended himself against a Black Male who was going to kill him.
    And yes, absolutely, Martin was profiled by Zimmerman.. . He met the profile of a stranger acting suspiciously on private property where there was a recent history of criminal activity ALL by Young Black Youths! So why shouldn’t he be suspicious! .
    Let's see how MSNBC explains that dilemma should it happen. Will they blame it on the conservatives/Tea Party? You can bet on it.
    They don’t care about the facts, they will just go crazy

  32. If you read the Liberal media’s BS and the Progressives blogs, then as far a George Zimmerman is concerned, It's all over, folks.

    Wrong. I only gave my opinion in this post. There is a trial taking place that isn't "over".

    Tryavon Martin is being treated as if he were some sort of a God. This little "BOY" walking around with "Skiddles and Iced Tea" was just taking a little walk in the rain to get his daily exercise. When this Big Bad Wanna-be Cop "followed" him and attacked him, and then just shot him because the poor little "Child" was Black.

    Trayvon a "god"? What silly nonsense. I don't know where you're getting that from, except right out of your ass. As for the skittles and iced tea, those are things he actually had; and what's with your "just taking a little walk in the rain to get his daily exercise" bit? You think he was actually up to no good? Based on what? Your prejudices, I suspect. Just like GZ who suspected TM because he was Black. And lastly, what's up with you capping BOY? A racist slur, I suspect.

    The Black community and so many others on the Liberal/Progressive blogs, and idiots like that walking Zombie Dervish Sanders have been treating George Zimmerman as though they know every detail about what happened and they KNOW he's guilty.

    Yes, I think he's guilty. I wasn't there, so I don't KNOW it. And what makes me a "walking zombie"?

    when there hasn't been any proof yet that he WASN'T protecting himself. They won't even consider that maybe Martin DID backtrack and confront Zimmerman on his own. It all has to be that the white guy (which isn't WHITE!) went out to murder a black kid!

    There is proof of that. The medical examiner said GZ's head wasn't "slammed" into the concrete. She said his injuries were too minor. GZ exaggerated because he knows what he did was not justified. It wasn't "self defense". Also, we know GZ lied (when he appeared on Hannity) that he did not know about FL's "stand your ground" laws.

    And if anyone still believes that story from that "Creepy-Ass Cracker" Lying Witness, them I think all is lost in this country.

    You are referring to Rachel Jeantel, I suspect... Yes I believe her. Why does that mean that "all is lost"? Because a BLACK witness is believed by White people? White people not disbelieving her due to their racism means "all is lost"?

    unless they come up with better evidence, the only reason he goes to prison is to keep the blacks from rioting. They're already threatening this. Have you heard of white's threatening to do this?

    The evidence they already have is a pretty good start, IMO. That evidence would be the fact that GZ admitted he shot TM. He admitted it!! But he claims "self defense", even though he lied about his head being "slammed" into the concrete. So far I'd say it does not look good for him. As for these riots, I hadn't heard about that, so I did a Google search and found one story that said...

    "The Sanford, Florida police department are preparing for a possible violent reaction should the verdict in the George Zimmerman case end differently than expected".

    Notice the "end differently than expected" bit. This means the expected outcome is that GZ will be found guilty (at least according to this story). As for Whites not rioting, Whites also do not have a history of being enslaved, so there would be no cause for them to view an acquittal as racially motivated, while Blacks would (plenty of reason for some to riot). Keep in mind that when "Blacks" riot, it is only some. They don't all get together to make plans.

  33. (My response to Right Wing Rebel's comment, continued)

    ...burning down stores and breaking into them to get some Free Stuff.

    A racist comment, suggesting the motivation will (or could be) "free stuff".

    The Black Leaders like Al Sharpton are already telling us that there will be riots!

    A flat out lie, or BS assumption based on your racism. A Google search reveals that "Al Sharpton has appeared alongside Martin's grieving parents at several events to reinforce that the family wishes for protests to remain peaceful".

    Will they blame it on the conservatives/Tea Party? You can bet on it.

    What the hell does the tea party have to do with GZ (White on his father's side) stalking and shooting an unarmed teen he suspected of being up to no good just because he was Black? This last statement proves what an idiot you are.

  34. Why am I even reading the horse Shit?

    1. Darth,
      You read it because you get something positive out of it. It benefits you in some way. After all, you are reading it of your own free will. No one is holding a gun to your head, 2nd amendment not withstanding.

    2. I read it because it helps me take a good crap when I'm constipated.

    3. Wow Jerry Critter How wise you are... NOT

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Neither the prosecution nor any of you bleeding heart liberal race baiters have any evidence to convict George Zimmerman of Murder beyond a reasonable doubt.
    But if you've already make up your bias minds and decided to convict Zimmerman based off of your preconceived biases. The term "lynch mob" aptly describes you, and your liberal friends, and your party.
    Just because the verdict didn’t go YOUR way, or whatever else reason you may have - The evidence you have is ZERO. The possibility that George felt he was in imminent danger of dying. Simply the allowance of that POSSIBILITY, means there is a DOUBT of guilt, that exists, based on the evidence. There is also NO sufficient evidence of who approached who, physically, first. If you think that there is, you need to learn what evidence means. Since the 9/11 call does not lead up to the encounter, all you have is speculation & George's word. You can't use speculation in Court to put a man away for life, and you don't even need George's word after that.

    Race is not even involved in this case, yet here we are having a nation-wide discussion about it based on pure conjecture. And why? Because it’s the only thing that you Liberal Race-Baiters have. You have nothing else except a bunch of “IF’s”. If this and If that! It's really disgusting, to me.

    You can speculate all that you wish too. You can THINK that George thought Trayvon was a suspicious character because of his color, but you don't have any convincing evidence of that. So all that you are doing is just kidding yourself, and BSing everyone else. . There was a proven rash of burglaries in that neighborhood, and ALL of them were done by Young Black Males, that is a fact. Like it or not. And Trayvon looked unusual because he was cutting through people's side yards. That's not suspicious enough for a neighborhood watchman to place a call? Gated communities are for folks who are very serious about theirs and their family's safety. I'd call his suspicion - based on the burglaries - warranted, even though hindsight would have been 20/20. But to make the stretch to say it was "because he was black," is based on...............nothing. George's life shows that he was not a racist. If you don't know what I mean, you haven't really looked into it before forming your opinion. More disgust.

    George justifiably in his following him because of the break ins and because Trayvon looked suspicious. George Zimmerman didn't do anything unlawful. So stop saying that Trayvon was an innocent kid, just walking around with his “Skittles and Iced Tea” . And stop using the word “Child” and please grow up and take off your bias glasses, and perhaps look up this “Innocent Kids” record in google.

  37. Mr Conservative: You can speculate all that you wish too. You can THINK that George thought Trayvon was a suspicious character because of his color, but you don't have any convincing evidence of that. ... There was a proven rash of burglaries in that neighborhood, and ALL of them were done by Young Black Males, that is a fact. Like it or not.

    Mr. Conservative thinks he can have it both ways. First he says GZ didn't profile TM and that there is no "convincing evidence of that", we're "kidding ourselves, and "BSing everyone else"... then he says GZ *did* profile TM and for good reason (burglaries by young Black males). Why don't you make up your mind what it is you think happened and then try again?

    Mr Conservative: But to make the stretch to say it was "because he was black," is based on nothing.

    Referring to Trayvon as a coon isn't nothing. Trayvon was, in George's eyes, one of the a##holes that always get away with it (i.e. a young Black male).

    Mr. Conservative: And stop using the word "Child" and please grow up and take off your bias glasses...

    I've referred to Trayvon as a teen, which he was. I never used the word "child". A mistake I assume is the result of posting the same comment on multiple blogs without actually reading the commentary you're leaving your comment in reply to.

    That, IMO, is a clear indication that Mr. Conservative is wearing the "bias glasses". He seeks out blogs defending Zimmerman and posts the same commentary (over and over) without actually reading what the blog proprietor wrote. Because it makes no difference to him... George is innocent and Trayvon was a "thug".


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