Monday, March 07, 2016

Donald Trump Just Telling The Rubes What They Want To Hear

When he called Trump a charlatan and a fraud yesterday I thought that was an endorsement ~ David Feldman; Emmy award winning comedy writer and standup comedian calling in to the 3/4/2016 airing of the Stephanie Miller Show. A reference to a 3/3/2016 Mittens R-Money speech at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Is Donald Trump just telling his supporters what they want to hear? In other words, is he lying about all the next-to-impossible promises he's making? All the other candidates on the stage at the 11th gop debate - Cruz, Rubio and Kasich - said they think he is.

In remarks made later in the debate (transcribed below), Cruz refered to a Trump "off the record" conversation that Donald had with the NYT that was apparently recorded. (The conversation with the editorial board wasn't an interview, but only to help the board decide who to endorse. Note that prior to the Cruz remarks Megyn Kelly asked Trump if he was willing to ask the NYT to release the tapes, and he said no).

Ted Cruz: Marco's dad started as a bartender. My dad started washing dishes. You know how many Americans wanted those jobs? [working in Trump's FL hotel]? Roughly 300 applied. Donald hired 17. That's why this New York Times tape is so troubling. What's been reported is that Donald told the editorial board of the New York Times, "what I'm saying on immigration, I don't believe. I'm not going to build a wall. I'm not going to deport people. This is all just rhetoric for the voters".

Now, if he didn't say that, he has an easy solution. Simply release the tape. (3/3/2016 at the Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit MI).

Cruz's info is coming from a 2/29/2016 BuzzFeed article titled "Donald Trump Secretly Told The New York Times What He Really Thinks About Immigration. In this article it is mentioned that one NYT columnist who attended the meeting, wrote the following...

Gail Collins: The most optimistic analysis of Trump as a presidential candidate is that he just doesn't believe in positions, except the ones you adopt for strategic purposes when you're making a deal.

The Opinion Page editor, Andrew Rosenthal, however, says "the Times is not covering up any information related to the presidential campaign that would be crucial to the public's knowledge".

Yeah, I don't know about that. Not that I think Trump would say "yeah, I'm lying" to anyone. But I do think he's only telling the rubes (his "Trumpeteers") what they want to hear. I think that is QUITE obvious. And there is the fact that Cruz asked again (after the remarks I excerpted above), for Donald to release those tapes, and Donald (referring to Cruz as "lying Ted") again said NO.

So maybe he did tell the NYT he's a huge liar. Not in those words, of course. What he might have said was likely (if he said anything of the sort) that he would "negotiate". Although Marco Rubio, in response to Trump insisting he was "flexible", said "there is a difference between flexibility, and telling telling people whatever you think you need to say to get them to do what you want them to do", afterwhich Kasich inserted "that's right".

Which is what he did with his "Trump University" scam, as Rubio also noted (Yes, Trump University Was a Massive Scam). Now he's attempting to scam the American people into voting for him. An observation of Marco's that I *do* agree with. Not that I agree with him (or any of the other Republican candidates) about anything else (except for Kasich taking the Medicaid expansion).

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  1. Well, you crazy diamond... You can still feel the Bern and vote for Hillary. I know that you will when the time comes. The good news is that a greater percentage of democrats are voting for Hillary than the percentage of republicans who are voting for Trump. I don't think that the independent/undecided/low-information voters will have much of a say now that the nearly universal appeal of GWB has subsided. Two thirds of republicans will still distrust Trump. Every democrat who is not too stoned or lazy will get to the polls this November and vote for Hillary.

    I am thinking that she will be our next president. Help us make that happen. Trump can be like this morning's laxative-induced dump that was quickly flushed and then preened and cleaned from our collective assholes.

  2. I would greatly prefer that Bernie Sanders was our next president. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to send a genuine progressive to the White House. But even a corporate Dem like Hillary would be better than whoever the Republican nominee is (so yes, I'll vote for her in the general).

    As for the gop electorate, clearly the rubes want Trump. I voted for Bernie on Super Tuesday, but my state of residence (tn) went for Hillary and Donald. It will be interesting to see if the gop establishment tries to make someone else the nominee (in a brokered convention). Such a move will greatly anger the rubes and split the Republican vote (check out this comment thread on Lisa's blog) making it easier for Hillary to win.

  3. If Donald J. Trump is as bad as you lefties say he is.....why are you so damn scared of him? The turn out will sink you fools.

  4. Let's take a look at 2 Rusty predictions...

    Prediction 1 (7/6/2011 AT 9:28pm) Barack Obama won't be elected to a 2nd term...

    Rusty: Shit... even Rusty could write the Republican AD's for 2012, fish in a barrel. In 2008 Obie was just the former community organizer and junior Senator without a past. In 2012 he will be forced to run on his record and all the flowery hope and change B.S. wont mean a thing.

    Prediction 2 (2/18/2016 AT 10:04pm) Donald Trump will be elected president in November 2016...

    Rusty: You may want to practice saying... President Trump, President Trump, President Trump.

    My prediction? Rusty will be as right with prediction 2 as he was with prediction 1.

  5. I wondered a little bit where that goofy manifesto of "Why we love Trump," that Shaw quoted came from. No big surprise there. Thanks for linking me. It's normally not on my blog route. I see that Ducky and RN are still bravely standing up to the lunatic fringe. It's good to know that the real crazies are the ones showing the most support for Trump. He does have a certain gravitas. He's much better-looking than Limbaugh. I'd hate to think that ordinary, decent conservatives are liking him. But I guess there just aren't that many left. The Republicans should seriously consider starting their primaries on the West Coast if it is not already too late.


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