Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not Lying About Muslim Bigotry (Stop The Lesterizaton Of America)

They swear by Allah that they said nothing (evil), but indeed they uttered blasphemy... ~ The Holy Quran, Al-Tawba, 9:74. This is in regards to those who reject the fundamental doctrine of the finality of the Prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad. Such persons are outside the fold of Islam.

Wikipedia notes that "the belief in Muhammad's prophethood is the main aspect of the Islamic faith". But on another blog I was called a "lying bastard" for questioning whether or not the following remark (by the blog proprietor) indicated a bigotry toward Muslims...

rAtional nAtion uSA: When moderate Muslins, in concert throughout the world stand tall and renounce all terrorism, acknowledge that the "prophet" muhammad was a evil man who raped, plundered, and pillaged then maybe I might believe they want to live in peace with non Muslims. (8/10/2014 AT 11:09:00 PM EDT).

Now, I am NOT a scholar of Islam or of the prophet Muhammad. I do, however, think that rejecting THE main aspect of one's faith might cause others practicing that faith to view any individual taking that stand as not a true adherent of said faith. Indeed, (as per the quote at the top of this post) if someone rejects that Muhammad was a prophet AT ALL (as Lester suggests by his use of quotes around the word) are they not also rejecting "the fundamental doctrine of the finality of the Prophethood"?

This is, by the way, a doctrine that says Muhammad is the last prophet. Surely he cannot be the last prophet if he is not a prophet at all, right? And, in regards to anyone who calls for disavowing this main aspect of Muhammad's prophethood, are they not actually calling for Muslims to abandon their faith?

So (given this logic), would it not be a fair assessment of the statement above that [1] the "rAtional" fellow is calling for Muslims to abandon their faith and that [2] if they do not do so, then the United States and any allies that would join us should wage a "jihad" against any Muslim that decided to remain a Muslim?

"Jihad" conclusion based on the following comment...

rAtional nAtion uSA: You put together a coalition of rational western nations along with eastern nations who are sane and want terror stopped. Pool remeasures and plan a concerted strategy to take out the terrorists in their hiding places everywhere...

Then, the sane rational world lets the terrorist states and organizations know that a strike of any kind on any member nation is a strike on all, and any will unleash such destruction on them they'll wish they were never born. (8/10/2014 AT 08:04:00 PM EDT).

This, as I recall, was the rationale for going into both Afghanistan and Iraq. And with the comment above the rAtional guy is calling for more Afghanistans and more Iraqs? Our government has a website called State Sponsors of Terrorism that lists four countries (Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria) that qualify for the list. Is Lester suggesting (as soon as his "coalition" is formed) that - the next time either of these four countries does something that qualifies them to be on this list - that we will declare war?

War, or something short of war that would still qualify as unleashing "such destruction on them they'll wish they were never born"? Whatever that might be... I doubt the American people will support more war. Although Lester himself has said in the past that he thought Iraq was stupid. Now he's calling for MORE of the same stupidity?

Sounds like it to me. And what's up with Lester referring to Muslims as filthy or "lice ridden"? Some might be, but I doubt they all are. Frankly, I'm somewhat surprised he didn't throw a "towel head" or "sand ni**er" in there. It isn't as if Lester is searching for additional pejoratives to use against the hated terrorists only...

rAtional nAtion uSA: ...the Palestinians are as infested with camel fleas and lice as they were a thousand years ago. (8/10/2014 AT 6:21pm).

So it's not just radicalized Muslim terrorists who are "infested" with fleas and lice, but Palestinians. ALL of them, presumably. Which is why I have a hard time believing the following...

rAtional nAtion uSA: I'm not BIGOTED AGAINST muslims I've friends who are Muslim, wonderful caring people who are NOT CRAZY and who do not call for the genocide of the Jewish people and infidels in general.

I am however most decidedly bigoted against the jihadist that are fueled by their violent, irrational, genocidal, devoted allegiance to the madman :prophet muhammad (piss be upon him) and the organizations the belong to. (8/11/2014 AT 01:02:00 PM EDT).

Lester's "Muslim friends" belong to an imaginary sect of Islam where either: Muhammad isn't a prophet, or one in which it's OK to denounce him as a rapist and plunderer (but still acknowledge him as a prophet)? Either way this sect is completely imaginary... which means Lester has no such friends. I suspect that this claim is similar to the one made by Whites who say they have a "Black friend" but are lying.

So, let's review: Lester wants all Muslims to reject the "main aspect" of their faith (i.e. reject Islam for some imaginary version of Islam that does not exist) or go on the "naughty list". Which means we might declare war on them? Maybe if they live in Cuba, Iran, Sudan or Syria... then some "shock and awe" that kills civilians (which happened/continues to happen in Afghanistan and Iraq) is justified?

Sounds like a "convert or be killed" ultimatum (convert to some imaginary form of Islam that either says it's OK to believe Mohammed was a terrible person, or one that says he wasn't a prophet). But didn't the radicalized Muslim terrorists issue a similar ultimatum? I'm pretty sure they did.

Given this, am I out of line to think that [1] suggesting we "unleash such destruction on them they'll wish they were never born" for not rejecting the "main aspect" of their faith and [2] suggesting that people who live in this part of the world are "lice infested" - ALL the people and not just terrorists... that these views might be indicative of a person who harbors some bigoted thoughts in regards to all Muslims and not just "the terrorists"?

I think so. But Lester was so offended by my pointing out his bigotry that he said I "no longer exists in [his] consciousness".

That must be worse than being banned, which Lester did just previous to wishing me into the cornfield. OK, so Lester has banned me before, but now? I must REALLY be banned this time! Although it's my own fault for "lying" about Lester's bigotry. A bigotry that has him calling for Muslims to convert to some imaginary form of Islam or not be trusted by him to really be desirous of peace.

Although it is possible that Lester won't believe they want peace even then - he only said he MIGHT believe them. Regardless he'll probably go on being convinced that they are flea and lice infested. That was one point I think he was crystal clear on, that they all have fleas and lice... the Palestinians (at least). I don't know about other Muslims.

Now, for stating this obvious conclusion based on Lester's own words, Lester says I am a "lying SOB". But I did not lie. I told the truth. And surely it is not my problem if Lester does not see the bigotry in his own words.

Update, 5/14/2015: I was not aware of it when I originally authored this post, but I just found a commentary from the Lester blog (dated 2/26/2011) in which Mr. Nation defends Muslim bigot Pamela Geller. According to Lester, SPLC Slanders Pamella Geller.

Lester's commentary says "The Southern Poverty Law Center has just named Pamella Geller... and her group, Stop the Islamization of America a hate group". Lester disputes this.

However, the Anti-Defamation League, which "fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all", says SIOA is guilty of "consistently vilifying the Islamic faith under the guise of fighting radical Islam".

Lester says SIOA's "work to educate people on the dangers {and evil} of extreme Islam should be applauded", but SIOA demonizes all Muslims, which is why they're CORRECTLY classified as a hate group! I mean, the name of the organization says it all... there is NO "Islamization" of America taking place! This is nothing but irrational fear mongering, and that Lester actually defends Geller is shameful. Although it does point to me being absolutely correct when I originally authored this commentary. Lester does harbor at least a tiny amount of bigotry toward Muslims (and it looks like it is even MORE than what I originally thought, given his defense of Geller).

As for Lester's call that "moderate Muslims, in concert throughout the world stand tall and renounce all terrorism"... this will absolutely NOT happen. Not to Lester's satisfaction, anyway. First of all, most moderate Muslims have already taken this stand. Secondly, a lot of moderate Muslims realize that all the droning we're doing around the world is creating this problem, and they (if this has not caused them to become radicalized) are more likely to hold the opinion that the increasing radicalization is our fault... that radical Islam was a small problem to being with and we helped it grow. These people are not likely to be eager to "stand tall" in regards to a problem they believe the US caused.

But these facts won't stop people like Lester for calling for them to "stand tall and renounce all terrorism" (the Lesters aren't referring to the terrorism perpetrated by the US). They will continue to do it despite it being illogical (for the reasons I just laid out). This is what I have decided to call the "Lesterizaton of America". And if we are to come to an accord with moderate Muslims, it MUST be stopped!

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  1. More inane flatulence the the gas bag dervish sanders.

  2. Ahhh! I see WD still does exist in your consciousness.

  3. Only fleeting vapors of his noxious BS Jerry.

  4. The truth can be noxious to those who do not wish to face it. It is possible to hate terrorism and express your hate for it without insulting all Muslims. "rAtional" goes out of this way to avoid that path.

  5. Progressives like dervish sanders prefer keeping their head buried very deep in the PC tunnel. Therefore would not recognize the truth if it were hanging off their noses.

    Like I said your vapors are noxious ds. Keep it up, we know you will.

  6. No, "rAtional", me being politically correct (which I am not being) has nothing to do with your hatred for Muslims and disrespect for their religion. The issue here is your hypocrisy! Not long ago (on this very blog) the "rAtional" one lied and said he was a "liberty loving individual" and that he is "quite a advocate of personal liberty in so long as it does not intentionally hurt another". So, HOW are Muslims hurting anyone by practicing THEIR religion as they see fit? It hurts NO ONE if they decide NOT to cave to "rational" demands that they denounce the founder of their religion.

    So long as they are hurting no one. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hating anything that has anything to do with the Liberty of others being infringed upon and objecting to that (women as second class citizens, for example), but how the LONG dead Muhammad is viewed by those who practice Islam? In regards to that, *I*, being a liberty loving individual, believe people should be able to decide for themselves how to practice their own religion. Yet "rAtional" issues ultimatums and threats of not believing Muslims wanting peace unless they practice THEIR religion as he dictates!

    And he insults Muslims by calling their religion a "cult" and those who practice it as being flea and lice infested. That Lester so insults ALL Muslims is a noxious bigotry that can't be denied. Focus your anger on me if you like, but that does not change the facts regarding YOUR bigotry, which I assume you will keep up (and not see, even though it is as clear as if it were hanging off your nose).

  7. Ask the Jewish people in Israel, ask Christians, the families of those killed my Muslim hatred.

    Get your head out of your ass sanders, if that us even possible. Muslim extremists and jihadists have been harming infidels and in fact would exterminate them all.

    It is 10% I hate (which would be what, 106 million), the extremists and jihadists. Perhaps when they again strike us in American you'll get it.

    Like I said, noxious vapors is all you have.

  8. You SAY you hate only those who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam, yet you insult all Muslims. Also, I don't know what it is you think I'll "get" if there is another terrorist attack in the US. I am opposed to acts of terrorism, whether they are committed by Rightwing terrorists like Timothy McVeigh or Muslim terrorists like the 9-11 hijackers.

    "rAtional" should get his head out of his ass and realize his angry hatred and disrespect toward Islam won't help the situation. His noxious vapors only inflame the situation, in fact. These "Muslim friends" of yours... I assume you keep your distance so as to not pick up any of their fleas?

  9. After the BeHeading of an American, is all RN can say is "Fuck Off"? Shame on him.
    In fact Shama on Ll you FREAKEN Liberals- Progressives, who side with these Musulim Bastards!

    1. Zero Liberals or Progressives side with terrorists. Shame on Frank Gordon for suggesting any do!

  10. Hey wizard Frank, I was addressing DS in response to his unenlightened commen.

    1. Who gives a Rats Ass about who YOU were addressing, you are an asshole no matter what.

  11. We should embrace Islam just like Europe did. And look how well that worked out

    1. "Look how well that worked out" means Lisa thinks we should restrict people's first amendment right of free exercise of religion?


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